Friday, August 6, 2021


Pompeo Says 'Collapse From Within Is Possible' In Dark Vision Of Nation's Potential Future Forbes Breaking News  July 30th 2021

In a speech Tuesday at the Ronald Reagan Library, former Secretary of State and potential 2024 presidential contender Mike Pompeo shared what he sees as destabilizing elements within the nation that he believes could lead to collapse.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are ‘truly pathetic’
Sky News Australia  8/5/21

Sky News host Alan Jones says the Biden administration is “truly pathetic”.“

The cognitively declining Joe Biden who cannot speak without an autocue and requires a cup of warm cocoa before bed,” 

Mr Jones said. “And then the ideologically dangerous Kamala Harris. 

“These two weak leaders, bending to the left, unfortunately lead the rest of the free world, which now seems to include other weak leaders.”

'Madam Speaker, You Are Not God!': Madison Cawthorn Decries Pelosi For Mask Mandate In House  Forbes Breaking News   July 30th 2021

On the House floor, Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) decried Speaker Pelosi for reinstating a mask mandate on members of the House and their staffs, accusing her of "medical apartheid."

BACK TO JULY 14th...DEMS Using military funds for ILLEGAL MIGRANTS yet had a FIT when Trump (legally) took funds from other places to build the wall...!!

ICE confirms Tucker's report on flights of illegal immigrants from military airport  JULY 14 2021  FOX NEWS

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host questions what other military resources are being spent on migrants. #FoxNews #Tucker