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Mural of George Zimmerman Shooting Trayvon Martin Unveiled in Florida State Capitol

A Miami artist has unveiled a painting of George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin in the Florida State Capitol,
Mural of George Zimmerman Shooting Trayvon Martin Unveiled at Florida State Capitol
Image source: WKMG-TV
Titled, “We Are All Trayvon Martin,” the painting shows Zimmerman firing a gun at a hoodie-wearing figure. The painting features a mirror to signify that the shooting could have happened to anyone. There is also an image of Martin Luther King Jr. with blood trickling down his head.
Artist Huong unveiled the creation during a sit-in to protest Florida’s so-called “stand your ground” law.
According to WFTS, Huong hopes the painting can be displayed in Washington, D.C.
A Florida jury last month acquitted Zimmerman of criminal charges in Martin’s 2012 death

Friday, August 9, 2013

Gosh, we just keep getting it wrong folks.
It seems that Obama meant something entirely different when he claimed that he killed bin Laden and saved Detroit.
Because, you know, like a lot of problems Obama has tried to tackle, the result has been the exact opposite of what we’ve been told.
In fact, Obama killed Detroit and saved Al Qaeda.
And it seems: he meant to do that, in the words of the immortal of poet of the Big Eighties, Pee Wee Herman.
But what can you expect from a guy who thinks the United States has 57 states, that port of Savannah resides on the Gulf of Mexico and China provides a model economy.
As community organizer, it seems, Obama rarely travelled outside of, say, West 26th Street and East 79th street in Chicago, at least mentally, politically and philosophically.
I’ll close Gitmo.
We don’t spy on Americans.
The economy is finally gaining traction.
Obamacare will reduce the deficit.
The new Egyptian government is democratic.
Welcome to Recovery Summer.
Green jobs are important to stimulate the economy.
We are not arming Al Qaeda.
Benghazi was a long time ago.
There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.
There is no sexual relationship.
I won’t bring up the point that the media rarely, if ever, calls Obama out on his faux pas… whoops, there I pointed it out and I didn’t mean to.
Ok, ok, I meant to do that.        View Full Article
Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert
By Jerry Holbert - August 09, 2013
NSA’s big phone spying win: One Somali cab driver
The Washington Post | Posted by: Matt Cover on
NSA Phone Records

He was a San Diego cab driver who fled Somalia as a teenager, winning asylum in the United States after he was wounded during fighting among warring tribes. Today, Basaaly Moalin, 36, is awaiting sentencing following his conviction on charges that he sent $8,500 to Somalia in support of the terrorist group al-Shabab.
Moalin’s prosecution, barely noticed when the case was in court, has suddenly come to the fore of a national debate about U.S. surveillance. Under pressure from Congress, senior intelligence officials have offered it as their primary example of the unique value of a National Security Agency program that collects tens of millions of phone records from Americans.
WATCH: Obama says you can’t have 100% privacy

 Officials have said that NSA surveillance tools have helped disrupt terrorist plots or identify suspects in 54 cases in the United States and overseas. In many of those cases, an agency program that targets the communication of foreigners, including e-mails, has proved critical.
But the importance of the phone logs in disrupting those plots has been less clear — and also far more controversial since it was revealed in June.



    Hunting licenses for drones up for vote in Colorado

    click above for video


    Marthas Vineyard tells obama "GO SOMEPLACE ELSE "

                 Martha’s Vineyarders Tell Obama to Find a New Vacation Spot
    obamalies  Martha’s Vineyard residents are expressing their fury over Pres. Obama’s upcoming vacation plans.

    The exclusive, quaint island just miles off the coast of Massachusetts has long been the vacation spot for the president and first family. While residents don’t often fuss over the president’s presence on the island, sentiment is quickly changing
      Martha’s Vineyard newspapers report that residents “can expect extraordinary delays and lengthy up-island detours, after Pres. Obama and his family arrive Saturday.”

    The Secret Service and other personnel will close South Road from Saturday afternoon until the president heads back to Washington on Aug. 18.

    Meeting house Road and Wooten Basset Road will also be closed to everyone except Obama’s security and emergency vehicles.

    “He really needs to find another place to go. He treats people here terribly,” said one resident.

    Chilmark town selectman and chairman of the board Warren Doty criticized Obama for his increasing narcissism, and the inconvenience it’s placed on the people of Martha’s Vineyard.

    “We’ve had the president come to our town three times and it’s been very cordial and there’s been very little disruption,” Doty said. “This would change that approach…and be very disruptive,” he added.

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    White student group slammed as a Nazi organization

    The Daily Caller | Posted by: Betsi Fores on



      A student at Georgia State University is garnering considerable negative publicity for his new group, the “White Student Union.”
      Patrick Sharp, a freshman at GSU, intends the club to function as a celebration of white culture. He said in an interview with WXIA-TV Atlanta that he is perfectly willing to work with other culture-specific clubs to host joint events. But critics on campus are already lambasting him for what some see as a Nazi organization.
      Soon after Sharp began promoting his group during the summer semester, flyers appeared all over campus labeling him a white supremacist — a term he vigorously denies.


      Wednesday, August 7, 2013

      How did I miss this ?

      obama_smirkObama Tells Teachers Not To Reprimand Black Students                                      


      Pres. Obama is asking public school teachers to “take it easy” on black students who misbehave.

      On July 26, 2012, Obama signed an Executive Order to create the African American Education Initiative. The order births a new federal bureaucracy and effectively offers black students a green light to misbehave at school.

      Obama asked public school teachers to reduce the number of disciplinary actions taken against black students. Specifically, it calls on schools to “not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools.”

      The order, however, does not include any suggestions to improve black students’ inappropriate behavior.

      Members of the new bureaucracy will work to pressure public school systems into complying with the president’s order. To do that, public schools must utilize a quota system.

      That’s right, a quota system.

      The U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics reports, “There is a huge crime rate disparity between blacks and other racial groups.”

      So, wouldn’t it make sense that black students were discipline more frequently?

      DOJ’s report shows that homicide rates in black communities are nine times higher than in white communities. Subsequently, 93 percent of black homicide victims are killed by black perpetrators.

      But Obama argues that disciplining black students isn’t fair because they “lack equal access” to quality education.

      Let’s look at the facts.

      Washington, D.C. spends the highest amount on average per student of any U.S. state or territory. D.C. public schools also “educate” more black students than anywhere else in the country. Despite D.C.’s “overfunding” public schools, they are “widely touted as the worst performing schools in the entire industrialized world.”

      Obama’s motives for this initiative are clearly flawed.

      Why would schools allow ANY student to misbehave, never mind only punishing certain students based on the color of their skin.

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      Make up your minds "Eagles"

      Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley
        By Steve Kelley - August 03, 2013

      thanx to AWD for this


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      Oh brother…just when you thought you’ve heard it all, you haven’t! Oprah had to weigh in regarding the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman brouhaha. Now, I know many of us are fed up with much of this type of BS…but, thought I’d share this with all of you anyway to see what you think about what she had to say and share your opinions regarding this matter.
      This is via TB:
      Oprah Winfrey says there is a clear “parallel” between the murders of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and 14-year-old Emmett Till in 1955.
      “In my mind, same thing,” she said.
      Oprah went on to say that people “can get stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward and to see how far we’ve come.”
      Martin was shot and killed in Sanford, Fla., following a violent altercation with George Zimmerman in February 2012. Zimmerman, who claims he shot Martin in self-defense, stood trial and was found not guilty on murder and manslaughter charges by a jury. At least two members of the jury have publicly stated there was simply not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman.
      In contrast, Till was savagely murdered by a group of white men in 1955 after he was spotted apparently flirting with a white woman.
      The men took Till to a barn, beat him viciously and gouged out one of his eyes before shooting him in the head and dumping his body in the Tallahatchie River in Mississippi.
      According to Oprah, that is the “same thing.” She is not; however, the first person to make the comparison.
      I thought the comments were really good
      Read more at angry white dude

      Why call it obamacare when it is obvious he DOES NOT care

      Get the Hook!

      Bill Murchison | Aug 06, 2013   
      The creeping insanity of the 21st century United States gets its latest affirmation in the news that Congress doesn't have to live under the laws it writes even when it claims the opposite.

      Yes, of course, this is about health care. Isn't everything about health care these days?
      Ah, well, back to cases. The law setting up Obamacare says lawmakers and their Washington, D.C. staffers must, like us peasants out there in the grasslands and forests, obtain coverage through the health care exchanges. (Meaning those relatively few exchanges actually being set up, but that's another issue.)
      Now the hammer falls. When Congress passed this thoughtful and imaginative legislation, it failed to specify how to make the federal government keep contributing to its members' premium costs, as the case is now and long has been. This dreadful oversight puts our representatives in jeopardy of living as their constituents live -- with hands thrust in pockets, searching for funds the government says they owe. No fair! This Obamacare thing was supposed to apply only to plain old citizens.
      Something had to be done. And it was. The administration last week informed our representatives that they might have to buy their insurance on exchanges, like everyone else, but that the federal government would help out with a big share of these unforeseen costs: as much as $11,000 a year for families. A couple of questions remain unresolved: 1) From what reserve does the money come? and 2) Under what lawful authority does the administration presume to raid that particular reserve to benefit members of Congress? View Full Article
      A few weeks ago, a former president and many of his Secret Service agents made a significant sacrifice on behalf of another young American that went largely unnoticed by most of the nation. Did you catch it?
      My friend and our 41st president, 89-year-old George H.W. Bush, in solidarity with his Secret Service detail, shaved his head for 2-year-old Patrick -- the son of one of Bush's former agents -- who has leukemia and is undergoing chemotherapy for it.
      The Bush Protective Division launched a website, at to help with Patrick's medical bills. It also is spearheading the inaugural Patrick's Pals Motorcycle Benefit Run on Aug. 10 in Kennebunkport, Maine, which is a 50-mile motorcycle ride through the countryside, with a lunch and silent auction to follow.
      When Bush decided to lose his hair in support of young Patrick, many of us were reminded of Bush's own precious and brave daughter Robin, who died from leukemia 60 years ago at age 3.
      George W. Bush was born first in 1946. Pauline Robinson Bush -- known as Robin -- was born second in 1949. She was diagnosed with leukemia right after her brother Jeb was born in 1953.
      Barbara Bush recollected those tough times during an interview with her granddaughter Jenna Bush Hager for the Today show. After Robin's prognosis, the former first lady said, the Bushes were told there was nothing they could do. A doctor said: "You don't do anything. She's going to die. ... My advice is to take her home, love her. In about two weeks, she'll be gone."
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      Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

      Monday, August 5, 2013


      The bad news is that governments do a lot of things they shouldn’t do. The good news is that I never run out of material.
      I’ve even created some sub-categories, such as my U.S. vs U.K. government stupidity contest and my great-moments-in-local-government series.
      But I never thought I would have a special category about bureaucrats vs. Bambi.
      1. Bureaucrats in Virginia filed three misdemeanor charges against a man for the horrible crime of rescuing a deer that was hit by a car.
      2. Bureaucrats in Maryland fined two men $90 each for not having life jackets when they had the gall to rescue a deer that fell through some ice.
      3. Bureaucrats in Indiana are threatening prison time for a family that rescued a baby deer from coyotes.
      The paper pushers of the world seem to harbor a special grudge against these harmless ruminants, since we now have another story about a baby deer. But this time, Bambi was the victim, not the family.
      Here are some of the unbelievable details from a local news report.
      Two weeks ago, Schulze was working in the barn at the Society of St. Francis on the Kenosha-Illinois border when a swarm of squad cars arrived and officers unloaded with a search warrant. “(There were) nine DNR agents and four deputy sheriffs, and they were all armed to the teeth,” Schulze said. The focus of their search was a baby fawn brought there by an Illinois family worried she had been abandoned by her mother.
      My first reaction when reading this was “what the @#$*?” Is he public sector really so bloated that 13 bureaucrats have nothing better to do than to serve a search warrant for a baby deer?
      And why on earth were they heavily armed? Were they expecting Osama Bin Bambi?
      But don’t answer yet, because it gets more absurd.         New York City imposed a $30,000 fine on a small shop        
      View Full Article         [click yellow copy for stories]

      I wonder if we kept count, white on black/ /black on white, what would the ratio be ?

      Did you hear about the seventeen-year-old Queens resident, Natasha Martinez, who was stabbed eleven times last week by a black male wearing a white hoodie?
      Yep, just a few days ago, as this young lady was walking home from her job at Mickey D’s, and right in front of her house, Natasha was jumped by a black dude in a white hoodie and suffered eleven stab wounds -- she is in serious condition. Her state was so grave the doctors at Jamaica Hospital had to remove her spleen and confiscate a vein from her leg and implant it into her arm.
      Back to my original question: Did you catch that story last week?
      You didn’t?
      Yeah, I didn’t think so.
      Now, don’t feel bad if you didn’t hear about it because very few people heard about this attempted murder because, I’m a guessin’, the knife wielder was a young black male dressed up like Obama’s son, in an angelic white hoodie. But hey, what the heck do I know? I’m a white devil.
       I saw jack squat from any major news sources like CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC or CBS. Indeed, there was a little local stuff but zilch coming from the national boys regarding this vicious, wicked, attack. Piers Morgan. Where are you buddy?
      No doubt though, if this column does go viral and it flushes the likes of the slick-haired Sharpton from whatever rotted
      log he’s living under, he’ll say,            


      Men to the left... #iltlaugh 



      Kerry Screws Up, Mistakenly Promises Pakistan To End Drone Strikes

      The Obama administration was forced into damage control on Thursday as officials attempted to walk back Secretary of State John Kerry’s pledge to end armed drone operations in Pakistan.
      During a diplomatic visit to Pakistan on Thursday, Kerry told Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that Washington plans to severely curtail and eventually end armed drone operations in the country.
      The move was geared toward an overall effort by the Obama administration to forge “a real partnership” between the White House and Islamabad, Kerry told reporters after his meeting with Sharif.
      “I think the [drone] program will end as we have eliminated most of the threat and continue to eliminate it,” Kerry said in an interview with Pakistani television.
      “I think the president has a very real timeline and we hope it’s going to be very, very soon,” the former Massachusetts senator added.
      Read more at The Hill. By Carlo Munoz