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Hypocrisy And Discrimination At MLK Commemoration


The dream that Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned for America 50 years ago this week has mostly been achieved. But regrettably, those who attempted to honor him on the anniversary of his iconic “I Have A Dream” speech, rather than honoring him,  tarnished his memory with a new kind of segregation and discrimination, based on ideology.
Dr. King declared, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of heir character.” With a black president, and several black congressmen and civic leaders in attendance, clearly the racial glass ceiling is shattered. And while there may be still a few pockets of actual racism around the country, electoral evidence on its own clearly signals the demise of racial discrimination in any systemic form.
But what was in evidence this week in Washington was a new version of discrimination, based on ideology. Where were the only black U.S. Senator, and the only black Supreme Court Justice? They were unceremoniously not invited. It clearly is not based on race, but based on ideology. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina is a Republican and is the only black senator, and he is one of only eight in history. Clarence Thomas is a conservative jurist, was appointed by a Republican president, and is only the second in history to hold that position. The only conceivable explanation for their exclusion is based on ideological alignment.
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The Great Unifier, Healer of Nations and a Man of Peace

John Ransom | Aug 31, 2013      

The great unifier, and Healer of Nations, has done it again.
Like the man He most wishes to emulate, Jesus H. Christ, Barack H. Obama is a man of peace.
Yet, in His wake He brings war.
He divides this house against itself: brother against brother, father against son and daughter against mother.
And now as His Team America, World Police gets ready to swing into action again-- now in Libya, now in the Sudan, now in Syria-- He has not forgotten the war on the Pharisees and the Scribes at home.
The all-knowing “Eye in the Sky” penetrates everything except for our thoughts.
That’s why it’s rendered on the great machinery the Republic: the dollar bill.
"The capabilities of the NSA are scary to people," the Great Healer says.
I think of it as a subtle warning from Him.
Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
The Apostle that loves Him most, Joe Biden, told us so:

He didn't have too much credibility to start with............

Analysis: Obama's credibility on line in reversal



WASHINGTON (AP) — For more than a week, the White House had been barreling toward imminent military action against Syria. But President Barack Obama's abrupt decision to instead ask Congress for permission left him with a high-risk gamble that could devastate his credibility if no action is ultimately taken in response to a deadly chemical weapons attack that crossed his own "red line."

The stunning reversal also raises questions about the president's decisiveness and could embolden leaders in Syria, Iran, North Korea and elsewhere, leaving them with the impression of a U.S. president unwilling to back up his words with actions.

The president, in a hastily announced statement Saturday in the White House Rose Garden, argued that he did in fact have the power to act on his own. But faced with the prospect of taking action opposed by many Americans, the commander in chief tried to shift the burden and instead round up partners on Capitol Hill to share in that responsibility.

"While I believe I have the authority to carry out this military action without specific congressional authorization, I know that the country will be stronger if we take this course, and our actions will be even more effective," Obama said. "We should have this debate."

The consequences for Obama's turnabout could be sweeping, both at home and abroad. If Congress votes against military action, it would mark a humiliating defeat for a second-term president already fighting to stay relevant and wield influence in Washington. It could also weaken his standing internationally at a time when there are already growing questions about the scope of American influence, particularly in the Arab world.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Missile strikes make weak presidents feel strong, but accomplish little else
Missile strikes make weak presidents feel strong, but accomplish little else
The president who claimed he would end “Bush’s wars” is preparing to start one of his own — in Syria. U.S., British and French naval forces are being gathered in the Eastern Mediterranean to punish Syrian despot Bashar Assad for crossing the Obama “red line” — again.
The carnage in Syria — 100,000-plus dead, 250,000 wounded, 2.3 million mostly civilian refugees — is a direct result of the O Team’s abysmal, feckless foreign policy.
It began with the president’s 2009 utopian speech in Cairo about an “Arab Spring” that did nothing to improve the condition of anyone in the “Arab World.” In fact, in all these countries, people are worse off.
Mr. Obama has consistently insulted and badgered the Israeli government. His demands that they abandon their right of self-defense and pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a “peace deal” with people who won’t even acknowledge Israel’s right to exist have encouraged our enemies, dismayed our allies, exacerbated tensions and driven up the price of oil.

The president’s “red line” bluster before Mr. Assad used chemical weapons the first time — and his phony promise to bring the perpetrators of the Benghazi terror attack last Sept. 11 “to justice” taught our adversaries an important lesson: Mr. Obama shoots from the lip.
Unfortunately, we no longer have the military power we did when the president came into office. Then we had 11 aircraft carriers. Today we have only six ready to deploy. Our Navy now has more admirals than warships.

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 By the time you read this Obama may have gotten his gun  off again.
And then the Liberal hypocrisy becomes complete.
That’s not to say that Obama’s a hypocrite; he’s just a demagogue. 
Other Liberals are hypocrites. They’ve gone from opposing the attack on Iraq over supposed WMDs because Bush proposed it, to supporting an attack on Syria over supposed WMDs because Obama proposes it.
I guess we’re just lucky that John Kerry was willing and able to report for this duty.
This is what you get when you have a Secretary of State who opposed two wars before he was for the one war he gets to start. I guess now he can claim he was right before he was wrong.
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Sentenced to death, but will it ever happen ?

 How many more Nidal Hasans in our ranks?

Michelle Malkin | 

hasan akbar   

    A military jury sentenced unrepentant Fort Hood jihadist Nidal Hasan to death on Wednesday. But if another murderous Muslim soldier’s case is any indication, Hasan may be sitting in the catbird seat for years to come. And our men and women in uniform will remain endangered by Islamic vigilantes in their own ranks.
    Remember Sgt. Hasan Akbar? On March 23, 2003, this hate-filled soldier with the 326th Engineer Battalion lobbed stolen hand grenades and shot his M-4 automatic rifle into three tents filled with sleeping commanding officers at the 101st Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade operations center in Kuwait. The grenade attack claimed the lives of two American patriots: Capt. Christopher Seifert and Maj. Gregory Stone.
    Like Hasan, the militant Muslim Akbar gave plenty of notice that he was a threat to his fellow servicemen. His bosses pegged him as a menace with an “attitude problem” well before the fragging. Despite several incidents of insubordination and prior invocation of his Islamic beliefs to skip out of the 1991 Persian Gulf War, Akbar’s superiors dispatched him to Kuwait on the eve of the invasion of Iraq — and put him in charge of clearing land mines. Sensitivity trumped soldier safety.
    At Akbar’s court martial, prosecutors read vengeful quotes from his diary, in which he vowed: “I am going to try and kill as many of them as possible,” and “My life will not be complete unless America is destroyed.” Eyewitnesses said that after his arrest he inveighed against his fellow troops: “You guys are coming into our countries, and you’re going to rape our women and kill our children.”
    This soldier of Allah, not America, was sentenced to death in April 2005 on two counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of premeditated attempted murder. But Hasan Akbar, unlike his victims, still lives. And so does his Koran-inspired hatred of our soldiers (a pathology addressed specifically in the slide presentation Nidal Hasan gave to his colleagues at Walter Reed Army Hospital).
    As I reported exclusively during the trial, Akbar stole a pair of scissors and stabbed an attending MP in the shoulder and neck. The judge downplayed the new attack as an “opportunistic stabbing.” Meanwhile, Akbar’s lawyers are using every opportunity to exploit the legal system. Eight years after his sentencing and 10 years after his jihad attack, Akbar’s case remains on appeal. It is likely headed for the Supreme Court — and even after that, no execution will take place until the president gives it a green light.
    I can guarantee you there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that the Obama administration, which deemed Nidal Hasan’s jihad at Fort Hood “workplace violence,” will be rushing to send Akbar to meet his 72 virgins anytime soon.
    You can also mark my words on this: Despite the blood-red flags and warnings of these soldiers of Allah, our feckless feds have done little to prevent the next Nidal Hasan or Hasan Akbar from striking again.
    Past al Qaeda-linked Muslim soldiers inside the U.S. military include:
    • Army soldier Ali Mohamed, who pleaded guilty to conspiring with Osama bin Laden to “attack any Western target in the Middle East” and admitted his role in the 1998 African embassy bombings.
    • Naval reservist Semi Osman, who was linked to a terrorist training camp in Oregon.
    Jeffrey Leon Battle, Army reservist who pleaded guilty to conspiring to levy war against the United States.
    • Navy sailor Hassan Abu-Jihaad (you read that right), who was convicted on espionage and material terrorism support charges after serving aboard the USS Benfold and sharing classified information with al-Qaida financiers, including movements of U.S. ships just six months after al-Qaida operatives had killed 17 Americans aboard the USS Cole in the port of Yemen.
    • U.S. Army Private First Class Naser Jason Abdo, an overt anti-American agitator who plotted to kill his fellow soldiers to “get even” with the military and strike at kafirs (non-Muslims).
    The common thread tying these infiltrators together? Nidal Hasan spelled it out for his deaf, dumb and willfully blind military superiors: “We love death more then [sic] you love life!” He recommended that the military allow Muslim soldiers “the option of being released” to “increase troop morale and decrease adverse events.” Hasan’s report was ignored by his superiors, excluded from his trial and goes unheeded at the Pentagon today. Political correctness is an American soldier of Allah’s best friend.

    and obama still wants to bomb them ??

    Experts: Don't bomb chemical weapon sites in Syria



    WASHINGTON (AP) — You simply can't safely bomb a chemical weapon storehouse into oblivion, experts say. That's why they say the United States is probably targeting something other than Syria's nerve agents.

    But now there is concern that bombing other sites could accidentally release dangerous chemical weapons that the U.S. military didn't know were there because they've lost track of some of the suspected nerve agents.

    Bombing stockpiles of chemical weapons — purposely or accidentally — would likely kill nearby civilians in an accidental nerve agent release, create a long-lasting environmental catastrophe or both, five experts told The Associated Press. That's because under ideal conditions — and conditions wouldn't be ideal in Syria — explosives would leave at least 20 to 30 percent of the poison in lethal form.

    "If you drop a conventional munition on a storage facility containing unknown chemical agents — and we don't know exactly what is where in the Syrian arsenal — some of those agents will be neutralized and some will be spread," said Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association, a nonprofit that focuses on all types of weaponry. "You are not going to destroy all of them."

    "It's a classic case of the cure being worse than the disease," Kimball said. He said some of the suspected storage sites are in or near major Syrian cities like Damascus, Homs and Hama. Those cities have a combined population of well over 2 million people.

    I wish the big "O" would keep his nose OUT of Syria

    Obama Considering "Limited, Narrow" Syria Action

    President Barack Obama said Friday he hasn't made a final decision about a military strike against Syria, but said he's considering a "limited, narrow" action in response to a chemical weapons attack that he says Syria's regime carried out last week. The president said the attack was a challenge to the world and threatens U.S. national security. Obama's comment came after Secretary of State John Kerry said that the U.S. government has "high confidence" that Syria's regime launched a chemical attack that killed 1,429 Syrians, including 426 children, in a Damascus suburb. He spoke of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad as a "thug and a murderer" and described the attack on Syrian civilians as a "crime against humanity." The White House released an intelligence report as Kerry spoke that cited a "large body of independent sources" in determining that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons in the attack. Meanwhile, U.N. inspectors finished collecting samples and evidence to determine whether chemical weapons were used in the Aug. 21 attack and will be leaving Syria on Saturday, a spokesman said.   WATCH VIDEO   

    Wednesday, August 28, 2013

    Colorado's Grassroots Revolt Against Gun-Grabbers
    While most Americans will be chillin' out, maxin' and relaxin' this Labor Day weekend, dedicated patriots in Colorado are hard at work preparing for a groundbreaking special election day with nationwide repercussions. George Washington would be proud.
    On September 10, Democratic legislator and state Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs faces a citizen recall for his sellout to New York anti-gun special interests, for his betrayal of transparency and accountability to constituents, and for his destructive economic policies that are driving thousands of jobs away. Also up for recall: Democratic legislator Angela Giron of Pueblo.
    In March, Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper signed his left-wing colleagues' sweeping package of gun- and ammo-control measures -- pushed not by Coloradans, but by gun-grabbing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the anti-Second Amendment Brady bunch and the White House. Vice President Joe Biden inserted himself into my adopted home state's legislative process, phoning up swing Democratic legislators to lobby for the bills personally.
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    Soldier sentenced to death for Fort Hood shooting



    FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) — A military jury sentenced Maj. Nidal Hasan to death on Wednesday for the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, giving the Army psychiatrist what he believed would be a path to martyrdom in the attack on unarmed fellow soldiers.

    The American-born Muslim, who has said he acted to protect Islamic insurgents abroad from American aggression, never denied being the gunman. In opening statements, he acknowledged to the jury that he pulled the trigger in a crowded waiting room where troops were getting final medical checkups before deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The same jurors who convicted Hasan last week had just two options: either agree unanimously that Hasan should die or watch the 42-year-old get an automatic sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole.

    Hasan had no visible reaction when the verdict was read Wednesday, staring first at the jury forewoman and then at the judge.

    Officials said he will be taken back to a county jail and then transported on the first available military flight to the military prison at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. The timing on the flight wasn't immediately clear.

    Hasan could become the first American soldier executed in more than half a century. But because the military justice system requires a lengthy appeals process, years or even decades could pass before he is put to death.

    The lead prosecutor assured jurors that Hasan would "never be a martyr" despite his attempt to tie the attack to religion.

    Death sentences are rare in the military, which has just five other prisoners on death row. The cases trigger a long appeals process. And the president must give final authorization before any service member is executed. No American soldier has been executed since 1961              . 

    Associated Press writer Will Weissert contributed to this report from Fort Hood.

    Tuesday, August 27, 2013

    The dolphins possibly ??

    Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail
    By Robert Ariail - August 26, 2013


    Jesse Jackson: ‘Tea Party Is Resurrection of the
    Jesse Jackson has no doubt that on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, Republican opposition to President Obama’s policies is motivated by racial animus reminiscent of the Civil War-era South. “The tea party is the resurrection of the Confederacy, it’s the Fort Sumter tea party,” Jackson told Politico’s Glenn Thrush.
    Jackson, who Thrush describes as the man “who more than anyone occupies the no man’s land between his mentor King and Obama,” is “absolutely” convinced that attempts to thwart the president’s agenda are motivated by his race.
    The question “To what degree is the partisan gridlock that is frustrating his attempts to govern racially driven?” is one that President Obama himself is “begging to ask,” according Taylor Branch, the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of a triology on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The president can’t publicly broach the topic, Branch said, because “the slightest mention of race could alienate the millions of white Americans who voted for him.”
    The half-dozen aides Thrush interviewed for the article disagree with this assessment, saying that they have never heard Obama suggest that race is a factor in the opposition he faces from the GOP. “Bill Clinton was a white guy from the country, and they were just as vituperative,” said one. “But I don’t know what the president thinks about it

    Chris Christie’s latest unpresidential tirade

    Chris Christie's intemperate words

    Chris Christie's intemperate words
    The New Jersey governor didn't look very presidential when he unleashed unkind words about a sports reporter. read  story    

    Officials examine a dolphin that washed ashore in New York. (Reuters)

    East Coast dolphin die-off caused by measles-like virus, scientists say

    More than 350 bottlenose dolphins, the largest number in 25 years, have washed ashore on Atlantic beaches.
  1. watch slide show
  2. Sould we really be involved ? Another war ?

    White House: Chemical attack requires response

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is making a legal argument for undertaking a military response to the use of chemical weapons against civilians in Syria, but says any action taken against the Syrian regime is not intended to depose Syrian President Bashar Assad.

    White House spokesman Jay Carney said the United States and 188 other nations are signatories to a chemical weapons convention opposing the use of such weapons. He says those countries have a stake in ensuring that international norms must be respected. Carney says that there must be a response to a clear violation of those norms.

    But Carney says, quote, "The options we are considering are not about regime change."

    He says a change in Syria's leadership must occur through political negotiations.

    Now don't be racially profiling !!!..just because he and his friend beat an old man to death, doesn't mean he's a bad kid...does it ?

    2nd teen in court following death of WWII veteran


    Demetrius Glenn, left, a teen that allegedly took part in the robbery and beating of 88-year-old World War II veteran Delbert Belton, listens to his lawyer, Christian J. Phelps, before a first appearance via video teleconference in District Court in Spokane, Wash., Monday, Aug. 26, 2013. Glenn, who will be charged as an adult, is charged with first-degree murder and first-degree robbery and was ordered held on $2 million bail. (AP Photo/The Spokesman-Review) COEUR D'ALENE PRESS Full Story

    Whites don't belong in America says latino KKK

    Another reason for deporting all the "illegals" We don't need this kind of nonsense.

    Monday, August 26, 2013

    You mean the "transparent " government

    Is the mainstream media turning a blind eye to recent scandals, including Benghazi, the IRS and the NSA
    Political Cartoons by Glenn Foden

    Another post from AWD....This needs to be seen and read, so in case some out there DON'T read AWD, here it is..........



    So much to say…so little time. Anyway, caught this yesterday and wanted to see what your opinion of this is while I had the chance to do so. – I’m cutting directly to the chase here…be forewarned, there’s a word used here that’s not allowed on AWD’s site.
    As many of you may know by now, Dr. James David Manning has always told it like it is! In this instance he goes directly to the point for anyone that will listen to him, and he did so again recently. Leftist-loons of all races should take heed to the wisdom of his words….but we know they won’t…they see only what they want to see, period!
    This is a must read, must watch. – No words minced here…whatsoever!
    USA: A Hate Crime to use the N-Word, F-Word, or Sodomite

    So, if you read and watched this, what do you think about what he had to say? Is he right? Do you like the examples he puts forth time and again regarding the hypocrisy from the left side of the aisle for the completion of their various agendas?
    We need more like Manning…no doubt about that. Yet we know the msm will ignore him too…as usual!
    What say you?…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

    Political Cartoons by Gary McCoy  By Gary McCoy - August 25, 2013         

    Be careful where you swim or play in fresh water, especially in Florida

    Florida Boy Brain Dead by Waterborne Parasite
    Florida Boy Brain Dead by Waterborne Parasitewatch video

    Of course Powell said the verdict was questionable, HE'S BLACK !

    Powell: Trayvon Martin verdict 'questionable'

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Secretary of State Colin Powell called the jury verdict that cleared the killer of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin "questionable" and urged President Barack Obama to speak more on issues of race during an interview that aired Sunday.

    "I'd like to see him be more passionate about race questions," Powell said of Obama, whom he endorsed during the 2008 and 2012 presidential election.
    "For the president to speak out on it is appropriate. I think all leaders, black and white, should speak out on this issue," the Republican added.

    Powell spoke with CBS' "Face the Nation."
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    reposting from ANGRY WHITE DUDE


    Ya gotta love this news! It seems the ‘Million Muslim March’ on 9/11 will be confronted with some major competition! That’s right folks, have you heard about the ’2 Million Bikers March’ planned on the same day, same place? If not, you will now. See which faction you would put your money on when it comes to attendance during the day.
    Now, when it comes to how the majority of the msm covers this event as it takes place will be a different matter…but that’s another story for another day. Personally, I just hope isn’t ignored as they tend to do if it doesn’t fit their leftist agenda!
    You can read this in full here, 
    Can’t you just hear those motors roaring…’Rolling Thunder’ comes to mind! – I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if there will more than two million riders when all is said and done…how ’bout you?
    This news tickles me pink. The fight is on big time! – So, what do you think about all of this?
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    Zurich begins experiment with drive-in 'sex boxes'

    In this Saturday, Aug. 24, 2013 photo, a poster hangs in an open, wooden, garage-style “sex box” in Zurich, Switzerland. Prostitutes will be concentrated in a small city park built for more than USD $2 million in the Altstetten area of Zurich. It officially opens for business Monday. Prostitution is legal in Switzerland, but Zurich restricts it to certain areas, and is experimenting with the drive-in facilities to relocate the activity and improve safety and sanitation. The public had its first view of the completed facilities on Saturday. (AP Photo/John Heilprin)
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    Convicted Fort Hood gunman begins sentencing phase

     FILE - This undated file photo provided by the Bell County Sheriff's Department shows Maj. Nidal Hasan. Hasan has been convicted of murder for the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood that killed 13 people and wounded more than 30 others. Hasan and many of his victims seem to want the same thing - his death. But while survivors and relatives of the dead view lethal injection as justice, the Army psychiatrist appears to see it as something else - martyrdom. (AP Photo/Bell County Sheriff's Department, File)
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    Sunday, August 25, 2013

    I believe Americans, by and large, do have sympathy for any person or group who’ve had life deal them a bad hand. However, young black thugs, you’ve got to work with us a little bit because you’re kind of operating against the storyline the aforementioned are singing about y’all, and thus, making it difficult for us to soulfully commiserate. Of what, pray tell, do I speak?Well, homeslice, it goes something like this: For us to give a crap about your below-par existence we’d like to hear less and less about…- Your ghastly grades in school- Your ridiculous dropout rates- Your colossal out of wedlock birthrates- Your embracing of a musical culture that celebrates the shooting of cops and doing filthy, vile things to someone’s daughter - Your love affair with drugs and alcohol- Your #hatethem tweets aimed at white people - Your flash mobbing and robbing places and people - Your audacity to blame everybody and their dog for your odious behavior - And your ginormous, misplaced racial chip on your shoulder Yes, if you could/would chill on some of that stuff, well … That’d be great. That would make us crackers think, “Hey, maybe you’re serious about getting out of the ditch you’re in.”           View Full Article

    Movie "the butler" banned at war vets theaters

    Kentucky man refuses to screen movie  at his theaters because of jane fondas role               watch video
    'Butler' Banned at 2 Theaters



    Syria agrees to UN chemical weapons investigation


    Black columns of smoke rise from heavy shelling in the Jobar neighborhood, east of Damascus, Syria, Sunday, Aug. 25, 2013. Syria reached an agreement with the United Nations on Sunday to allow a U.N. team of experts to visit the site of alleged chemical weapons attacks last week outside Damascus, state media said. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar) Full Story

    New details about Austrailian college student killed by "bored " teens case, in Oklahoma


                                       watch video