Tuesday, January 31, 2017

You do notice... all 4 arrested are WHITE...protesting for BLM....SLUTS !

Police Car And Other Property Vandalized With Black Lives Matter Graffiti, Four Female Suspects Arrested 

Four Boone women were arrested after a hate-filled vandalism spree.
Four Boone women were arrested after a hate-filled vandalism spree.

Anti-Police Black Lives Matter Vandalism Suspects Captured In Boone

Boone, NC – Four Boone women have been arrested after police were tipped off on their identity, following a rash of anti-police and anti-Trump graffiti through the town.  The words, “Black Lives Matter,” “NeoLiberalism,” and “White Supremecy” were spray-painted on buildings and a police car on January 21, 2017.
According to the HCPress, the destruction occurred just after 4 a.m. in downtown Boone.  Four individuals were captured on surveillance video as the traveled along King St. vandalizing businesses, signs and a Boone police car.  Police Chief Dana Crawford quickly issued a statement condemning the act and reminding those responsible that innocent people were affected, not Donald Trump.
“As Chief of Police, I assure the citizens of Boone that this case will be a priority for us. It is deeply disturbing that some people believe that they have the right to damage other people’s property and businesses to express their views in an unlawful way. While people have the right to disagree with any elected official, damaging innocent people’s property is not consistent with Boone values.
A Boone police car was caught up in the vandalism.
A Boone police car was caught up in the vandalism.

“The words “Black Lives Matter” was spray painted on several locations along with anti-police and anti-Trump slogans. In addition to the vandalisms reported earlier, a police vehicle parked at the town’s public works facility was spray painted with similar rhetoric. This is an offense against all of Boone. The cost of cleaning or repainting a police vehicle is not coming from President Trump but Boone taxpayers.”
Four women were taken into custody after tips came in on their identity.  Taryn Bledsoe, 22, Juliana Grainger, 22, Elizabeth Prier, 22, and Hannah Seay, 21 were all arrested and charged with seven counts of misdemeanor graffiti and one count of damaging personal property.  Police estimate the damage to be around $10,000.
Chief Dana Crawford issued a thank you to the citizens who came forward with information on the vandalism and the High County Crime Stoppers for fielding all incoming tips.  “I stated this case was a priority for us,” she said. “Thanks to the involvement of citizens who came forward, we resolved this case in short order. I applaud the community for their overwhelming response. I would also like to thank High Country Crime Stoppers for their invaluable service.”

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