Monday, February 6, 2017

Comcast Is Paying Anti-Trump Protesters?

I found out today that a friend and former student of mine was fired from Comcast in Philly because after they gave their employees the opportunity for paid “protest time”, he went out and protested…..against the anti-Trump protesters. Apparently, Comcast only supports your right to protest with pay if it follows their idea and mindset on what is right and wrong. Even though Mike didn’t mention Comcast in his blog post, or even mention that he was an employee, they fired him for expressing his belief after they told the employees they could do it with pay. His belief did not mirror theirs and they fired him for it. This is what many people out there are up against, and it needs to be stomped on HARD! Companies like Comcast only want you to “Express yourself with pay” when it follows their agenda. I have re-posted Mike’s blog post below the email.


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