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this post not intended to try and make you feel "sorry" for obama
The Architect of Destruction  By Maureen Scott

Barack Obama appears to be a tormented man filled with resentment, anger, and
disdain for anyone of an opinion or view other than his. He acts in the
most hateful, spiteful, malevolent, vindictive ways in order to
manipulate and maintain power and control over others. Perhaps, because,
as a child, he grew up harboring an abiding bitterness toward the U.S.
that was instilled in him by his family and mentors…it seems to have
never left him.

It is not the color of his skin that is a problem in America .

Rather it is the blackness that fills his soul and the hollowness in his heart where there should be abiding pride and love
for this country.

Ferguson Grand Jury Unusual in Many Ways  JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Nov 22, 2014, By DAVID A. LIEB Associated Press

Not much is normal about the Missouri grand jury responsible for deciding whether to charge a suburban St. Louis police officer for fatally shooting Michael Brown.
Not the length of deliberations, not the manner in which it has heard evidence, not the way in which its work could be made public. Then again, the case itself is unusual.
Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who is white, shot the black unarmed 18-year-old shortly after noon on Aug. 9 in the center of a street, after some sort of scuffle occurred between them. As Brown's body lay there for hours, an angry crowd gathered. Riots and looting occurred the next night. In the following days, police responded with tear gas and smoke canisters as some protesters threw rocks and Molotov cocktails.
The Associated Press spoke with a veteran prosecutor and criminal defense attorney in Missouri about the typical grand jury process ? and the ways the Brown case is far from the norm.

Ferguson Protesters Spray Police With Mace, Police Respond With Rifles, Arrests

Ferguson Protesters Spray Police With Mace, Police Respond With Rifles, Arrests
The Gateway Pundit reports:Tensions are rising inFerguson, Missouri in the runup of the court’s  decision on the Michael Brown case.One protester maced police last night at the Ferguson Police   Department.Several protesters were arrested  after they moved back into the street last night  in front of the police headquarters.\
.@KMOV just got update from @stlcountypd re: overnight protests. 3 arrested, officers used mace, protestor then used mace on cop



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It's almost Thanksgiving and the Christmas season is upon us. Many of us are already shopping for holiday gifts. So that inspired me to think up a holiday gift list that I hope and pray Obama receives for Christmas! Here are 15 perfect holiday gifts for Obama.

*Obama's Secret Service disarmed- since he doesn't think rest of us need guns for protection.
*Remove the fence around the White House- since Obama doesn't think we need a fence at our Southern border.
*A Christmas dinner at White House prepared and served by illegal immigrants who just arrived from the Ebola Zone- since he thinks rest of us shouldn't worry about Ebola (or illegal immigration).
*And of course, that White House Christmas dinner prepared with careful adherence to the standards of Michelle's "nutritious" public school lunch program. That should be yummy!
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                              Walking my pack in public
Villanova Senior Removed From Philly-Bound Flight  By Kelly Bayliss                                                                                                             
Villanova University senior Katie tells NBC10 she was escorted off her U.S. Airways plane Wednesday, after asking the flight attendant for allergy medicine. She says she needed it because she broke out into hives. NBC10's Keith Jones sits down for a one-on-one conversation with the passenger. (Published Friday, Nov 21, 2014)
A local college student who broke out in hives was "humiliated" after she was removed from a US Airways flight bound for Philadelphia Wednesday night for asking a flight attendant for a common allergy medicine.
"I started sweating and I started itching so I asked for Benadryl," said the Villanova senior who asked only to be referred to as Katie
And that's when the interrogation began, according to the student.
"Flight attendants kept asking me the main trigger questions, the main symptom questions for Ebola," she said.
Katie, who was in Charlotte, N.C. for a medical school interview, was removed from the still-grounded plane. She received medical treatment and was put up in a hotel, paid for by the airline, and also rebooked on a flight for the next morning, according to US Airways.
Ebola "never came up," said Kate Cody, a representative for the airline.
It's common practice for a medics to check out any passenger who says they aren't feeling well, according to Cody.
"If a person is feeling sick before a plane takes off, they will be checked out."

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immigration....I'm not saying I agree with obama, but just giving the legality of his "amnesty" proclamation

A MEMBER OF MY FAMILY IS A LAWYER, AND JUST HAPPENS TO BE AN IMMIGRATION LAWYER.......This is what he wrote on the legality of obamas actions [he happens to be a stone republican]

One thing that is annoying me about all of those with knee-jerk complaints over the President's announcement is the campaign of misinformation and ignorance. Let's start with this term, "amnesty." What the President is doing is far from amnesty. He has no power to grant amnesty. The only power he has is to grant deferred action. This is NOT a legal status, but merely a promise not to deport. It can be broken by this or the next President at any time. Deferred action is not a  pathway to legal permanent residency, let alone citizenship. Where's the so-called amnesty in that? 
In fact, while we're at it, let me break another bubble of ignorance. It is not a criminal offense to be present in the United States without a visa. Nothing to grant amnesty from on the criminal side then.
Second is the argument that he's overreaching. Really? If that's the case then why are there provisions of US immigration law that permit the President to grant deferred action and allow deferred action recipients to apply for work authorization. It's already there in the law! No need to ask for authority Congress has already given him.
Then there's this notion that deferred action will cost the Government more money. Really? Those who receive deferred action will NOT be eligible for Federal entitlement programs, not matter how many ignorant memes you post.
Dare I say this program will save the Government money. First, there will be a filing fee that covers the cost of processing the paperwork. That's how USCIS is funded. Second, the President is requiring the recipients to pay taxes. Indeed, by coming out of the shadows, they will now have Social Security numbers and withholdings. I'd point out here that they will pay into the Social Security and Medicaid systems, yet be ineligible for Social Security and Medicaid benefits. Third, this will remove cases from Immigration Court, where the Government pays the salaries of Immigration Judges, ICE attorneys, ICE Security Officers and court personnel.
So before giving your knee-jerk reaction to this latest deferred action program, at least know your facts and stop spreading ignorance of immigration law.

“Frankly, it’s rewarding people who have broken the law.”

Rep. Steve Montenegro, a legal immigrant and Arizona state congressman called President Obama’s immigration action “a slap in the face to immigrants” on 'The Kelly File.' Do you agree with Rep. Montenegro

“This is utter lawlessness. […] It’s a slap in the face to immigrants, because first of all, that’s the reason people immigrate to this country: No one is above the law
     A Republican state representative and legal immigrant slammed President Barack Obama’s immigration action tonight on “The Kelly File.”
Arizona state Rep. Steve Montenegro legally emigrated from El Salvador with his family at 5 years old. He called Obama’s action on immigration “a slap in the face to immigrants.”
“This is utter lawlessness. This is a phenomenal disregard for this country, for the laws of our country,” he said.
Montenegro said the plan is an “inflammatory action” that’s pinning Americans against Americans.
Disgusted Students Post Photos of ‘Mystery Mush’ Lunch, #ThanksMichelleObama
EAG News reports: RICHLAND CENTER, Wis. – Is that a student’s lunch or a dog’s vomit? That’s what parents might be wondering after they see student Hunter Whitney’s recent “mystery mush” lunch.
When asked, the student theorized it was rice or an “artificially flavored rice substitute.”
Whitney confirms the lunch was served at Richland Center High School in Wisconsin.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

WH laughs: 'It doesn't tear up the constitution'

He's been tearing up the constitution since he took office, looks to me that he is seeing just how much he can get away with, how far he can go. And what can we do about it...NOTHING !
   We elected congress as our VOICES, but they don't care what you or I want them to do. THEY WILL DO WHATEVER SERVES THEMSELVES WELL. We "little guys" have no representation. 
   That is why our only recourse is to rebel and demonstrate [take note... Ferguson Mo] I don't agree with their. methods BUT.... they are being heard, the city and cops are listening to them. 
   But....I'm wasting my breath, everyone will sit back and accept whatever is decreed by our emperor.    GOD BLESS AMERICA, we're going to need his blessing!!

I just love listening to and watching nancy pelosi, she is certainly an intelligent speaker

“Barack Obama is the president Nixon wished he could be,” said immigration expert Mark Krikorian, the head of the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies.
“But even Nixon had more constitutional inhibitions than Barack Obama appears to have,” he said in an interview with WND.
Krikorian put a different spin on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s assertion that this is Obama’s “Emancipation Proclamation” moment in history.      read on

obama Offers Legal Status to Some Undocumented Immigrants

PHOTO: President Obama addresses the nation on Immigration Reform from the White House, Nov. 20, 2014.ABC News 


Talk about it all you want, BUT is it legal ? The president cannot LEGALLY write laws

President daring Congress to challenge him on immigration?         Nov. 18, 2014 -  Insight from David Catanese, senior politics writer for US News and World Report

Glenn McCoy

NEWSBUSTED 11/18/2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

His Own Words: Obama Said He Doesn't Have Authority For Executive Amnesty 22 Times  Katie Pavlich | Nov 19, 2014  

    According to a report in POLITICO, President Obama is expected to make good on his executive amnesty threat on Friday during an event in Las Vegas, despite saying repeatedly over the years that he does not have the authority to change immigration laws from the Oval Office.
House Speaker John Boehner, who warned the President shortly after the 2014 midterm elections that acting alone on immigration would "poison the well," has taken notice of Obama's past statements. After some research, his office found President Obama directly claimed 22 times he couldn't take executive action on immigration because he doesn't have the authority.

Expert’s Take: Stopping executive amnesty

Expert's Take: Stopping executive amnesty  Teresa Mull      
Will the president use his executive powers to grant amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens already here in the United States? Is what Obama plans to do even legal? What, if anything, can the GOP do to stop him? Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, answers our

What is Obama proposing to do exactly?
     “Because Congress chose not to approve the legislation he wanted, he is going to try to do unilaterally as much as he thinks the courts of Congress will let him get away with, and the big element of his plan is going to be to unilaterally legalize amnesty of millions of illegal aliens, perhaps five million. This is presented by the administration as merely a putting off of deportation – a sort of looking the other way to present it as similar to a cop stopping you and deciding not to give you a speeding ticket, just telling you to slow down.
“That’s not what it is though, because what the president is proposing is the massive expansion of what he did two years ago in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which was his riff on the DREAM Act, which Congress also refused to pass. Rather than simply looking the other way and not pursuing illegal immigrants who fit certain descriptions, what the administration is proposing we do is to give them work permits and social security numbers and states would be required to give them driver’s licenses. Essentially, it’s ‘green card light,’ instead of ‘green card premium.’ Those aren’t real terms, I’m making them up, but the point is, it’s almost everything that a green card, or formal immigrant status would give you except the eventual ability to apply for citizenship.
“These work permits would have to be renewed every two years, but we have lawful programs like this that give people temporary status, and they’re always renewed, even though the supporters of the president’s scheme pretend that it’s temporary thing. It’s not. Everybody understands it’s irreversible, and that’s one of the reasons there’s been such tense congressional concern to stop this power grab before it happens.”
Is what the president plans to do legal, and if not, what, if anything, can the GOP do about it? Can they stop him before he acts, or do the Republicans have to wait and charge him after the fact?

Explained this way, the Keystone pipeline makes a lot of sense

CKE Restaurants CEO on Obama dismissing Keystone jobs   Nov. 19, 2014 -  Andy Puzder on 'Your World'

So ..the secret service finally catches someone, but actually, he did nothing wrong GOOD JOB GUYS !!

Secret Service Arrests Man With Rifle in His Car Near the White House  Nov 19, 2014, By , and

The Secret Service arrested a 41-year-old Iowa man one block from the White House today after a search of his car uncovered a rifle and ammunition, law enforcement officials confirmed to ABC News.
  The man, R.J. Kapheim, from Davenport, Iowa, approached a uniform division officer on the corner of 15th Street and E Street NW at 12:54 p.m. and “stated that someone in Iowa told him to go to the White House,” said Secret Service spokeswoman Nicole Mainor.
  Kapheim was not threatening in any way, but his behavior was deemed suspicious, she said.
Officers located and conducted a search of his vehicle, a 2013 Volkswagen Passat with Iowa tags. It was parked on Constitution Ave between 16th Street NW and 15th Street NW.
  The weapon, a .30-30 rifle, and ammunition -- about 40 rounds -- were found in the car, along with a 6-inch blade, officials said.
  He is being held on charges of possessing an unregistered firearm, among others that are forthcoming, Mainor added.
  There have been several incidents over the past few months of people breaching security and jumping the White House fence.

Chuck Norris: Neutering Religious Holidays AP

By: Chuck Norris for TownHall
       Folks, our country is heading down a slippery slope. We have to stop it before it is too late.
We haven't even hit Thanksgiving, and already the war on Christmas is underway. This time, one of the largest public school systems in the U.S. is eliminating every mention of religious holidays on its official calendar.

The Montgomery County Board of Education in Maryland has cut Christmas and Easter, as well as Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana, from next year's school calendar. No religious holiday will be mentioned by name.
NPR reported on the origin of the decision: "The path to the board's decision started about two years ago on something that was somewhat unrelated. Members of the county's Muslim community -- roughly estimated at around 10 percent of the more than 1 million population -- were seeking to have two of their religion's holy days added to the calendar of days off. They wanted Eid al-Adha the most."

Ferguson Cops: Get a Gun, We Can't Protect You

A concerned police officer in St. Louis has issued an ominous warning amidst expected civil unrest in the aftermath of the Darren Wilson verdict, warning residents to get a gun because the cops will not be able to protect them.
Dog Days of Winter: Record-Breaking Snow Hits Buffalo
  A record-shattering 76 inches of snow is proving quite a challenge for residents of the city of Buffalo -- human and canine alike. In this photo provided by Patrick Bryne, his dog, Bonnie, sniffs a door that was almost completely blocked by snow on Tuesday. Looks like Bonnie's walk will have to wait.        

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Return of the Ferguson War Zone? Missouri Enacts State of Emergency Ahead of Mike Brown Grand Jury

Published on Nov 18, 2014    - Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency in advance of the grand jury's pending decision in the Michael Brown shooting case. On Monday, Nixon issued an executive order to activate the state’s National Guard in response to what he called "the possibility of expanded unrest." Nixon cited the protests in Ferguson and the St. Louis area since Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was killed by police officer Darren Wilson on August 9. The grand jury has been meeting for nearly three months, and protests are expected to escalate if they choose not to indict. But while state officials say they fear violence, protesters say they fear a return to the militarized crackdown that turned their community into a war zone. As the grand jury nears a decision and all sides prepare for the unknown under a state of emergency, we are joined by two guests: Jeff Smith, a New School professor and former Missouri state senator whose new book is "Ferguson: In Black and White," and Montague Simmons, chair of the St. Louis-based Organization for Black Struggle and a key organizer in the movement that has emerged since Brown's killing.
Obama’s Furious Over Latest SNL Skit

Discussing the negative results both he and his fellow Democrats had during the midterm elections, President Obama jokingly commented that he was going to sit down with incoming Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and have a discussion over a glass of Kentucky bourbon. This comment led to the Associated Press coining the term “Bourbon Summit” in reference to this meeting.
True to its form, Saturday Night Live used the comments of President Obama and the reaction of the Associated Press as material for one of their skits. Their program opened with a sketch outlining just what a meeting over bourbon between President Obama and Senator McConnell would look like.
The skit starts with the two politicians sitting around the table toasting each other over a glass of bourbon. As can be expected, when the meeting starts the two leaders are cordially discussing with each other what they felt the voters were trying to say on Election Day. However, as the night goes on and the number of drinks that each politician has consumed increases, the would be adversaries begin to realize that they actually have a lot in common. They even go as far as making a prank call to Hillary Clinton claiming to be Publishers Clearinghouse and telling Clinton that she had just won an all expense paid trip to getting beat in the 2016 elections. All is fun and games until Mrs. Clinton calls back.
Nine drinks and a few slices of pizza later, Mrs. Obama comes in and breaks up the party, effectively closing down the fun.

Monday, November 17, 2014

I guess they're just in love...............

Mass murderer and cult leader Charles Manson has obtained a license to marry a 26-year-old woman
You might be a red neck if you eat this!
Just put it this can put anything in a can.

Hey Kenova, West Virginia, you might want to rethink your Christmas light display.


I'll ask again....Is Officer Wilson going to be the SACRIFICIAL LAMB ??? These people will just find another reason to RIOT

Missouri Governor Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Grand Jury Ruling

   Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard in advance of a grand jury decision about whether a white police officer will be charged in the fatal shooting of black teenager Michael Brown in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. Nixon said Monday that the National Guard would assist state and local police in case there is civil unrest when the grand jury's decision is announced.        
St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay said the Guard members would be used more as a visible signal of support, not as front-line law enforcement agents. "My biggest concern is people are safe and the protesters are given their right to express themselves peacefully," he said after the announcement. "We do everything we can to keep people safe, keep property safe and allow people to express their opinions."
William Brooks, national president of the NAACP, called the activation of the Guard "premature in its application and presumptuous to the hundreds of peaceful demonstrators who have embraced their Constitutional right to protest."
The decision "threatens to stir up tensions and denigrate the peaceful efforts of countless non-violent activists," Brooks said in a statement.
There was no indication that a grand jury announcement is imminent, and there is no specific date for it to reveal its findings into whether Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson should face charges for shooting Brown on Aug. 9.
The St. Louis County prosecutor has said he expects the grand jury to reach a decision in mid- to late November.
Anti-Gun Rant Of The Day: Repeal The 2nd Amendment Because It’s Racist And There’s No UFO Invasion



Most Violent US Cities All Contain Black-Majority Populations  
downtrend.comMost Violent Cities Black
  By , November 15, 2014
    I expect this post to inspire many charges of “racism” from the grievance mongers, but facts are facts – and facts cannot be flung aside via racial rhetoric.

A Model Walked Around Half-Naked in Painted-on Pants and No One Even Noticed

Assistant Editor
 My father always told me when I went with him into the city to never look up. He said that if you look up, you’ll immediately be labeled as a tourist. Because of this early lesson, to this day, I walk around New York City with blinders on, staring straight ahead until I reach my destination. Clearly, there are plenty of people just like me because as a new social experiment reveals, New Yorkers are oblivious. 
Model Pranksters TV painted a woman’s legs to look like she was wearing jeans and then she walked around the streets of midtown. Body art company The Body Of Art did such a convincing job of making the model appear as if she has pants on, when in reality, she does not.  
The brave lady, Leah Jung, rode the subway, strolled through Times Square, walked around the garment district, and even went shopping. While it’s surprising that no one notices that she’s bare down below, it’s even crazier that the paint doesn’t rub off when she’s making her way through the congested crowds of Times Square.
At Forever21, Jung asked a sales associate where she could get a similar pair super skinnies. “A friend of mine got me these jeans as a gift and she said she got them here,” she said. The employee, very up close and personal, responds, “You can check downstairs.” At McDonald’s, a little girl’s face is level with the model’s butt. It’s unclear whether she walks away because she’s the first one to actually notice the woman is naked (kids are extremely observant), or maybe her Happy Meal is just ready.
Funny enough, for April Fools’ Day in 2013 American Eagle released a prank promotional video advertising a spray-on jean that would be “contoured through the thigh, knee, and ankle… that fits like second skin.”
So even if the unspoken rule of the streets is to be blissfully unaware of your surroundings, maybe you should snap out of it every once in a while. You never know if the next viral stunt is walking right beside you. 


[Video] House lets Muslim religious leader open with prayers to “Allah”, this should never happen in America 

For the first time that we are aware of, the House of Representatives just let a Muslim Imam open with prayers to Allah (the Islamic God).

Imam Hamad Ahmad Chebli, a leader from the Islamic Society of Central Jersey (ISCJ).
“In the name of Allah, the sustainer of the world, master of the day of judgment. Guide us in the right path.”
How can a nation founded on Christina values allow something like that to happen?

Thai Police Seize Body Parts in 3 Packages Being Shipped to U.S.      Thailand: American Questioned Over Stolen Baby Body Parts     NBC News

BANGKOK — A parcel delivery company in Bangkok put three packages bound for the United States through a routine X-ray and made a startling discovery: preserved human parts, including an infant's head, a baby's foot and an adult heart. The body parts were stolen from the medical museums of one of Bangkok's biggest hospitals, its administrators said Monday.        
Police Col. Chumpol Poompuang said the sender was a 31-year-old American tourist, Ryan McPherson, who told them he had he found the items at a Bangkok night market. Police tracked down McPherson after being alerted by the shipper, DHL. "He said he thought the body parts were bizarre and wanted to send them to his friends in the U.S.," Chumpol said, adding that the man was questioned for several hours and released without charges.
The three packages seized in Bangkok, which contained five body pieces, were labeled as toys, police said. Clinical Professor Udom Kachintorn, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Bangkok's Siriraj Hospital, told reporters that the body parts were stolen from the hospital's museums. Police Col. Chumpol had initially said a baby's heart and intestines were among the body parts. But police at a news conference Monday said the heart was from an adult and there were no preserved intestines. Police Lt. Gen. Ruangsak Jarit-ake displayed graphic pictures of the five body parts. Two of the parts were pieces of tattooed adult skin.        
Image: Thai police officer shows a picture of a tattooed human skin Sakchai Lalit / AP
Thai police officer shows a picture of a tattooed human skin which was found in a package of a U.S. tourist, during a press conference at Bangpongpang police station in Bangkok,Thailand, on Monday.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

With His Policies Under Attack in His Own Party, Obama is No Longer Relevant in the Last Two Years of His Presidency  Donald Lambro | Nov 14, 2014
WASHINGTON - After the thrashing Barack Obama and his party got in last week's elections, it is now clear that the Democrats are leaderless and in disarray and he is no longer relevant in the domestic policy battles of his last two years in office.
The Republican-run House and Democratic Senate now plan to vote to bypass Obama's stubborn opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline -- that would be seen as a stunning, bipartisan rebuke of the president's failed energy policies.   Leading the charge for the oil pipeline is the politically embattled Sen. Mary Landrieu, Democrat of Louisiana, who is being forced into a runoff against GOP Rep. Bill Cassidy. Nearly a dozen Democrats support her demand for a vote, along with the entire Senate GOP caucus, to complete the pipeline.
"The project would bring billions of barrels of western Canadian oil to Gulf ports and refineries and create thousands of high paying jobs," says University of Maryland business economist Peter Morici.
Meantime, one of the key architects of Obamacare, the president's signature legislative achievement, is quoted as saying that Democrats used a deceptive strategy to hide details of the law in order to get it through Congress.
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