Thursday, April 21, 2016

Written by a young niece of mine,...All I hear is about the rights of the "transgenders". How about all the women and young children ? Where are their rights to privacy, given that they may need to use public facilities. I wrote before...put a transgender man in the same bathroom as the wife or kids of these LIBERALS and see how quickly they change their minds. This whole proposal is ludicrous .....Said before...penis- mens room ...vagina- ladies room.....At least until they have a sex change and have the proper equipment for the proper bathroom...END OF SUBJECT

Love trump but gotta say.....
I don't agree, this is a direct affront to my equality we should not have to share a bathroom or even a locker room with someone born physically of the opposite sex, Its my right to have privacy. If laws like this are passed I'm sure I'm not the only woman who will stop using public facility's intended for WOMAN. Awful that we as American woman will have to give up our basic right of using a public restroom due to the fear of having peeping men in our restrooms! This disgusts me that my little sister and the young woman of our country will most likely be subjected to this INSANITY !

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