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 When you're face to face is NOT the time to find out your adversary is not a responsible gun owner

15 Alarming Signs You're Dealing With an Irresponsible Gun Owner  Story by Body Cams+ • 1d

Navigating the realm of gun ownership demands a profound sense of responsibility and an unwavering commitment to safety. Yet, the landscape is marred by the actions of individuals who, through negligence or outright disregard, pose a significant risk to themselves and those around them. From the cavalier mishandling of firearms to a blatant ignorance of legal requirements, these behaviors not only undermine the principles of responsible gun ownership but also jeopardize the well-being of communities.

Highlighting the traits of an irresponsible gun owner not only serves as a cautionary tale but underscores the critical importance of education, awareness, and strict adherence to safety protocols in preserving the integrity of gun ownership.

Iran is about to start a nuclear world war – and the West is determined to lose   by Allister Heath • 22hThe Telegraph

US President Joe Biden speaks to members of the media before boarding Air Force One© Provided by The Telegraph

The conventional wisdom is wrong. We need rational, controlled escalation from the Western powers in the face of Iranian aggression, not more of the sickening appeasement, delusion and cowardice of the past few days. The regime needs to be punished for its monstrous war-mongering, not mollified and placated by a bunch of Western ignoramuses who confuse weakness for virtue.

If Joe Biden were a serious president, he would announce that the mullahs in Tehran have crossed a red line, that they are an existential menace to civilised nations. He would declare that enough is enough, that no country can shoot hundreds of drones and missiles at one of its neighbours with impunity, that no government can go on funding terrorism, rape, torture and murder on an industrial scale. He would understand the need to deter other rogue states through a show of strength

He would state that the Iranian regime must be treated like the global pariah that it has become, that all of its proxies must be destroyed, and that, above all, it will never be allowed to get anywhere near nuclear weapons. He would put together a coalition, including as many of Iran’s Arab neighbours as possible. He would impose extreme sanctions. He would allow Israel to finish off Hamas. He would help hit Hezbollah.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

STUDY: At Least 90% of TV News Fails to Call Trump Prosecutors ‘Democrats’   Rich Noyes  April 15th, 2024

Barring a last-minute hiccup, today a Democratic prosecutor — Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg — will begin his unprecedented criminal trial of former President Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s certain presidential nominee in November’s general election.

Despite the obvious political implications of such a prosecution, a new study of ABC, CBS and NBC evening news coverage shows at least 90% of their coverage failed to inform viewers that Bragg and the other elected Democrats going after Trump are “Democrats.” It’s as if the networks prefer to disingenuously portray the indictments and civil lawsuits as the work of nonpartisan career prosecutors, rather than as partisan attempts to use the court system to hobble the electoral prospects of the country’s top Republican.

For this study, our analysts reviewed all broadcast evening news coverage from January 1, 2023 through April 10, 2024. Here’s a rundown of how the networks are failing to adequately disclose the partisanship of the three elected Democrats prosecuting Trump: Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg; Fulton County (Georgia) District Attorney Fani Willis; and New York Attorney General Letitia James.

■ Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg: Bragg attained his current post after he ran and won as a Democrat in the November 2021 general election. During his campaign, Bragg all but promised to use his office to pursue the former President — to hold him “accountable,” as Bragg not-so-subtly put it as he vied with other Democrats for the coveted nomination

Add it all up, and the Big Three only labeled Bragg as a Democrat 17 times out of 163 stories, which means Bragg’s partisanship was omitted from nearly 90% of evening news stories about his election-season indictments of the former President.

■ New York Attorney General Letitia James: Twice elected as an anti-Trump Democrat (in 2018 and 2022),

“There are a number of important investigations and cases that are underway, and I intend to finish the job,” James explained. That same day, she stepped up her investigation of the Trump businesses that led to the unprecedented $355 million civil judgment against the former President, now being appealed

The final tally: As of April 10, the Big Three have aired 105 stories about the civil case against Trump, but only nine mentioned that the official who brought the charges, Letitia James, is a partisan Democrat — leaving this crucial fact out of 93% of network stories.

■ Fulton County (Georgia) District Attorney Fani Willis: As with Bragg and James, Willis’s partisanship is not in dispute. She ran and won as a Democrat in 2020, and she is running for re-election this fall as a Democrat. This spring, during a misconduct hearing into her affair with a lead prosecutor, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported “prominent Democrats” in Georgia were “rallying around” Willis, hoping to keep her from being removed from the Trump case.

Add it all up, and out of 149 evening news stories about the Georgia election case against Trump, a scant five percent revealed that Willis was a Democrat, vs. 95% that kept viewers in the dark.


RFK Got It Right  By Kenin M. Spivak April 10, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. visits “The Faulkner Focus”at Fox News Channel Studios on June 02, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

(Views expressed by guest commentators may not reflect the views of OAN or its affiliates.)

When presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told CNN last week that he sees President Joe Biden as a greater threat to democracy than Donald Trump, mainstream media, academics, and elected Democrats exploded in vitriol.

Speaking on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, Kennedy said, “I can make the argument that President Biden is the much worse threat to democracy, and the reason for that is President Biden is… the first president in history that has used the federal agencies to censor political speech, so to censor his opponent.” Kennedy added: “The greatest threat to democracy is not somebody who questions election returns but a President of the United States who will use the power of his office to force the social media companies… to open a portal and give access to that portal to the FBI, CIA, the IRS, the NIH, to censor his political critics.”

Iran gets help from Russia..NOW WHAT ?

Iran Threatens Second Attack On Israel With Unprecedented Weapons, Amid Russian Military Aid  OAN’s James Meyers Tuesday, April 16, 2024

TEHRAN, IRAN - APRIL 17: An Iranian surface to surface Ghasedak missile is driven past portraits of Iran's late founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ali khamenei (R), during the annual army day military parade on April 17, 2008 in Tehran, Iran. Ahmadinejad proclaimed today the country's army was a powerful deterrent to all enemies saying "No major power is able to jeopardize the Iranian nation's security and interests due to the Iranian people's power today, Iran's army, the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij would respond strongly to even the minimum aggression," (Photo by Majid/Getty Images)
(Photo by Majid/Getty Images)

Multiple surfacing reports claim that Iran is now receiving brand-new weaponry from Russia, including anti-aircraft launchers and fighter jets.

Abolfazl Amouei, a spokesperson for the Iranian Parliament’s National Security Committee, reportedly told Al-Mayadeen News that the Islamic Republic “will confront any Israeli aggression and respond to it.”

“We are ready to use weapons that we have not used before,” the official told Al-Mayadeen News, according to the Economic Times.

“We have plans for all scenarios, and we call on the Zionists to act rationally.”

Additionally, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi also warned that if Israel takes even the “slightest action,” it will face “a severe, extensive and painful response.”

“The blind support of some Western countries to the Zionist regime is the cause of tension in the region,” he claimed, according to the Daily Express.

“We will respond in a massive, broad and painful manner to the slightest action targeting Iranian interests.”

Iran has several nuclear research sites, two uranium mines, a research reactor, uranium processing facilities, and three uranium enrichment plants.

In November 2023, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that Iran’s uranium stockpile was more than 20 times larger than the limit agreed upon under the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal. In December of the same year, the United Nations warned that Iran had enriched uranium up to 60% purity, which is close to weapons-grade, and they also said that the country has “enough uranium to build three atomic bombs.”

Russia has offered continued support to Iran with air defense technology and advanced fighter jets, as well as support for spy satellites. Additionally, Russia could help rebuild Iran’s air force, which is currently made up of rebuilt Soviet and U.S. jets from before 1979.

Officials in Iran have been pushing for Russia’s anti-aircraft launchers, which according to military experts, are capable of destroying stealth fighter jets that the U.S. and Israel possess.

Currently, Iran has been supporting Russia against Ukraine by supplying thousands of drones and missiles to Moscow to support its war efforts. Russia agreed last year to buy close to $2 billion worth of military equipment.

Sunday, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin that the Jewish state has “no choice” but to retaliate against Tehran after they launched hundreds of missiles and drones against Israel on Saturday.

However, according to the Jerusalem Post, none of the drones or cruise missiles made it through the Iron Dome.

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 I don't think Trump can get a FAIR trial ANYWHERE in the U.S.

Can Trump Receive A Fair Trial In NY Criminal Trial?  OAN’s Stella Escobedo Monday, April 15, 2024 

President Donald Trump’s criminal trial gets underway in Mahattan, New York. Trump is charged with allegedly falsifying business records related to adult film star Stormy Daniels. One America’s Stella Escobedo spoke to criminal defense attorney David Gelman about the trial.



Sunday, April 14, 2024

The FEDS need to quit trying to regulate GUNS!!Remember how well obama did in that dept with eric holders help,,,,,
A New Gun Regulation in the US is Set to Take Effect   Story by Rashford Carpenter • 14h The Artist

Gun Violence (Credits: Amnesty International)© Provided by The Artistree

The Biden administration is set to implement a new rule requiring thousands of firearms dealers in the United States to conduct background checks on buyers at gun shows and other locations outside traditional stores.

This move aims to close a loophole that has allowed unlicensed dealers to sell tens of thousands of guns annually without performing background checks, potentially enabling prohibited individuals to obtain firearms. Gun rights groups are expected to challenge the rule in court.

President Joe Biden emphasized the importance of this rule in preventing guns from falling into the hands of domestic abusers and felons, urging Congress to pass universal background check legislation.

The rule mandates that sellers primarily engaged in firearm sales for profit must be federally licensed and conduct background checks, regardless of where they sell firearms.

The administration’s efforts to curb gun violence also include creating the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention and calling for a ban on assault weapons.