Monday, April 25, 2016

A man went into Walmart and asked them to make a Confederate Flag cake.  April 24, 2016by Charles Roberts 
Video uploaded by YouTube user Chuck Netzhammer showed Walmart employees refusing to make him a cake with the Confederate flag depicted, but subsequently agreeing to make him a much more controversial design showing the ISIS flag.
In the video (below), Netzhammer — from Slidell, Louisiana, explained that he went to Walmart and requested a Confederate flag cake, which the store rejected.
“I went back and asked to get an ISIS battle flag printed,” he said, before the video cut to a shot of the ISIS cake being opened.
“That’s an ISIS flag cake that anyone can go buy at Walmart,” he explained. “But you can’t buy a Confederate flag toy like, say, Dukes of Hazzard’s car.”


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the flag company that is now refusing to sell Confederate flags. It is named The Dixie Flag Company..............ya just can't make this stuff up.