Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Not looking for agreement, just some quick thought of how I feel about this 2016 "ELECTION"

Donald TrumpAnd Then There Was One .............Donald Trump 

But why ?........Like him or hate him....Donald Trump is the republican nominee for President of the U.S. Peoples Choice

My Thinking, People are tired of the following....(JUST 20 THAT COME TO MIND QUICKLY)

  1. Being lied to
  2. Broken promises
  3. being lied to
  4. attacking 2nd amendment
  5. being lied to
  6. unfair health insurance laws
  7. being lied to
  8. bad trade deals
  9. being lied to
  10. bad Iran nuclear deal
  11. being lied to
  12. open borders + Sirian immigrants
  13. being lied to
  14. crooked polititions (harry reid for example)
  15. being lied to
  16. attacking 1st amendment
  17. being lied to
  18. gov't. overreach
  19. being lied to by
  20. POLITITIONS          

  21. I think most people just want someone other that your day to day POLITITIONS. We / I want someone outside the republican or democrat party. I want someone (like Trump) who ows nothing and has no affiliations to ANY political party. He used his own money to fund his campaign, so he doesn't even owe contributors. I might be 100% wrong but what can be any worse than obamanuts or killary ? Now if the voters don't crumble and vote for killary, then WE SHALL SEE !

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