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FBI Facial Recognition Confirms Majority of Initial Capitol Breachers Were Federal Agents  

Forbidden Knowledge Mar 17, 2023

Based on his communications with federal whistleblowers internal to the Biometrics Services Section of the Criminal Justice Information Services Division, Pete Santilli corroborates Tucker Carlson's claim that the J6 footage had been run through Facial Recognition software to identify the individuals who broke into the Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021.

In this video, AT END OF ARTICLE which Pete made a few days later, he was more direct. He said:

"The Biometrics Services Section of the Criminal Justice Information Services Division, the entire team that did the facial recognition for January 6th, the initial breach, determined there were military people, there were Joint Terrorism Task Force people. The majority of the people at that initial breach, that caused the barricades to come down were, in fact Feds – including Ray Epps...

"Tucker Carlson has been threatened. They shut Tucker Carlson down, because there's video tapes that if Tucker Carlson releases it, that hasn't been generally known to the public, it's going to reveal the military personnel that need to be – if I find one of you, if I find one of you wearing civilian clothes, I'm going to personally come to you. Personally. With a bunch of my friends. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. You guys remain anonymous.

"Or, you know what you can do? Come forward and do the right thing. 'Cause you broke the freaking law. You did. And if you were told that, you know, you were able to skirt Constitutional Law, we need to have General Milley arrested, tried and convicted, Pelosi arrested and tried and convicted for Treason. It's a military coup right now.

"If you're in the military - get the word out, Folks – we will either expect one of two things: You're either going to come forward or when we find you, we will have zero mercy. Zero mercy. And that's not a threat, either.

"'Cause I know a bunch of people, if you think you're a Special Forces Operator, I know a whole bunch of them. They're hiding in the freaking hills. They know who you are. They're going to deal with you."

Pete says, the majority of those who were alongside Ray Epps, at the first breach, who knocked down the barricades at the Capitol steps and who were the first to break into the Capitol, they were Federal Agents who were there as provocateurs, which Pete says made it difficult for the DOJ to find anyone to prosecute.

He was told there were Special Forces Operatives at the Capitol in uniform, along with the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force members in plain clothes. In addition to these Federal Agents, there were also Ukrainian Azov Battalion (Nazi) members associated with John McCain and Lindsey Graham going back to the 2014 overthrow days and this is why the FBI would not release the facial recognition data to Tucker Carlson.

Pete says there are internal whistleblowers who are prohibited from discussing this openly and would have to do so under oath and in court. Sadly, many of the judges are corrupt and don't want these facts to come out, so they're not calling these witnesses – such as US District Court Judge Tim Kelly, who is currently presiding over the Proud Boys case.

Despite the fact that the FBI accidentally revealed data which shows they have been lying and despite the fact that this is now out in the Mainstream Media – and that the House has vowed to investigate the matter – Judge Kelly, who had suspended the trial last Wednesday has now resumed the trial, to which Pete says, "I'm going to have to call it what it is: that Judge Kelly, at this point, is now complicit, as part of this Color Revolutionary attempt to overthrow the United States of America by not doing the right thing ."

At the same time that the truth about January 6th is blowing up in the Fifth Column Traitors' faces, the Silicon Valley Bank crisis is being artificially engineered to change the narrative. It also distracts attention away from the ecological disaster in East Palestine Ohio, it distracts away from Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s comment last week that Americans kids will fight the war in Ukraine, it distracts from Russia's recent victories in Ukraine, it distracts from the Chinese-brokered Saudi-Iran diplomatic deal, it creates an artificial crisis to "solve" that makes Biden look competent, it creates an opportunity to raise the debt ceiling and it creates an opportunity to further the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Pete says we're witnessing the controlled demolition of our financial system to usher in Joe Biden's Executive Order 14067, which outlines the implementation of the CBDC.

He will "govern" with his pen and phone just like obama (or is it really obama?)

Gun violence organization reacts to 
Biden's executive order
by Misty Severi, Breaking News Reporter

March 19, 2023The Brady United Against Gun Violence campaign praised President Joe Biden's executive order that was announced on Tuesday, which aims at cracking down on gun violence in the United States.

The order, which was signed during a ceremony on the site of a mass shooting in California earlier this year, seeks to increase the total number of national background checks, promote proper gun safety and storage among owners, and help local law enforcement agencies make use of resources included in the bipartisan gun control law Biden signed in 2022.

"Addressing gun violence will take more than one solution, and these executive orders will go a long way in preventing tragedies that kill over 40,000 people in America each year," Brady President Kris Brown said in a statement shared with the Washington Examiner on Tuesday. "The majorities of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and gun owners alike support expanding Brady Background Checks for gun purchases. While ultimately we can only achieve Universal Background Checks through legislation, Biden's actions today have the potential to get us closer to that reality."

The organization claimed that the Biden administration's moves were a good step but also need to be implemented properly. The Justice Department would need to clarify what is meant by the term "engaged in the business," while the Department of Defense would examine its gun procurement policies, for example.

Kris Brown, president of Brady, the advocacy campaign that focuses on preventing gun violence.(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

"We've got to be just as concerned with ensuring effective implementation of policies like these, as we do with their initial announcement," Brady's Vice President of Policy and Programs Christian Heyne told the Washington Examiner. "My hope is that there will be some efforts here to ensure that these are fully implemented."

Heyne also said the goal should be to keep guns temporarily away from those who are in crisis.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives defines the term "engaged in the business" as a "person who devotes time, attention, and labor to dealing in firearms as a regular course of trade or business with the principal objective of livelihood and profit through the repetitive purchase and resale of firearms" but does not include those who occasionally buy or sell guns as a hobby.

The order also directs the president's Cabinet to stand up a process to support communities reeling from mass shootings and looks to improve the sharing of ballistics data among federal, state, and local law enforcement.

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association also responded to the executive order, claiming that it took guns away from "law abiding Americans."

"We need common-sense reforms, like national concealed carry reciprocity, that are grounded in reality rather than anti-gun political ideology," U.S. Concealed Carry Association President Tim Schmidt said. "[We need] a new path, with the goal of keeping Americans safe by ensuring they can protect their families and loved ones at all times. [Tuesday's] announcement falls woefully short of meeting that goal.”

Although the association disagreed with the president's approach to gun control, Heyne said he believed the majority of U.S. citizens on both sides of the aisle would agree with "commonsense laws," such as a universal background check.

The background checks take two minutes to complete 90% of the time, according to Heyne, and verify that the buyer does not have a domestic violence record. It also verifies the buyer meets the other criteria to purchase a weapon, such as being of legal age to buy the weapon.

The measures comes after a series of mass shootings caught the public's attention in California in January. Mass shootings are defined by the Gun Violence Archive as multiple firearm homicide incidents involving four or more victims at one or more locations.

Currently, 1 in 5 gun sales are done without conducting proper background checks, or through the right licensing, Heyne said.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Tina Griego is a Free-Lance reporter for the Denver Post. She writes some really good stuff and she is a strong advocate for LEGAL Immigration.Not Democrat, not Republican, not Liberal, and not Conservative. Just the facts by a good reporter!

What if they left?

What if 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America? I, Tina Griego, journalist for the Denver Rocky Mountain News have written a column titled, "Mexican Visitors' Lament.”

I interviewed Mexican journalist Evangelina Hernandez while visiting Denver last week. Hernandez said, "Illegal aliens pay rent, buy groceries, buy clothes. What happens to your country's economy if 20 million people go away?”

Hmmm, I thought, what would happen?

So I did my due diligence, buried my nose as a reporter into the FACTS I found below It's a good deserves an honest answer.

Over 80% of Americans demand secured borders. What would happen if all 20 million or more vacated America? This may surprise you!

In California, if 3.5 million illegal aliens moved back to Mexico, it would leave an extra $10.2 billion to spend on overloaded school systems, bankrupt hospitals and overrun prisons. It would leave highways cleaner, safer and less congested. Everyone could understand one another as English became the dominant language again.

It means 12,000 gang members would vanish out of Denver alone. Colorado would save more than $20 million in prison costs, and the terror that those 7,300 alien criminals set upon local citizens. Denver Officer Don Young and hundreds of Colorado victims would not have suffered death, accidents, rapes and other crimes by illegals.

Denver Public Schools would not suffer a 67% dropout/flunk rate because of thousands of illegal alien students speaking 41 different languages. Denver's 4% unemployment rate would vanish as our working poor would gain jobs at a living wage.

In Chicago, Illinois, 21 million illegals would free up hospitals, schools, prisons and highways for a safer, cleaner and more crime-free experience.

If 20 million illegal aliens returned 'home,' the U.S. economy would return to the Rule of Law. Employers would hire legal American citizens at a living wage.

Everyone would pay their fair share of taxes because they wouldn't be working off the books. That would result in an additional $401 billion in IRS income taxes collected annually, and an equal amount for local, state and city coffers.

No more confusion in American schools that now must contend with over 100 languages that degrade the educational system for American kids.

Our overcrowded schools would lose more than two million illegal alien kids at a cost of billions in ESL and free breakfasts and lunches.

We would lose 500,000 illegal criminal alien inmates at a cost of more than $1.6 billion annually. That includes 15,000 MS-13 gang members who distribute $130 billion in drugs annually and would vacate our country.

In cities like L.A., 20,000 members of the '18th StreetGang' would vanish from our nation. No more Mexican forgery gangs for ID theft from Americans! No more foreign rapists and child molesters!

America's economy is drained. Taxpayers are harmed. Employers get rich. Over $80 billion annually wouldn't return to the aliens' home countries by cash transfers. Illegal migrants earned half that money untaxed, which further drains America's economy which currently suffers a $30 trillion debt.

More then $30 TRILLION !!!

At least 400,000 anchor babies would not be born in our country, costing us $109 billion per year per cycle. At least 86 hospitals in California, Georgia and Florida would still be operating instead of being bankrupt out of existence because illegals pay nothing via the EMTOLA Act.

Americans wouldn't suffer thousands of TB and hepatitis cases rampant in our country - brought in by illegals unscreened at our borders. Our cities would see 20 million less people driving, polluting and grid locking our cities' greenhouse gasses.

Over one million of Mexico's poorest citizens now live inside and along our border from Brownsville, Texas, to San Diego, California, in what the New York Times called, 'colonias' or new neighborhoods. Trouble is, those living areas resemble Bombay and Calcutta where grinding poverty, filth, diseases, drugs, crimes, no sanitation and worse. They live without sewage, clean water, streets, roads, electricity, or any kind of sanitation.

The New York Times reported them to be America's new ' Third World ' inside our own country. Within 20 years, at their current growth rate, they expect 20 million residents of those colonias. (I've seen them personally in Texas and Arizona; it's sickening beyond anything you can imagine.)

We already invite a million people into our country legally/annually, more than all other countries combined- with growing anarchy at our borders.

It's time to stand up for our country, our culture, our civilization and our way of life. Interesting statistics below!

Here are 13 reasons illegal aliens should vacate America, and I hope they are forwarded over and over again until they are read so many times that the reader gets sick of reading them:

1. $14 billion to $22 billion dollars are spent each year on welfare to illegal aliens (that's Billion with a 'B’)

2. $7.5 billion dollars are spent each year on Medicaid for illegal aliens.

3. $12 billion dollars are spent each year on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they still cannot speak a word of English. $27 billion dollars are spent each year for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.

4. $3 Million Dollars 'PER DAY' is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens. That's $1.2 Billion a year.

5. 28% percent of all federal prison inmates are illegal aliens.

6. $190 billion dollars are spent each year on illegal aliens for welfare & social services by the American taxpayers.

7 . 200 billion dollars per year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens.

8. The illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that's two and a half times that of white non-illegal aliens. In particular, their children are going to make a huge additional crime problem in the US.

9 . During the year 2005, there were 8 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that crossed our southern border with as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from other terrorist countries. Over 10,000 of those were middle-eastern terrorists. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin, crack, guns, and marijuana crossed into the U.S. from the southern border.

10. The National Policy Institute, estimates that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion, or an average cost of between $41 and $46 billion annually over a five year period.

11. In 2006, illegal aliens sent home $65 BILLION in remittances back to their countries of origin, to their families and friends.

12. The dark side of illegal immigration: Nearly one million sex crimes are committed by illegal immigrants in the United States!

Total cost - a whopping $538.3 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR !

And we don't need a wall?

If this doesn't bother YOU, then just delete the message.


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First, we were "undesirables". then "uneducated, stupid etc. etc." NOW we are "FASCIST PSYCOs"

Here's what to expect if Trump is indicted in New York: report
Story by Gideon Rubin • Yesterday 

Most legal experts believe it’s a matter of if, not when, a New York grand jury returns an indictment against former Donald Trump over alleged hush money payments to adult film Stormy Daniels.

Donald Trump, Alvin Bragg© 

But how Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg would handle the surrender of the first former American president to be indicted remains an open question.

Business Insider’s Laura Italiano mapped out multiple likely scenarios Wednesday in a report that includes interviews with multiple current and former Manhattan DA prosecutors.

Trump would likely be treated as most defendants are, but with some notable exceptions, the report said.

Trump’s indictment under New York law would go into effect immediately after the jury foreperson signs the document listing formal charges.

The foreperson could sign it immediately should the grand jury vote to convict, but the process could be delayed by weeks if prosecutors need to revise to the document should the jury return indictments on select charges but decline to indict on other charges.

The documents wouldn’t be made public until a judge unseals it.

Once that happens, Business Insider reports that “Bragg will likely release PDF copies to the press and post it on the district attorney's website. At which point the historic document will blow up Twitter feeds worldwide.”

Trump wouldn't learn about an indictment until prosecutors contact his lawyers and both sides agree on a date for the former president to surrender to authorities.

Trump wouldn’t know the specific charges until they are unsealed.

Related video: Hear George Conway's prediction about possible Trump indictments (CNN)

Hear George Conway's prediction about possible Trump indictments

View on Watch

But once the surrender date is agreed upon, word will likely get out fast, Manhattan defense lawyer Ron Kuby told the news outlet.

"Half the DA's office and their husbands and wives will know once they set a surrender date. All of Trumpville will know, Kuby said. "Between the two, it'll be out in two hours."

Trump would then surrender to the at the DA’s Lower Manhattan headquarters at an agreed-upon time and be taken into custody by NYPD officers, who would arrest the former president and take him to the seventh or ninth floor for booking.

Trump would then have his fingerprints and mugshot taken along with a DNA sample that would be entered into a database.

But Bragg could choose not to arrest Trump.

"Instead, the court could issue him a criminal summons," which would order Trump to appear for arraignment, a former prosecutor who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the case.

Trump wouldn’t necessarily be required to appear in court should the proceedings be held virtually.

A "perp walk" is an unlikely scenario in this case, former special agent Bill Pickle told Business Insider.

"That walk is not going to happen," Pickle said.

"You're not going to expose him to people who could cause him harm. He would appear in court and then get printed before or after. No cuffs."

Trump is unlikely to be seen in handcuffs, if for no other reason that optics would likely be a consideration.

"I mean the man is beloved by 20 percent of the American population. Admittedly they're fascist psychos," Kuby said.

"But still. Why contribute to a perception of unfairness?"

Trump would likely remain free without bail under New York's newly implemented bail laws requiring defendants to be held on bail if the judge believes them to be a flight risk.

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Got this this morning and thought it was entertaining.

I think all sports fans and most everybody else will get a kick out of this letter written to the Chicago Tribune. No matter which side you are on in the matter of renaming the Washington Redskins, this is funny. This guy is hilarious. This is an e-mail sent to Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune after an article he published concerning a name change for the Washington Redskins.

Dear Mr. Page:

I agree with our Native American population. I am highly jilted by the racially charged name of the Washington Redskins. One might argue that to name a professional football team after Native Americans would exalt them as fine warriors, but nay, nay. We must be careful not to offend, and in the spirit of political correctness and courtesy, we must move forward. Let's ditch the Kansas City Chiefs, the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians. If your shorts are in a wad because of the reference the name Redskins makes to skin color, then we need to get rid of the Cleveland Browns.

The Carolina Panthers obviously were named to keep the memory of militant Blacks from the 60's alive. Gone. It's offensive to us white folk.

The New York Yankees offend the Southern population. Do you see a team named for the Confederacy? No! There is no room for any reference to that tragic war that cost this country so many young men's lives. I am also offended by the blatant references to the Catholic religion among our sports team names. Totally inappropriate to have the New Orleans Saints, the Los Angeles Angels or the San Diego Padres.

Then there are the team names that glorify criminals who raped and pillaged. We are talking about the horrible Oakland Raiders, the Minnesota Vikings, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Pittsburgh Pirates!

Now, let us address those teams that clearly send the wrong message to our children. The San Diego Chargers promote irresponsible fighting or even spending habits. Wrong message to our children.

The New York Giants and the San Francisco Giants promote obesity, a growing childhood epidemic. Wrong message to our children. The Cincinnati Reds promote downers/barbiturates. Wrong message to our children.

The Milwaukee Brewers. Well that goes without saying. Wrong message to our children.

So, there you go. We need to support any legislation that comes out to rectify this travesty, because the government will likely become involved with this issue, as they should. Just the kind of thing the do-nothing Congress loves.

As a die-hard Oregon State fan, my wife and I, with all of this in mind, suggest it might also make some sense to change the name of the Oregon State women's athletic teams to something other than "the Beavers (especially when they play Southern California. Do we really want the Trojans sticking it to the Beavers???

I always love your articles and I generally agree with them. As for the Redskins name I would suggest they change the name to the "Foreskins" to better represent their community, paying tribute to the dick heads in Washington DC.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Tucker Carlson: Here is the truth   Fox News  Mar 9, 2023

WARNING-GRAPHIC FOOTAGE: Fox News host Tucker Carlson fires back at critics who are outraged over his airing previously hidden footage of the January 6 Capitol breach on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Author tells Tucker Jan. 6 defendants are languishing in a ‘DC gulag’

Mar 12, 2023 #foxnews #fox #tucker
Author Julie Kelly shares how many January 6 'insurrectionists' are still in jail awaiting trial on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

 Congress Erupts As Smart Man Slams Entire 

Democrat Party

This speech should be broadcast by every news outlet in the country, over and over again, until every citizen has those 18 Senators names memorized! This bill is a hard slap in the face to every American citizen who has even one brain cell still working!


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Tucker: “We Got All The January 6th Footage - You Have Been LIED To!”


Tucker Carlson was given access to 41,000 hours of surveillance footage from the Capitol on January 6th by Speaker Kevin McCarthy and says he will start to release the TRUTH next week. Stay tuned!

Tucker Carlson: No honest person can deny this about Jan. 6

17 hours ago  Fox News
Fox News host Tucker Carlson says Capitol videotape not released to the public shows that Jan. 6 committee members lied about the alleged 'insurrection.'

Tucker: This video tells a different story of Jan 6   Fox News

Mar 6, 2023
Fox News host Tucker Carlson unveils Jan. 6 video that shows Capitol police escorting protesters through building, including 'QAnon Shaman,' on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

Saturday, March 4, 2023


His 8 years of living in the White House is over. He’s (mostly) gone ... but questions remain. This came from a union guy in Chicago who didn't vote for Obama.

It will be interesting to see what they put in his "Library" about his early years now that he is out of office. In a country where we take notice of many facets of our public figures' lives, doesn't it seem odd that there's so little we know about Barack Obama?

As Americans, we enjoy knowing details about our news makers, but none of us know one single humanizing fact about the history of our own ex-president. We are all aware of the lack of incontestable birth records for Obama; that “document managing“ has been spectacularly successful. There are, however, several additional oddities in Obama's history that appear to be as well managed as the birthing issue.

One other interesting thing...There are no birth certificates of his daughters that can be found.

It's interesting that no one who ever dated him has shown up. The charisma that caused women to be drawn to him so strongly during his campaign, certainly would in the normal a course of events, lead some lady to come forward, if only to garner some attention for herself.

We all know about JFK's magnetism, that McCain was no monk and quite a few details about Palin's courtship and even her athletic prowess, Joe Biden's aneurysms are no secret; look at Cheney and Clinton, we all know about their heart problems. Certainly, Wild Bill Clinton's exploits before and during his White House years were well known. That's why it's so odd that not one lady has stepped up and said, "He was so shy..." or "What a great dancer."

It's virtually impossible to know anything about this fellow. Who was best man at his wedding? Start there, then check groomsmen.

To get the footage of the graduation ceremony. Has anyone talked to the professors? It is odd that no one is bragging that they knew him or taught him or lived with him.

When did he meet Michelle, and how? Are there photos there? Every president gives to the public all their photos, etc. for their library, etc. What has he released? And who voted for him to be the most popular man in 2010? Doesn't this make you wonder?

Ever wonder why no one ever came forward from Obama's past saying they knew him, attended school with him, was his friend, etc? Not one person has ever come forward from his past. It certainly is very, very strange
This should be a cause for great concern. To those who voted for him, you may have elected an unqualified, inexperienced shadow man. Have you seen a movie named "The Manchurian Candidate"?

As insignificant as each of us might be, someone with whom we went to school will remember our name or face; someone will remember we were the clown or the dork or the brain or the quiet one or the bully or something about us.

George Stephanopoulos of ABC News said the same thing during the 2008 campaign. He questions why no one has acknowledged he was in their classroom or ate in the same cafeteria or made impromptu speeches on campus. Stephanopoulos also was a classmate of Obama at Columbia--the class of 1984. He says he never had a single class with him.

He is such a great orator; why doesn't anyone in Obama's college class remember him? Why won't he allow Columbia to release his records? Nobody remembers Obama at Columbia University. Looking for evidence of Obama's past, Fox News contacted 400 Columbia University students from the period when Obama claims to have been there, but none remembered him.

Wayne Allyn Root was, like Obama, a political science major at Columbia who also graduated in 1983. In 2008, Root says of Obama, "I don't know a single person at Columbia that knew him, and they all know me. I don't have a classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at Columbia, ever."

Nobody recalls him. Root adds that he was also, like Obama, Class of '83 Political Science, and says, "You don't get more exact or closer than that. Never met him in my life, don't know anyone who ever met him. At class reunion, our 20th reunion five years ago, who was asked to be the speaker of the class? Me. No one ever heard of Barack!

And five years ago, nobody even knew who he was. The guy who writes the class notes, who's kind of the, as we say in New York, 'the macha' who knows everybody, has yet to find a person, a human who ever met him."

Obama's photograph does not appear in the school's yearbooks and Obama consistently declines requests to talk about his years at Columbia, provide school records, or provide the name of any former classmates or friends while at Columbia.

Some other interesting questions:

1.Why was Obama's law license inactivated in 2002? It is said there is no record of him ever taking the Bar exam.

2.Why was Michelle's law license inactivated by court order? We understand that it was forced to avoid fraud

3 How did he receive aid as a foreign exchange student if he’s actually an American citizen?

It is circulating that according to the U.S Census, there is only one Barack Obama but 27 Social Security numbers and over 80 aliases are connected to him.

The Social Security number he uses now originated in Connecticut where he is reported to have never lived. And was originally registered to another man (Thomas Louis Wood) from Connecticut, who died in Hawaii while on vacation there.

As we all know Social Security Numbers are only issued 'once, they are not reused. No wonder all his records are sealed...

Please continue sending this out. Somewhere, someone has to know SOMETHING, before he reorganized Chicago. SOMETHING! He just seemed to burst upon the scene at the 2004 Democratic Convention. ANYONE? ANYWHERE? ANYTHING?

I think soon much is going to come to light about this highly unqualified person who was President of the United States for 8 years. Soon, we will know how badly we were all doped and duped by this impostor who has basically, with much help from his minions, almost brought the greatest nation in history to its knees in ruins. That will be his legacy.

He totally destroyed the Integrity, morals and Christian heritage of our once great country.


Tuesday, February 28, 2023

I copied this from"90 Miles From Tyranny". This is what should be posted on EVERY blog, message. tweet etc. etc. until EVERY political figure in an elected OR appointed position in our country has seen it and is made to understand the TRUTH in this message. Let it be known that THEY will be held accountable. From the POTUS down to the neighborhood committeeperson.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Tucker: This is an outrage 

Fox News 2/27/2023

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to report that the Energy Department has concluded COVID-19 most likely came from a Chinese lab on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Tucker's warning if Ukraine war continues

  Fox News 2/23/2023

Fox News host Tucker Carlson dives deep into the propaganda campaign that began years before Russia's invasion of Ukraine on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'


I agree 100% The press can publish anything, even a pack of lies, then they print a retraction hidden in some obscure place and then go on as if they did nothing wrong

DeSantis wants to roll back press freedoms — with an eye toward overturning Supreme Court ruling            
By Matt Dixon 02/23/2023 POLITICO
Florida Republicans are seeking to weaken laws protecting journalists.

The proposal pushing to weaken state laws protecting journalists is part of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ feud with media outlets that he claims are biased against Republicans. | James Gilbert/Getty Images

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ broken relationship with the mainstream media could get even worse.

At the governor’s urging, Florida’s Republican-dominated Legislature is pushing to weaken state laws that have long protected journalists against defamation suits and frivolous lawsuits. The proposal is part DeSantis’ ongoing feud with media outlets like The New York Times, Miami Herald, CNN and The Washington Post — media companies he claims are biased against Republicans — as he prepares for a likely 2024 presidential bid.

Beyond making it easier to sue journalists, the proposal is also being positioned to spark a larger legal battle with the goal of eventually overturning New York Times v. Sullivan, the landmark 1964 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that limits public officials’ ability to sue publishers for defamation, according to state Rep. Alex Andrade, the Florida Republican sponsoring the bill.

“There is a strong argument to be made that the Supreme Court overreached,” Andrade said in an interview. “This is not the government shutting down free speech. This is a private cause of action.”

Andrade said he is working with DeSantis’ office on the bill: “I would say I am accepting their input.”

GOP needs to speak out, unafraid, like the Dems did when they controlled the house...BLAST IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS..!

The dems wanted to pack the SCOTUS 

with dem leaning judges

Biden Supreme Court commission under investigation by Jordan, Grassley, and Graham     by Kaelan Deese • Yesterday Washington Examiner

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and former Senate Judiciary chairmen Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sent letters to former leaders of President Joe Biden's Supreme Court reform commission, requesting documents and communications from the now-defunct judiciary focus group.

Biden formed the commission in April 2021 and was tasked to provide analysis for and against reforming the Supreme Court after the administration faced months of pressure by liberal lawmakers and advocates calling to consider expanding the size of the nine-member high court. The commission ultimately concluded with recommendations for ethics and greater transparency but said there was "profound disagreement" about court expansions or term limits.

Although the commission has since disbanded, "questions remain about the Commission’s work, deliberations, and true purpose,” the three Republican lawmakers wrote in the letters to Robert Bauer and Cristina Rodriguez, former co-chairpeople of Biden's commission.


Sen. Lindsey Graham, right, speaks with Sen. Chuck Grassley. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)© Provided by Washington Examiner

Thursday, February 23, 2023

'Why Would We Subsidize Non-US Citizens?': DeSantis Defends Ending Tuition Help For Undocumented   

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) defends prohibiting undocumented immigrants from getting out-of-state tuition waivers.

Sunday, February 19, 2023


• In the past week, we’ve had three more train derailments all over the country plus a truck with hazardous chemicals and a 5-acre plastic fire in Florida.
• Which made you forget about the three additional balloons that were shot down this week, after the one off the coast of South Carolina, remember that?
• It might not look like it but we are winning. Because of all of our efforts, we’ve won a battle against the tyrannical vaccine passports – but the war is not over and we have some more easy actions that you can take to win that war.

The Deep State is panicking and they are really throwing everything plus the kitchen sink at us, so we have to stay frosty, Everyone.

In a recent Tablet Magazine article by Lee Smith in which he disputes the details of Sy Hersh’s Nordstream article of last week, he wrote:

“…the ruling party’s efforts to pollute the US information ecosystem through serial propaganda operations is not just turning their base into mindless zombies but is also affecting the opposition. [That would be us. He continues,] When everything the media prints is fake news to serve an oligarchic regime, and a censorship consortium consisting of the press, Big Tech, and US spy services calls facts ‘disinformation,’ it’s hard to keep things straight in a labyrinth of lies.”

Lee Smith is doubtful that the same Joe Biden who allowed a Chinese spy balloon tour the American homeland, crossing over several sensitive sites and allowing the Chinese to complete their mission before destroying the evidence before it was safely unrecoverable over the ocean is the same guy who sucker-punched Putin in Russia’s backyard – blowing up the piggy bank of the state with the largest nuclear arsenal – and he concludes that, “Maybe the US really did sabotage Russian pipelines, but it sure didn’t happen the way Hersh describes it,” as this slick operation executed by a crew of highly capable tacticians.

Because it’s pretty obvious that’s NOT what they are. We’re talking about an administration that fired two $400,000 missiles at a $12 middle school balloon project.

The same government that declared monkeypox a National Emergency has been silent about what’s now being called America’s Chernobyl. The same people who told you that COVID was going to kill you and that the vaxx was safe are now telling you that the water and air are safe in East Palestine, Ohio.

A full two weeks after the 50-car derailment and massive explosion, followed by the dioxin-laced hydrochloric acid rain that is reportedly now killing birds 350 miles away in Kentucky, EPA Administrator, Michael Regan was the first member of the Federal Government to finally make an appearance in East Palestine. Regan had told the residents that it was safe for them to return home a full week before deeming it safe enough to go there himself with members of his department.

The eerie silence from the Biden Regime and their toadies in the Fake News media about this event has been remarkable. Even Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Wenbin seemed more concerned about the plight of the East Palestine residents than the Biden Regime that his party controls. Their silence was finally broken yesterday, when Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg finally surfaced and blamed the derailment on Trump. Because of course he did.

The Daily Mail reports that FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency told the residents that they are ineligible for their help because their homes weren’t physically destroyed – even though they may be chemically contaminated. I know from personal experience that’s not the real reason, because I lived a half a block from the World Trade Center during 9/11 and FEMA gave me $5,000 to move out of my apartment and to buy new furniture. My apartment wasn’t destroyed but it was covered in that white dust that I’m sure you’ve seen in the videos from 9/11 and there were 3 feet of that radioactive dust all over the rooftops and streets and my subway station was crushed. But as a condition of receiving the money, I had to sign a statement which precluded me from ever seeking money from the Government over the events of 9/11 again. Basically, I was paid a $5,000 settlement to go away, which might be a principal purpose of FEMA. The residents of East Palestine are being coached not to sign such a statement, so I guess FEMA has no interest in dealing with them.

We are living in a One-Party State, like China. If you’re not a Democrat, FEMA won’t help you in the middle of the United States’ worst ecological disaster of the 21st century, the FBI will call you a domestic terrorist, you’ll be pushed out of the military and you’ll be de-platformed by social media on the orders of the FBI, DHS and the State Department. We’re now living in the CCP’s America and they’re totally rubbing it in our face. This is what’s called the Revelation of the Method, which we’ll get into more in a minute.


Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Heated feud erupts as Dem blasts GOP 

chairman over '100 percent false' claims 

about Hunter Biden  

 Story by Travis Gettys • 3h ago

Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) clashed with House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer (R-KY) on Wednesday over allegations of corruption involving President Joe Biden and his son.

Dan Goldman addresses members of the media at his campaign’s primary election night watch party in 2022.© Raw Story

Goldman took aim at a New York Post article highlighted by Comer alleging that Hunter Biden introduced a Ukrainian businessman to his father, who was vice president at the time, and said he learned as House impeachment manager during the first inquiry against Donald Trump that those claims were "categorically false."

"The very first paragraph says Hunter Biden introduced his father to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company," Goldman said. "That is false, 100 percent false."

Comer asked whether he was sure, and Goldman said the impeachment inquiry found the prosecutor in question was fired because he was not investigating corruption in Ukraine, which may or may not have involved the Burisma firm for which the younger Biden worked in the 2010s.


"The fact that Joe Biden fired, consistent with every U.S. policy and every European country, the prosecutor general in Ukraine because he did not prosecute corruption, including at companies like Burisma, has been proven over and over and over," Goldman said. "If you want to know who actually prosecuted Burisma, chairman Comer, you should talk to British authorities, because they were the ones who were prosecuting Burisma, and they couldn't get any information from the Ukrainian prosecutor general, so that's why he was fired."

"So, right off the top, this very first paragraph of this so-called bombshell story is completely false," he added.

Goldman said the basis of GOP claims about Biden corruption were centered around the fact that he met with a foreign businessman, which the New York Democrat said was common among elected officials, but he said no evidence had shown they made any illegal or corrupt agreements.

"Chairman Comer, you have said in your opening statement that Joe Biden lied to the American people," Goldman said. "That is all bold, bold accusation, and so far we've seen no actual evidence of any lies or any support for Joe Biden being involved in anything having to do with Ukraine other than promoting U.S. foreign policy, and I hope you are not abusing the power as chairman of this committee and that you are not wasting taxpayer dollars on a fishing expedition into the civilian child of a president for political purposes."

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Gingrich: Nobody will believe any of this
Fox News

Feb 6, 2023 #FoxNews
530,717 views • Feb 6, 2023 • #FoxNewsFormer House Speaker Newt Gingrich joins 'Fox & Friends' to discuss President Biden's political future and performance in office ahead of his State of the Union Address. #FoxNews

Monday, February 6, 2023

China threatens US for popping balloon as American military begins recovery operation

 By Madeleine Hubbard   February 5, 2023 

The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard began a recovery operation for the balloon on Saturday, but it is unclear how long the mission will take.

China on Sunday threatened to respond after the United States shot down a suspected spy balloon that flew over sensitive military sites while U.S. armed forces are currently recovering the aircraft.  

"China will resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company concerned, and reserves the right to make further responses if necessary," China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has insisted the balloon was a civilian research airship that went off course, said.

The agency also said China "strongly disapproves of and protests against the US attack," which it said "is a clear overreaction and a serious violation of international practice."

The U.S. military popped the balloon Saturday over the Atlantic Ocean after it traversed the continental United States for several days last week, including over sensitive military sites, according to The Associated Press.

The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard began a recovery operation for the balloon on Saturday, but it is unclear how long the mission will take. Officials plan on analyzing the recovered Chinese equipment in the balloon, which fell in about 47 feet of water about six miles off the coast.

"This surveillance balloon purposely traversed the United States and Canada, and we are confident it was seeking to monitor sensitive military sites," a senior Defense Department official said

"But Mommy...Little Donny did it too"

Biden’s ‘but Trump!’ deceptive balloon defense deflates
Opinion by Daniel McCarthy  New York Post

Joe Biden continues to think he can get away with anything, as long as he claims to be better than Donald Trump. Now he’s trying it with national security.

Is a Chinese balloon floating over the continental United States from end to end an embarrassment?

Sure — but, but, but, say anonymous administration officials, Trump had a balloon too. Many balloons!

No one saw those Trump-era spy balloons, and US officials knew nothing about them. But Biden’s unnamed officials learned all about them after Trump was out of office.

How? When?

Biden doesn’t feel the need to say, even as the story of the surveillance device that he let drift across the country soars to the top of the week’s headlines.

The administration has given Congress some information on earlier Chinese balloons encroaching near the coasts of Florida and Texas. But what are the precedents for such a well-identified floating object getting all the way from Alaska to South Carolina?


Is this the truth/ And they're not ALERTING us?

WARNING: USA Surrounded? Russian & China Nuclear Warships & Sub | SHTF   Jan 24, 2023  
WARNING: USA Surrounded? Russian & China Nuclear Warships & Sub | SHTF

In this video, we're discussing the possible implications of a Russian and China nuclear war. The ramifications could be massive and include the possible encirclement of the USA by Russian and Chinese war ships as it appears as many Russian ships are around USA.
So, what should you do if you're worried about a Russian or Chinese nuclear war? In this video, we discuss some of the steps you can take to prepare for the possible SHTF event, or at least give you new news that should motivate prepping. From stockpiling food and water to preparing for riots and pandemics, this video covers everything you need to know in order to prepare for the worst! 

So, the question is, is this a warning? It appears that USA is surrounded by Russian and Chinese ships summon which has been reported as nuclear war ships from Russia, and news reports of nuclear submarines being spotted, is this going to be an SHTF 2023? Do you feel like it’s an SHTF type of scenario, am I crazy or does it seem like the US is surrounded by Russia? If you’ve been watching us here at Riverside, Homestead, life or other prepping channels like Canadian prepper Alaska prepper or Goshen prepping or magic pepper or pinball preparedness. You would be getting prepper news and SHTF news on Prepping and Inflation and SHTF events and breaking news and today’s news and things that are happening China news Russia news, being prepared for an SHTF situation takes prepping and those that are prepping in 2023 for emergency. Preparedness is ahead of the rest, in this case, the news is providing that involving Russia news and China news they have ships traveling all over in zones that aren’t necessarily OK, Russian war ships off the East Coast a Russian ship off the Hawaiian coast in 2023 you start hearing headlines like that. It makes you wonder about prepping for SHTF and kind of gears you up to SHTF Prepping, whether you’re a prepper, or not a prepper, whether you watch Prepping channels or just other preppers on YouTube, all of the concerning news makes you feel like maybe you should consider prepping now whether it’s for empty shelves, Walmart food shortages any type of disaster, preparedness or economic collapse any type of food shortages I’m sure you’ve seen a couple things that have been considered a food shortage, such as eggs and more but being ready for the ongoing inflation and SHTF news it’s always good to be watching some prepping videos 2023 and considering to prep, this is the proper news, the SHTF news for the day

Former Defense Secretary Slams Pelosi as ‘Incoherent’ and ‘Shrieking’ Mess During January 6th Riot, Downplays it as People ‘Taking Selfies’

By Rusty Weiss...Feb 6, 2023

Former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller slammed Nancy Pelosi as an ‘incoherent’ and ‘shrieking’ mess during the January 6th riot, and downplayed the crowd who had overrun the Capitol as “a rowdy band of MAGA supporters” who were “taking selfies.”

Miller, who led the Pentagon from just days after the 2020 election through President Biden’s Inauguration Day, made the observations in his forthcoming book, Soldier Secretary, set for release this week.

In it, Miller describes lawmakers like Representative Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and even Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as “hyperventilating into the phone” regarding the status of troops to protect the Capitol.

He claims Pelosi called him in an “incoherent” state as she was “shrieking” about what he describes as “a handful of provocateurs” who had “infiltrated” the Capitol.

“I had never seen anyone — not even the greenest, pimple-faced 19-year-old Army private — panic like our nation’s elder statesmen did on January 6 and in the months that followed,” Miller scoffed.

Pelosi had a 'total nuclear meltdown' on Jan. 6th, Trump's defense secretary charges in new memoir
Pelosi had nuclear meltdown on Jan. 6, Trump defense secretary charges
Nancy Pelosi was in a 'state of total nuclear meltdown' during the January 6th insurrection, Donald Trump's Defense Secretary Christopher Miller writes in his forthcoming memoir
8:45 AM · Feb 6, 2023·