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 Now that President Joe Biden has officially announced that he is, in fact, running for reelection, it’s time for us to look back at the last three years of his presidency and ask ourselves: is Biden really worthy of getting another term in office?

Obviously, many are not happy with Biden's performance. Many would say that he is the worst president of their lifetime. As one colleague likes to loves to joke, Biden’s entire purpose as president is to make Jimmy Carter look good.

While we realize we’ve reduced our national politics to a series of pathetic and meaningless personality contests—Joe Biden says he should be president again because he’s not Donald Trump and Trump says the same thing about Biden—Joe Biden really does have a record.

That record is not so great when you look at it.

His supporters (who really are more opponents of Trump and the Republicans than they are believers in Biden’s agenda—whatever that is) will say that I’m being unfair.

As president, Biden took over a country eviscerated by the novel coronavirus from Wuhan, China, and was sworn into office during a literal insurrection. Not since Abraham Lincoln has a president faced such problems.

We should acknowledge that Biden did take over during a particularly tumultuous moment in modern American history.

Yet, every president goes through tough moments. Not just the big names we remember, like Abraham Lincoln or Franklin D. Roosevelt. So, too, did the lesser remembered presidents, like James Polk or Warren G. Harding.

Such is the nature of the office. Normally presidents don’t sit around crying about the tough hand they’ve been dealt. They just absorb the crises and try to resolve them.

Biden seems incapable of resolving much of anything. And when he’s not failing to find solutions to problems he inherited from his much-maligned predecessor, President Biden is making new problems for himself.

Hunter Biden Just Proved How Stupid 

He Really Is   Story by Brandon Weichert • 11h ago

Hunter Biden. Screenshot from YouTube.© Provided by 1945

How Far Will Joe Biden Go to Protect His Family? - The Hunter Biden corruption scandal deepens as Rep. James Comer (R-KY) of the House Oversight Committee continues deepening his probe into shady finances of the Biden family.

For years, President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has traveled the world with his hat in hand, begging for money from various international business leaders and heads of state.

Hunter apparently made no distinction between friend or foe. The First Son was an equal opportunity exploiter: on the one hand, he was taking gobs of cash from Ukraine. On the other hand, Hunter received a constant stream of money from America’s most significant challenger, China.

While we should be concerned about Hunter’s role in Ukraine, given how seriously the United States and its allies have courted nuclear world war with Russia over the future of Ukraine, Americans should be more concerned about how compromised by China Hunter Biden is.

What’s more, according to Rep. Comer’s investigation, it’s now more than just Hunter who is involved. Suspicions have abounded that both Hunter’s father—the President of the United States—as well as Hunter’s uncle have been involved in these illicit deals.

Now, it looks as if many more members of the Biden family were receiving cash from Hunter Biden and his associates involved in whatever suspicious international business practices Hunter was engaged in.

Hallie Biden is the widow of Beau Biden, Joe Biden’s other son, who previously served as a United States Army captain during the Iraq War and was a successful district attorney in Delaware. It was believed that Beau Biden would rise to become the Biden who made it to the White House. Alas, Beau’s life was cut short by a horrific bout of brain cancer.

At the time she had received that money, Hallie Biden was dating her brother-in-law, Hunter. I doubt that Hallie was involved in the “family business” while Beau was alive. Her weird dalliance with Hunter (again, her brother-in-law) likely led to her becoming part of whatever illicit dealings he was engaged in.

The evening the news broke about Hallie’s involvement with Chinese money via Hunter and his business associate, Rob Walker, President Joe Biden was having dinner with Hallie in Delaware. How much do you want to bet that President Biden wasn’t only visiting his daughter-in-law to reminisce about Beau and enjoy a nice, cooked meal?

He was likely coaching her about how to respond to the crisis and reassuring her.

Interestingly, the Chinese funny money “moved between Walker’s account and those of Biden family members while Joe Biden was still VP,” according to the New York Post. For all the talk about how Hunter Biden was an isolated incident or that the Republicans are just making up the claims about Hunter, it is obvious that this is a significant problem.

More importantly, every single member of the Biden family is somehow implicated in these activities—and the claims that Joe Biden was receiving ten percent of all these transactions become more disturbing.

Belt and Road vs. Build Back Better?

The Chinese energy firm that was supplying the Biden family with their money, CEFC China Energy, was a key player in China’s ongoing “Belt-and-Road” Initiative (BRI). This is President Xi Jinping’s plan to connect China with the rest of Eurasia (and Africa) via land and maritime routes that would allow for China to not be as reliant on trade routes which the United States Navy can threaten to deny China in the event of a geopolitical crisis between the two great powers.

The BRI has been a passion project for President Xi. It is China’s attempt to rewrite the international order by fundamentally changing their region to be more reflective of China and its interests.

So, CEFC China is more than just a gas company. CEFC China is a key player in a critical endeavor. By purchasing the cooperation (indeed, loyalty!) of key American politicians, such as Joe Biden, the Chinese ensure that the Americans will not get too much in their way as they seek to gobble up the world.

Just look at how empowered China has gotten since Biden was inaugurated in January 2021. Their economy continues to grow, despite the COVID-19 lockdowns and the collapse of one of their largest lenders, Evergreen. Xi Jinping has secured another term as supreme leader of China. Meanwhile, China continues bullying its neighbors all while the United States under Biden weakens China’s neighbor (and “frenemy”), the Russian Federation in the Ukraine War. It is true that President Biden has said some hawkish things about China. Yet, he continues pulling his punches with China. Why is this so?

As the United States dithers on whether to accommodate or deter China’s rise, the People’s Republic of China gets stronger. Beijing flagrantly moves against the United States and its allies in the region, too.

Joe Biden’s 5 Biggest Mistakes as President

Now, the Republican-controlled Congress is intensively examining every aspect of the Biden family finances and what they are finding would make any scandal that the Trump family supposedly engaged in while in office pale in comparison. The investigation has ensnared the Biden’s daughter-in-law; the widow of his beloved Beau, mother to his grandchildren. The House Republican investigation has found evidence implicating other members of the Biden family as well.

The story of Chinese malfeasance as it relates to Hunter Biden’s business activities is truly frightening and we are only just seeing the surface of this deep story. There are still many moves for President Biden to make to try to complicate the House investigation. Especially if the investigation risks destroying his family.

If everything that is being said about Biden is, in fact, true then he and his family are beholden to a rival foreign power and their secret is about to be revealed by the House GOP.

How far would President Biden go to protect his son, his daughter-in-law, the rest of his family, and himself? The answer to that just might tear the republic apart.

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When a PRECEDENT is set, it cannot be ignored!

Judicial Watch: Clinton Sock Drawer Audio Tape Case Exonerates Pres. Trump  
Tuesday, June 6, 2023 

 A decade old legal case that could exonerate former President Donald Trump has been buried by legacy media.

“Special counsel Jack Smith is terrified of the only standing legal case decision from a court concerning the Presidential Records Act,” said Chris Farrell, Director of Investigations at Judicial Watch.

The case Farrell is referring to is titled Judicial Watch v. National Archives and Records Administration – also known as the “Clinton sock drawer” case. Former President Bill Clinton created White House audio tapes with historian Taylor Branch and stored them in his sock drawer. Judicial Watch sued to obtain access to the tapes and lost.

“He took them from the White House with him into private life,” said Farrell. “There’s classified material on those tapes and arguably it’s the sort of running stream of consciousness record of Bill Clinton’s presidency. Pretty important stuff.”

Special counsel Jack Smith is currently investigating the 45th president for his handling of classified documents since departing the White House. But Farrell says the ruling in this specific case from 2012 exonerates Trump from any alleged wrongdoing.

“That the president had an absolute, unreviewable right to take any records or documents that he wants when he leaves office. “
“No one can come back and second guess or double think or ask questions about what the president elects to take with him,” Farrell continued.

In her ruling, Jackson wrote that “the President enjoys unconstrained authority to make decisions regarding the disposal of documents: ‘[a]lthough the President must notify the Archivist before disposing of records . . . neither the Archivist nor Congress has the authority to veto the President’s disposal decision.’”

Farrell points out that this ruling has existed without challenge or question for ten years.

“And that has been the standing law unchallenged for the United States for something like 10 or 11 years,” said Farrell. “No one challenged it – unreviewable absolute authority to take whatever [the president] wants and no one can second guess it.”