Wednesday, October 11, 2023

New Impeachment Evidence! 

Whistleblowers and Ways and Means Committee Uncover Biden Family’s Global Influence-Peddling Operation 

 Story by Ashleigh Nicole •16h

New Impeachment Evidence! IRS Whistleblowers and Ways and Means Committee Uncover Biden Family’s Global Influence-Peddling Operation
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New evidence from IRS whistleblowers and the Ways and Means Committee links the Biden Family’s global influence-peddling operation to over twenty-three countries across four continents.

Monday, October 9, 2023

Let’s finally recognize the slavery, 

conquest, and genocide of Native 

Americans by Native Americans

Opinion by Christopher Tremoglie•4h Washington Examiner

Let’s finally recognize the slavery, conquest, and genocide of Native Americans by Native Americans© Provided by Washington Examiner

Pre-Columbian Native American culture on the American continents was one of war, massacres, genocide, and slavery. It doesn’t make Native Americans unique in any way but rather, just like every other culture, society, and civilization that has existed in history.

However, these facts are typically excluded from today’s public education system. Instead, a radical left-wing revision of history is taught that portrayed Native Americans living in peaceful and docile societies that fell victim to the greed and brutality of European invaders. It is and always has been a fictitious historical narrative.

History did not begin in 1492. The truth is Native American tribes were brutally killing each other in the Western Hemisphere for centuries before the first European settlers ever appeared. Left-wing scholars from the Howard Zinn school of thought have valiantly tried to hide these facts; nevertheless, they’re true.

Native American tribes were empire builders no different than the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Germanic tribes of Europe. Indigenous people were no better than Genghis Khan and the Golden Horde of the Mongol Empire. The tribes lusted to conquer, enslave, and pillage for power, resources, and land, just as the Ashanti, Mali, Ghana, and Egyptian empires of Africa.  {No one likes to say it but the African tribes would war against one another and then SELL their captives into slavery as well} at least, that's what I was always taught..

Massive Gun Manufacturer Ditches Blue State, Moves South

Story by Carver Malone •15h American Insider

Smith & Wesson has taken its headquarters out of Massachusetts and is officially residing in Tennessee.

Smith & Wesson was established in 1852 in Connecticut before it soon moved its headquarters to Springfield, Massachusetts.

The NRA has praised the major gun manufacturer’s move, saying, “Congratulations to Smith & Wesson on their grand opening in Tennessee.”

Undeniable Proof: Judge In Trump Trial Must Recuse Himself

Story by David Rufful •15h

Trump Judge: "If juries get it wrong, I can overrule them based on my emotions about the case"

The judge presiding over Donald Trump’s civil trial, Judge Arthur Engoron, should recuse himself from the case due to his deeply held biases and personal conflict of interests.
The left-wing judge argued that makes decisions based on his emotions and overrides juries when they “get it wrong.”

Engoron holds particularly great power over Trump’s case, as the trial is without a jury.

Engoron has also been caught quietly contributing thousands of dollars to Democrats for years.

Records show Engoron has donated over $5,000 to Democrats. He has supported candidates such as former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, former Governor David Paterson, and other state lawmakers.

If lost, Trump would be facing a loss of no less than $250 million.

Behind closed doors, Engoron has donated over $5,000 to Democrats over the years.

A video currently circulating online also reveals Engoron admitting his use of his own “opinion” when judging cases.

“Now, I’m going to say something controversial even though I’m being taped,” he begins.

“Juries get it wrong a lot — that’s my own opinion. I do only civil trials — personal injury cases, contract disputes — but I’ve had situations where, like, ‘Oh, my — heaven’s sake. How could they have thought that?'”

“Well, I have a tool that I can deal with that. It’s called judgment not withstanding the verdict,” he stated.

“I can say there is no possible way that a reasonable jury would have reached that conclusion. Alright, am I following the law, or am I making the law? OK, I’m following the law.

“I’m an impartial referee, but it’s hard to factor out my own emotions. I have tools,” he argued.

Trump recently came after Engoron, calling the Judge a “democrat” “operative” who is running “a rigged court.”