Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A lot of people write about police "racially profiling" blacks. This writer puts in figures and percentages, leaving no doubt as to why blacks tend to be arrested more than other races.read the article, you will see what I am talking about........

It has been over a month since Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, Mo., and we have yet to hear the police officer's version of events. Was Officer Darren Wilson badly injured in his scuffle with Brown? Did Brown attempt to seize the officer's weapon? Did Wilson have reason to fear for his own life?
None of these answers has been forthcoming, which is odd and, frankly, suspicious. There are many possible explanations for the tragic death of Brown ranging from justifiable self-defense by Wilson to bad judgment by both parties and all the way to racially motivated murder. But the news that Eric Holder's Justice Department is undertaking an investigation hardly instills confidence that the truth will ever be known.
Though Holder didn't go quite as far as Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon did in prejudging the matter -- Nixon said the officer should be "prosecuted" -- Holder did declare that he was investigating the shooting not just as attorney general, but "as a black man." It's clear that the Justice Department investigation, like most of the reporting about Ferguson, is premised on the "racist white cop shoots black man" narrative.
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