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The United Nations 2030 Agenda decoded: It's a blueprint for the global enslavement of humanity under the boot of corporate masters   September 04, 2015   by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
This document describes nothing less than a global government takeover of every nation across the planet. The "goals" of this document are nothing more than code words for a corporate-government fascist agenda that will imprison humanity in a devastating cycle of poverty while enriching the world's most powerful globalist corporations like Monsanto and DuPont.
In the interests of helping wake up humanity, I've decided to translate the 17 points of this 2030 agenda so that readers everywhere can understand what this document is really calling for. To perform this translation, you have to understand how globalists disguise their monopolistic agendas in "feel good" language.
Here's the point-by-point translation. Notice carefully that nowhere does this document state that "achieving human freedom" is one of its goals. Nor does it explain HOW these goals are to be achieved. As you'll see here, every single point in this UN agenda is to be achieved through centralized government control and totalitarian mandates that resemble communism.

2030 Agenda

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DEW Lasers Confirmed Again. House Chopped in Half, WTF !?!

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'Redneck' Santa parade float owner told to drop Confederate flags before Nelson event

Support The Confederate Battle Flag shared a link.

The creator of a Christmas parade float incorporating Confederate flags says he's been asked to drop the flag for the next parade - and will do so.

Glen James has participated in numerous parades in the Nelson and Richmond area, he said, and on Saturday he took part in the Richmond Parade with a float called "Rednek Xmas".

The float consisted of two large red Dodge Ram trucks decorated with Confederate Battle Flags, with participants wearing redneck-inspired clothing and using alcohol containers as props.

Tasman District Mayor Richard Kempthorne told Stuff the use of alcohol in a parade float aimed at families was inappropriate, as was the use of the flag which many find divisive.

I didn't understand at first, why this guy knuckled under so easily but then I realized this parade was taking place in New Zealand. I understood even better when I read the description of the Confederate Flag as told to them....(see below)….If this is how the flag is described all over the world, no wonder people are so against it

The Confederate "Battle Flag" was used by the Army of North Viriginia during the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865.
The Army of North Virginia was the primary military force of the Confederate States of America, which fought the United States over their right to enslave black people, and lost.

Its display has been controversial in the US for many years due to its association with white supremacy, slavery, segregation, racism and even treason.

The use of the flag underwent a resurgence in the 1960s and was popularly used as a symbol of resistance towards the Civil Rights Movement.

Some southern Americans see the flag more as a symbol of cultural heritage and freedom, and as an opposition to anything liberal.

I find it amazing, that somewhere between 5K and 10K Hondurans all decided to "immigrate" to the U.S.....ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Trump is 100% right....We can't let them just walk into our country. It's a shame for the children, but their parents should have thought of this BEFORE bringing them clear across Mexico to the U.S. border. Did they think we would just let them walk in unobstructed ??

US Agents Fire Tear Gas as Some Migrants Try to Breach Fence                   By Christopher Sherman

More than 5,000 migrants have been camped in and around a sports complex in Tijuana after making their way through Mexico in recent weeks via caravan

U.S. border agents fired tear gas on hundreds of migrants protesting near the border with Mexico on Sunday after some of them attempted to get through the fencing and wire separating the two countries, and American authorities shut down border crossings from the city where thousands are waiting to apply for asylum.

The situation devolved after the group began a peaceful march to appeal for the U.S. to speed processing of asylum claims for Central American migrants marooned in Tijuana.

They carried hand-painted American and Honduran flags while chanting: "We are not criminals! We are international workers!"

Mexican police had kept them from walking over a bridge leading to the Mexican port of entry, but the migrants pushed past officers to walk across the Tijuana River below the bridge. More police carrying plastic riot shields were on the other side, but migrants walked along the river to an area where only an earthen levee and concertina wire separated them from U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Some saw an opportunity to breach the crossing.

An Associated Press reporter saw U.S. agents shoot several rounds of tear gas after some migrants attempted to penetrate several points along the border. Mexico's Milenio TV showed images of migrants climbing over fences and peeling back metal sheeting to enter.

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WATCH: Sebastian Gorka Dives Into the Mind of a Democratic Strategist – And He's Spot On  Beth Baumann Nov 25, 2018

Former White House adviser Dr. Sebastian Gorka dissected the Democrats' thoughts leading into the 2020 election. In a Daily Caller video, Gorka explains that Democrats have nothing to run other than their pure hatred for President Donald Trump. At least when it comes to statistics and proof that Trump's economic policies are better than Obama's, Republicans have it in the bag.

"What are they going to run on?" Gorka asked rhetorically. "Please, bring back ISIS, raise our taxes, increase unemployment, bring us back to two percent GDP growth instead of – Oh, wait! We didn't even get to two percent under Obama...All they have to run on is hatred, hatred of the president, hatred of the founding principles of our republic, and take heart dear viewer, the Left will eat itself internally...Their fuel is hatred. Our fuel is love, love of our history and our founding principles."

Gorka is absolutely correct.

Democrats do nothing but attack. They attack Trump for his appearance. They attack Trump for his facial expressions. They attack Trump because they don't like his demeanor.

They attack every single aspect of his personal life, his policies and his administration, all in the name of "The Resistance."

But what exactly are they resisting?

They're resisting the idea that we're all individuals with the power and capability to think and make decisions for ourselves.

They're resisting the idea that (the majority of) Americans want to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and work hard for what they have.

They're resisting the idea of rugged individualism, that people cannot survive without government having a hand in every aspect of our lives.

They're resisting the idea of hand ups, not handouts.

That's the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives give you the room to think and have an opinion, even if it's different from theirs. Liberals, on the other hand, want to silence anyone and everyone who disagrees with them. There's no room for debate or to agree to disagree. They're cut and try. Case closed. If you don't think the way they do, they're done with you. You're either uneducated or have some sort of "privilege" that blinds your judgement.

Get ready, America. 2020 is well under way and it's no longer a battle of ideals. It's a battle of our nation's future.

If Gorka Was a Dem Strategist, this Would be his Message to the Entire Party

What better way to get public opinion onto their side than to show a picture of a crying child ? How do we know what she is crying about ? Somehow I get the feeling this will all become Trumps' fault but,..How about we hold the parent resonsible for bringing the child into this environment or, the ones who have orchestrated this "well funded,well equipped" INVASION of the United States southern border. For once maybe the MEDIA could put the blame where it really belongs....ONE MORE QUESTION...How many of our democrrat congress, who are for "open borders", are willing to take a few of these "refugees" into their homes ???.

‘These children are barefoot. In diapers. Choking on tear gas.’           Tim Elfrink, Fred Barbash   WASHINGTON POST

© Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters A migrant girl from Honduras, part of a caravan of thousands traveling from Central America cries after running away from tear gas thrown by U.S. border agents. (REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon)

A little girl from Honduras stares into the camera, her young features contorted in anguish. She’s barefoot, dusty, and clad only in a diaper and T-shirt. And she’s just had to run from clouds of choking tear gas fired across the border by U.S. agents.

A second photograph, which also circulated widely and rapidly on social media, shows an equally anguished woman frantically trying to drag the same child and a second toddler away from the gas as it spreads.

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Governor Matt Bevin Gives One of the Best Commentaries on Gun Control & The Value of Life

Governor Matt Bevin DESTROYS Gun Control!

In a rational and often very moving answer to a gun control question Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin addresses many of the ills that bedevil society these days and explains where the real solutions lie. It’s a masterclass in civil discourse and it’s absolutely devoid of virtue signaling, cant, political correctness, or hypocrisy.

Governor Matt Bevin DESTROYS Gun Control!....Blames Family Breakdown-violence desensitization

Governor Matt Bevin DESTROYS Gun Control!"cultural problem" Family Breakdown-violence desensitization

What has shifted in the last 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years? It’s not the percentage of guns that we find in homes.

Americans’ mores as a society have shifted to “the degree that (morals) are largely nonexistent.”

“We have a culture that is desensitized to death, that is desensitized to the value of life,” he told reporters, “and we celebrate death through our musical lyrics, we celebrate death through video games that literally reward you with extra points for going back and finishing people off.”

the governor pointed to the phenomenon of broken homes. But I’ll tell you this. When I was a kid, kids brought guns to school. Kids brought guns on the school bus. They brought guns to school in their own vehicles. Kids didn’t shoot each other with them. So some things have not changed. What has changed, we as a culture, as a society — and it’s very germane to this topic as well. We don’t value human life like we did. We remove increasingly respect for the dignity of other people. You look at how rampant pornography is, the degradation and disrespect for women and for human life in general. It is so systemic.

People of our age have not been exposed like our children have been. There’s not a child in America that hasn’t been exposed to pornography, I guarantee you, if they’re above the age of 12. That’s a fact. It is so systemic; it’s horrific. And it desensitizes us at every turn. And so we’re desensitized to the value and dignity of human life.

We’re desensitized through — and this is to the heart of what I said that you seem to take exception with — is that through violent video games, where literally you are encouraged — you can roll your eyes all you want, ma’am, but I’ll say this. You explain to me the value of a game that encourages somebody to go back and finish him off, where you get points for kill counts and you slaughter people. We’re desensitizing people to the value of life. And we see it through the lyrics in music and we see it through television shows and we see it through movies. We see it in the fact that the mores of this nation have changed. And we see it to the fact that we increasingly want to remove any sense of moral authority from everything.

And here’s — I’ll tell you again. We could have 1,000 sidebars, and you could agree or disagree as it relates to what I’m about to say. But in a nation where over the last 40 years we’ve aborted 50 something million children and we have multiple states with medically assisted suicide being provided by doctors, at both ends of the life spectrum, we’re losing the value for life that we once historically had. You can say that’s good; you can say it’s bad. But it’s a reality


America Has Built 800+ Military Bases Worldwide. So Why Can’t It Build a Mexican Border Wall?

The US government has constructed at tremendous cost to its taxpayers some of the most impressive structures – both architectural and organizational – of all time. Yet somehow it has failed to build a viable wall on the Mexican border.
In 1931, during the Great Depression, the US government began construction of the Hoover Dam, one of the most ambitious civil engineering projects ever attempted. Employing thousands of US laborers, some 100 of whom reportedly lost their lives in the course of the project, the dam is mind-boggling due its sheer size, rivaling that of the pyramids. Full Story>>>

Since "they" printed it, it seems a shame and a waste that "they" themselves didn't take the time to READ IT !!

An obituary printed in the New York Times:
Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

– Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
– Why the early bird gets the worm;
– Life isn't always fair;
– And maybe it was my fault.

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).

His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

mmon Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

mmon Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death,

-by his parents, Truth and Trust,
-by his wife, Discretion,
-by his daughter, Responsibility,
-and by his son, Reason.

He is survived by his 5 stepbrothers;

– I Know My Rights
– I Want It Now
– Someone Else Is To Blame
– I'm A Victim
– Pay me for Doing Nothing

Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.

If you still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing.