Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Andrea Bocelli backs out of Trump inauguration performance  bing.com/news

Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli (© Zsolt Szigetvary/MTI/AP)
The Daily Beast on MSN.com · 11 hours ago

After coming under huge pressure from his fans on social media, Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli has decided not to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, which will take place one month from today after his victory was rubber-stamped by the Electoral College on Monday.
The Italian tenor had reportedly been courted by Trump in person last week after a performance at Madison Square Garden in New York, and was said to be pondering the offer.
Trump is known to be a huge fan of the blind singer, and has previously booked Bocelli to perform at a private party at his club in Florida.
However, under pressure from a backlash by his fans on social media, Bocelli has now stepped back from the proposed performance.

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