Sunday, February 5, 2017

I read where Killary is going to have a TV show to "keep herself in the limelight" until 2020 ...GOD HELP US !.

ONE OF THE THINGS THAT CONCERNED ME ABOUT THE "CLINTON FOUNDATION" Was when Chelsea graduated college, moved into a million $ apartment and took a "job" with the foundation at $900,000 a year salary ???

Clinton corruption: 10 facts about the Clinton Foundation 
October 1, 2016
Just a few weeks back we introduced you to the work of Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel who spent the past year and a half digging into the Clinton Foundation and subsequently labeled it as a “Charity Fraud Of Epic Proportions” (see our full post on the findings here:  ““Clinton Foundation Is Charity Fraud Of Epic Proportions”, Analyst Charges In Stunning Takedown“).

As many of our readers know, Ortel is the analyst that uncovered financial discrepancies at General Electric before its stock crashed in 2008, and was described by the Sunday Times of London as “one of the finest analysts of financial statements on the planet” in a 2009 story detailing the troubles at AIG.


After a year and a half of looking into the Clinton Foundation, Ortel summarized his findings as follows:
“An educated guess, based upon ongoing analysis of the public record begun in February 2015, is that the Clinton Foundation entities are part of a network that has defrauded donors and created illegal private gains of approximately $100 billion in combined magnitude, and possibly more, since 23 October 1997.”
With that, here’s 10 more things that the Trump campaign thinks you should know about the Clinton Foundation.
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