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Asking 4 year olds to identify "RACIST" family members ??

DC elementary school gave 4-year-olds ‘anti-racism’ ‘fistbook’ asking them to identify racist family members Published May 2, 2022 By Jessica Chasmar , Kelly Laco | Fox News

'It’s not your fault for having white privilege, but it is your fault if you choose to ignore it,' a presentation told kids in Pre-K through 3rd grade

A public elementary school in Washington, D.C., gave children as young as 4 a lesson on "anti-racism" that asked them to identify racist members of their family.

According to a Nov. 30 letter from Janney Elementary School Principal Danielle Singh, students in Pre-K through 3rd grade participated in an "Anti-Racism Fight Club" presentation by speaker Doyin Richards.

"As part of this work, each student has a fist book to help continue the dialogue at school and home,"
Singh’s letter stated, linking to Richards’ presentation. "We recognize that any time we engage topics such as race and equity, we may experience a variety of emotions. This is a normal part of the learning and growing process. As a school community we want to continue the dialogue with our students and understand this is just the beginning."

Richards’ "Anti-Racism Fight Club Fistbook for Kids" explains that "white people are a part of a society that benefits them in almost every instance," and that "it’s as if white people walk around with an invisible force field because they hold all of the power in America."

"If you are a white person, white privilege is something you were born with and it simply means that your life is not more difficult due to the color of your skin," the "Fistbook for Kids" explains. "Put differently, it’s not your fault for having white privilege, but it is your fault if you choose to ignore it."

The "Fistbook for Kids" says anti-racism "isn’t a spectator sport" but requires "being loud, uncomfortable, confrontational and visible to ensure change is made."

A series of questions in the book asks children, "Where do you see racism in yourself? This requires true soul-searching. Be real with yourself, don’t feel guilt/shame and own it. It’s the first step in becoming an anti-racist."

Under a section titled, "How to deal with racism from loved ones," the book teaches children that "just because someone is older than you doesn’t mean that they’re right all of the time."

"If you hate Kaepernick now, you’d hate Dr. King if he was alive today," it argues. "And do you know what’s funny? In 50 years from now, white people will probably talk glowingly of Kaepernick as they are with Dr. King now. Stop using his quotes to benefit your racism."

DC Public Schools told Fox News Digital in a statement that the original "Fistbook" was not shared with students.

"DC Public Schools provides joyful and rigorous academic experiences for our students and is committed to advancing educational equity," the district said. "In December, a resource link with this content was shared in a parent newsletter at one of our schools. It is not part of our DCPS curriculum and was not shared with students," the district said, referring to Richards’ guide for adults.

Commenters claiming to be parents at Janney Elementary complained about the Nov. 30 presentation and the "Fistbook for Kids" on the "DC Urban Moms and Dads" online forum.

"Anyone else’s Kindergarten kid freaked out by an anti-racism assembly today? My kid needed to sleep with a light on and the door open tonight," one person posted anonymously. "Anyone know what specifically was talked about? My kid couldn’t relay much except that she was scared."

The district declined to answer Fox News Digital’s inquiry about the "Fistbook for Kids" and whether the Nov. 30 presentation for students ages 4-9 was mandatory.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Pelosi, Schiff and a few others meet with the Ukraine president and DECLARE WAR ON RUSSIA in the name of the Ukraine. They promise the funding and equipment

Tucker: This is why Democrats are taking us to war with Russia   Fox News   May 2nd 2022

Fox News host gives his take on the real motivation behind U.S. involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #Tucker

Biden's record on this is chilling: Turley   Fox News

Fox News contributor reacts to the president's efforts to police 'disinformation' on 'America Reports.' #FoxNews #AmericaReports

T**d W***s 3 days ago.... The most truth spoken in Media in the last two years, it's shocking to me that Tucker hasn't been canceled yet.

Tucker: We are at war with Russia  Fox News

"The people in charge have decided their primary job is telling you who you should hate". You nailed it, Tucker. And people fall for it. No historical memory, no analysis, no skepticism, no pushback. Just blindly swallowing the narrative. Unbelievable and tragic

Fox News host reflects on the U.S. response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #Tucker



Gingrich: Biden’s ‘disinformation board’ would totally violate Constitution   Fox News   Today

Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich on the Biden administration establishing a new disinformation governance board. #FoxNews

Bongino: Biden's presidency is 'apocalyptic'   Fox News   7hrs ago

'Unfiltered' host Dan Bongino reveals the real source of censorship and shares President Biden's report card.#FoxNews #OneNation

Sunday, May 1, 2022

I'm posting the WHOLE article so you don't have to click away to see it all...IT'S ALL RIGHT HERE !!

New Film Alleges 2020 Was Stolen, 2000 Felonies Prove It   Kevin McCullough  Posted: May 01, 2022

After May 7, 2022 there will exist a dynamic in the nation that has not since America woke up on the morning after the election in 2020.

Simply put, we were right.

By “we” I’m referring to everyone from the harshest critic of the “vote fraud” crowds but who in the back of their mind couldn’t have confidence in the oft repeated lie “most secure election in history,” to people just like you and me who had the audacity to ask about it and were told to shut up, sit down, or we’d be cancelled.

The premiere of Dinesh D’Souza’s brand new film 2000 Mules will this week provide the basis for that validation (as most people still believe it) and also provide the basis for law enforcement to begin arresting people.

“What’s the basis for these claims McCullough?”

Again put simply enough for Joe Biden to read correctly on a note card: Geo-Tracking & 4.3 million minutes from state-owned surveillance footage.

So for the skeptics think about this level of proof, the property of the state the crimes took place in demonstrating hundreds of thousands of felonies. No explanation needed the evidence exists and literally speaks for itself.

Now add to that the same Geo Tracking techniques used by law enforcement in recent years to be able to solve unsolved murder cold cases. But instead of murderers True The Vote has utilized the same technology by one of the leading investigators on the planet to prove—not a theory—but the facts of who did it but also how it was done.

As I regularly am asked to do, I was given access to screen the film. It came the day after the producers screened it for President Trump. And as someone who has heard every theory, heard about every possible anomaly and publicly and openly asked questions—there are no more questions. Case closed.

Quick note on that too. Those other theories, from Chinese hacking, to episodic fraud, to anomalies like Trump losing his race up ballot while his coattails swept record numbers into lower offices—none of these are invalidated by this film. They may or may not find their day in the sun.

What I am saying without reservation and with absolute science and evidence supporting it—using the evidence in the film from only a handful of regional locations from only some of the states in question—Biden clearly lost.

And just to make sure that the possibility for false positives didn’t ping as evidence, True The Vote, raised the standard of proof—ten times—beyond what they would be required to prove in a court of law. In other words they voluntarily made proving the guilt ten times as hard as is necessary to prove the criminality. Ten times the standard, ten times harder to prove, ten times less likely to find that proof. Yet they found enough to prove Biden’s loss. (By the way, when you lower the bar from ten times the legal standard to merely five times the standard and again only in the five regions and not the entire states—Biden loses the popular vote, and every swing state in question. Hmm just like some map I saw somewhere once upon a time.)

On May 2nd and May 4th you may witness this film in select theaters nationwide. On May 7th (for the less brave) you can view a virtual premiere live, with an assembled roundtable of the scientists involved following the screening proper.

Tickets aren’t being sold at the individual box offices and you won’t be able to know which theater it’s at in the movie complex until you show up on the 2nd and 4th to protect innocent theater workers from the harassment they would have to endure leading up to the debut. Tickets and information for the virtual debut are only available at 2000mules.com.

The genuine bottom line comes on May 8.

How many state’s boards of elections will receive calls from citizens demanding answers? How many states’ Attorneys General will be opening investigations to bring the 2000 individual mules to justice? And the non-profits who supplied them with what they needed? Will charges be brought against Zuckerberg for dreaming up this outlandishly illegal scheme to put drop boxes in heavily theft friendly districts to begin with?

A scheme, I might add, that judges in multiple states have already deemed unconstitutional.

Geo Tracking is as reliable as finger prints or DNA. The millions of minutes of footage comes from the state’s own cameras. The bar to prove was set impossibly high. And even still, the evidence has been found, and is able to be proven.

So what now? What comes next?

We are in unchartered territory and the Constitution gives little resource except to punish those involved. As D’Souza told my radio audience last night, Lance Armstrong was forced to give up the fruits of his cheating—he lost his championships.

In American history we’ve never faced this moment before.

It’s unreasonable to believe that a partisan guided Justice Department would get involved to oust the boss who appointed all of them.

I’ve never believed the wild haired rumors that Biden was going to be removed and Trump installed. Certainly however those involved should be punished harshly. This was an attempt to undo the will of the people. State leaders who weakened safe guards on vote integrity in every state MUST pay! people must—as the good people of the commonwealth of Virginia showed to us in 2021—resolutely take our sovereignty back.

And now we have the irrefutable proof to do so!

Salem Media is the executive producer of the film 2000 Mules.

The New York Times Series Attacking Tucker Carlson Buried a Pretty Important Disclaimer By Rebecca Downs   Posted: Apr 30, 2022

On Saturday morning, The New York Times engaged in quite the hackery against Fox News' Tucker Carlson with "American Nationalist." It's not just a hit piece, but an entire series, written by Nicholas Confessore, who is also a commentator for MSNBC. That Confessore is so involved with a direct competitor of Fox News is not mentioned until more than halfway through the first part of the series, which by itself is over 8,000 words. A source close to the matter confirmed for Townhall that Confessore had been working on the piece for a year.

Here's how it was referenced, close to 50 paragraphs into the story:

At “Crossfire,” Mr. Carlson told colleagues he felt overproduced and trapped by the rigid left-right debate format. The show was drawing dwindling audiences, and after it was canceled in early 2005, he moved to MSNBC with a new show, “The Situation With Tucker Carlson.” (The writer of this article is an MSNBC contributor.) Mr. Carlson dropped his signature bow tie and took an even sharper turn against immigration, adopting the resentful, combative language of the Republican Party’s increasingly vocal nativist wing. “We didn’t take our lands from Mexico,” said Henry Miller’s great-great-great-grandson, adding: “This is our country. That is their country.”

It's an afterthought. It literally appears as a paranthesis a reader might miss if not reading carefully enough.

The first part, "How Tucker Carlson Stoked White Fear to Conquer Cable," discusses Carlson's background in journalism and broadcasting. It also includes details about his painful family history, particularly to do with his late mother. This may make readers uncomfortable and have them wondering at times why include it at all.

A significant portion of the piece takes place under the header of "Unhumble Beginnings," including this excerpt that arguably provides some context to Carlson's life today.

Mr. Carlson was a heavy drinker until his 30s, something he has attributed in part to his early childhood. But by his own account, his mother’s abandonment also provided him with a kind of pre-emptive defense against the attacks that have rained down on his Fox show. “Criticism from people who hate me doesn’t really mean anything to me,” Mr. Carlson told Megyn Kelly, the former Fox anchor, on her podcast last fall. He went on to say: “I’m not giving those people emotional control over me. I’ve been through that. I lived through that as a child.” One lesson from his youth, Mr. Carlson told one interviewer, was that “you should only care about the opinions of people who care about you.”

Such is not the only mention of Carlson's late mother, though.

There isn't merely an overabundance of personal details in the first part, though. Again, Confessore's aim here is to portray Carlson as a racist. Confessore claims the host "regularly disparages Black women as stupid or undeserving of their positions." Among them is Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who Confessore does not mention has encouraged violence with her rhetoric and faced calls to be censured, though with Democrats in control, such efforts from last April were unsuccessful.

Another is Vice President Kamala Harris, whose high unfavorable ratings are not mentioned. And another is Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), whose history of anti-Semitism is also not mentioned.


The mere fact that the Vice President has the authority to challenge the electoral votes of any state he deems were unlawful, is enough to stop the president elect from being confirmed. Saying the GOP was involved in interfering with the election is not true, they were using their RIGHTS as elected officials to question the votes from problematic states

Evidence mounts of GOP involvement in Trump election schemes   By FARNOUSH AMIRI, Associated Press - 6h ago 

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rioters who smashed their way into the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, succeeded — at least temporarily — in delaying the certification of Joe Biden’s election to the White House.

Hours before, Rep. Jim Jordan had been trying to achieve the same thing.

Texting with then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, a close ally and friend, at nearly midnight on Jan. 5, Jordan offered a legal rationale for what President Donald Trump was publicly demanding — that Vice President Mike Pence, in his ceremonial role presiding over the electoral count, somehow assert the authority to reject electors from Biden-won states.

Pence “should call out all electoral votes that he believes are unconstitutional as no electoral votes at all,” Jordan wrote.

"I have pushed for this," Meadows replied. “Not sure it is going to happen.”

The text exchange, in an April 22 court filing from the congressional panel investigating the Jan. 6 riot, is in a batch of startling evidence that shows the deep involvement of some House Republicans in Trump’s desperate attempt to stay in power. A review of the evidence finds new details about how, long before the attack on the Capitol unfolded, several GOP lawmakers were participating directly in Trump's campaign to reverse the results of a free and fair election.