Sunday, June 4, 2017

The war against...squirt guns     31 May 2017  NormanL

The war against...squirt guns

The anti-gun crowd does not lack for determination, or hubris. But it does lack perspective (and a sense of humor). There is no better account of that than in this piece (link is external), which tells us of the anti-gunners'new crusade against squirt guns:
In an article for, titled, “Why Kids Should Never Play With Water Guns. Period.,” author Lauren Levy lectures the nation’s parents on the hidden menace of squirt guns.
According to Levy, no child should be permitted to use a water gun under any circumstances. That a particular squirt gun might bear no resemblance whatsoever to a real firearm is of no concern to Levy, who contends, “Even if they're colorful and super cool, kids shouldn't be playing with water guns because it normalizes the real thing.”

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