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It's really getting ridiculous

Feds Try to Close the OCEAN Because of Shutdown


Just before the weekend, the National Park Service informed charter boat captains in Florida that the Florida Bay was "closed" due to the shutdown. Until government funding is restored, the fishing boats are prohibited from taking anglers into 1,100 square-miles of open ocean. Fishing is also prohibited at Biscayne National Park during the shutdown

The Park Service will also have rangers on duty to police the ban... of access to an ocean. The government will probably use more personnel and spend more resources to attempt to close the ocean, than it would in its normal course of business. 
This is governing by temper-tantrum. It is on par with the government's ham-fisted attempts to close the DC WWII Memorial, an open-air public monument that is normally accessible 24 hours a day. By accessible I mean, you walk up to it. When you have finished reflecting, you then walk away from it. 
At least that Memorial is an actual structure, with some kind of perimeter that can be fenced off. Florida Bay is the ocean. How, pray tell, do you "close" 1,100 square miles of ocean? Why would one even need to do so?
Apparently, according to an anonymous Park Service ranger, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.” 
Centuries ago, King Canute famously failed to command the ocean tide to stop. His display was actually a means to educate his subjects on the limits of royal power. Today, however, our President actually believes he has the power to control the oceans.

dems 57
This just in from Breitbart
Since the government shutdown on Tuesday, House Republicans have pushed legislation to reopen selected parts of the federal government. They have proposed legislation to reopen National Parks, the Veterans Administration and fully fund the National Guard, among other measures. To date, 57 House Democrats, almost a third of the caucus, have broken ranks with Leader Pelosi and President Obama to support the GOP refunding efforts.
“Despite these bipartisan votes,” Mike Long, spokesman for Rep. Kevin McCarthy, said in a statement to Breitbart News, “Leader Reid and Co-Leader Schumer continue to object to up or down votes on any of these bills including funding for veterans, active service military personnel and pediatric cancer patients.”
As Breitbart News has pointed out, the federal government is ordinarily funded by specific appropriations bills covering one or two agencies at a time. There is nothing unusual about the House, or Senate, moving bills to fund individual agencies. Apparently, 57 House Democrats agree with this approach.
As the shutdown stretches on, it will become increasingly clear to the American public that the Democrats won’t negotiate or compromise. Their extremist position goes so far as to block how Congress has normally funded government. One-third of the House Democrat caucus is in open revolt of this strategy, however. Democrat defections will likely increase as the shutdown lingers

Friday, October 4, 2013

Rare, white deer appear from a New Jersey woods.

 The unique sighting was captured by NBC10 viewer Sue Meyer


Man sets himself on fire on the National Mall


WASHINGTON (AP) — A man who poured a can of gasoline on his head and set himself on fire on the National Mall in the nation's capital has been airlifted to the hospital, police and fire officials said Friday afternoon.

The man, whose name was not immediately known, suffered life-threatening injuries, said D.C. fire department spokesman Tim Wilson.

He was standing by himself at Seventh Street and Madison Drive, in the center portion of the Mall, when he emptied the contents of a red gas can on himself and set himself on fire moments later, said Katy Scheflen, who witnessed it as she walked through the Mall.

She said passing joggers took off their shirts in an effort to help douse the flames, and the man was clearly alive as the flames spread. A police department spokesman said he was conscious and breathing at the scene. MedStar Washington Hospital Center tweeted that the man was taken there but had no condition update.

"There was not a lot people could do because it was a gasoline fire," she said.         FULL STORY

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wouldn't expect anything more from obama, would you ?

 Emmett Tyrrell | Oct 03, 2013            
WASHINGTON -- It is the most thunderous proof of the Taranto Principle to date. I am speaking of the Senate's rejection of the House of Representative's proposal to delay the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act for a year, along with the federal subsidy for Congressional lawmakers and their staffs if and when these selfless public servants enter health care exchanges. You cannot have such subsidies and neither can I, but Congress and its aides can. The Senate will not even negotiate over it.
The insightful James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal coined the Taranto Principle when he noticed that the Democrats and the left in general are encouraged to act absurdly by the fawning mainstream media. It is the media that have encouraged Democrats to demand of Republicans negotiations while the Democrats refuse to negotiate. Thus, the Republicans are expected to accept the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act while being left with nothing to negotiate.              View Full Article

Don't feel good about this shooting, she didn't have a gun and evidently the police shot her after she crashed and was unable to move her car...welcome to the police state

Police: Suspect killed in Capitol Hill chase


WASHINGTON (AP) — The District of Columbia's police chief says the suspect who led police on a chase from the White House to the Capitol is dead.

Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier told reporters Thursday evening that shots were fired in two locations. Near the Capitol, police killed the woman driving the black Infiniti with a young child inside. She said the child, who is about a year old, is in good condition and in protective custody.

U.S. Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine said the incident is believed to be an isolated act unrelated to terrorism.

Tourists watched the shooting unfold on Constitution Avenue outside the Capitol as lawmakers inside debated how to end a government shutdown. Police quickly locked down the entire complex temporarily, and both houses of Congress went into recess.

92 year old Boone County homeowner shoots, kills intruder

 2 others arrested in connection with home invasion
 UPDATED 6:40 PM EDT Sep 03, 2012                  

VERONA, Ky. - —One man is dead and two more are behind bars after a World War II veteran took matters into his own hands when a burglar broke into his home
Donnie Inabnit         Donnie Inabnit, 20, of Dry Ridge, Kentucky, is charged with Burglary 2nd degree (complicity) and Tampering with physical evidence.
Boone County Police say a man broke into the basement of a home in the 15000 block of Violet Road in Verona just after 2 a.m.
The homeowner, Earl Jones, 92, was awakened and grabbed his .22 caliber rifle. Thieves targeted Jones’ farm at least three times recently, stealing guns, money, even cattle. This time, Jones woke up when he heard intruders in the cellar.
When the intruder came through the door from the basement, Jones fired a single shot, police said.
Jones immediately called his neighbor, who then called 911. When deputies arrived, they said they found the outside basement door ajar but no one other than Jones at the home.
Police say the wounded intruder was carried off by two other accomplices. They say those accomplices, Ryan Dalton and Donnie Inabnit, put him in their car and took off. They got about a mile when they stopped on Courtney Road to call 911.
When Kenton County Police responded to the call they found a deceased male, along with Dalton and Inabnit in a 2001 Chevrolet Impala. The deceased male has been identified as Lloyd (Adam) Maxwell, 24, of Richmond, Kentucky.
Dalton and Inabnit were taken to the Boone County Sheriff's Office for questioning.  Police said they admitted they were involved in the burglary on Violet Road.
Ryan Dalton, 22 and Donnie Inabnit, 20, both of Dry Ridge, Kentucky, are charged with Burglary 2nd degree (complicity) and Tampering with physical evidence.
Jones is a 92-year-old Air Force veteran who worked on planes, including the Enola Gay that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. He will not be charged
Read more:

Obama pins government shutdown on Boehner



ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) — President Barack Obama says House Speaker John Boehner is the only thing standing in the way of reopening the federal government.

Obama is speaking at a small business just outside of Washington on the third day of the shutdown. He says Boehner is preventing a vote on a funding bill because he doesn't want to anger "extremists" in his party.

The president is calling on Boehner to quickly hold a vote on a bill free of extra demands. The president met with Boehner and other congressional leaders at the White House for more than an hour Wednesday, but no agreement was reached.

Obama says the longer the shutdown goes on, the worse the impact on the U.S. economy will be.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

 What if We Had a Government Shutdown and Nobody Noticed or Cared?
What’s the likely outcome of the government shutdown fight?
Well, in my libertarian fantasy world, we leave it closed. Or at least we never bother to reopen counterproductive bureaucracies such as the Department of Education, Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Commerce, Department of Transportation, etc, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                             I’d like to be more hopeful, but Republicans are probably too divided to prevail in this battle.
Which is a shame, because when they had more unity during the 1995 shutdown fight, they won a very important victory. Here’s what I wrote about that battle.
…they succeeded in dramatically reducing the growth of federal spending. They did not get everything they wanted, to be sure, but government spending grew by just 2.9 percent during the first four years of GOP control, helping to turn a $164 billion deficit in 1995 into a $126 billion surplus in 1999. And they enacted a big tax cut in 1997.
So let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best. But we’re relying on politicians, so prepare for the worst.

View Full Article of top democrats running this country ?????

Reid on Funding NIH to Treat Kids With Cancer: "Why Would We Want to Do That?"

A verbatim, in-context quote from America's cretinous Senate Majority Leader. Watch the whole thing: between Reid and reporter              
BASH: But if you can help one child who has cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?

REID: Why would we want to do that? I have 1,100 people at Nellis Air Force base that are sitting home. They have a few problems of their own. This is — to have someone of your intelligence to suggest such a thing maybe means you’re irresponsible and reckless  
BASH: I’m just asking a question        READ STORY WITH VIDEOS
Americans know instinctively that when liberals start talking about deficit reduction that’s it’s just a case of the fantods, as Huckleberry Finn would say. And say what you will about old Huck, but he knew a couple of frauds when he saw them.
"Hain't we got all the fools in town on our side?," said Huck Finn's fraudulent king in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. "And ain't that a big enough majority in any town?"
It certainly is enough in DC, but the rest of the US isn't so gullible.                      View Full Article
Obama Prohibits Practice of Catholicism in US
Terry Jeffrey
Beginning now, with the opening of government-run health-insurance exchanges, President Barack Obama will be prohibiting American Catholics from practicing their faith in the way they live their daily lives.
[Keep Reading]

One congressman tries to enroll in Obamacare, here’s how he failed

The Daily Caller    
    From The Daily Caller:
Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp says he faced a lot of problems when he tried  to sign up for an Obamacare exchange early Tuesday morning.
According to Huelskamp’s office, the Kansas Republican attempted to sign up at midnight on Tuesday, the day the exchanges open.
“We have been warned time and time again that ObamaCare is not ready for prime time. Well, it turns out that is right,” Huelskamp said in a statement.

The MSM tried to make it appear that this was a "white" motorcycle gang

Suspect arraigned in motorcycle-SUV brawl in NYC


NEW YORK (AP) — A motorcyclist was charged Wednesday with reckless driving after prosecutors said he touched off a tense encounter with the driver of an SUV and a throng of other bikers that ended with blood and broken bones on a Manhattan street.

Christopher Cruz, 28, of Passaic, N.J., was also charged with unlawful imprisonment. His bail was set at $1,500 cash. His attorney, H. Benjamin Perez, said his client denied all the allegations.

"He will come back to fight this case and clear his name," he said.

Cruz is the only person charged criminally so far in the Sunday encounter that was caught on a helmet-mounted camera worn by another biker and was posted online anonymously        .full story

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shouldn't be allowed.......If you don't do your don't get paid..

Lawmakers still get a check, even in shutdown mode

one note, Obama keeps saying the GOP is shutting down the government, but HE is the one who won't negotiate on obamacare 

4 hours ago 
WASHINGTON (AP) — There's at least one constant in a government shutdown: The 532 members of Congress continue to be paid — at a cost of $10,583.85 per hour to taxpayers.

Lawmakers get their pay even as hundreds of congressional staffers are sent home, packs of tourists are turned away at the Capitol, and constituent services in many offices grind to a halt. Most entrances to House and Senate office buildings and underground parking garages are closed         .full story
Veterans pass barriers at closed WWII Memorial



Kids from pre-school to high school, ridiculous charges, and these are only the ones publicised

7 Kids Who Were Punished By Schools For Using Imaginary Guns

John Hawkins | Oct 01, 2013    View Full Article

“The Agenda” and the Confederate Flag

By Al Benson Jr.
There was an Internet article on the headline of which read “Confederate Flag’s Re-emergence: Racism or Regional Pride?” To those of you who follow this sort of thing, you already know where this article is going. It’s one among scores that seem to appear every week across the country. Someone, somewhere waves a Confederate flag and the “news” (what a laugh) media is there to shout “KKK Invasion!” It would be ludicrous if it were not so sad. A public-school-“educated” populace is so completely befuddled that many of them actually take this stuff seriously.
According to this article Confederate flags seem to have made a re-emergence in the Philadelphia area—a region those of Yankee/Marxist mentality thought they had sewed up. Turns out they might be in error.
The article notes: “It’s been spotted on license plates in Atlantic City and Collingdale, draped across a truck in a Kohl’s parking lot and flying on poles outside homes in Montgomery and Chester counties.” Someone saw one handing “inside an apartment near Capitolo Playground in South Philly.” Hanging inside an apartment where people going by might be able to see it and become “offended.” There’s a hanging offense if ever there was one! And I’m sure there are lots of folks around that are just waiting to be offended so they can get their “fifteen minutes of fame” with the local “news” media. You’d be surprised how many people there are that get “offended” when they see a Confederate flag somewhere they can complain about. It’s the high point of their lives! And it’s even being displayed at “…country-rock tailgate parties outside the Susquehanna Bank Center.”  Why that’s almost too much! Has it ever occurred to anyone that all these folks, especially in South Philly, can’t be Southerners?       

weekend getawayChester County Pa.

Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

Alaskan walrus

10,000 walrus come ashore in northwest Alaska

This Sept. 27, 2013 image provided by NOAA Fisheries shows thousands of wal..    .DAN JOLING, AP 5 hours ago

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — An estimated 10,000 walrus unable to find sea ice over shallow Arctic Ocean water have come ashore on Alaska's northwest coast.Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Friday photographed walrus packed onto a beach on a barrier island near Point Lay, an Inupiat Eskimo village 300 miles southwest of Barrow and 700 miles northwest of Anchorage.The walrus have been coming to shore since mid-September. The large herd was spotted during NOAA's annual arctic marine mammal aerial survey, an effort conducted with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Monday, September 30, 2013

Confederate Flag's Re-emergence: Racism or Regional Pride?
Confederate Flag's Re-emergence: Racism or Regional Pride? 



It's been spotted on license plates in Atlantic City and Collingdale, draped across a truck in a Kohl's parking lot and flying on poles outside homes in Montgomery and Chester countiesYou can see it on the side of a building off Aramingo Avenue in Port Richmond, hanging inside an apartment near Capitolo Playground in South Philly and painted on the "Dukes of Hazzard" replica Dodge Charger cruising around Delaware County. InCamden, it's practically the official emblem for country-rock tailgate parties outside the Susquehanna Bank Center, where a concert goer was charged this summer with bias intimidation for allegedly waving it at city residents and spewing racial slurs.
Even a Philly cop was photographed last year wearing it under his bike helmet while on duty.
Nearly 150 years after the Civil War ended, the Confederate battle flag — a complicated and incendiary symbol of rebellion, slavery, Southern pride and white supremacy — is seemingly becoming a more frequent sight north of the Mason-Dixon Line.
"I remember taking a second look and going, 'Really?' It was shocking," said Bryl Villanueva, 35, of Lafayette Hill, who recently saw a rebel flag flying in Conshohocken while on the way to a friend's house. "Maybe they're from Alabama."
What's behind the popularity of the flag in the North? Is it the dark underbelly of the rapidly growing country-music scene? Disapproval of the president? An innocent revival of the rebel spirit among Yankees who don't know — or care — what it means to the rest of society? Or something more sinister?
"Me, I fly the stars and stripes," Dereck Banks, a self-described history buff from Clifton Heights, Delaware County, told the Philadelphia Daily News FULL STORY.

Fly it high

Hundreds gather to fly Confederate flag high above I-95 amid controversy
  • Confederate Flag Flap_Cala.jpg      
    A group called "Virginia Flaggers" raise the Confederate battle flag on a pole near Interstate 95 in Chester, Va., Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013. Hundreds gathered Saturday in freshly cleared woods along Interstate 95 to celebrate the raising of a Confederate battle flag, an event that stirred strong feelings among those who view it as a symbol of division. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
With a rebel yell, “Dixie,” had its day Saturday.
As promised, the Virginia Flaggers heritage group hoisted yesterday a 15 foot-by-15 foot Confederate battle flag on a swath of freshly cleared forestland adjacent to well-traveled I-95 in Virginia.
An historian spoke, a rendition of “Dixie,” was sung, a bagpiper played “Amazing Grace,” – and, yes – there was, indeed, a rebel yell.
Hundreds gathered for the ceremony, held in Chester, about 10 miles south of Richmond.
The flaggers had announced earlier this year their intention to hoist the red-and-blue flag up a 50-foot pole located on a parcel of privately owned land donated specifically for the purpose.
The group’s members – and its advocates – have argued their intention is solely to honor those who fought for the South during the Civil War full story

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U.S. Prepares For Martial Law With MRAP's (Video)  ????

By Susan Duclos

In the video below, Alternative Media TV's Christopher Greene discusses the U.S. police purchasing military vehicles to hunt for domestic criminals. Equipment used in wartime, in war-torn countries on the streets of the U.S. and Greene asks, "Why would the police in the United States need military armed vehicles that they used in Desert Storm, places like Iraq and Afghanistan, that can withstand IED's and bombs and men with guns, $600,000+ vehicles?"

Cross posted at Before It's News
Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert
By Jerry Holbert - September 30, 2013

keeeep them in China

Giant Deadly Hornets Kill Dozens In China; Venom Dissolves Flesh and they Can Spray It

Mike Shedlock | Sep 30, 2013  
 Deadly hornets have killed at least 28 people in China following a string of recent attacks that have injured hundreds.

A number of tragic cases have been reported, including a mother and son who died after being surrounded by a killer swarm.

A man who tried to help them suffered kidney failure after the giant hornets chased him for 200 metres and stung him repeatedly on the head and legs,
The Mirror reported.

In the city of Ankang alone, 18 people have died from the stings, while a further 212 people have been injured health official Zhou Yuanhong told Associated Press.

Experts are blaming the vicious attacks on Asian giant hornets, which terrifyingly grow up to 5cm in length. The mammoth insects also wield a stinger in excess of 6mm long.

The natural predators have jaws powerful enough to chew through regular protective bee suits and their venom, which they can spray, dissolves human flesh.

If their venom lands in the eyes, the eye tissue will melt, according to a National Geographic documentary

This story is a few days old, but it got me thinking. If they can do this to these kids on private property, can they just as well do it to them if they are in thier own home and someone should see them ? The schools are really going way too far and the gun is obviously a toy !!

UNREAL: Virginia School Expels Seventh-Graders Who Were Suspended For Playing With Toy Guns On Private Property…

Mind boggling update to this story.
Via Daily Caller:
The Virginia Beach seventh graders who were suspended for playing with an airsoft toy gun on their own private property have now been expelled for an entire school year.
The decision was made unanimously by a disciplinary committee consisting of three members of the Virginia Beach City Public Schools board, according to local news.
Khalid Caraballo and Aidan Clark are banned from Larkspur Middle School until at least January, when a new hearing will be convened to determine whether the boys can come back to school early.
Keep reading

Question no one answers, Congress, pres. etc. If this plan is so great, WHY DID THEY EXEMPT THEMSELVES FROM IT ? It's O K for us [peons] but not for them [the elite]

FACT CHECK: Slippery claims on health law, budget


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is the insurance industry's most powerful pitchman these days as he drums up interest in the health insurance markets opening for business Tuesday. Whatever the merits of his product, there are reasons for the buyer to beware of his rhetoric.

The president is being a bit slippery on the costs of coverage, in particular.

His opponents are taking their own liberties as they talk up the ills of what they deride as "Obamacare" and defend their approach to the budget impasse that threatens to close parts of the government come Tuesday.

On these points, caveat emptor:

OBAMA: "Knowing you can offer your family the security of health care, that's priceless. Now, you can do it for the cost of your cable bill, probably less than your cellphone bill. Think about that, good health insurance for the price of your cellphone bill or less." — Speech in Largo, Md., on Thursday.

THE FACTS: The family coverage you can get for the cost of a monthly cable or cellphone bill is going to expose you to a hefty share of your medical expenses. Looked at in terms of digital communications, it's more like dial-up Internet than 4G.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mar yland   Fights Gun Control Law

September 27, 2013                        Second Amendment activists filed a federal lawsuit Friday to stop the Maryland gun control law from going into effect Oct. 1. The new law would ban 45 types of assault weapons, limit handgun magazines to 10 rounds and require licensed handgun owners to submit fingerprints to state police.        

The Gun That Aims Itself (Documentary)

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In spring of 2013, Texas-based start up TrackingPoint Solutions released the first ever precision-guided firearm, which is essentially a long-range, laser-guided robo rifle. Call it the gu…