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Marine who blasted military leaders over Afghanistan withdrawal expected to plead guilty  Virginia Aabram  Tue, October 12, 2021

A Marine officer who posted a video criticizing military leaders over the chaotic pullout of U.S. forces from Afghanistan will plead guilty to charges but will argue for favorable discharge, according to one of his lawyers.

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is set to appear for a court-martial hearing on Thursday and faces charges, including disrespecting commissioned officers, disobeying a superior commissioned officer, and dereliction of duties.

His lawyer, Tim Parlatore, told the Washington Post on Tuesday they hope for a general or honorable discharge rather than dishonorable discharge. Scheller also wants to avoid jail time.

“Our hope is for him to get a letter of reprimand, and no more,” Parlatore said.

In addition, the lawyer said the exact details of a pretrial agreement are “still up in the air.”

In August, Scheller posted a video in uniform demanding accountability from military higher-ups after an explosion at Kabul's airport killed 13 U.S. service members and roughly 170 Afghans.

After Scheller posted the video, he was removed from his role as commander of the Advanced Infantry Training Battalion at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. His hearing will take place at Camp Lejeune. He was in confinementt until being released earlier this month following outcry from Republican lawmakers.

WELL....Who in hell didn't know this...?? ESPECIALLY little girls...!!

''Everybody knows I like kids better than people': Quotes of the week  by Washington Examiner Staff|  | October 16, 2021

With Congress on a break, this week's quotes of the week are somewhat more eclectic — ranging from Paul McCartney explaining who really broke up the Beatles, to Jon Gruden resigning as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders because of leaked emails, to Joe Rogan challenging CNN, to President Joe Biden admitting he prefers children to "people."


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Judicial Watch

The wheels of justice grind slow—much to the exasperation of, well, everybody. In April 2019, Attorney General William Barr appointed federal prosecutor John Durham to get to the bottom of the Russia mess: the sensational allegations, both before and after Donald Trump’s November 2016 presidential election victory, of Trump connections to dirty Russian money, dirty players, and dirty deeds.



Advice from Larry.

Everyone concentrates on the problems we're having in Our Country lately:
Illegal immigration, hurricane recovery, alligators attacking people in Florida

Not me -- I concentrate on solutions for the problems -- it's a win-win situation.
* Dig a moat the length of the Mexican border.
* Send the dirt to New Orleans to raise the level of the levees.
* Put the Florida alligators in the moat along the Mexican border.
Any other problems you would like for me to solve today?
Think about this:
1. Cows
2. The Constitution
3. The Ten Commandments
COWS: is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Canada almost three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the state of Washington? And, they tracked her calves to their stalls. But they are unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wandering around our country. Maybe we should give each of them a cow.
They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq ...
Why don't we just give them ours?
It was written by a lot of really smart guys.
It worked for over 200 years,
and we're not using it anymore.
The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments posted in a courthouse is:
You cannot post:
'Thou Shalt Not Steal'
'Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery'
'Thou Shall Not Lie'
in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians.
It creates a hostile work environment.
Also, think about this...
If you don't want to forward this for fear of offending someone-- YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!


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Tucker: Nothing like this has ever happened in our country  Oct 6, 2021  Fox News

Fox News

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host blasts the Justice Departments for targeting powerless parents.

JUST IN: GOP Senator Introduces Anti-Vaccine Mandate Bill On Senate Floor  Oct 5, 2021  Forbes Breaking News

Forbes Breaking News

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) proposes a bill that exempts people with personal health concerns from President Biden's vaccine mandate on the Senate floor.

From "ninety miles from tyranny".

“Without identifying a single false fact contained in the video reports — and in one instance, apparently without even bothering to review the video at all — Defendants publicly announced that Stossel’s reporting had failed a ‘fact-check.'”

Former ABC And Fox Business Host John Stossel Hits Facebook With $2 Million Defamation Lawsuit Over Fact-Check Labels Applied To His Videos
Josh Berger  September 28, 2021

Former ABC News and Fox Business hostJohn Stossel has hit Facebook with a $2 million lawsuit alleging that the social media company defamed him by appending fact-checking labels to videos he made and posted on the platform.

According to the lawsuit filed on Wednesday the 22nd of September, the storied journalist  is suing Facebook and fact-checking organisations Science Feedback and Climate Feedback, who fact-check labelled two of Stossel’s videos that discussed climate change shared by the television personality to his over 1 million followers.

“Stossel posted on Facebook two short video reports in which he interviewed experts in the climate change arena about facts and data that Defendants concede are true,” reads the document, noting that the videos in question were titled “Government Fueled Fires” and “Are We Doomed?

“Government Fueled Fires”, which came in at under five minutes in length, saw the former TV host discussing “the massive forest fires that were ravaging California in 2020, and reported on several reasons cited by politicians, scientists, and environmentalists as the cause of the fires.”

What’s interesting is that, as detailed in the lawsuit, Stossel does acknowledge in the video that climate change is one of the contributing factors to forest fires, but counter-proposed that it was not the main reason behind last year’s California fires.


Unfortunately, the "revolution" is being waged by the WRONG side..!! If you want to call them "revolutionaries". Most of the actions are being carried out by ANTIFA or BLM. When regular AMERICANS demonstrate against the government, they are arrested and charged with INSURRECTION, have all their rights taken away and are held w/out DUE PROCESS for months, (without being charged)...!!!!!

Revolution has come to America
Americans are losing their liberty not to invading armies from China or Russia, or even to terrorists from Al-Qaeda, but to domestic revolutionaries.

(October 10, 2021 / JNS) How does a nation lose its freedom? One way, of course, is through foreign conquest. History is filled with examples of nations being subjugated and enslaved by foreign tyranny. Today, in the United States, Americans are not losing their liberty to a foreign power, but to domestic revolutionaries.

The revolutionaries are willing to use force, as they showed in the summer of 2020 when they burned and looted their way through U.S. cities. But generally speaking, their weapon is not the gun or the jackboot, but demonization and intimidation. And now, with the Biden administration firmly ensconced in power, they move forward with their revolution with the firm backing of the state and its weapons of repression and criminalization.

Last month the revolutionaries and the administration converged before the cameras at a meeting between Vice President Kamala Harris and students at George Mason University in Virginia.

Harris might have been expected to call the student out for promoting anti-Semitic and anti-American blood libels. But she didn’t. Instead, Harris empowered the young bigot. She said she was “glad” the student had shared her views. “This is about the fact that your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth, should not be suppressed and it must be heard, right? And one of the things we’re fighting for in a democracy, right?”

There are two ways to understand Harris’s behavior, and they can both be true at the same time. It’s possible that Harris was intimidated. She didn’t want to get into a confrontation with a delicate crybully who talked about her hurting heart. Telling off whiny revolutionaries doesn’t film well. In fact, more often than not, it leads to one’s cancellation in society.

Consider the plight of professor Dorian Abbot. A renowned geophysicist at the University of Chicago, Abbot was invited to present MIT’s prestigious Carlson lecture later this month. But when word got out that Abbot was coming to campus, the revolutionaries at MIT demanded that the invitation be rescinded.

It turns out that Abbot is guilty of expressing wrong thoughts. He opposes academic discrimination against white students on the basis of their skin color. Like Harris, MIT administrators decided it would be better to give in to the revolutionary mob than to stand up for their students’ right to learn from Abbot.

The wrongthink mobs who reign supreme in most U.S. campuses have spread their tentacles to the political realm. This week, revolutionaries in Arizona hounded moderate Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in a public bathroom. They chastised and threatened her while she sat in a stall, and as she washed her hands in the sink. Sinema was deemed deserving of hectoring in the ladies’ room because she opposes the revolutionaries’ $3.5 trillion social engineering budget for 2022.

No one wants to say it out loud, else they are deemed radicals or just plain CRAZY..! BUT deep down, most everyone knows the truth., they just won't admit it..!!!

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Presses Steve Scalise: ‘Do You Think The Election Was Stolen?’  BY JOHN HANSON OCTOBER 11, 2021 

On Sunday, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise was asked more than once during an interview if he believed the 2020 election was “stolen” from former President Donald Trump. This occurred as Scalise was defending states that are pushing for election reform laws.

Scalise made his remarks during “Fox News Sunday” with host Chris Wallace.

Steve Scalise on Fox News Sunday repeatedly refuses to acknowledge that the 2020 election was not stolen from Donald Trump

Wallace said to Scalise, “Do you think the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump? And in continuing to make that charge — not having states do election reforms, but specifically making this charge that the election was stolen — do you think that hurts, undermines American democracy?”

Scalise replied, “Chris, I’ve been very clear from the beginning. If you look at a number of states, they didn’t follow their state-passed laws that govern the election for president.”

Judicial Watch
NEW: The wheels of justice grind slow—much to the exasperation of, well, everybody. In April 2019, Attorney General William Barr appointed federal prosecutor John Durham to get to the bottom of the Russia mess: the sensational allegations, both before and after Donald Trump’s November 2016 presidential election victory, of Trump connections to dirty Russian money, dirty players, and dirty deeds.

 Judicial Watch  October 9 at 2:00 PM

Judicial Watch Weekend Highlight: Judicial Watch announced that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of State for records related to an investigation into the origins of COVID by the Bureau of Arms Control and Verification (AVC).

Maybe this video will stay up....It's "RUMBLE" not you tube

Tucker Gives Monologue for the Ages on Biden’s Divisive ‘Purge’ of Unvaccinated Americans from Society  by Kyle Becker about an hour ago

Tucker Carlson on Monday night unleashed a monologue for the ages. The Fox News primetime host’s timely message is a political touchstone for much of what is wrong with Biden’s America.

The host broke down the Biden White House’s “purge” of the unvaccinated from society as an unprecedented vendetta in American history. It is not a noble agenda driven by a concern over public health, but rather an illogical and reckless drive for political power, he argued.

Tucker opened by referencing a speech Joe Biden gave outside of Chicago, Illinois that was attended by billionaire Governor J.B. Pritzker. In the speech, Biden made a number of unscientific claims in the course of demonizing millions of Americans that do not intend to get the Covid-19 shots.

“Joe Biden showed up at a construction site in Illinois last Thursday to explain what a terrific job he’s been doing,” he began. “Biden’s poll numbers, you may have noticed, have declined recently, not just by a little bit, but by such a dramatic margin that some prominent Democrats are openly worried about it. The midterms are in a year.”

“So the point of last week’s appearance outside Chicago was to remind all of us in the country that our perceptions of Biden’s performance are silly and baseless,” he said. “Actually, Joe Biden is a great president. He’s totally aware of what’s happening. He’s completely on top of things. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s got your well-being at heart. Not the narrow economic interests of some soulless multinational corporation that hates America and your family. No, you! Because Joe Biden is awesome.”

“And to prove it. Biden talked at length about the COVID vaccine,” Tucker said. “His greatest achievement, he said. Now, strangely, Biden didn’t say a lot about the vaccine itself. He did note that if you get the shot, you could not spread COVID to other people. And if there were doctors in the audience, they might have been confused because that is ridiculously and provably untrue. Of course, the vaccinated can spread COVID, and they do.”


Monday, October 11, 2021

 FARRELL: Concerned Parents Are Not National Security Threats   CHRIS FARRELL  Oct. 8th 2021

The Biden administration’s legal assault on concerned parents of school-aged children is quickly turning into a political education for the White House.

On Monday the Justice Department announced that Attorney General Garland directed the FBI and U.S. Attorneys’ Offices to conduct meetings with federal, state, tribal, territorial and local law enforcement leaders to discuss strategies for addressing an alleged “increase in harassment, intimidation and threats of violence against school board members, teachers and workers in our nation’s public schools.” The DOJ also noted “additional efforts” would be pursued, including a broad-based task force (including the National Security Division) that is being formed to “determine how federal enforcement tools can be used to prosecute these crimes,” or to assist local law enforcement “where threats of violence may not constitute federal crimes.”

Garland’s memo was an apparent response to a request from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) that the Biden administration classify “these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials” as a form of “domestic terrorism” and prosecute those found guilty under the PATRIOT Act and federal hate crimes legislation.

Calling parents exercising their right to confront smug educrats at public hearings “domestic terrorism” would be laughable if it wasn’t another example of the concerted attempt by progressives to criminalize dissent from their radical program. And it is alarming that these opponents of the First Amendment appear to have Joe Biden’s backing.

Using the FBI to police local school board meetings is a disturbing example of federal overreach. One can imagine what the Justice Department’s “additional efforts” could include – surveillance, subpoenas, infiltration, questioning, intimidation, entrapment, enlisting informants, rifling through emails and financial records, the full panoply of investigative methods usually reserved for organized crime mobsters or genuine threats to national security. These methods were never ever intended to be used against parents alarmed that their impressionable middle schoolers are being exposed to graphic sexual material.

The NSBA’s attitude seems to be typical of the education mandarins who are not accustomed to being challenged and are convinced that they know best what children need. Whether it is critical race theory, explicit sexual techniques, pandemic restrictions, math being racist or general anti-Americanism, parents and taxpayers are supposed to just shut up and let the public education establishment mold their kids into compliant little cogs in the machine.

Groups like the NSBA form an important part of the Democratic base, and for years progressive educators have been crafting curricula to indoctrinate children with their worldview. Yet during the pandemic, many parents were exposed via Zoom to what was being taught behind closed doors, which has sparked the current outpouring of concern and civic involvement.

Met with pushback, educators called in the feds, and the White House complied. But this attempt to intimidate parents has been met with a barrage of criticism, questions and threats of investigation. Important questions of conflict of interest are being raised regarding Attorney General Garland’s son-in-law Xan Tanner, a co-founder of Panorama Education, a consultancy that has pulled down multi-million dollar contracts with schools to “support equity professional development for school teams, and social-emotional staff to work directly with departments and school-based teams.” Panorama appears to be one of the many companies formed to take advantage of the flood of cash directed towards supporting the woke education bureaucracy. Perhaps a special task force should be assembled to investigate this waste of taxpayer money.

The White House may soon regret going down the road of diverting the FBI from more important law enforcement issues to harass parents. Joe Biden’s sagging approval ratings are already a drag on Democratic down-ballot political fortunes, and this issue strikes at the heart of family life in politically competitive suburban districts. It is bad politics to side against activists in the sensible center.

The impact may first be felt in the surprisingly competitive Virginia gubernatorial race, where Democratic nominee and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe stumbled in a debate by declaring, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin pounced on McAuliffe’s tone-deaf statement, making the school curriculum issue a potentially deciding factor in the race. McAuliffe complained in a recent Zoom call with supporters that Biden’s weak numbers are hurting his chances in November, but the former governor is doing his best to lose all on his own and has yet to denounce the FBI’s new anti-parent mission

Inserting federal law enforcement into local school matters further makes the case for systematic reforms of the politicized FBI and the Justice Department. The next Congress – presumably Republican – should closely investigate how this program was implemented, which parents were subjected to FBI harassment, and exposing the links between policymakers and education pressure groups. The next president – probably also Republican — should move swiftly to clean out those bureaucrats and agents who have been nurtured in the kind of toxic environment that views concerned parents as national security threats. It is increasingly clear who the real domestic terrorists are.

Chris Farrell is director of investigations and research for Judicial Watch, a nonprofit government watchdog. He is a former military intelligence officer.

 government watchdog. He is a former military intelligence officer.