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As Democrats Dub DACA Decision ‘Heartless,’ Sanders Puts Them In Their Place With 3 Words

Democrats have once again bitten off more than they can chew after running their mouths about President Donald Trump’s DACA decision. Unfortunately 

The Civil War was Not for Slavery

Published on Jan 15, 2017

The Civil War was NOT a war for slavery rebuttal to Prager University video that falsely claims the Civil War was about slavery. More stories about banning the Confederate flag and removing other history at The reason slavery is the popular justification for the Civil War, is that it's the only way to excuse the gross amount of illegal actions taken by Lincoln for engaging in a war to prevent the Confederacy from having the right to govern themselves.

The Civil War was an illegal war, carried out by the North to retain America's biggest cash crops: cotton and tobacco, and to justify it, the North came up with one of the great lies of history. Sources in video: Prager University video: Lincoln's Comments on Blacks in the 4th Lincoln-Douglas Debate (Page 50)

From "The Daley Gator"

New York’s Dumbest Politicians Threaten To Sue Trump To Protect 42,000 Illegals – Right Scoop
New York is weighing in on Trump’s plan to obliterate Obama’s amnesty deal, and they ain’t happy. The governor, the mayor of NYC and the state attorney say they will sue to keep 42,000 illegal aliens in New York.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and Mayor Bill de Blasio have all vowed to sue President Trump if he ends an Obama-era program that protects immigrants from deportation if they were brought to the U.S. as children.
De Blasio, speaking at an event in the city, said, “We’re going to go to the courts to fight him, to stop him from taking away from the Dreamers their hopes.” Politico reported late Sunday that Trump was preparing to make an official announcement on the program’s cancellation on Tuesday, with a six-month delay in the decision’s enforcement.
I’m not sure under what argument they would sue for the illegals to stay. The “Dream Act” was actually an executive memo, not even an executive order, and could be rescinded by the whim of the next president…

Read about DACA at the diplomad (link below)

DACA accepts applications from qualifying illegal aliens who were 31 years old or younger on June 15, 2012. That means 36 year olds will be able to apply in 2017, provided they were 16 or under when they arrived in the United States. Clearly this was not a program aimed at protecting children from deportation



Why does the media even interview him or let him speak on camera ???? HE'S NOT PRESIDENT ANYMORE

Barack Obama Promised To Do One Thing That Will Tear America Apart

Barack Obama was a failed President.
He was also the most divisive President in our nation’s history.
Now he’s promising to take one horrible step that could tear the country apart.
Americans sent Donald Trump to Washington to dismantle Barack Obama’s failed legacy.
And since holding office he has taken a sledgehammer to Obama’s policies.
Next up on the chopping block is Obama’s DACA amnesty program that granted illegal executive amnesty to nearly one million illegal aliens.
In response to a pending court challenge by Texas and nine other states, the Trump administration announced they will terminate the program with a six-month delay.
Breitbart reported:
“Attorney General Jeff Sessions will brief reporters 11 a.m. on Tuesday about the administration’s decision to end the quasi-amnesty for young illegals imposed by former President Barack Obama in 2012.
By allowing Sessions to announce the decision instead of President Donald Trump, the administration is portraying the decision as a legal matter, not a political issue.
The so-called “DACA” amnesty is being closed down because it is legally indefensible, and because Trump campaigned on the promise to close down the amnesty.
Since 2012, Obama’s amnesty has provided work permits and legal documents to 800,000  younger illegals aged 15 to 36, allowing them to compete for jobs against Americans. The 800,000 illegals are part of a larger population of roughly 11 million illegal immigrants, of whom about 8 million hold jobs.
The 800,000 illegals are part of a larger population of roughly 11 million illegal immigrants, of whom about 8 million hold jobs, effectively reducing average wages for American employees.”
This enraged Obama.
He threatened to publicly criticize Trump over the decision.
Politico reported:
“Former President Barack Obama plans to speak out if President Donald Trump declares his intention to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, according to a person close to Obama.
Trump is expected to announce on Tuesday that in six months, he will terminate the Obama-era DACA initiative, which grants two-year work permits to undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and stayed out of trouble. POLITICO first reported the news.
Obama used executive actions to launch the program in June 2012, providing assurances before his re-election that he would protect the so-called “Dreamers.” Trump had suggested in the past that he didn’t want to deport Dreamers, saying in April that they should “rest easy,” but the immigration hawks in his administration have argued that DACA is an illegal program.
Obama’s current plan is to post a statement on Facebook and link to it on Twitter, where the former president has more than 94 million followers. In his final presidential press availability, he suggested that he would speak out if Trump went after the Dreamers — and that it was one of the few issues where he would feel morally compelled to do so. He said he would not remain silent in the face of “efforts to round up kids who have grown up here and for all practical purposes are American kids, and send them someplace else, when they love this country.”
It’s unheard of for a former President to criticize his successor in such a way.
George W. Bush famously remained silent for all eight years of Obama’s administration.
But in a time of heightened polarization – and when liberals are storming America’s streets and beating Trump supporters – Obama’s announcement will only enflame tensions and could lead to more violence.
Then Senator Obama on Illegal Immigration Dec 2005 Hypocrisy
longer version

 We all agree on the need to better secure the border and to punish employers who choose to hire illegal  immigrants. You know we are a generous  and welcoming people here in the United  States, but those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them,  disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are  following the law.

We simply cannot allow  people to pour into the United States  undetected, undocumented, unchecked and  circumventing the line of people who are  waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this  country 
Virgin Islands Allows National Guard To
Seize Guns, Ammo Ahead Of Hurricane
Irma Are they going to SHOOT all the
people so they won't die from the
hurricane ????????

U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp signed an emergency order allowing the seizure of private guns, ammunition, explosives and property the National Guard may need to respond to Hurricane Irma.
Mapp signed the order Monday in preparation for Hurricane Irma. The order allows the Adjutant General of the Virgin Islands to seize private property they believe necessary to protect the islands, subject to approval by the territory’s Justice Department.

Ted Nugent: Its Our Job To Shine A Spotlight On Cockroaches Across The Country The Alex Jones Channel

Published on Sep 5, 2017

Ted Nugent describes our responsibility to expose the anti-American actors throughout our entire country. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more.

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I would PAY to see this.....

Laughing at Stupid Things Liberals Say's post.

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The FBI Is Sitting On A Russia Scandal Bombshell That Will Decide Trump’s Fate

The investigation into the alleged ties between Trump and Russia has dragged on for one year.
Now it’s in the hands of special counsel Robert Mueller.
And the FBI may be sitting on a bombshell that could decide Trump’s fate.
The collusion narrative picked up steam in the so-called “mainstream” media when BuzzFeed published the Christopher Steele dossier.
Steele – an ex-British intelligence agent – was commissioned by the controversial Fusion GPS to put together opposition research on Trump.
The memo contained sensational claims about the Russians possessing compromising information on Trump, as well as allegations of collusion between Russian agents and Trump associates.
John McCain even had an intermediary pass the memo along to FBI Director James Comey.
The media thought they finally had the silver bullet to take down Trump.
There was just one big problem.
The memo was fake news.
But big questions still remain.
Did the FBI use the memo as the basis for their investigation into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia?
And was Steele on the FBI’s payroll?

If the answer to both of these questions is “yes”, then the investigation is a fraud and should be shut down immediately with Mueller issuing a report proclaiming Trump’s innocence.
Senator Chuck Grassley – chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is trying to obtain an answer to these questions.
But the FBI is stonewalling efforts to get at the truth.
Byron York wrote in The Washington Examiner:
“Senate investigators have had problems getting the FBI to reveal information about the Trump dossier. They’re not the only ones. Outside groups filing Freedom of Information Act requests are running up against a stone wall when it comes to the dossier.
On March 8, Judicial Watch filed a FOIA request for documents regarding the bureau’s contacts with Christopher Steele, the former British spy who dug for dirt in Russia on candidate Donald Trump in the months before the 2016 presidential election. Steele’s effort was commissioned by the oppo research firm Fusion GPS, which at the time was being paid by still-unidentified Democrats who supported Hillary Clinton. Just weeks before the election, the FBI reportedly agreed to support Steele’s oppo project — an extraordinary action in the midst of a campaign which Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said raised “questions about the FBI’s independence from politics…
The idea was that the records would shed light on the basic questions regarding the dossier. Just what did the FBI do? Why? And — this is very important to Grassley — did the FBI ever use the “salacious and unverified” (the words of former FBI Director James Comey) information in the dossier as a basis for applying for warrants to put Americans under surveillance?”
The FBI claims they can’t release the information in response to a Freedom of Information Act request because it would force them to confirm or deny the existence of an investigation.
But as Byron York points out, both of these letters were sent after former Director Comey publicly confirmed the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia.
Is the FBI covering up information that would prove Trump’s innocence?
Or is the FBI telling the truth about why they won’t release the information about their connections to Christopher Steele?


College Campus Event CANCELLED After Banana Peel Found Stuck in Tree is Deemed Offensive
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In the current hypersensitive world of university life in the United States, it often seems that administrators are so terrified of their students that they surrender all common sense in decision-making – and end up looking ridiculous.
And so it was that a joint fraternity and sorority event at the University of Mississippi, known as Ole Miss, was canceled amid much angst and alarm to address a crisis facing the students.
“To be clear, many members of our community were hurt, frightened, and upset by what occurred,” wrote Interim Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life Alexa Lee Arndt in an exchange of emails between “Greek life” leaders on the storied Oxford, Mississippi campus where William Faulkner, James Meredith, and John Grisham studied.

The cause of the emergency?

A banana peel was found hanging in a tree.

Once word of the offending fruit peel spread like wildfire through the campus, the ongoing “Greek life” retreat was canceled.
The leaders of the event released a statement filled with the overwrought hand-wringing of the oh-so-politically correct academia that has taken over colleges and universities around the country.
“Because of the underlying reality many students of color endure on a daily basis, the conversation manifested into a larger conversation about race relations today at the University of Mississippi. Many members of our community were hurt, frightened, and upset by what occurred.”
By a banana peel.

In fact, the offending object was thrown away by an Ole Miss student, Ryan Swanson, who confessed to the act, saying he couldn’t locate a trash can.
Makala McNeil, President of the historically all-black Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, said the college, “felt it was imperative to provide space immediately to students affected by this incident.”
She added that she and a friend were, “ just sort of paranoid for a second.”
The paper reported, “some students left the retreat in tears because they didn’t feel welcome or safe.”
Swanson, the student who triggered the crisis with his fruit littering, was suitably shamed, issuing a written apology and taking full responsibility for the “pain that was caused to members of our community.”
“I have much to learn,” he wrote, adopting the guilt foisted upon the unsuspecting members of the community who fail to see offense everywhere they look for it.

Do you feel college campuses have gone too far in fostering an atmosphere that promises to protect students from imagined hurts?

Who is the first state in nation to ban sanctuary cities? It’s official!  

We are all very well aware of how quickly sanctuary cities have gotten completely out of control, as former President Obama began the allowance of such cities.
Since cities have determined themselves to be “sanctuary” to those illegals who disobeyed our laws by entering this country, and even more shocking, came here to break criminal laws. Law and order have turned into chaos in these cities, to the point where local law enforcement refuse to comply with federal officials and handing over criminal illegal suspects to these federal agencies.
Well, enough is enough! The state of Texas has had its fill of sanctuary statuses in their cities and counties, and with help from his legislature, Governor Abbott signed a bill to fully ban sanctuary cities and to punish those local law enforcement who aid and abet criminal illegal aliens.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the State’s sanctuary city bill into law Sunday night during a Facebook Live event from his office. The new law is now the toughest anti-sanctuary city law in the United States and provides for criminal and civil penalties for police chiefs and sheriff’s that refuse to honor immigration detainers.
“Let’s be clear about something. We all support legal immigration. It helped to build America and Texas,” the governor said before signing the bill. “Legal immigration is different from harboring people who have committed dangerous crimes. This law cracks down on policies like the Travis County sheriff who declared she would not detain known criminals accused of violent crimes. Those policies are sanctuary city policies and won’t be tolerated in Texas.”
The bill, Senate Bill 4 by Senator Charles Perry (R-Lubbock), passed both chambers of the legislature before coming to Abbott’s desk for signature. The law will go into effect on September 1, 2017. This provides time for departments like the Travis County Sheriff’s Office to come into compliance…
Governor Abbott made the sanctuary city issue an emergency item for the Texas Legislature during his State of the State Address in January. The Texas Senate acted on the issue right away, passing SB4 in February. The bill went to the House where it sat until passage on April 27. The Senate confirmed the changes made by the House and sent the bill to Governor Abbott on May 3.
It is time that each and every state take a look at Governor Abbott’s law. He was easily able to work with both his house and senate to make this bill happen. By signing this bill, he has made it know to illegals, sanctuary cities, and local law enforcement that the rule of law is greater than their own personal viewpoints.
Well done, Texas!
Judge Jeanine: Sessions Needs to Open a Federal Investigation Into Hillary Clinton, Jim Comey

Published on Sep 3, 2017

In her Saturday opening statement on “Justice,” host Jeanine Pirro called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to open a federal criminal investigation into the actions of Hillary Clinton and former FBI Director Jim Comey because Comey began drafting a letter exonerating Clinton from any wrongdoing before the FBI investigation was complete. “Jeff Sessions needs to follow his prosecutorial instincts and open a federal criminal investigation into the actions of Hillary Rodham Clinton and impanel a grand jury immediately,” Pirro argued. She continued, “This woman should not get a free pass because she lost an election. Her reign was one of bold, brazen in your face pay-to-play corruption. And I’m not even talking about the hypocrisy of this so-called women’s rights activists which starts and ends with the women who accused her husband of wrongdoing and contributions to her foundation from countries that literally hate and kill women. Pirro then said it is “time to go after” Comey. “[J]im Comey — he needs to be the target of an active criminal investigation for obstruction of justice, conspiracy and perjury,” she demanded. “His prejudging an investigation before 17 witnesses and the target of that criminal investigation were even interviewed is the essence of public corruption. He lied to the senate judiciary committee when he said he only made the decision to not charge, which by the way was not his decision to make in the first place after the investigation was completed.”

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Proud Southern Deplorables
September 3 
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