Saturday, March 26, 2016

I wish they would stop articles like this, we all know this is never going to happen.....

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The federal investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails may, according to some sources, be nearing an end. The general sentiment inside the FBI is to indict her. But the G-Men are running into an obstacle: the Obama Justice Department. And that stonewalling might see the FBI director resign in . . .

Friday, March 25, 2016

If it takes the KKK to keep these statues and flags, then SO BE IT ! !

Removal of Confederate symbols turns nasty in New Orleans
By CAIN BURDEAU, Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS — Backlash against a plan to remove prominent Confederate monuments in New Orleans has been tinged by death threats, intimidation and even what may have been the torching of a contractor's Lamborghini.

For now, at least, things have gotten so nasty the city hasn't found a contractor willing to bear the risk of tearing down the monuments. The city doesn't have its own equipment to move them and is now in talks to find a company, even discussing doing the work at night to avoid further tumult.
Initially, it appeared the monuments would be removed quickly after the majority black City Council on Dec. 17 voted 6-1 to approve the mayor's plan to take them down. The monuments, including towering figures of Gens. Robert E. Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard, have long been viewed by many here as symbols of racism and white supremacy.


New Allegations Could Trigger American Civil War

You may think that the headline for this article is exaggeration, that it simply sensationalism for the purpose of getting your attention. And, while it’s true, I do want you to read this, I assure you that this headline is no exaggeration, and my selfish reason that I want you to read this is for your good and for the good of our children and their children. New allegations really could trigger a new civil war if people hear them and understand what is happening in our country.
The allegations have to do with the death of Robert “LaVoy” Finicium, a leader in the recent standoff in Oregon over Federal lands. Dennis Michael Lynch writes,
“An FBI agent is suspected of lying about firing twice at Robert “LaVoy” Finicium and may have gotten help from four other FBI agents in covering up afterward, authorities revealed Tuesday.
“The bullets didn’t hit Finicum and didn’t contribute to his death, but now all five unnamed agents, part of an elite national unit, are under criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department. Inspector General Michael Horowitz is leading the independent inquiry.
“The remarkable disclosure came as a team of local investigators released findings that two state troopers shot Finicium three times in the back during the chaotic scene at a police roadblock Jan. 26. One bullet pierced his heart, an autopsy showed.
“A prosecutor ruled the fatal shooting was legally justified, saying state law allows use of deadly force when officers believe a person is about to seriously injure or kill someone. Finicum kept moving his hands toward a pocket that contained a loaded handgun. Although he was shot from behind, Finicum had a trooper in front of him armed with a Taser who was thought to be in danger.” (hat tip to here for the story)
You may say, “So what? The guy who is suspected of lying didn’t hit Finicium with his shots.” And you would be right about those particular facts, but the question is: Why did the guy lie, and why are all five agents who were at the incident at which Finicium was killed being investigated?
Some, including Finicium’s daughter, have already alleged that Finicium was shot in cold blood while trying to surrender, that he was not resisting officers. This would be murder, and, if the American people actually find out what happened and realize what this means for us as Americans, it’s possible that an L.A. riots situation, the kind that happened after the acquittal of the police officers involved in the Rodney King incident, could happen nationwide.
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Whizz Bang! Watch how these natural ingredients can make gunpowder
Cody is the real deal. He's a hardcore prepper who walks the talk on a large tract on land in the middle of nowhere. He even has his own mine. 
So he has a need for gunpowder. And being a smart, self-reliant guy, he worked out a way to make it that keeps him largely independent of stores and other people. 
This is real SHTF prepping. It's a combination of doggedness and smarts. 


Trump aide fulfills threat to 'spill the beans' on Heidi Cruz
The Hill Jesse Byrnes1 hr ago  

© Provided by The Hill Trump revs up Heidi Cruz attacks

An aide to Donald Trump on Friday fulfilled the businessman's threat to "spill the beans" on Republican presidential rival Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi.
Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson rattled off a list of attacks three days after Trump first made the threat.
"Spilling the beans is quite simple when it comes to Heidi Cruz," Pierson said in an  interview with MSNBC's Steve Kornacki.
"She is a Bush operative; she worked for the architect of NAFTA, which has killed millions of jobs in this country; she was a member on the Council on Foreign Relations who in Sen. Cruz's own words, called a nest of snakes that seeks to undermine national sovereignty; and she's been working for Goldman Sachs, the same global bank that Ted Cruz left off of his financial disclosure," Pierson said.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Glenn Beck Makes the Case That Obama Is More ‘Passionate’ About Defeating the GOP Than the Islamic State
Mar. 24, 2016  Tré Goins-Phillips

Glenn Beck Makes the Case That Obama Is More ‘Passionate’ About Defeating the GOP Than the Islamic State
Glenn Beck took to radio Thursday morning to make the case that President Barack Obama is more “passionate” about defeating his Republican “enemies” than dealing with the Islamic State.

Beck’s criticism came after many called out the presidentor failing to return to the White House from his trips to Cuba and Argentina in order to focus solely on Tuesday’s deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels. Instead, Obama attended a baseball game in Cuba with President Raúl Castro and danced the tango at a state dinner in Argentina.

During his radio broadcast, Beck played audio from the commander in chief’s response to the
attacks in the Belgian capital and his strategy to defeat the Islamic State.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Close call: VA worker reinstated with back pay after missing time due to being in prison for armed robbery  March 22, 2016 by Jazz Shaw   (Daily Caller)

The VA is a place where people tend to somehow magically fail upward. By that I simply mean that workers at all levels can be caught up in any sort of malfeasance or incompetence and not only retain their jobs, but apparently profit from their actions. We’ve told you the story of the executive who ran her department into the ground and was punished with a plush gig in the Philippines. Then there was the Albany, New York administrator who was found to have drugs addicts on staff who were stealing the medication of the veterans and was fired, but somehow got her job back at full pay. And, of course, who could forget the Arizona VA chiefs who cooked up the scheme to keep veterans on phony waiting lists where some of them literally died without seeing a doctor, but will keep their positions with full pay and benefits for as much as two more years. But today we may finally have the story which tilts the pinball machine once and for all.
This one takes place down in Puerto Rico where one diligent VA worker found herself unable to report to work for an extended period of time. She was held up, you see, by an inconvenient inability to get a pass out of prison to make it into the office. (Daily Caller)


GETTING DIRTY...............Threat AFTER nude photo appeared

Cruz: Trump Threatened My Wife Because 'He Got Clobbered in Utah'

GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz said Wednesday Donald Trump's Twitter threat to "spill the beans" on his wife Heidi "speaks volumes" about the front-runner's character, and stems from unhappiness over Trump's loss to him in Utah's primary election.
"He got clobbered in Utah," the Texas senator told NBC's Savannah Guthrie on the "Today" show. "The way he tries to change the subject is by lashing out and attacking my wife. Now, I'm not going to stoop to that level, but Donald is in real trouble," said Cruz, pointing out that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has endorsed him.
Tuesday, Trump made his threats after the Make America Awesome super PAC released ads in Utah showing a nude photograph of his wife from a 2000 photo spread for British GQ magazine.
"Donald is a bully," Cruz told Guthrie. "And I told him last night, 'Don't you try to attack my wife.'"
And Cruz reiterated Wednesday that he had nothing to do with the ad featuring Trump's wife.

By allowing "black lives matter" to do this makes them appear to be a legitament group when they are really a bunh of CRIMINALS

“Black Lives Matter” is Planning Nationwide Violence Against this Republican Candidate

The racist hate group "Black Lives Matter" is planning nationwide violent insurrection against Donald Trump.
After a physical mob forced Trump to cancel a pre-primary rally in Illinois, where national TV cameras captured protesters throwing punches and storming an arena set to host a Trump rally, "Black Lives Matter" is scheming to double-down by creating unrest at future Trump rallies across the country.
This dangerous group is counting on favorable media coverage, which blames professional troublemakers attending Trump rallies with the sole intention of engaging in violent outbursts against the candidate himself.
This news also confirms Trump’s declaration that the protesters at his rallies are not appearing spontaneously, but that they are an organized effort by the left to discredit the candidate who poses the biggest threat to their culture of victim-hood and grievance politics.


Some people are assholes and some of them go out of their way to PROVE it......

UND prof. calls 911 over unloaded rifles used by ROTC, threatens more calls


File this under “Educated Idiots Posing as Educators.”  On Tuesday, Campus Reform reported that Heidi Czerwiec, a professor at the University of North Dakota (UND), went ballistic when she saw two ROTC cadets with rifles on their way to a routine exercise.
“I look up from my office computer to see two figures in camo with guns outside my window,” she wrote in a letter to the Grand Forks Herald. “My first thought is for my students’ and my safety: I grab my phone, crawl under my desk and call 911. The dispatcher keeps me on the line until someone can see if ROTC is doing maneuvers.”


Look at the picture and then YOU tell me who is to blame.......

Conservative backlash: Could this college soon be closing its doors?

Fall marks crunch time for every university in America as seniors finish comparing schools and make their final decision on which school they will attend and pay tuition to.
But as the leaves were changing at the University of Missouri last November, the school became the focus of national news media when the campus erupted in racially charged protests.

Breitbart reports:
Following last year’s protests, the University of Missouri has seen a 20% decline in freshman enrollment for its incoming class, and is now operating with a $32 million deficit…


Can we trust Paul Ryan ?.....CAN WE TRUST ANYONE IN WASHINGTON ?

Keep House Speaker Paul Ryan Honest: TAKE ACTION!

Tell Speaker Paul Ryan and Republicans in Congress Conservatives Want ACTION (1-866-220-0044): 
  1. Tell Speaker Paul Ryan: STOP OBAMA OR GO HOME!
  2. Tell Speaker Ryan: NO AMNESTY!
  3. Speaker Ryan: We Demand You Take The No Amnesty Pledge.
  4. Petition to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: NO Trick Votes on Obamacare.

DEPENDS ON HOW MUCH FAITH YOU PUT IN "Department of Homeland Security".! !....ME..... Not so much

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Two videos today. One is from the Brussels airport as the bomb went off. The other is from the Department of Homeland Security.
One shows what can happen when your guard is down. The other reminds you what to watch out for.
Just because the explosions on Monday were in Europe, doesn't mean we're safe here. Terrorists mimic. They work in webs, stretched across the world. The jihad is international and it could be plotting in a basement near you. 
Train yourself to look for signs of terrorism. Train yourself to look for exits. Train yourself to fight your instincts if you're caught in a situation.
Scour our website. We have dozens of articles that can help you.
And please, take care out there. 

     Click here to learn more       
The stupidity of the young people today....I'm sure the schools don't teach history like they did when I was in school, BUT.....I feel sorry for the U.S. because some of these idiots may someday wind up "running the country". GOD HELP US................

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Crazed Liberals Behead Trump
A disturbing new video of a liberal group beheading a Donald Trump piñata has surfaced. Just imagine the outrage if it had been Obama's face on that piñata instead of Trump's...   


Monday, March 21, 2016

COWARDS....threaten FAMILY, not Trump himself..........

Details on Threat Against Trump’s Son
Police and the FBI are investigating a threatening letter sent to the Manhattan apartment of Donald Trump’s son Eric that contained a white powder, two law enforcement officials said Friday.

Preliminary tests on the substance in the envelope sent to Eric Trump’s apartment Thursday indicated it was not hazardous, according to the officials. They were not authorized to disclose details of the threat and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The handwritten letter was postmarked March 5 from Boston and referenced Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

The letter said: “If your father does not drop out of the race, the next envelope won’t be a fake.” It was signed “X,” according to one of the law enforcement officials, who had seen the letter.

In a statement, the New York Police Department confirmed that it had responded to a Trump building overlooking Central Park to investigate a suspicious letter received by a tenant but didn’t name the recipient.

Eric Trump, 32, is one of five children of businessman and Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. He has been actively campaigning for his father.

Donald Trump’s representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Source: AP


Republicans Must Demand Law and Order or the Left Will Steal the Election
By George Rasley, CHQ Editor
As our friend (and Trump supporter) Diana West has pointed out, “Nothing, but nothing, Donald Trump has said from his podium about protestors disrupting his rallies drives the anti-USA agendas of these Leftist groups." Nor did it inspire them to organize the mobs that interrupted the democratic process in Chicago, blocked traffic in Phoenix and rioted in Salt Lake City. This is a well-thought-out attempt by a well-organized and well-funded revolutionary group to use violence to influence the political process in our country – and that’s the textbook definition of a revolution.

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Conservatives are raising the alarm over the record of Obama's Supreme Court pick, Merrick Garland.

Already, the Capitol Hill GOP gang is looking like it will roll over on its promise to hold out against an Obama choice. They're saying that this guy is way less liberal than anything Hillary would pick.

Their faith in a Republican victory this November is obviously low! After handing us two successive Obama Administrations, they still think they know best!
Merrick Garland, is currently chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. He has a long record of siding with government agencies, the pro-abortion lobby, and he's decidedly anti-gun when it comes to the Second Amendment. 
No one doubts he's smart. But he's not a Constitutionalist like Scalia. Read more about him and make your own mind up. 
Click here to learn more

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Speech At Donald Trump Rally Phoenix Arizona

Protesters Shut Down Highway Leading To Trump Rally In Arizona

These "protesters" should all be arrested and fined and jailed for blocking a major highway. they can protest all they want at the polls by voting AGAINST Trump, but not by inconveniencing their neighbors and fellow citizens

#TrumpRallyArizonaDemonstrators protesting Republican presidential contender Donald Trump took to the streets across the U.S. near Phoenix, ArizSaturday, with one incident temporarily shutting down a highway leading to a campaign rally for the candidate