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Iraqi officials, militants warn of threat to US


BAGHDAD (AP) — Iranian-backed Shiite militias are threatening to retaliate against American interests inside Iraq if the United States goes ahead with strikes against the Tehran-allied government in neighboring Syria, according to Iraqi security officials and militants themselves.
Iraqi officials say they are taking the warnings seriously. The threats, which come as President Barack Obama's administration and Congress debate possible military action over the Syrian regime's alleged use of chemical weapons, risk exacerbating an increasingly deteriorating security environment inside Iraq.
Cleric Wathiq al-Batat, who leads the Mukhtar Army, a shadowy Iranian-backed militia, said his forces are preparing for a strong reaction against the interests of the U.S. and other countries that take part in any Syria strike. He claimed that militants have selected hundreds of potential targets, which could include both official American sites and companies "associated with the Americans."
"There is a good level of coordination with Iran on this issue and I cannot reveal more. But I can say that there will be a strong response," he told The Associated Press. "Each armed group will have duties to carry out."


I have trouble shooting one with my hands

Michael shoots and loads a .45 with his feet

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Stork detained as spy in Egypt found dead

3 hours ago

CAIRO (AP) — A stork once detained by Egyptian authorities on suspicion of being a winged spy has been found dead.

Mahmoud Hassib, the head of Egypt's southern protected areas, said Saturday that local residents found the dead bird on an island in the Nile, south of the ancient city of Aswan.

In August, a local resident found the stork in Egypt's Qena governorate, some 450 kilometers (280 miles) southeast of Cairo. Both he and police were suspicious of the European wildlife tracker found on it. Authorities later let the bird go.

However, controversy trails the bird into death. An Egyptian wildlife organization claimed on its Facebook page the bird was "eaten by local villagers." Hassib denied that the bird had been eaten, though he didn't know an exact cause of death.

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Bulletproof Squirrel Is an Outdoor Survivor
Bulletproof Squirrel Is an Outdoor Survivor
watch video

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Well, who didn't know that ?

Russia's Putin calls John Kerry a liar on Syria
Russian President Vladimir Putin, right back, speaks at a meeting of the Pr...

news-world-europe-20130904-EU-Russia-KerryMOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin has called U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry a liar for denying that al-Qaida was fighting with the Syrian opposition in that country's civil war.

Speaking Wednesday to his human rights council, Putin recalled watching a congressional debate where Kerry was asked about al-Qaida and denied that it was operating in Syria, even though he was aware of the al-Qaida-linked Jabhat al-Nusra group.

Putin said: "This was very unpleasant and surprising for me. We talk to them (the Americans) and we assume they are decent people, but he is lying and he knows that he is lying. This is sad."

Putin repeated Russia's position that any use of military force against Syria without the approval of the U.N. Security Council would be an act of aggression.


KKK, NAACP Totally Bros Now, Klan Member Joins Black Group

The KKK and the NAACP are ideologically at odds at a core level, but that didn’t stop the two groups from hanging recently to discuss their differences — most notably, we imagine, the latter’s insistence on remaining black.
The KKK NAACP pizza party (well, no pizza was served) happened in a Wyoming hotel over the weekend, and even ended up with a Ku Klux Klan member joining the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in what we suspect is really a set up for a wacky, madcap buddy movie.
Read more at STORY AND VIDEO
                                                    HUH ! ???

bing thumbnail image  Makeda Pennycooke                        
Black pastor asks 'only whites' to greet church visitors                 
According to Makeda Pennycooke, pastor of Freedom House Church, fall is the busiest time of the year for her church and she expects a number of new faces to appear in her congregation every Sunday. But her ideas about how to attract those visitors have left the regulars feeling angry and discriminated against. Pennycooke, who is black, sent out an email to the members of the church in Charlotte, N.C., asking that only white people volunteer to greet those newcomers. "First impressions matter," she wrote, according to WBTV. "So we would ask that only white people be on the front doors."
That sound you just heard was the congregations' collective jaws dropping. "I was floored," longtime member Carmen Thomas said. "You can put a white face all over the front door, but when you come through those doors … you're going to see people of color." Pennycooke has since apologized. [READ FULL STORY]

Between my 6 year old son and Barack Obama, I’ve been having a hard time of late telling the two apart. When President Obama gives a press conference, it’s like watching a child in the middle of a temper tantrum. Take away a few Harvard Law School words, boil his statements down to their essence and what you’re left with are pouts, complaints, and empty threats.
Add on the wreckage left in his and his administration’s wake, and it’s hard to come to a conclusion other than what this president needs is a good scolding.
“President Obama, keep your guns to yourself and don’t give them to the drug cartels!”
“Get your feet off the desk and show some respect for the Oval Office!”
“Mr. President, say you are sorry for using the IRS to target those who opposed your reelection!”
“President Obama, stop daydreaming about your next round of golf or visit to the beach, and start doing some work!”
“It’s not nice to call things ‘phony,’ President Obama.” 

And my favorite right now,
“President Obama, mind your own business.”

And if Congress decides to not support the Presidents airstrike, will the President decide to follow the same course of action as he has with gun control and issue a slew of Executive Orders in the middle of the night, hoping none of us will notice or object?   View Full Article             

AP Interview: Putin warns West on Syria action


NOVO-OGARYOVO, Russia (AP) — President Vladimir Putin warned the West against taking one-sided action in Syria but also said Russia "doesn't exclude" supporting a U.N. resolution on punitive military strikes if it is proved that Damascus used poison gas on its own people.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press and Russia's state Channel 1 television, Putin said Moscow has provided some components of the S-300 air defense missile system to Syria but has frozen further shipments. He suggested that Russia may sell the potent missile systems elsewhere if Western nations attack Syria without U.N. Security Council backing.

The interview Tuesday night at Putin's country residence outside the Russian capital was the only one he granted prior to the summit of G-20 nations in St. Petersburg, which opens Thursday. The summit was supposed to concentrate on the global economy but now looks likely to be dominated by the international crisis over allegations that the Syrian government used chemical weapons in the country's civil war.

Putin said he felt sorry that President Barack Obama canceled a one-on-one meeting in Moscow that was supposed to have happened before the summit. But he expressed hope the two would have serious discussions about Syria and other issues in St. Petersburg.

"President Obama hasn't been elected by the American people in order to be pleasant to Russia. And your humble servant hasn't been elected by the people of Russia to be pleasant to someone either," he said of their relationship.

"We work, we argue about some issues. We are human. Sometimes one of us gets vexed. But I would like to repeat once again that global mutual interests form a good basis for finding a joint solution to our problems," Putin said.

"There are some gestures, of course, that you can only interpret one way, but no one has ever seen those kinds of gestures directed by Obama at me or by me at Obama, and I hope that never happens," he said.

"Everything else is fantasy."                                            

Associated Press writer Laura Mills in Moscow contributed to this report.

McCain plays poker on iPhone during Syria hearing


I guess the fact that he lost playing poker justifies  playing during  the hearing


WASHINGTON (AP) — Sometimes senators need a diversion from even the weightiest of topics. For Sen. John McCain during Tuesday's hearing on Syria, it was a game on his iPhone.

The Washington Post posted a picture taken during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing and reported that it shows the Arizona Republican playing poker on his phone. Only his hands and iPhone were visible.

Shortly afterward, McCain came clean in a sarcastic tweet posted on his Twitter account that began with the word, "Scandal!"

McCain wrote that he'd been caught playing on his phone during a hearing that, he quickly pointed out, exceeded three hours.

The senator added, "Worst of all, I lost!"

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What obama's hidden left hand does is key

September 2, 2013

With his right hand, barack obama has made sure through his lackeys in the mainstream media that Syria is the topic of national discussion. Photos of Syrians whose lives have been snuffed out with chemical weapons dominate the headlines. obama...

Is obama throwing Israel under the bus ?

Assad threatens massive missile strike against Israel if attacked by the U.S.

READ STORYAssad  threatens massive missile strike against Israel if attacked by the U.S.

Dem Rep. McDermott Blasts Obama: "It Is Not His Army; It Is The Army Of The United States"

 REP. JIM McDERMOTT (D-WA): Well, It sounds very much like Iraq. We've got the drumbeat of war, and we're giving the -- they're giving us the bums rush that everything is all in line and everything is perfect. I remember [former Secretary of State] Colin Powell going to the United Nations and telling us the very same sort of thing. They knew everything, and you can see what we got out of Iraq.

I actually remember the attacks that Bill Clinton made on Sudan and Afghanistan back in 1995. Those were also told that we were going to hit a munitions factory where they were making weapons of mass destruction. And we are rushing too fast. The Congress should be brought in. We should all be made aware of what's going on, it should not be the president acting unilaterally. It is not his army; it is the army of the United States of America and we are the ones who are sending them to war and we should vote to do it and take responsibility for It.
 McDERMOTT: What's the hurry and what is the goal? What are you expecting to be the goal that we accomplish day two after we've shot in 50 Tomahawk missiles? Will we have taken out Assad? Is that the goal? Or is It take out the Syrian army? Or is It to lay the country waste to make rubble? What is it that we are intending to get out of this?


Rand Paul: "How Can You Ask A Man To Be The First One To DieFor A Mistake?"
           DAVID GREGORY: So you heard the Secretary of State break news this morning that the evidence, the intelligence suggests now this was a Sarin gas attack at the hands of the Assad government. The secretary saying as he just did the case is building and will continue to build. Is that enough for you to now vote to authorize the president to use force?

SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY) No. And I think it's a mistake to get involved in the Syrian civil war. And what I would ask John Kerry is, you know, he's famous for saying, you know, how can you ask a man to be the last one to die for a mistake? I would ask John Kerry how can you ask a man to be the first one to die for a mistake?

I would ask John Kerry, do you think that it's less likely or more likely that chemical weapons will be used again if the we bomb Assad? I will ask him if it's more likely or less likely that we'll have more refugees in Jordan or that Israel might suffer an attack. I think all of the bad things you can imagine are all more likely if we get involved in the Syrian civil war.                        STORY AND VIDEO



Derogatory names for whites

I've been called "cracker, whitey," etc. but one of the worst was "WHITE MOTHER FUCKER" and that I think is definitely worse than "NIGGER". So why should blacks get so offended. Whites should start filing discrimination lawsuits whenever we are called derogatory names !! Name calling works both ways............

And I thought checking speed from aircraft was bad

Monster crocodile traps tourist on Australian island           

A saltwater crocodile is pictured in the Adelaide river near Darwin, Australia on September 2, 2008
A saltwater crocodile pictured in the Adelaide river near Darwin, Australia on September 2, 2008. A tourist has had a lucky escape after being trapped on a remote Australian island for two weeks by a monster six-metre crocodile, reports said Monday. (AFP Photo/Greg Wood )              FULL STORY

The way it should be...if whites can't use the "N" word, then blacks shouldn't either

NY case puts N-word use among blacks on trial

NEW YORK (AP) — A federal jury has rejected the argument that use of the N-word among blacks can be a culturally acceptable term of love and endearment, deciding its use in the workplace is hostile and discriminatory  no matter what

Jurors last week awarded $250,000 in compensatory damages to a black employment agency worker who was the target of an N-word-laced rant by her black boss, and they return to a Manhattan federal court Tuesday to decide on punitive damages.

The case against Rob Carmona and the employment agency he founded, STRIVE East Harlem, gave legal airing to what some see as a complex double standard surrounding the word: It's a degrading slur when uttered by whites but can be used at times with impunity among blacks.

But 38-year-old Brandi Johnson told jurors that being black didn't make it any less hurtful to be the target of what her attorney called Carmona's "four-minute nigger tirade" about inappropriate workplace attire and unprofessional behavior.

Johnson, who taped the March 2012 remarks after her complaints about his verbal abuse were disregarded, said she fled to the restroom and cried for 45 minutes.

"I was offended. I was hurt. I felt degraded. I felt disrespected. I was embarrassed," Johnson testified.
                                                                                          REST OF STORY

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Gun Grabbers Outnumbered At Their Own Rally
At a pro-gun-control rally in Ohio, the organizers quickly found themselves outnumbered by gun rights activists - to the point that if a passerby didn't know what they were looking at, they may have sworn it was a pro-gun rally.
WBNS of central Ohio reports:
It was a rally organized by gun-control supporters, but by the end, it looked more like an NRA rally.
"As a gun owner, I'm a responsible person and I think it's responsible to ask to have all gun owners have a background check," said Blanche Luczyk. "It's just common sense. Any responsible person who is willing to take the ownership of a gun should be willing to have that background check."
Luczyk was one of a half dozen members of the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns who hosted the rally in the Arena District on Friday... Luczyk says she's particularly disappointed in Republican Sen. Rob Portman for voting against background checks earlier this year.
But the majority of people at the rally ended up chanting "We love Portman."
The counter-rally was another demonstration of the organizational power of the Buckeye Firearms Foundation and the NRA, which quickly took control of the rally and the message.
"There's no reason for Mayors Against Illegal Guns to be in Ohio," said Linda Walker of the Buckeye Firearms Foundation. "Ohioans stand up for our constitutional rights and that's the way it's going to be."
After Luczyk addressed the crowd to some jeers and boos, Walker, with the crowd on her side, replaced her as a speaker.
This isn't surprising. While gun control proponents enjoy lukewarm support among the majority of Americans, the enthusiasm of gun owners and Second Amendment supporters usually wins out. That was the case with President Obama's background checks bill, and that continues to be the case all across the country

Striking Syria:The impact at home in the United States


Lions, gorillas and elephants aren't always photogenic on a safari



Assad: Risk of regional war if West strikes Syria


PARIS (AP) — France released an intelligence report on Monday alleging chemical weapons use by Syria's regime that dovetailed with similar U.S. claims, as President Bashar Assad warned that any military strike against his country would spark an uncontrollable regional war and spread "chaos and extremism."

The verbal crossfire, including a rejection of the Western allegations by longtime Syrian ally Russia, was part of frenzied efforts on both sides to court international public opinion after President Barack Obama said he would seek authorization from Congress before launching any military action against Assad's regime.

In an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro, Assad was quoted as saying that Syria has challenged the U.S. and France to provide proof to support their allegations, but that their leaders "have been incapable of doing that, including before their own peoples."

"If the Americans, the French or the British had a shred of proof, they would have shown it beginning on the first day," he said, deriding Obama as "weak" and having buckled to U.S. domestic political pressure.

"We believe that a strong man is one who prevents war, not one who inflames it," Assad said.
 If the U.S. and France strike, "Everyone will lose control of the situation ... Chaos and extremism will spread. The risk of a regional war exists," he added.                         READ STORY

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Chuck Todd reports on how the president changed his mind on seeking approval for a Syria missile strike     watch video