Saturday, April 23, 2016

obamas kind of JUSTICE...........

Campus Cop Fired For Arresting Black Man Who Punched A White Woman In the Face   April  2016

Here is a story that is all of the Black Lives Matter anti-cop/anti-white people bullshit rolled into one gigantic racism turd. A police officer has lost his job because he arrested a black man who had just punched a white woman in the face. It’s official; whacko activists have managed to piss away any sanity we had left in this country.
The News & Observer reports that last month 26-year-old black man Patrick Myrick started some shit with 23-year-old Amber Best, a white woman, in front of a nightclub in Greenville, NC. Being a super bad-ass, Myrick punched the woman in the face, knocking her to the ground. This black guy probably thought he had taken care of business, but this woman had friends and they didn’t think it was too cool of him punching her.
    Best’s friends Theresa Lee, Mack Humbles and Mark Privette, chased Myrick onto the Eastern Carolina University campus and beat his ass near the dining hall. Myrick got some cuts and bruises but wasn’t seriously injured, and let’s face it; he got what he deserved for punching a woman in the face.


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