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obamas kind of JUSTICE...........

Campus Cop Fired For Arresting Black Man Who Punched A White Woman In the Face   April  2016

Here is a story that is all of the Black Lives Matter anti-cop/anti-white people bullshit rolled into one gigantic racism turd. A police officer has lost his job because he arrested a black man who had just punched a white woman in the face. It’s official; whacko activists have managed to piss away any sanity we had left in this country.
The News & Observer reports that last month 26-year-old black man Patrick Myrick started some shit with 23-year-old Amber Best, a white woman, in front of a nightclub in Greenville, NC. Being a super bad-ass, Myrick punched the woman in the face, knocking her to the ground. This black guy probably thought he had taken care of business, but this woman had friends and they didn’t think it was too cool of him punching her.
    Best’s friends Theresa Lee, Mack Humbles and Mark Privette, chased Myrick onto the Eastern Carolina University campus and beat his ass near the dining hall. Myrick got some cuts and bruises but wasn’t seriously injured, and let’s face it; he got what he deserved for punching a woman in the face.


Where do your "outsourced" jobs go ?????

Trump Uses Accent to Mock Outsourced Call Center in India
Donald Trump reportedly adopted a fake accent to punctuate the punchline of a story mocking a credit card company worker in India.
At a campaign event in Wilmington, Del., Friday – a hub for the nation's credit-card industry – the GOP presidential front-runner said he once called a credit-card call center, suspecting staffers were working from India, Politico reports.
"I said to the person, 'Where are you from?'" Trump related, Politico reports. "I wasn't really checking on my card. I was actually finding out if this was true."
"So I called up under the guise I'm checking on my card, said, 'Where are you from?' 'We are from India.' 'Oh, great. That's wonderful. Thank you very much,'" Trump said – delivering the punchline in a foreign-sounding accent before pretending to hang up a phone.
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Before or after he apologized to Japan for bombing Hiroshima ?

US President Barack Obama and Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, not pictured, hold a media conference at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in central London, Friday, April, 22, 2016, following their talks at Downing Street.  Obama stepped into Britain's debate about EU membership and many other topics during his short visit to the UK. (Ben Stansall / Pool via AP) 
This State Just DECLARED WAR On Obama & His Muslim Refugees!   2016

The state of Tennessee is not happy with President Barack Obama’s Muslim refugee resettlement program… And they are taking action!
The Tennessee General Assembly just voted to sue Obama’s Federal government over the refugees, based on the 10th Amendment. It passed in the state house by 69 to 25, and the state senate by 29 to 4.
It’s clear that elected leaders in TN are looking out for the safety of their citizens, and are ready to stand up to Obama in a huge way:
Muslim Refugees

Today we struck a blow for Liberty by finally adopting SJR467,” State Senator Mark Norris (R-Collierville), the co-sponsor of the resolution who shepherded it through the State Senate, tells Breitbart News.
   “The General Assembly clearly understands the importance of public safety and state sovereignty as demonstrated by the overwhelming support of this Resolution for which we are thankful. The Syrian surge heightens our sense of urgency to get this properly before the courts, and we urge the Attorney General to act without delay,” Norris adds.
   Tennessee, which withdrew from the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program in 2008, will now become the first state to sue the federal government over its operation of the program within the borders of its state on Tenth Amendment grounds. Alabama and Texas are currently suing the federal government over the refugee resettlement program on the narrower grounds that it has failed to comply with the Refugee Act of 1980.
   “As a state legislator, it is my duty to fulfill my oath and to exercise Constitutional authority,” House sponsor State Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver (R-Lancaster) tells Breitbart News.
   “I take it seriously to do all I can to protect the sovereignty of our great state. Either we abide by the Tenth Amendment or we ignore it,” she adds.

“It’s time for states to say no more federal overreach and [I] really believe that the federal government was created by the states and not the other way around,” Weaver says
Black Guy Kills Black Guy So Naturally The Victim’s Family Sues 7-Eleven   April 21, 2016

Chicago is a violent shithole where black-on-black crime is as common as cockroaches in a tenement cupboard. There’s plenty of blame to go around for the dangerous conditions in the city, but the last culprit you’d think of is a convenience store. In February a black guy killed another black on the street and now the victim’s family is suing 7-Eleven over it. Sit back and try to take this one in. It’s a doozy.
On February 7 of this year, 32-year-old Marques Gaines was at a 7-Eleven in one of Chicago’s many shitty neighborhoods. In the video, he’s the guy in the blue shirt. He came out of the store and a black guy in a hoodie starts arguing with him. It looks like a 7-Eleven employee is trying to diffuse the situation.
The black guy goes after Gaines and knocks him out cold. Gaines falls in the street, just off of the sidewalk. Almost as soon as he hits the ground, several other black people rush over and start going through his pockets to steal his stuff. I’m assuming these thieves are part of the Chicago Black Lives Matter chapter.
Some bystanders appear to be checking if Gaines is okay, but after a few moments they leave. Gaines is just laying in the street unconscious. Meanwhile, the 7-11 employee has called 911.
A minute or so goes by and a taxicab turns the corner and accidentally runs over Gaines. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. This is a senseless and avoidable tragedy, but who is being held responsible for it is downright offensive.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Gaines’ family has filed a lawsuit against 7-Eleven.


Chelsea Clinton: Now that Scalia’s Gone We Can Enact Gun Control April 23, 2016While campaigning for her mother recently, Chelsea Clinton admitted that the left is planning to use the Supreme Court to enact greater gun control if a Democrat wins the presidency this fall.
The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Chelsea Clinton: Gun Control Opportunity on Supreme Court With Scalia Gone

Chelsea Clinton said Thursday at an event in Maryland that there is now an opportunity for gun control legislation to pass the Supreme Court since Justice Antonin Scalia passed away.

“It matters to me that my mom also recognizes the role the Supreme Court has when it comes to gun control. With Justice Scalia on the bench, one of the few areas where the Court actually had an inconsistent record relates to gun control,” Clinton said. “Sometimes the Court upheld local and state gun control measures as being compliant with the Second Amendment and sometimes the Court struck them down.”

Clinton then touted her mother’s record on gun control issues and knowledge that the Supreme Court has an effect on whether many gun control laws stand.


Here’s the Viral Pic of Ted Cruz in Drag from the Maury Show

Ted Cruz may have something he wants to tell his wife because it seems he either was so desperate for media attention he appeared on the Maury show in drag or he has a twin sister he’s never mentioned.
After a woman who looked remarkably like Ted Cruz appeared on the talk show, Twitter lit up with some light-hearted pokes at Cruz and his look-a-like


Friday, April 22, 2016

Dishonoring General Jackson   Pat Buchanan Posted: Apr 22, 2016

Dishonoring General Jackson
In Samuel Eliot Morison's "The Oxford History of the American People," there is a single sentence about Harriet Tubman.

"An illiterate field hand, (Tubman) not only escaped herself but returned repeatedly and guided more than 300 slaves to freedom."
Morison, however, devotes most of five chapters to the greatest soldier-statesman in American history, save Washington, that pivotal figure between the Founding Fathers and the Civil War -- Andrew Jackson.
Slashed by a British officer in the Revolution, and a POW at 14, the orphaned Jackson went west, rose to head up the Tennessee militia, crushed an Indian uprising at Horseshoe Bend, Alabama, in the War of 1812, then was ordered to New Orleans to defend the threatened city.
In one of the greatest victories in American history, memorialized in song, Jackson routed a British army and aborted a British scheme to seize New Orleans, close the Mississippi, and split the Union.
In 1818, ordered to clean out renegade Indians rampaging in Georgia, Jackson stormed into Florida, seized and hanged two British agitators, put the Spanish governor on a boat to Cuba, and claimed Florida for the USA.
Added up, while dishonoring Andrew Jackson, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is putting on the U.S. currency six women -- three white, three African-American -- and King.
No Catholics, no conservatives, no Hispanics, no white males were apparently even considered.

Can Bruce Springsteen Refuse to Play a Gay Wedding?   Frank Turek Posted: Apr 22, 2016

I agree with Bruce Springsteen who cancelled his concert in my adopted home state of North Carolina because he objected to HB2 (the bathroom law). I also agree with Paypal, which cancelled their plans to expand in Charlotte because they think the law is “discriminatory.” Why? Because I believe that performers and businesses have every right not to do business with whom they disagree. In other words, they have the right to discriminate against the people of North Carolina.
But if liberals can deny services to people with whom they disagree, then why can’t conservatives?


Track N Go real time installation

  I know it’s not winter, but this is awesome

He makes a meal of setting it up, but it’s not that long compared with say, getting a boat ready. Just 15 minutes. And imagine the fun!
This is Track N Go, the first ever wheel driven track system. It allows you to put four tracks on a vehicle in 15 minutes, while keeping the tires on and without any modifications of this vehicle.

Taps in Holland.....I doubt many of us ever heard the FULL version of TAPS. I used to play them on Memorial day at cemetaries that had soldiers graves, but I never knew there WAS a full version.......

TAPS played as you've probably never heard it...The Silence
Published on Dec 3, 2013

The Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial in the village of Margraten, about six miles from Maastricht. There lie buried 8,301 American soldiers killed in the battles to liberate Holland in the fall and winter of 1944-5. Sgt. Bill Dukeman, 101st Airborne Division, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Second Battalion, Company C is buried there. He was killed in the battle of "The Crossroads" in northern Holland.

The Dutch hold an annual memorial concert every September at the above cemetery to remember and honor the Americans who died to free them in Operation Market Garden and subsequent efforts to eject the German army from Holland. Sgt. Dukeman, like many other fallen GIs, was "adopted" by a Dutch family. Dukeman's family in the States was contacted and hosted in Holland, and his grave site decorated each year by his Dutch "family." They keep his portrait in their home, displayed in a place of honor. Fathers pass this obligation down to their sons in Holland. This version of the original "taps" music is played by a 13 year old Dutch girl named Melissa Venema. The conductor of the orchestra is recently deceased Andre Rieu from Holland .

Many of you may never have heard taps played in its entirety . The original version of Taps was called Last Post, and was written by Daniel Butterfield in 1801. It was rather lengthy and formal, as you will hear in this clip, so in 1862 it was shortened to 24 notes and re-named Taps. Melissa Venema is playing it on a trumpet whereby the original was played on a bugle.
Watch at this site, and go full screen.


Reminder: Earth Day Co-Founder Composted His Girlfriend

UPDATE.......Purge of registered Democrats in Brooklyn has doubled from 63,000 to 126,000.

Voter Fraud Exposed In New York Primary! Whoa…April 20, 2016

New York Primary
New York is run by Democrats, and today is the most meaningful presidential primary for the state in decades

But now, some of the candidates’ strongest supporters are finding out they can’t vote for the candidate of their choice…
  That’s because, as a recent emergency lawsuit filed in a Long Island federal court notes, “thousands of New York Voters have been erroneously purged from the rolls.”
  Many are believed to be Bernie Sanders voters, which may hint that Team Hillary has something to do with it. But that doesn’t mean conservative businessman Donald J. Trump’s supporters aren’t affected too!
  Under state law, NY has closed primaries, where you must be a member of each party months in advance. Therefore, if voters registered recently, they can’t vote.
  Now, many of those voters are learning that their registrations have been misfiled or have inexplicably gone missing. This is horrible news!
  The political establishment is trying to steal the election:
more than 63,558 voters have been dropped from the rolls between November 2015 and April 2016.

Patrick Henry's photo.

Saudi Arabia Threatens To Collapse U.S. Economy
BenSwannReality   Published on Apr 19, 2016

Saudi Arabia Terrified of Release of "28 Pages" in 9/11 Report

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Written by a young niece of mine,...All I hear is about the rights of the "transgenders". How about all the women and young children ? Where are their rights to privacy, given that they may need to use public facilities. I wrote before...put a transgender man in the same bathroom as the wife or kids of these LIBERALS and see how quickly they change their minds. This whole proposal is ludicrous .....Said before...penis- mens room ...vagina- ladies room.....At least until they have a sex change and have the proper equipment for the proper bathroom...END OF SUBJECT

Love trump but gotta say.....
I don't agree, this is a direct affront to my equality we should not have to share a bathroom or even a locker room with someone born physically of the opposite sex, Its my right to have privacy. If laws like this are passed I'm sure I'm not the only woman who will stop using public facility's intended for WOMAN. Awful that we as American woman will have to give up our basic right of using a public restroom due to the fear of having peeping men in our restrooms! This disgusts me that my little sister and the young woman of our country will most likely be subjected to this INSANITY !

Dinesh D'Souza's photo.

Rush Limbaugh
It damn well better end up being everybody's gonna line up and vote against Hillary because I'm telling you: Whatever the options are we have on the Republican side pale in comparison to the destructive force that Hillary Clinton leads which is the Democrat Party and the American left.
Was Obama Able to 'Appease Tensions' in Saudi Arabia?
Cortney O'Brien Apr 21, 2016
President Obama is in Saudi Arabia this week during a period of icy tension for our two nations. A piece of legislation currently making headlines would allow 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia and other foreign nations for financing terrorism. Saudi Arabia has threatened to sell off American assets should the U.S. allow the bill to proceed.

"A SAFE PLACE " when I was a kid was wherever we went to plan our "GET EVEN" strategy. Today it seems to be a place to go with some "SYMPATHIZERS" and CRY.....


Freedom: Florida School Wants To Make Entire Campus A Free Speech Zone   Matt Vespa  Apr 21, 2016

Freedom: Florida School Wants To Make Entire Campus A Free Speech Zone  
As we continue to hear about the legions of precious cupcakes fighting to keep differing opinions, especially those that veer off the progressive path, from being tolerated on campus, on Florida school is pushing back. They’re fighting the snowflake hordes of Mordor. Florida Atlantic University has a free speech zone, but the local student governing body recently passed a resolution to make the current free speech zone encompass the entire campus. No safe spaces, but you, your ideas, and whether you have the maturity to defend them. I’m sure these cupcakes will be afraid that some of their peers are Trump supporters. Yes, you are free to pick the presidential candidate of your choice without fear of retribution. Some might be pro-life—yes, a sizable portion of the country, about half, view abortion as infanticide (they’re not wrong). Some people might have differing opinions on marriage. And a few students might–dare I say–support Second Amendment rights. Deal with it.



Pat Buchanan: "Donald Trump Won This Thing and Everybody Knows It"Justin Holcomb   Posted: Apr 21, 2016

   During "Hannity" on Fox News Wednesday night, columnist Pat Buchanan said that taking the nomination away from Donald Trump at a convention would be like "the heavyweight champion there with his gloves over his head and the award going to the guy lying on the canvas."
   Which is exactly how any hard working, common sense American would think the process should play out.  
   "Donald Trump has got millions and millions more votes than any other Republican candidate. He's won all these primaries. His victories have been massive. His crowds have been enormous," Buchanan said.  "Whether we like Donald Trump or not, the guy went out and has won this thing."
   Ted Cruz is not doing anything criminal in pilfering delegates and telling them to hold out and all the rest of it. What I'm saying is the American people have perceived a tremendously exciting, interesting contest, and the reality is that Donald Trump won it and everybody knows it. Look at that TV last night, Sean. Are people going to turn around and say now they're going to give it to the guy who was runner-up by 300 delegates? Why?" Buchanan asked.
   Cruz and the rest of the Republican Party have put themselves in a situation where they will truly have to "poach and pilfer delegates here and there" as Buchanan says, to revive themselves from the knockout blows that Trump has thrown at the establishment.  Cruz has done exactly that and by the laws of our current political equation, you have the emergence of Donald Trump.  
   For so long we heard how righteous and conservative people like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were, and now the time has come to 'put your money where your mouth is' and they have done nothing but quibble about delegates, rules, and regulations.  
   Ted Cruz is being forced to justify the GOP's archaic rules and therefore becoming what millions of Americans despise.  It is that simple.  Instead of laying down his arms, he has truly shown us his true colors.  In an interview with Hannity on Tuesday, Cruz could not answer the simple question of how he was gaining delegates in voterless primaries.  
   Everyone is being exposed in this race.  We will all be filtered into groups of those who believe in the people's choice, and those who believe in Washington, D.C.'s choice.  
Self Reliance Central Header
We all know that the Administration is covering up the real unemployment figures. They don't record the people so dispirited that they've given up looking for work, or the people who have exhausted their benefits.
   So it's kind of ironic that a fast-growing job market should be in one of the Administration's most reviled industries. One that's been targeted by the the Department of "Justice", the IRS, and other agencies of the Executive Branch.
   But check out this report from the National Shooting Sports Foundation report. It details the significant economic impact the firearms and ammunition industry has on the nation's and each state's economy.
   As they say in the newspaper business - fear sells. And we're all scared of the attack on our Second Amendment rights. Which explains why firearms jobs are up. And why the nation is gradually becoming safer as we arm ourselves for any eventuality.

Click here to learn more
Confederate flag removed from U.S. Capitol tunnel
    USA TODAY Deborah Barfield Berry

In this Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016, photo, a state flag of Mississippi is unfurled by Sons of Confederate Veterans and other groups on the grounds of the state Capitol in Jackson, Miss., in support of keeping the Confederate battle emblem on the state flag.

© Rogelio V. Solis, AP In this Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016, photo, a state flag of Mississippi is unfurled by Sons of Confederate Veterans and other groups on the grounds of the state Capitol in Jackson, Miss., in support…

WASHINGTON — State flags, including the controversial Mississippi flag featuring the Confederate battle emblem, will no longer hang in the tunnel at the U.S. Capitol where each had been displayed.
Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich., said Thursday that state flags, which had been removed during renovations, will instead be replaced with prints of each state’s commemorative coin.
“Given the controversy surrounding confederate imagery, I decided to install a new display,’’ Miller, chairwoman of the House Administration Committee, said in a statement. “I am well aware of how many Americans negatively view the Confederate flag, and, personally, I am very sympathetic to these views.  However, I also believe that it is not the business of the federal government to dictate what flag each state flies.’’

Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., had called on Congress to remove all items bearing the Confederate battle flag, including his state flag.   HE NEEDS TO BE VOTED OUT SINCE HE'S ASHAMED OF HIS STATE FLAG 
U.S. border agents seize longest Mexico-California drug tunnel yet    Reuters    
Officials discovered a nearly half-mile-long tunnel and seized more than a ton of cocaine and seven tons of marijuana from a tunnel between San Diego and Mexico, Wednesday, April 20, 2016.  Drug tunnels of Mexico

Federal agents have seized a ton of cocaine and seven tons of marijuana smuggled through a clandestine tunnel stretching a half mile beneath the U.S.-Mexico border, the longest one yet unearthed in California, authorities said on Wednesday.

Six people were arrested as authorities in San Diego moved on Monday and Tuesday to shut down the tunnel, the 13th underground passageway discovered along California's border with Mexico since 2006.
The 870-yard-long tunnel, one of the narrowest found in the region, also yielded an unprecedented cache of drugs.

"This is the largest cocaine seizure ever associated with a tunnel," said Laura Duffy, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

B B GUNS ? ? ?

Published on Apr 20, 2016
A North Carolina high school recently opened an indoor shooting range, according to WRAL. The 1,200-square-foot, six-lane shooting range was built by members of the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program at Smithfield-Selma High School over the course of five months. The JROTC cadets using the range will practice firing using Daisy pump air rifles.

WRAL reports:.....“There’s a marksmanship safety test they have to take, and they have to get a 100 on it,” Commander David Wegman said. “In addition to that, they have to sign a safety pledge, get permission from home and then finally demonstrate on the range that they know how to handle one of these air rifles safely.”

Only four JROTC students are certified to use Smithfield-Selma High’s shooting range, but Wegman said he hopes to have all of the seniors in the program certified by the fall.

Despite the national debate about gun violence and school shootings, Wegman said the shooting range poses no threat.

“The procedures that we have in place ensure that we do the same thing, the same way, every single time,” he said.
Your Daughter Must Pee Next to a Man, and You Will Be Compelled to Agree    Ben Shapiro | Apr 20, 2016

The rules of bigotry according to the left represent a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of nonsense.

This week, we learned that if you don't want your small daughter peeing next to a giant man who thinks he is a woman, you are a bigot; if you are a woman who is uncomfortable with a man who thinks he is a woman whipping out his male genitalia to urinate in front of you, you are a bigot; if you are a religious person who doesn't want to participate in an activity you consider sinful, you are a bigot.
Conversely, if you are a man who thinks he is a woman and you want to force a small girl to pee next to you, you are a freedom fighter; if you are a large man who thinks he is a woman and you want to be one of the girls, right down to hulking into a Macy's ladies room, you are a hero; if you are a gay man and you want to force a religious person to serve you, you are a hero.
If all of this seems odd, that's because it is.

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Bergdahl, Franks: A tale of two 'deserters' (long version)

Both men had been gone for five years. But while Bowe Bergdahl, 30, awaits court-martial on desertion and misconduct charges, Lawrence Franks, 29, awaits release from the prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.

Three months before Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl walked off his base in Afghanistan, 2nd Lt. Lawrence Franks walked away from his in upstate New York.

Families of 9/11 victims feel more betrayed by Obama than ever. Is it time to finally declassify those 28 pages?    April 20, 2016 By
Obama Saudi Arabia

President Obama is under new pressure from families of Sept. 11, 2001 terror attack victims who want him to back legislation allowing them to sue the Saudi government.
   The controversy picked up new urgency this month after a “60 Minutes” investigation that looked at possible links between Saudi officials and the 9/11 hijackers, which revealed that information may be in a classified section of a Congressional report.
   Saudi Arabia – a key U.S. ally – has threatened to retaliate financially if the bill becomes law and administration officials have been lobbying to kill the legislation, but that has made many 9/11 families very angry, reports CBS News correspondent Chip Reid.
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It's already rigged, Cruz getting delegates when Trump wins state ?

Viguerie: Conservative Leaders Warn GOP Against Rigged Convention, Parachute Candidate
By CHQ Staff
On the day of Donald Trump's huge home-state win, and on the eve of the final Republican National Committee meeting before the GOP convention, an influential group of conservative leaders, including CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie, sent a letter RNC Chairman Reince Priebus warning against a rigged convention or the nomination of a "parachute candidate."
CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie


GOODBYE WHITE MAN..... that's right....give in AGAIN to the 13% black population.....They say it was voted on.....No one asked ME or anyone I know of

The U.S. Department of the Treasury says leading abolitionist Harriet Tubman will replace President Andrew Jackson on the $20

Treasury: Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on $20 bill
In the
Women on 20s grassroots campaign, which inspired bills in the
House and the Senate, Harriet Tubman came out the frontrunner to replace President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, after more than 600,000 people cast ballots.
Harriet Tubman escaped slavery to become a leading abolitionist; she rescued hundreds of enslaved people through the Underground Railroad, helped John Brown recruit men for the Harpers Ferry raid and advocated for women's suffrage.

Parents get upset with security staff carrying rifles.....I guess they would rather see their kids shot ? ?

Colorado school district buys semi-automatic long rifles  
Colorado school district buys semi-automatic long rifles            
A suburban Denver school district is arming its security staff with military-style semiautomatic rifles to protect students in case of a school shooting or other violent attack. This is what the Douglas County School District in Colorado had in mind when it purchased 10 semi-automatic assault rifles for its armed patrol division. "We've partnered with law enforcement at a level that I've not seen before".
   The move to arm security staff with this state-of-the-art weaponry didn't come cheap or lightly.
The security officers will keep the rifles locked in their security cars during the day while they go between schools, and locked up in a safe overnight.
   According to Douglas County schools spokesperson Paula Hans, all district security officers are former law enforcement officers, which is a part of the job requirement.
   "The security officers train side-by-side with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office", he
said. She explained that the officers, who already have handguns, still need to go undergo rifle training with the local sheriff's department before they are qualified to use the weapons.
   The Denver Post reports ( ) director of security Richard Payne says the switch from handguns to rifles for the district's eight armed officers is meant to ensure they have the same tools as other law enforcement agencies.
"They will not be in the schools", he said of the weapons.
   "We've got to keep our kids safe and we've got to keep our staff and community safe, but in my opinion, that's the role of law enforcement, it's not the role of a public school district", said school board member Wendy Vogel.
   Safety consultant Dan Montgomery says the high-powered weapons potentially pose a danger not only to perpetrators, but also to students. "I would make sure the decision is supported politically and socially".

 by -

According to WNCT
“Underneath Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, there is a reservoir of magma that is more than twice the size that researchers previously thought. It’s not getting bigger. It’s just that new technology has made the ability to see it better. This will also have implications on the extent of the volcano’s impact when it erupts. Researchers with the U.S.G.S. say that the last time the volcano erupted was some 640,000 years ago. They also say that this supervolcano has the potential to spew more than 240 cubic miles of magma across Montana, Idaho and Wyoming with global effects. Scientists do believe that it will erupt again one day, but do not know when.”
The Yellowstone Caldera, to give the supervolcano its proper name, could blow anytime. But that doesn’t mean it’s due – or even overdue according to geologists.


Obama Going to Japan to Apologize for Winning World Word II     April , 2016

The President will apologize for dropping the A-bomb on Hiroshima, despite the fact that dropping the bomb saved countless American and Allied lives and ended the war.
This is another example of Obama disrespecting America.
The Political Insider reports:
President Barack Obama has disgraced the White House. Now, in his final months as President, he will continue apologizing to the world. His plan to to visit Hiroshima in Japan, where he will possibly apologize for the atomic bomb which ended World War II and saved millions of our troops’ lives.
The greatest generation sacrificed, fought, and died to defeat the Nazis and Japanese during this deadly war. American troops were heroic, and the atomic bomb saved our troops from a deadly ground battle on the island, preventing millions of deaths.
Would Obama have rather seen countless Americans die in Japan… or for the Japanese emperor to have possibly won the war?
Pete Wann's photo.

you're not really bad-ass until you carry a holstered attack dog.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

UPDATE : Suspect indicted in Jessica Chambers burning death.......came across this after posting article previously

Published on Feb 23, 2016
A man suspected in another homicide has been indicted in the December 2014 burning death of Mississippi teen Jessica Chambers.

Quinton Tellis, 27, originally of Courtland, was indicted on capital murder charges by a special grand jury in Panola County as he sat in the Ouachita Parish Jail in Monroe, La., where he is being held on charges connected to the August 2015 death of a University of Louisiana Monroe exchange student.

Tellis is believed to have been the last person to have been with Chambers the night she was killed. The two allegedly had a relationship in the weeks leading up to her death, officials said.

While Chambers and Tellis were eight years apart in age, they both went to South Panola High School and grew up in the same neighborhood.

A news conference concerning the case scheduled for Wednesday morning at the Panola County Sheriff's Department in Batesville, according to District Attorney John Champion and Sheriff Dennis Darby.

Never heard or saw this.......5 years ago

Obama Gives AZ Land Back to Mexico › Video

A major strip of land in the Southwest has been deemed "off limits" to Americans Watch news story and political videos.

Uploaded on Jun 15, 2010
Two men shot earlier this week could be the result of the ongoing battle between Mexican drug cartels now spilling over deep into Arizona, officials say.
Pinal County investigators say an area known as the smuggling corridor now stretches from Mexico's border to metro Phoenix.
The area, once an area for family hiking and off road vehicles has government signs warning residents of the drug and human smugglers.
Night vision cameras have photographed cartel members with military arms delivering drugs to vehicles along Highway 8.
"We are three counties deep. How is it that you see pictures like these, not American with semi and fully automatic rifles. How is that okay?" asked Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.
Babeu said he no longer has control over parts of his county.
"We are outgunned, we are out manned and we don't have the resources here locally to fight this," he said at a Friday news conference.
Five weeks ago Deputy Louie Puroll was ambushed and shot as he tracked six drug smugglers.
Sheriff Babeu said the ambush mirrored military tactics.

This MURDER was back in Dec. 2014, it was a terrible thing they did to Jessica. The last I read, the police had made some arrests of "suspects", but no one had been charged. Then SILENCE ! Nothing since Aug 19, 2015

JESSICA CHAMBERS: Teen Murdered Immediately After Local Blacks Called For Rape & Burning Of White Women   Doug Giles | Dec 21, 2014       

This is a powerful piece by Donald Joy, that originally appeared on my website, about the brutal murder/burning of Jessica Chambers. I decided to run it in place of my column because this case seems to have escaped the notice of Lame Stream Media, Al Sharpton and Eric Holder. It also seems as if various bloggers, like Mr. Joy, are more dialed in to this horrendous crime than the Barney Fifes over in Panola County, Mississippi.

Herewith is Joy's column regarding this heinous murder of a 19-year-old white cheerleader. Please e-blast it and Facebook and Tweet it to everybody and their dog until we see #justiceforjessica:

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Trump Supporters Rally Against Colorado GOP

   Mon, April 18, 2016
Donald Trump's backers on Friday demanded that the Colorado Republican Party reverse the results of caucuses that led to Trump getting shut out of Colorado delegates. (April 15)

I am still a Sandy Hook shooting skeptic...So I get angry when I read articles like this I still see this as a "red flag event", too many unanswered questions, too much coverup.....

“The AR-15, the military’s weapon of choice for 50 years, is a killing machine designed specifically to inflict mass carnage on a battlefield…” LIE !

I feel a great degree of sympathy for Nicole Hockley and the many other families who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in December of 2012.
That won’t keep me from calling her out for being a bald-faced liar when she asserts she’s trying to ban “military weapons.” She most clearly is not.
She’s instead going after the entire Second Amendment in revenge for her personal tragedy.
Here’s a fuller account of the context of her lies in USA Today.
The families of several first-graders and adults murdered at Sandy Hook School, including my 6- year-old Dylan, are trying to hold the maker, distributor and seller of our shooter’s weapon accountable for their role in the Newtown massacre. Our goal is to prevent the next Sandy Hook from destroying innocent lives, families and communities.
Unfortunately, political rhetoric has obscured the basis of our case. We are not asking that the law providing immunity for gun companies be repealed or even modified; rather, we ask simply that it be enforced. The bill includes six scenarios in which gun companies can be held liable; creating but then ignoring an unreasonable risk of harm is one of them.
The AR-15, the military’s weapon of choice for 50 years, is a killing machine designed specifically to inflict mass carnage on a battlefield, unleashing 30 rounds in under 10 seconds. Soldiers require mental health screenings and more than 100 hours of training before using AR-15s.
Tragically, the AR-15’s brutal capabilities make it the weapon of choice for mass murderers, including our shooter. Since 2001, there have been 11 mass shootings in America using an AR-15. There are many kinds of guns but few, if any, enable as much carnage.
No branch of the United States military has ever issued the semi-automatic (one shot per trigger pull) AR-15 to servicemen and women as a general issue firearm.


One of the first rules in handling guns.........TREAT EVERY GAN AS IF IT IS LOADED

Another Officer, Pulls Trigger On Order From Superior

dc is insane
You have to be kidding me:
An officer in the Metropolitan Police Department’s first district “dry-fired” an unloaded weapon at the head of another officer during a roll-call meeting on Saturday afternoon, possibly under orders from a sergeant as part of a training exercise, four MPD sources tell WUSA9.
Those sources say a Sergeant later told officers in the room that they had secretly ordered the officer to unload his weapon and then pretend to fire on his colleague as part of a “training exercise” on situational awareness. The officer then pulled the trigger of the unloaded weapon while pointing it at the head of an officer until it audibly clicked, the sources say.
Both the officer who allegedly fired the weapon, and the sergeant who allegedly ordered him to do so have been placed on administrative duties, pending an internal affairs investigation, MPD spokesman Dustin Sternbeck tells WUSA9.
This is a man pointing a real gun at another human being and pulling the trigger on orders from a superior. Sworn officers or not, bullcrap “situational awareness” excuse or not, this strikes me as nothing more or less than assault with a deadly weapon, and could have easily developed into a homicide if the officer who pulled the trigger failed to successfully clear the chamber of his weapon.
I hope the sound of the “click” of the weapon—I think DC Metro still issues Glocks, but I wouldn’t swear to it—resulted in other officers in the room disarming and dog-piling on the officer who pulled his weapon, but I rather strongly suspect that they simply sat there in shock, unable to believe what they just witnessed.
Like trump or not, if he wins the nomination (w/out the GOP screwing him over) then the loss of the republican party wouldn't be such a bad thing. The current GOP has done nothing but stab their supporters in the back. They sure don't represent the interests of their voters. Most of them act like DEMOCRATS, giving in to all of Obama's whims....It's time for a big change and Trump may be the one to do it, at any rate, he can't be any worse than the ASS that's in there now..............

Romney: Trump Will Win Nomination If Nobody Quits
A continued three-way race for the GOP nomination will allow Donald Trump to clinch the top spot during the first ballot of this July's Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and if that happens, the New York billionaire will lose the White House to Hillary Clinton in the fall, Mitt Romney is warning.

"If (Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Ted Cruz) are both going at it aggressively until the very end then I think Trump gets it on the first ballot," the former Massachusetts governor and 2012 GOP nominee said in an interview on "The David Gregory Show" podcast, reports CNN.
The Corruption of the Supreme Court Democrats
By George Rasley, CHQ Editor
Supreme Court News Coverage

It was clear from yesterday’s hearings that the Democratic appointees to the Supreme Court do not believe the Constitution limits the President’s executive power, as long as there’s a Democrat in the White House.
Justices Breyer, Sotomayor, Ginsburg and Kagan clearly had no interest in exploring the constitutional limits on executive power or Obama’s clear violation of the Administrative Procedures Act in promulgating rules without the requisite notice and public input.