Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign “Let’s Move!” forced public schools to follow new, more stringent diet plans for providing school lunches, including smaller portions and healthier meal options.
But children across the country argue the food tastes bad.
That’s why a school district in Michigan lost $60,000 last year. The Armada, Mich., was forced to remove funds from its ‘General Fund’ to compensate for profit losses from the First Lady’s meal program.
“Local revenues are going way down because the regulations are requiring us to put out food that the students don’t want to eat. You still have to buy the food; the students just aren’t eating it,” explained Armada’s district accountant Michael Frawley.
District officials said the new USDA guidelines are injuring small, cash-strapped school districts and hurting the children in the process.
Food Services director Stacy Moyer noted the school district has to ‘cheat’ to get reimbursement for meals students don’t want. “What we try to do so we don’t get caught where we’re not getting a lot of reimbursable meals is we’re telling the kids, ‘you can have your hamburger and your milk, but you also have to take a fruit or vegetable,” Moyer said.
But students still aren’t getting the amount of nutrition they require for growing bodies. “They limited the protein, they limited the bread,” Moyer added. Obama’s system is draining funds and leaving kids hungry.
Should the First Lady have the power to tell your children what to eat?
Bill Shaw commented
she's not an elected official. Her "program" shouldn't be bound by any law of this land to be implemented...she became first lady by happenstance. She was not duly elected to any government position. Maybe she should put her "program" food choices on the white house menu and see if her kids will eat it.