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Is this a GRUESOME joke....????

Restaurant in New York given approval to serve Human Meat  SABS-TECH

Ahead of tinder box Virginia gun rally, Trump says Constitution under attack   By Brad Brooks  3 hrs ago

President Donald Trump took aim at Virginia Democrats and their push to stiffen the state's gun laws, saying that the U.S. Constitution was under attack just as thousands of armed militia members began arriving in Richmond for a Monday gun rally.

Trump doubled down with his support of gun enthusiasts in the state, which Hilary Clinton won in 2016 and where Democrats took full control of the state legislature for the first time in a generation in November, as candidates made passing stronger gun control laws a central campaign theme.
"Your 2nd Amendment is under very serious attack in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia," Trump wrote in a post on Twitter Friday night, referring to the amendment in the Bill of Rights that gives Americans the right to keep and bear firearms. "That's what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away."

The Virginia Senate late on Thursday passed bills to require background checks on all firearms sales, limit handgun purchases to one a month, and restore local governments' right to ban weapons from public buildings and other venues.

Gun-control activists have reported a growing number of online death threats as the lawmakers press on and ahead of a rally by arms enthusiasts on Monday in Richmond, the state capital, which authorities are trying to keep from becoming violent.

Both Virginia legislative houses are expected to pass the new laws including universal background checks, a ban on assault rifles, and "red flag" laws that would allow courts and local law enforcement to remove guns from people deemed a risk to communities, among other measures.

Supporters say more restrictive laws would help decrease the number of people killed by guns eachyear. Gun-rights activists assert that the constitution guarantees their right to possess any firea

Militias, neo-Nazis and other groups have vowed to swarm the capital and police are expecting several thousand people at the pro-gun rally on Monday.

On Thursday, the FBI arrested three members of a small neo-Nazi group who authorities said hoped to ignite a race war through violent acts at the rally, reminiscent of a 2017 white supremacist rally in nearby Charlottesille.

That rally proved a critical moment in the rise of the "alt-right," a loose alignment of fringe groups centered on white nationalism and emboldened by Trump's 2016 election. Trump was criticized from the left and right for initially saying there were "fine people on both sides" of the dispute between neo-Nazis and their opponents at the rally.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

I noticed during the house hearings, so many mind readers, seemed to know EXACTLY what was in President Donald Trumps MIND....!! Are they all psychics....??

Image may contain: 1 person, suit, possible text that says '"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS FOLKS? They exonerate Hillary because they think she didn't intend to do what she did. They can't find that Trump did anything, but they think he intended to do what he didn't do, and so we need to impeach him."'

I really do wish that Gowdy would have gone onto Trumps defense team

GOWDY: Dems Using Impeachment to Obstruct Trump's Second Term   2020-01-10 Source: TTN  by: TTN Staff 

Trey Gowdy has revealed what he thinks the Democrat's true goal is with impeachment.
According to Gowdy, the Democrats want to use impeachment to flip the Senate in hopes of completely obstructing Trump's second 

According to The Daily Wire:

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) told Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Thursday that Democrats are not trying to remove President Donald Trump with impeachment, but instead are focused on kneecapping his second term by flipping the Senate so he can’t get anything done.

“Let’s skip over the process,” Gowdy said. “The process, the three month long inquiry investigation was laughable. But they voted. That’s the House’s prerogative. They voted, not a single Republican went along with them. In fact, they didn’t even keep all the Democrats. But the House exercised its prerogative and they impeached the president.”

“There is no mathematical way he is ever going to be convicted and they know that,” Gowdy continued. “So their goal cannot be to remove Donald Trump from office, it is to neuter his second term. I think he is going to win in November. It’s to neuter that second term by targeting the Cory Gardners and the Martha McSallys and the Thom Tillises and the Susan Collins and Joni Ernst because if Trump wins and doesn’t have the Senate then he is not going to get any judicial vacancies filled and he’s not going to replace a Supreme Court Justice if he or she retires.”

“He is he not going to get the foreign policy he wants,” Gowdy continued. “He is not going to get the cabinet he wants. I never thought this was about removing Donald Trump because they’re not going to do it. It’s about putting Cory Gardner in a really tough series of votes so he has to defend him in November of this fall.”

Gowdy was previously rumored to be joining President Trump's impeachment defense team but it appears he is taking more of an advisory approach while helping to get the message to the media.

Colorado rancher plows mile-wide 'Trump' sign

If you fly in or out of Denver soon, you might spot what we're pretty sure is the state's largest political sign. Frustrated at some of the negativity coming from opponents of President Donald Trump, rancher Doug Koehn hopped on his plow and carved the word "TRUMP" in big block letters into his field.

Excerpts from article:

...Frustrated at some of the negativity coming from opponents of President Donald Trump, rancher Doug Koehn hopped on his plow and carved the word "TRUMP" in big block letters into his field.
..."The letters are 800 feet wide and approximately 800 feet long," Koehn said.
...The first time Koehn saw the whole thing in one frame was when 9NEWS showed up with a drone to see it.
...Koehn says he's never voted before last year's election, when he was inspired to cast a ballot for Trump.
...Koehn lit up at the idea that Air Force One might someday buzz the sign he cut into his land.

Jonathan Turley: Pelosi 'played into' McConnell's hands, 'destroyed' her own case for impeachment  By Sam Dorman | Fox News
Pelosi names Adam Schiff as lead impeachment manager for Senate trial
House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi announces 7 impeachment mangers for a Senate trial: Reps. Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Zoe Lofgren, Hakeem Jeffries, Val Demings, Jason Crow and Sylvia Garcia
Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley laid out a sweeping indictment of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., arguing that her impeachment strategy backfired and gave Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., the upper hand.

"The delay now seems largely driven by a desire to preserve the image of Pelosi as a master strategist despite a blunder of the first order," Turley wrote in a column titled, "Pelosi's Blunder: How the House Destroyed its Own Case for Impeachment."

His comments came as Pelosi prepared to transmit articles of impeachment to the Senate, roughly a month after the House approved them. She initially withheld them in an apparent attempt to draw concessions from McConnell. On Wednesday
she announced the seven lawmakers who will serve as impeachment managers
to prosecute the case against the president at his Senate trial.

"There was no reason why Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would make concessions to get an impeachment that he loathed," Turley wrote.

Turley similarly suggested that Pelosi pushed impeachment out of "vanity" and would pay a "high price" for doing so.


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This guy Northam is going to get people killed....!!

Northam Declares State of Emergency in Virginia Because “armed militia groups plan to storm the Capitol”

                                                                        by Daisy Luther
The drama in Virginia has escalated again as Governor Ralph Northam declares an official State of Emergency before January 20th’s “Lobby Day” protests.

Citing violence that erupted in Charlottesville during a Unite the Right rally in 2017, Northam said that there are credible threats that “armed militia groups plan to storm the Capitol” during Monday’s rally. In an executive order, he announced he is banning all weapons from Capitol Square for the day.

Credible intelligence gathered by Virginia’s law enforcement agencies indicates that tens of thousands of advocates plan to converge on Capitol Square for events culminating on January 20, 2020. Available information suggests that a substantial number of these demonstrators are expected to come from outside the Commonwealth, may be armed, and have as their purpose not peaceful assembly but violence, rioting, and insurrection. Assuring that Virginia’s Capitol Square and surrounding public areas are sheltered safe places for those who come to participate in the democratic process, as well as those who work on or near Capitol Square, is my greatest priority.

The anticipated effects of the potential convergence of tens of thousands of demonstrators on Capitol Square, some of whom may not come to assemble peacefully, constitutes an emergency as described in § 44-146.16 of the Code of Virginia (Code).

Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution of Virginia, by §§ 2.2-103 and 44-146.13 et seq. of the Code, as Governor and Director of Emergency Management and Commander-in-Chief of the Commonwealth’s armed forces, I proclaim that a state of emergency will exist starting on January 17, 2020 through January 21,
2020. Accordingly, I direct state and local governments to render appropriate assistance to prepare for this event, to alleviate any conditions resulting from the situation, and to implement recovery and mitigation operations and activities so as to return impacted areas to pre-event conditions as much as possible. Emergency services shall be conducted in accordance with § 44-146.13 et seq. of the Code. 


Image may contain: 1 person, meme, possible text that says '"I SAY, WE KNOCK OFF TRUMP AND THEN, GO AFTER PENCE. WE HAVE THE POWER." MAXINE WATERS 9/ 7/2018 YES, SHE ACTUALLY SAID THIS AND THEN BLAMES PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR INCITING VIOLENCE Worth repinning! Why isn't she in jail??'

Image may contain: 4 people, meme, possible text that says 'THINK ABOUT THIS When this photo was taken back in 1987 Both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were members of Congress, blaming Reagan for all our problems 32 years later both are still in Congress, eHcept πOw they are blaming Trump for all OUT problems'

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Of course... if all else fails, bring out the "RACE CARD"...I'm surprised they waited this long to bring that card out.....

VA Democrats Make War Against Guns All About Race   by Doyle Alexander

                                                       Anti-racist activists say that a massive grassroots movement rising up in opposition to proposed restrictions on gun ownership in Virginia may be rooted in white supremacist sentiment.

Nine out of 10 Virginia counties have declared themselves “Second Amendment” sanctuaries in response to Democrat-backed gun control bills.

The Guardian became one of the first non-conservative news outlets to cover the state’s growing pro-gun movement when it published a wide-ranging feature on the topic on Friday.

The piece, written by senior reporter Lois Beckett, framed the issue around fears that Virginia gun owners’ concerns are being co-opted by extremists.

“The backlash to gun control in Virginia is being fueled by conspiracy theories and misinformation, and some observers worry that the escalating rhetoric may spark violence,” Beckett, who often expresses left-leaning views on Twitter, wrote.

According to The Guardian, Richmond residents fear that a gun rights rally scheduled at Virginia’s state capitol on January 20 will turn violent, like the 2017 Unite the Rally in Charlottesville.

Beckett spoke with anti-racism activists who endorsed the view that opportunistic white supremacists were seeking to capitalize on the moment.

Matthew Christensen, a Charlottesville-area activist who has expressed sympathy for antifa on Twitter, told The Guardian he believes the “Second Amendment sanctuary” movement in Virginia is “rooted in white resentment.”

BREAKING: Judicial Watch announced today it received 211 pages of emails between former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that detail special accommodations given to the lawyers of Hillary Clinton and her aides during the FBI investigation of the Clinton email controversy.
The new emails include a discussion about negotiations with Beth Wilkinson, a lawyer for the Clinton lawyers who gathered and then deleted 33,000 emails for Hillary Clinton, over the destruction of laptops provided to the FBI.
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton: “As the Obama Justice Department and FBI bent over backwards to protect Hillary Clinton, these agencies broke every law under the sun to spy on her political opponent, Donald J. Trump. AG Barr and Director Wray must stop the stonewalling about this corruption and reopen the Clinton email investigation.”

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Iran’s Unfriendly Skies   
Last week Iran apologized for launching a Soviet-made missile that killed 176 people aboard Ukraine International Flight 752. President Hassan Rouhani said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran deeply regrets this disastrous mistake.”
That’s not what the Iranian leaders said at first. They claimed it was due to a mechanical malfunction. Then they refused to give up the black box. Clearly they were trying to hide a terrible mistake, but the scientific evidence was too overwhelming for them to perpetuate such a lie for very long.

The lie outraged the people of Tehran, sparking mass protests. Living under the harsh tyranny of an authoritarian theocracy has to be maddening for a people yearning for freedom, but the Iranians themselves will have to take out the mullahs on their own. The United States should stay out of it except for offering words of encouragement such as the ones President Trump tweeted.

The backward theocratic radicals running Iran have killed thousands of their own citizens. They have lost all credibility and rule by brute force.

It’s time for Iran to become a free and peaceful nation.

FBI BLASTS DOJ For REFUSING To Bring Charges Against Friends of Pensacola Saudi Gunman After Terrorism Link Uncovered     by Doyle Alexander   1/13/2020

                The FBI says a platoon of Saudi soldiers who are the classmates of the Saudi airman who killed three American sailors in December at a Naval air base in Pensacola are linked to additional federal crimes but the Justice Department has refused to pursue charges against the group.

The FBI has been investigating the group for weeks after the shooter, Saudi Arabian national Mohammed Alshamrani, was gunned down and killed during his rampage.

Mohammed Alshamrani started training in the U.S. in August 2017 as part of a three-year program.

He was training the become a pilot and was part of a class of approximately 12 other Saudi nationals.

But the Justice Department wants to expel the Saudis from the United States instead of indicting them for alleged ties to terrorism and child pornography, officials said.

In short, the Saudis get out of jail free.


Also, it appears the Justice Department has lost interest in pursuing federal charges against Saudi co-conspirators linked to the deadly rampage, according to FBI sources.

“A disgrace,” one FBI insider said, referring to the DOJ’s handling of the case. “The DOD (Dept of Defense) is also a disgrace because this group was running wild and no one was watching them.”

A number of Saudi platoon members were found possessing hordes of child pornography on their phones and computers, law enforcement souces said. Other members have definitive ties to terrorism, officials said.

Regardless, the DOJ is not interested in pursuing federal charges.

Justice Department has refused to pursue charges against the group.

The FBI has been investigating the group for weeks after the shooter, Saudi Arabian national Mohammed Alshamrani, was gunned down and killed during his rampage.

Mohammed Alshamrani started training in the U.S. in August 2017 as part of a three-year program. He was training the become a pilot and was part of a class of approximately 12 other Saudi nationals.

This is a post from Daily Mail from 2018, Never saw anything about this connection before....Could this be part of the ROYALS problems...??

By Tim Stickings...Daily Mail...Nov.24th 2018

A community kitchen supported by Meghan Markle is based in a mosque with links to terror suspects, it was alleged last night. 
The Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre is claimed to have links to 19 Islamic extremists including Jihadi John.   
A report in the Telegraph said that one of the imams at the mosque near Grenfell Tower had suggested women who listened to music were at risk of becoming strippers.  
The Duchess of Sussex has promoted a charity cookbook on the back of numerous visits to the Hubb Community Kitchen, based at the mosque. 

Take a good look at what's going on in Va.....If Bloomberg should somehow get elected, this is what would happen in the entire United States....(if he had his way)

by Mary Chastain January 13, 2020

The Bloomberg campaign insists the rally had 130 attendees.

                       Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg held a rally in San Antonio, TX, with Judge Judy.
However, despite spamming every commercial break over the weekend, only 45 people attended the rally.

“Unlike everyone else in this race, I think what’s important is beating Donald Trump,” he told about 45 supporters at a restaurant in San Antonio.

Protesters toting Trump 2020 and U.S. flags could be spotted through the eatery’s windows.

TV’s Judge Judy Sheindlin introduced Bloomberg with a dig at the left-wing Democrats running for the nomination.

The Bloomberg campaign told The Washington Examiner that 130 attended the rally. The adviser also claimed “more than 700 people attended Bloomberg events throughout the day.”

Bloomberg has taken a different route than the other Democratic candidates. While they campaign in Iowa, Bloomberg is riding his bus around Texas.


I've heard it said "If the U.S. is ever destroyed, it will be from within".....If this infiltration keeps up, it will CERTAINLY be destroyed...!!

Muslims Elected In 2019 U.S. Elections
December 31, 2019

muslims elected 2019

READ MORE   (List by State)

I will NEVER understand why municipalities won't cooperate with ICE. They would rather their citizens be put at risk...??

NYC sanctuary policy spared undocumented Guyanese immigrant from deportation, left him on the street to rape and murder 92-year-old Queens woman: ICE officials
By Larry McShane New York Daily News | Jan 14, 2020   

Federal immigration officials, after blaming the city’s sanctuary policy for a 92-year-old woman’s rape and murder, were blasted Tuesday by City Hall for using the tragedy to trumpet their immigration agenda.

The NYPD ignored a federal request to turn over an undocumented Guyanese immigrant busted in November for assaulting his father, leaving the twisted suspect free to kill helpless nonagenarian Maria Fuentes six weeks later, charged Thomas Decker, field office director for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement removal operations.

“Clearly the politicians care more about criminal illegal aliens than the citizens they are elected to serve and protect," said Decker. “It was a deadly choice to release a man on an active ICE detainer back on the streets, and now he faces new charges, including murder."

The NYPD and City Hall fired back in tandem at the allegation of blood on their hands in the gruesome Fuentes murder.


Cryin’ Chuck Schumer just said, “The American people want a fair trial in the Senate.” True, but why didn’t Nervous Nancy and Corrupt politician Adam “Shifty” Schiff give us a fair trial in the House. It was the most lopsided & unfair basement hearing in the history of Congress!

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Image may contain: possible text that says 'ARTWORK BY BRANCO. WRITTEN BY DIXON DIAZ 01/05/2020 DEATH To TRUMP! DEATH To TRUMP! Are you an Iranian or a Democrat? INEWS RUM'