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He gets a letter in the mail by the HOA ordering him to remove the USMC decals from his car or be fined $50 a day or he would be towed. It’s gotten an extremely heated reaction from the press, web, and his family.
Frank Larison & his attorney Mike joins CNN corespondent to discuss the issue. What happens in this video is hard to watch, but many people need to see it. More people need to see the emotion and commitment to our country this man has. His love for America is passionate, and unswerving!
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He says he was shocked, because it was all of a sudden and there was no notice. Later in the video, the CNN reporter starts to lead him into questions that have to deal a lot with Frank’s past. It gets extremely emotional from that point on.
After that point CNN points out a couple of very disheartening pictures that Frank Larison took around his neighborhood. Then The CNN Anchor goes toe-to-toe against someone on the board that sent him that letter, and it’s amazing. It’s practically a slaughter by the time she done with it. Watch below:
We love seeing our troops defended and respected, retired, or still in practice! We will ALWAYS support the men and women that fight for our FREEDOM!