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GOP Rep Stunned Biden DOJ Official Claimed Ignorance On Major 1st Amendment Case        Opinion by Claire O'Hare • 20h  State Of The Union

GOP Rep Stunned Biden DOJ Official Claimed Ignorance On Major 1st Amendment Case© Provided by State Of The Union

Department of Justice civil rights official Kristen Clarke faced criticism after claiming to be unfamiliar with a significant case about freedom of speech.

The case involves the Supreme Court’s review of a ban on certain communications between the Biden administration and Big Tech platforms, accused of censoring speech on topics such as Hunter Biden’s laptop and COVID-19 origins.

During a hearing, Clarke’s lack of awareness of the case sparked controversy, leading to public and congressional backlash, with some questioning the department’s priorities and its commitment to protecting civil rights. (Trending: Democrat Accused Of Blocking Release of Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs)

Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., recalled the “Missouri vs. Biden case” could be the “most massive attack on free speech in United States history and how the Supreme Court has since taken jurisdiction of the case.”

Bishop then asked Clarke, “Is any criminal investigation or prosecution of the persons responsible for that activity in the FBI, CISA, and at the White House and their co-conspirators underway in the Civil Rights Division?”

“Congressman, I’m not familiar with this litigation, but happy to bring your question back,” Clarke replied.

“You are not aware of the Missouri vs. Biden litigation that is currently being taken up by the United States Supreme Court. Is that correct?” Bishop asked.

“Unfortunately, I’m not, Congressman,” Clarke answered.

“Assuming that you’re not aware of that, what reason would there be that the civil rights division of the Justice Department leader is unaware of what a United States District Court has described as the most massive attack on free speech in the United States’ history?” he asked.

“This does not appear to be a case that I’m familiar with,” concluded Clarke, after not giving answer.

The exchange went viral on social media, prompting further criticism and discussion about the case’s significance.

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