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NRA Member Wedding

This wedding is packing some serious firepower!

Who ? doesn't matter, just a great picture

America is broken: Who will fix it?

This article from "WAKE UP AMERICA" made quite an impression on me,that I sent it out by e-mail to many of my friends and acquaintances
This is the document that clearly authorizes what the Federal government is allowed to do, what authorities and responsibilities the separate entities of the Government have.  It is what Our Troops swear to defend and what our politicians and judges have sworn to uphold:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Those words in the first paragraph above are the beginning of an article written on War On Terror News back on Constitution Day 2011.

As is pointed out within that article, the US Constitution is but four (4!!!)  pages of simple language setting out what America is/will be, and what it is NOT.  The foundations upon which a great nation was based seem to have been shaken to the core in recent years, as the current crop of politicians seem determined to over-reach the very clear limits placed upon them within that framework.  Today, from where I sit, America is under attack by those very 'servants' of the people who - as noted above - swore to uphold the Constitution. 

America is broken: Who will fix it? 
Since the first election campaign of the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania, I have watched the media aid and abet those candidates who preached things like: Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

On the first campaign Obama repeatedly said things like:   America does not need to be divided and angry. "You can't afford to settle for the same old politics," and was constantly referred to as the 'great uniter.'  He made many silver-tongued promises of how if we just voted for him, he would join us all as one to transform this country,  that was forged in those values held most dear by the Founding Fathers. 

Really? Okay, well  not so much.  At almost every turn, this administration has been based on the willingness of the uneducated masses to blindly follow an ideology, an agenda, that was based on emotion, rather than a  clear  articulation of what that transformation really meant.  Sure, his golden oratory promised that there would be 'peace in the world; the dawning of a new era' or something like that.  A whole new America, where every mouth was fed, and everybody would be healthy and wealthy living in this new nirvana.  What he did NOT say explicitly was that government would tell parents what their children would be taught in school (Common Core,  anybody?), what those kids must eat in school (Let's Move, courtesy of the missus), a health care system  where everybody would have equal access to healthcare, no matter their economical or citizenship status - or their individual choices?  (ObamaCare of course!)  As for everybody sharing the wealth of America? NOwhere in the Constitution is the power given to the Federal Government to give gazillions of taxpayer dollars to create phantom 'shovel ready' projects to give fake jobs to citizens. All well and good, but the America the Constitution was written in, and for, was an America that ANY and all of those were attainable by the individual effort.  They are NOT mandated within the Constitution, nor are they God-given rights.  "The PURSUIT...", not the giving.   

Found a very interesting series of videos, where the same simple language as found in the Constitution is used to explain the function and limits of each of the three branches of government. Take a look:

 Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us to the end dare to do our duty as we understand it.                                                            
GOD bless America.


loyalty and courage

Navajo Code Talker Says Washington Redskins Name Is Symbol Of Loyalty And Courage

Via Fox News:
A leader of the Navajo Code Talkers who appeared at a Washington Redskins home football game said Wednesday the team name is a symbol of loyalty and courage — not a slur as asserted by critics who want it changed.
Roy Hawthorne, 87, of Lupton, Ariz., was one of four Code Talkers honored for their service in World War II during the Monday night game against the San Francisco 49ers.
Hawthorne, vice president of the Navajo Code Talkers Association, said the group’s trip was paid for by the Redskins. The four men met briefly with team owner Dan Snyder but did not discuss the name, Hawthorne said.
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This is what GLOBAL WARMING looks like

      November, 2013


Getting even for something ?

Man Buys House Next To Ex-Wife, Erects Giant Middle Finger Statue

Photo: LenkaTuohy Twitter accountPhoto: LenkaTuohy Twitter account

Orchard Lake, MI - An angry yet strangely creative ex-lover out in Orchard Lake, Michigan came up with a way to show his ex-wife just how he feels.
Alan Markovitz recently moved into the home where the statue was erected, which happens to be next to the home where his ex-wife now lives with her new lover, whom she reportedly had an affair with while being married to Markovitz.
Markovitz tells FOX his plan was to get even with the ex-wife's new lover, and never meant for the matter be made public. However, it soon grabbed local attention when the ex-wife's daughter posted a picture of the statue on twitter.
The installation of the statue also included a spotlight to keep the message illuminated at all hours of the day.
Markovitz owns three strip clubs in Detroit recently wrote a book about his entrepreneurship, which is reportedly being turned into a TV reality series on Cinemax
This is the craziest thing I've seen in a long time. Look closer and you'll see it plain as day.

Friday, November 29, 2013

I might be completely off base here, but something doesn't seem right

Top US commander apologizes for Afghan airstrike

Whatever we are doing, or supposed to be doing in Afghanistan, since when do we call the countries leader and apologize
for someone being killed, especially a child, even by mistake? Boy, the rules of war have really changed. BUT..below is a paragraph from near the end of this article, where a child was also killed, by a suicide bomber
news-world-20131129-AS--AfghanistanElsewhere in the south, a suicide bomber also tried to attack a NATO convoy but missed, instead killing a child and wounding three passers-by in Kandahar, provincial spokesman Jaweed Faisal said. DOESNT SAY ANYONE CALLED TO APOLOGIZE


KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan apologized to President Hamid Karzai for a drone strike that killed a child and NATO promised an investigation Friday as rising tensions threatened efforts to persuade the Afghan leader to sign a long-delayed security agreement.

Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford called Karzai late Thursday to express "deep regrets for the incident and any civilian casualties," the commander's spokesman said.        STORY

The "Mayflower gun"

The NRA BLog has a fascinating article about the “Mayflower gun.”
Almost 400 years ago, a 20-year old cooper by the name of John Alden traversed the Atlantic on the good ship Mayflower. Along with his fellow travelers, Alden carried with him a collection of hopes, dreams, and a modified .66 caliber Italian single-shot wheellock carbine. That rifle, known as the Mayflower gun, now resides under glass here at the National Firearms Museum.
The Mayflower Gun could very well have been “one of the guns responsible for the first Thanksgiving,” says Senior Curator Doug Wicklund of the National Firearms Museum          


 Michael Schaus | Nov 29, 2013           
After having banned concealed carry in all of their stadiums, and even ordering women to give up their purse in favor of see-through plastic bags, (don’t ya feel safer now?) the NFL has accelerated its war on gun ownership and the Second Amendment by trampling on the First Amendment. The League has refused to air a commercial for Daniel Defense in the 2014 Super Bowl on grounds that the weapons manufacturer violates the NFL regulations for “prohibited advertising categories”. Their rejection, however, appears rooted in political activism, rather than strict adherence to long standing advertising rules.
The commercial spot in question (the video is posted at the end of this column) highlights the importance of family to a returning soldier. No mention is made of firearms, the Second Amendment, or gun ownership. And yet, like Mike Bloomberg on a sugar high, the NFL has decided to reject the ad because it implies support for responsible gun ownership. (I wonder if the League will target high-capacity sodas next?)        View Full Article .

The Founders Would Not Be Thankful For These 10 Things

Sarah Jean Seman
| Nov 28, 2013    


Group Receives $1.1 Million Grant to Gather Obamacare Success Stories
Cancer patients are being dropped from their health insurance plans, the “keep your doctor” mantra touted by Obama turned out to be a lie, the website is a disaster, rising healthcare costs are making the Affordable Care Act not so affordable, and the list goes on and on. With so much negative Obamacare coverage in the news, it’s no wonder that one “nonpartisan” group has been given a $1.1 million grant to create a database of success stories (unlike, you know, these).

Over to you, Fox News:

Families USA, which describes itself on its website as a non-profit dedicated to “the achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans,” received the $1,100,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Oct. 4.  The grant, which was first reported by, is meant to help Families USA expand the database of “real people” sharing their stories of enrolling in ObamaCare. Families USA solicits such stories on its website, asking Americans to submit their examples of how they are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act to educate others.  “The best way to do that is to tell your story, giving a real example of the status quo and the impact of change,” the website says. 

With all the negative press and one delay after another being announced, the administration would, I'm sure, desperately welcome such a database. After all, Obama recently said at the Wall Street Journal CEO Summit, “We obviously are going to have to remarket and rebrand,” which he said would be “challenging in this political environment.” But the 'challenge' of doing so may have less to do with the political environment than with the law itself.



Gitmo Inmates Rejecting Repatriation in Algeria
Friday, 29 Nov 2013 09:35 AM
By Sandy Fitzgerald
         Prisoners Fight U.S. Over Gitmo Exit
The Obama administration may be pushing to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, but that doesn't mean all the prisoners want to go home. 
Two Algerian prisoners being held at the Cuban naval base are fighting against being transferred out because they fear Islamist extremists will try to kill them when they discover the repatriated men don't share their views on violence, a lawyer for one of them told The Wall Street Journal. 

Robert Kirsch, who represents detainee Belkacem Bensayah, said sending him and the other Algerian detainee, Djamel Ameziane, back to the North African country is "the most callous, political abuse of these men," and is being done so the Obama administration can show progress on closing the prison.
The International Committee of the Red Cross has visited both prisoners for their exit interviews this week, said Kirsch, and has asked the United States to reconsider sending them back to Algeria, a claim the Red Cross has not yet confirmed.
They would be returning to Algeria as Islamist violence is growing there and in other North African countries. According to government reports, North Africa now houses 15 al-Qaida affiliates, according to a recent Forbes report, and there have more than 1,000 attacks in Algeria, LIbya, Tunisia, and Morocco since 2010.


OLD INDIAN WORD.................


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Things are [and have been] getting way out of hand

Humanists Sue Teacher Who Prayed for Injured Student

Todd Starnes | Nov 27, 2013
In a complaint filed by the organization on November 20 a Missouri public school teacher has been accused of praying for an injured student, organizing a project to feed hungry children and (brace yourself) -- cavorting with a Methodist.
“Teachers simply cannot participate in prayers with students at school, nor can they promote their religious beliefs in any other way to their students,” the AHA said in a statement.            View Full Article

Obama Bombs Wrong Target on Open Mic Night

 John Ransom | Nov 28, 2013
For those who think the president's animosity toward Israel isn't expressed both personally and through policy, I've taken the liberty of "reprinting" a column from November 2011 as a reminder.
Oh, and this notice has been added to give SOME readers, who shall not be named, something else to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
It's a good article. No, no, no: You're welcome.
Well, I’ll say one thing for him: Obama certainly has been transformative when it comes putting the “personal” into personal diplomacy.
According to reports coming from last week’s G20 meeting, Obama was caught by reporters on an open microphone commiserating with French president Nicholas Sarkozy over their disdain for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Although there are differing accounts of the conversation, Reuters has reported that the translation overheard by reporters had Sarkozy calling Netanyahu a liar:
"I cannot bear Netanyahu, he's a liar," Sarkozy told Obama, unaware that the microphones in their meeting room had been switched on, enabling reporters in a separate location to listen in to a simultaneous translation.
"You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you," Obama replied, according to the French interpreter.
Wow!                      View Full Article

borrowed from "American Perspective"

Did You Know JFK Owned 2 of Original AR-15s? He was #NRA Member, too.

besides, he was shot with an Italian "Carcano"  6.5 x 52 bolt action rifle, not an AR-15

I think this guy has passed me on occasion...............

180MPH+ on I-95: Motorcyclist Speeds Into Danger Zone

Steer Clear: Clocked at 185MPH on Major Highway
Vince Lattanzio|  Thursday, Nov 28, 2013  |  Updated 11:27 AM EST

How fast have you driven? 80? 90? 100 mTry 186 mph.
That’s how fast at least one motorcyclist sped along Philadelphia-area highways. Using a camera strapped the dashboard of his Suzuki motorcycle, the driver, who posted to YouTube under the name Robert Bobby, zooms northbound on Interstate 95 through Bucks County, Pa.
He eventually speeds over the Delaware River into New Jersey on the way to the New Jersey Turnpike. The speed limits on the roads range from 55-65 mph.During the nighttime trek, the cyclist weaves around cars and tractor trailers that are going at least half his speed. The cycle, which according to the manufacturer tops out at 186 mph, also bumps over uneven and broken roads leaving the watcher just wondering when the excessive speeding might go awry                .READ FULL STORY/VIDEO
Admitted Killer Wants His Ammo Back

Admitted Killer Wants His Ammo Back


Thursday, Nov 28, 2013  |  Updated 10:16 AM 
A northeastern Pennsylvania man who pleaded guilty last month to homicide and attempted homicide in a bar shootout last year is seeking return of items confiscated by police, including a metal ammunition box.
The Times Leader [MORE OF STORY]  reports that the request was filed by 26-year-old William Allabaugh of Plymouth in Luzerne County Court.
Allabaugh was convicted of third-degree murder and sentenced to 20 to 40 years and a consecutive five- to 10-year term for attempted murder.
He was also ordered to pay $99,000 restitution.
Allabaugh told the judge that he didn't remember killing 39-year-old Scott Luzetsky of Edwardsville and critically injuring another man after being asked to leave Bonnie's Food and Spirits in September 2012.
Related Storie
He's also seeking return of a metal document box, a computer and other equipment.
Allabaugh wants the materials returned to his mother.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kentucky Democrat Alison Grimes Not as Gun Friendly as She'd Like People to Believe

Katie Pavlich | Nov 26, 2013 
Kentucky Democrat Alison Grimes is hoping to beat out Republican Senator Mitch McConnell next year for a place in the U.S. Senate. Three weeks ago, Grimes posted a photo of herself on Twitter shooting (without eye and ear protection, two big gun safety don'ts ) and invited McConnell to come along.

But Grimes isn't as Second Amendment friendly as she'd like voters to think and an endorsement from Michelle Obama that she recently picked in New York City, proves it.
During a speech at a fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee at the Sheraton Hotel in Midtown Manhattan last week, Mrs. Obama made it clear President Obama needs Grimes in the Senate to push his far left agenda, which includes more gun control.

Christmas in Center City PHILADELPHIA, PA

Controversial Christmas Village Returns to LOVE Park
Avoiding Recall: Colorado's "You Don't Need a Gun to Prevent Rape" Evie Hudak Resigns
Katie Pavlich
After seeing two of her Colorado colleagues recalled over anti-gun votes, Democratic State Senator Evie Hudak, will submit her resignation.
[Keep Reading]

Mike Rogers, Cruz: Obama Deal Ignores Iran's Missile Pact With NKorea

Wednesday, 27 Nov 2013 08:22 AM
By Melanie Batley
Image: Mike Rogers, Cruz: Obama Deal Ignores Iran's Missile Pact With NKorea                 
Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers, left, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz
Congressional Republicans are escalating their criticism of the Obama administration and its Iranian nuclear deal as news broke that the country has been covertly collaborating with North Korea on a new rocket booster for long-range missiles.

"While the president was undertaking his secret negotiations — which Congress wasn't informed of — he had to know Iran and North Korea were testing new engines for ballistic missiles to target the United States," said Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Armed Services subcommittee on strategic forces, according to
The Washington Free Beacon.

"Every day the president's deal looks worse and worse," he said    .  READ STORY

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Will be next ? You won't be allowed to SCRATCH YOUR NOSE While driving ???????

Proposal Bans Snacking, Smoking Behind the Wheel

 No Snacking Behind the Wheel?|  Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013  |  Updated 2:57 PM ESTBy Staff and Wire Reports
Drivers could possibly be pulled over for snacking, smoking or putting on make-up behind the wheel under a bill that has been advanced in the New Jersey Assembly.

The proposed law would fine drivers found to “engage in any activity unrelated to the operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle.”
The bill advanced by a 12-0 vote Monday in the Assembly's transportation committee. It does not spell out which activities would and would not be considered distracted driving, instead leaving that determination up to police.
  New Jersey National Motorists Association representative Steve Carrellas tells The Star-Ledger that the proposal is too vague.
"I can’t adjust the radio anymore? I can’t change the CD? I can’t look at a map?" he told the paper. "This is a whole set of undefined behavior that someone could perform in the car that could be considered not driving."
The bill has not been introduced in the state Senate.

A GREAT WAY TO START THE SEASON ,....................Mall Santa Claus Denies Groping Elf

Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013  |  Updated 11:49 AM EST                                                                            Ho ho no!
A man who played Santa Claus at a Massachusetts mall has been barred from the shopping center after he was charged with groping an 18-year-old woman playing an elf.
Herbert Jones was released on $1,000 bail after pleading not guilty Monday to indecent assault and battery. A judge ordered him to stay away from the Hanover Mall and barred him from playing Santa anywhere pending the outcome of his case.
Police say the woman called them Saturday to report that the 62-year-old Jones had pinched her buttocks and made suggestive comments. The two worked at a Santa photo booth.
Jones, who has a real bushy white beard, denied touching the woman to police and mall management

Bloomberg Takes Gun Control Fight To The Thanksgiving Dinner Table


Having failed so miserably at pushing their anti-gun agenda on the nation, Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) is promoting a new grassroots effort to turn the tables on the debate. The Thanksgiving dinner tables to be exact...FULL STORY

OR........Polar bear hunting ?

Bill O’Reilly: Disturbing ‘Knockout’ Game Is Black People ‘Whacking Whites’


Bill O’Reilly: Disturbing ‘Knockout’ Game Is Black People ‘Whacking Whites

Bill O’ Reilly has described the disturbing trend of “Knockout” games, which mainly consists of teenagers trying to knock out unsuspecting victims with a single punch, as black people “whacking whites.” The controversial statement came on the heels of New Jersey native Ralph Santiago, 46, dying from a knockout game started by a group of teens. Santiago was found with his neck broken and his head lodged between iron fence posts.

Speaking last week on The O’Reilly Factor, the host called the disturbing games “a trouble situation” and said the problem could be linked to young black men who are “angry, they didn’t have a family and their father abandoned them. They’re acting out the street and they’re sold a bill of goods by the civil rights people that white society is the fault. Because you’re unhappy, it’s the whites doing it to you and so they’re whacking whites!”

O’Reilly was joined by Bernie Goldberg, who accused liberal media of not reporting the story because it involves black-on-white crime. “Generally speaking, it’s black, young men attacking white people,” said Goldberg. “In some places, they have another name
for it. It’s ‘Polar Bear Hunting.’ Polar bear, because polar bears are white!”
Police in the Philadelphia are also known investigating three separate attacks from Knockout games, including the case of Mark Cumberland. “Someone asked me for a cigarette and by the time I got my hands out of my pocket, I was getting hit by four kids,” he said. “It was hard seeing and I’m still having trouble breathing and swallowing. There’s no reason at all. They didn’t take nothing from me. They just beat me up.”

NY driver with untied bikini top cleared in crash

(AP) NEW YORK - An appeals court has cleared a driver in a fatal crash after agreeing she faced an "unforeseen emergency" when a back-seat passenger untied her bikini top.

Brittany Lahm of Manhattan briefly took her hands off the wheel when her bikini top came off while she was driving on the New York Thruway in July 2008, the Daily News reported.

Lahm and a group of friends were returning to Rockland County after a day at the New Jersey shore when Brandon Berman allegedly pulled the bikini strings. He was killed when the vehicle hit a guardrail and flipped.

In a 3-1 decision, the Brooklyn Appellate Division last week upheld a Rockland jury verdict, which found Lahm’s bikini top problem constituted "a sudden and unforeseen emergency not of her own making."

The verdict came after a 2011 civil trial brought by Jason Pelletier, one of four passengers in Lahm’s car.

Pelletier, who was injured in the crash, sued Lahm for damages. He testified that she leaned forward for about 20 seconds as she attempted to retie her bathing suit top. His lawyers argued that she should have pulled over before trying to adjust her top.

Lahm testified that she took her hands off the wheel for only a second.

All the occupants of the car were 19 at the time.

In his appeal, Pelletier argued that the judge should not have instructed the jury on an emergency doctrine that says a motorist facing an unexpected circumstance may not be negligent.

Lahm declined to comment. The News reported that her lawyer also declined comment, noting that the ruling could be appealed to the state’s highest court.

Get Ready For The Trayvon Martin Amendment


The gun control debate is sinking to new depths of stupidity. Some clown has announced on reddit a new Constitutional amendment named after the slain..                
The gun control debate is sinking to new depths of stupidity. Some clown has announced on reddit a new Constitutional amendment named after the slain black teen Trayvon Martin. First the proclamation of war:
Hello, I’m Trayvon’s Amendment. I have recently started an earnest campaign to repeal the Second Amendment and replace it with a 28th Amendment which would implement common sense gun control measures as well as generate revenue which could balance the budget.
We have launched a website and are in the process of developing a “potential murderer” database, similar to those used to identify sex offenders. Families should know if someone with the means to shoot their children are living in their neighborhood.
If you think that’s idiotic, check out the language of the proposed amendment:


  How’s that for a loaded headline? I’m not trying to be sensationalistic, it’s a historical fact. In a new book called “Gun Control In The Third Reich" : "Disarming The Jews And Enemies Of The State"     REST OF STORY

REAL BRAVE PEOPLE....I guess they didn't like slowing down and maybe wait to pass the buggy ??

Horse pulling Amish buggy killed in Lancaster County, Pa. drive-by shooting

Updated at 10:40 AM today

(AP Photo/Julie Smyth)
(AP Photo/Julie Smyth)          
Police in the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish country say a horse pulling a buggy has been killed in a drive-by shooting.
WHTM-TV reports five people were inside the buggy Sunday night when a car drove by and a shot was fired in Ronks, in southeastern Lancaster County.
Police say the car didn't stop after what sounded like a firecracker.

The horse was discovered to be injured when the buggy arrived at a farm about a mile away. It died before a veterinarian could arrive.
The TV station says the horse suffered a bullet wound to the left side of its torso. The buggy's passengers weren't injured.

Since posting the next story, thought I would put this up, is very close to campground where my wife and I camp

  • It has been seven years since Charles Roberts shot ten girls at an Amish school house in West Nickel Mines, Lancaster

    Former wife of Amish school house killer shares her story

      It has been seven years since Charles Roberts shot ten girls at an Amish school house in West Nickel Mines, Lancaster County, killing five of them then himself.
    Now the woman married to him at the time is sharing her story.   Marie Monville's new book is called "One Light Still Shines."
    "What I heard from Charlie was about the loss of our first daughter. And in some way he felt he was getting back at the Lord for the loss that we had sustained," she said. "It was suggested to me that all those years of undealt-with depression resulted in a psychotic break." WATCH VIDEO>
    Monville spoke exclusively to abc's Good Morning America. Read more here.

  • Monday, November 25, 2013

    THEY FINALLY FIXED IT......................

    They've fixed the ObamaCare site.
    Just click on the link below and hit the "Apply Now" button to check it out.


    Cougar shooting highlights possible need for new tactics

    No proof of breeding population in Illinois, but officials say run-ins with wild predators inevitable 
    Chicago Police Department officers work the scene Monday in an alley in the 3400 block of  North Hoyne Avenue, where a cougar was shot and killed.
    November  2013
    Archive: Cougar shot on North Side in 2008

    Archive: Cougar shot on North Side in 2008

    Cougar shooting scene.
    Chicago Police Department officers work the scene Monday in an alley in the 3400 block of North Hoyne Avenue, where a cougar was shot and killed.

    It's been nearly a century and a half since native cougars prowled Illinois, but for the second time in five years authorities were forced this week to shoot a big cat that had apparently wandered into the state and was deemed dangerous.
    Along with a growing number of cougar sightings in Illinois in recent years, the appearance of the 100-pound cat on a Whiteside County farm Wednesday suggests the state might need new strategies for dealing with the wild predators, state officials and wildlife experts said Friday.
    The Illinois Department of Natural Resources defended a decision by one of its officers to kill the cougar found on a farm near Morrison, about 130 miles west of Chicago. "Public safety is what we'll make the decision on every time," department spokesman Chris McCloud said.
    The cougar was shot after a farmer called authorities to say he had seen a large cat running from a cornfield toward his house and outbuildings, the DNR said.
    The farmer's wife said she thought she'd seen the cougar near a corncrib, and when a conservation officer crawled under the corncrib to check, he was face to face with the 100-pound, 6-foot-long cougar, said conservation police Capt. Robert Frazier.
    "He was pretty nervous, but it was pretty brave," Frazier said.

    A responding officer is responsible for determining how to deal with wildlife, McCloud said. In this case, Frazier said, the farmer and his wife, worried about their pets and horses,asked that the 2-year-old male cougar be killed.

    After the conservation officer consulted with law enforcement and wildlife personnel, he decided the animal was a threat to public safety because of its proximity to the farmer's home. The officer shot the animal with a state-issued rifle, the department said. 
    Honesty and Trustworthiness Numbers Plummet
    Daniel Doherty
    Unkept promises and managerial incompetence seem to have taken their toll on this White House. For the first time ever, a CNN poll finds that more than half of Americans don't believe President Obama is "honest and trustworthy," while only four in ten Americans say he is an effective manager-in-chief of the federal government:
    [Keep Reading]

    Guns In Bars

    Mike Adams | Nov 25, 2013  
    Politics is dominated by sound bites meant to generate emotion, not rational discourse. One of the most dominant sound bites in recent North Carolina politics is that the law now allows people to carry "guns in bars." Upon hearing those three words, "guns in bars," people recoil in horror. The very idea that North Carolina is full of bars where people are packing heat is enough to make tourists avoid the state altogether. However, when one compares the old gun law with the new one, things make perfect sense.
    On October 1st, North Carolina's absolute ban on handguns in all restaurants serving alcohol expired. That evening, I just happened to go into such a restaurant with a friend and fellow concealed weapons permit holder. Like me, she is an opponent of a statewide government-imposed ban. Our experience in the restaurant/bar that evening may sound amusing to most readers. But it actually sheds light on why the expired gun law left a lot to be desired.          
    I’ll never know what it's like to be an attractive single woman who travels and eats out a lot. But that brings me to the issue. My actress friend who is a concealed permit holder (and who never drinks alcohol) isn't always accompanied by someone. She travels a lot and she often goes into restaurants alone. That means she's often in the position of walking across a parking lot to her car alone. Should she have to leave her weapon in her car simply because she went into an establishment where others might be drinking? Or should the laws be modified to let businesses decide instead of government deciding for them? These are the issues. View Full Article