Monday, December 19, 2016

What A Sad Way To Go: MSNBC's Morning Joe Rips Clinton On Post-Election Blame Game Antics
Matt Vespa  Posted: Dec 19, 2016

Morning Joe Panel Slams Clinton's Response to Why She Lost The 2016 Election

MSNBC’s Morning Joe ripped Hillary Clinton’s sour grapes post-election persona, where she has blamed Russian hacking and FBI Director James Comey for costing her the election against President-elect Donald Trump. Clinton made these remarks to a bunch of donors last Thursday. Columnist Mike Barnicle said that this was a sad way for Clinton to leave public life,   adding that the Comey letter to Congress in which the FBI director said that they would be analyzing new emails found on the laptop of top aide Huma Abedin, reminded people of what Clinton didn’t do concerning handling her email fiasco: be transparent and have a credible story for this unusual email arrangement.
He also said that her campaign had no story, other than “it’s my turn.” The New York Times’ Jeremy Peters noted that this perpetual blame game allows the Clinton and the Democrat to avoid introspection and the tough question about why they lost this election.


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