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VIRAL MOMENT: Rand Paul unleashes LITANY of earmarks grilling Biden OMB nominee  Forbes Breaking News 3/4/2021

Sen. Rand Paul unleashed a litany of earmarks while grilling Biden nominee Shalanda Young

JUST IN: Marjorie Taylor Greene issues WARNING for Democrats    3/3/2021  Forbes Breaking News

Forbes Breaking News

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene warns demoRats their policies will cost them in 2022
Tucker Carlson reacts to Pelosi's strange new phrase
Fox News 2/6/2921

'Open Biden?' Tucker Carlson breaks down Nancy Pelosi's strange opening conference statement#FoxNews #Tucker


This principal may be MORE relevant today than in 1791, I feel the TYRANNY creeping up 

GEE...Where did they get the shirts.? Could it be help from the.................................USA..?

Number of Illegal Border Crossings Now 6 Times What Obama Team Considered ‘Crisis’  By Kelly  -Mar 5, 2021

By a recent estimate, roughly 6,000 people illegally cross the border into the U.S. per day. This is six times the number that the Obama administration would have considered a “crisis.”

There is a catastrophic crisis that could add another quarter of a million to the population of illegal aliens in this country in less than a year.

According to former officials in the Obama administration, the standard for a border crisis was 1,000 attempted crossings a day. Who was on the team that set that standard? President Joe Biden—then vice president—and Alejandro Mayorkas, then deputy secretary, and now secretary, of homeland security.

When the Trump administration ended, the U.S. was deporting more people than were illegally coming into the country. In less than a month under Biden, the number of people illegally coming into the country is more than 6,000 per day—that’s six times the crisis level as set by the Obama team.

According to a source with knowledge of what’s happening at our southern border, the Border Patrol, in one day, encountered 4,700 people trying to illegally enter the U.S. About another 900 were observed but not detained. In addition, another 400 were detained and sent back. This volume is straining resources at the border.

And it is not just the numbers. This is fueling a public health crisis. One source in the Department of Homeland Security estimates 15%-25% of people who illegally cross the border are COVID-19-positive. According to a recent press report, asylum-seekers, which the president has also let in in record numbers, are testing positive for COVID-19 after being released by the Border Patrol.

And the numbers are fueling a public safety crisis. According to one report, human traffickers are so overwhelmed with business they are using wrist bands to keep track of their clients.

The cash that flows into the pockets of cartels and transnational gangs in turn fuels their opioid business, which poisons and kills our neighbors and children, as well as many other nefarious activities that make our communities less safe.

At a time when state and local government are stretched to provide services to their citizens and unemployment reminds high, the federal government is dumping the flood of illegal immigrants into communities across the country.

Finally, this flood is feeding a humanitarian crisis. Encouraging illegal immigration fuels a number of dangers that put the lives of migrants at risk. A dramatic example of that just happened in California, where over a dozen illegal immigrants were killed in a traffic accident, having been unsafely packed in a van driven by smugglers.

If these dramatic consequences don’t add up to a crisis, then the Titanic is still just running late. Yet, the secretary of homeland security has said there is no crisis. On camera when asked by a reporter, the president of the United States said there is no crisis.

In fact, in one week, the administration said there is no crisis, reportedly drafted a supplemental appropriation request to deal with the crisis, and blamed the crisis on former President Donald Trump.

The president should be honest with the American people. There is a crisis. The crisis was caused by a raft of open border policies rapidly implemented by this administration (such as stopping construction on the border wall and promoting amnesty for illegal aliens), which in affect are advertisements to attract more illegal immigration.

The president should immediately put a stop to implementing initiatives that proactively attract illegal immigration.

If this bill is PASSED, we are (as republicans) are in DEEP S**T...!!! You don't think they're doing anything to benefit the GOP do you..???

House Democrats Vote to Nullify, Nationalize State Election Laws  By Kelly -Mar 5, 2021

Voter ID laws and most other election integrity measures in the states would be nearly wiped out under a sweeping bill passed late Wednesday night by House Democrats that also makes felons eligible to vote while expanding Election Day registration and the controversial practice known as ballot harvesting.

The House voted 220-210 along party lines to pass the bill, which also includes massive public financing for campaigns that would provide $6 in tax funds for every $1 a candidate raises in donations.

Conservatives and other critics see the legislation, if passed by the Senate and signed into law by President Joe Biden, as a federal takeover or nationalization of elections. Historically, states run elections.

No Republicans joined Democrats in the vote that concluded after 11 p.m. for the legislation designated as HR 1. Not voting were Reps. Jack Bergman, R-Minn., and Mary Miller, R-Ill. The 435-member House has three vacant seats.

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HR 1, or the For the People Act, was the top priority for House Democrats since the November elections, which narrowed their majority to eight seats with the subsequent vacancies.

The companion bill in the Senate, S 1, likely will have a more difficult time because that chamber is split 50-50 between the political parties (with two Independents voting with the Democrats). Vice President Kamala Harris, as president of the Senate, gives Democrats a one-vote majority, however.

In a statement of administration policy released Monday, the White House called HR 1 “landmark legislation [that is] urgently needed.”

“As with any bill of this scope and complexity, the administration looks forward to working with Congress to refine provisions of HR 1 as it proceeds through the legislative process to ensure that the bill achieves lasting reform consistent with Congress’ broad constitutional authority to strengthen our democracy,” the White House statement says.

If passed by the Senate and signed into law in its current form by the president, the legislation effectively would repeal state voter ID statutes.

The measure requires states to allow individuals to vote without identification and instead sign a statement that they are who they claim to be. So, although the bill wouldn’t explicitly ban voter ID laws, it would create a workaround.


Looks like we just sunk a little lower. We went from
Deplorables to Neanderthals.

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Are we going to give the IRISH "REPARATIONS"..??


They came as slaves; vast human cargo transported on tall British ships bound for the Americas. They were shipped by the hundreds of thousands and included men, women, and even the youngest of children.

Whenever they rebelled or even disobeyed an order, they were punished in the harshest ways. Slave owners would hang their human property by their hands and set their hands or feet on fire as one form of punishment. They were burned alive and had their heads placed on pikes in the marketplace as a warning to other captives.

We don’t really need to go through all of the gory details, do we? After all, we know all too well the atrocities of the African slave trade. But, are we talking about African slavery?

King James II and Charles I led a continued effort to enslave the Irish. Britain’s famed Oliver Cromwell furthered this practice of dehumanizing one’s next door neighbor.

The Irish slave trade began when James II sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World. His Proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners be sent overseas and sold to English settlers in the West Indies. By the mid 1600s, the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and Montserrat. At that time, 70% of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves.

Ireland quickly became the biggest source of human livestock for English merchants. The majority of the early slaves to the New World were actually white.



I read an article a while ago that said the demoRats aren't even trying to hide their HATE for President Trump anymore.....This action proves it. Our "government" is being run by a bunch of SPOILED TWO YEAR OLDS...!! IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER..!!!

Angry at Trump, Liberals demoRATS Propose Unconstitutional Bill to Punish Him  By Kelly -Mar 5, 2021                                           

Image: A.F. Branco

Democrats have twice impeached Donald Trump in the House and twice failed to convict him in the Senate. They’re angry about failing, and double angry about failing twice. That’s understandable. Nobody likes to fail

But they’ve now fallen into the trap of letting their anger get the better of their reason and their oaths to uphold the Constitution. The result is a legislative temper tantrum in a bill dubbed the No Glory for Hate Act.

The act is petty and petulant, and it inspires a strong temptation to laugh and mock. It is, however, an unconstitutional abuse of power, and that transforms an amusing little fit into a worrisome precedent.

The bill targets “any former President that has been twice impeached”—excuse me while I take a moment to figure out all the presidents that it applies to—and says that no federal funds may be used to commemorate all those presidents.

It also prohibits any federal buildings, lands, streets, or other properties from bearing the name of those presidents. Likewise, it bars federal funds from going to any entity that will spend them “for the benefit of” any property that bears the name of any of those former presidents (of whom I’m sure there are many).

Ironically, the bill fails to include an exception to the naming provision for outhouses, privies, latrines, water closets, or hazardous waste disposal sites. If you’re going to be petty, I ask only that you be clever about it.

The tantrum continues. All of those twice-impeached presidents will have their pensions and all other federal benefits taken away except Secret Service protection. Likewise, none of them may be buried in Arlington National Cemetery (I’m sure that will save a lot of space there).

The bill calls to mind a child throwing a public fit. Unlike a grumpy child exercising his First Amendment right to free speech, however, the bill manages to violate the Constitution in two ways.

First, it violates the Punishment for Impeachment Clause, which, as the name suggests, specifies the punishments that may be doled out when someone gets impeached. It says: “Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States.”

If you noticed the phrase “shall not extend further,” you’re doing better than House Democrats who either missed it or have a different copy of the Constitution than you and I do.

No matter how hard I stare at that comma between “removal from office” and “disqualification,” I simply cannot find “shall have his name barred from all federal properties, his benefits revoked, and his plot at Arlington taken away.”

The bill also misses the requirement that a president be found guilty by the Senate before he can be punished. Judgement follows conviction.



Does facebook and other social media sites REALLY think we're STUPID enough to believe their DISCLAIMERS...??

MAKES ME LAUGH...!  Facebook put this disclaimer up with this MEME...

Quotes from US Democrats falsely characterized as calls for violence cited unrest. But the full remarks which the quotes came from make cl...

Social media posts shared after the storming of the US Capitol by followers of President Donald Trump combine images of prominent Democrats with pictures of burning buildings and quotes suggesting that the politicians previously in

There, but for the grace of GOD, go I.....

 Restore America is with Candice Owens  July 18th 2020

“Maybe I live in a box, but I’ve never met a single black American who was a slave or a single white American that was a slave owner.
I’ve only come across lazy people who who believe that those of us who work ought to support them.
Human parasites. And they come in every race.”
Candace Owens (Tweet 7/15/20)

I don't know who Jesse Kelly is, but seems he has a following, so I decided to check out his site. I read a few posts and wasn't overly impressed, EXCEPT...I did come across this one that made perfect sense....

REMINDER: "America’s Leftists are the same as all the Leftists throughout history. They’re not magically different or more gentle cause they’re American. THAT is why I’m right all the time and always predicting things." 

"Do not give up your guns. Trust me on that."

AND I hope pres. Trump sues SWALWELL for "SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY".. SLEEPING and whatever else with his girlfreind "FANG FANG", found to be a Chinese Communist Spy...WHICH HE STILL HASN'T ANSWERED FOR...!!!!..

Rep. Eric Swalwell sues Trump over Jan. 6 riot, alleging he poses risk of ‘inciting future political violenceSpencer Hsu ...1 hr ago

A House impeachment manager and intelligence subcommittee chairman filed a federal lawsuit Friday against former president Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Rudolph W. Giuliani and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), claiming they should be held liable for injuries and destruction caused by their incitement of the Jan. 6 mob assault on the Capitol. ( And we have no idea how much damage Swalwell did thru his relationship with "Fang Fang" the Chinese spy he slept with, Especially since he was/is intelligence subcommittee chairman  )

A House impeachment manager and intel
ligence subcommittee chairman filed a federal lawsuit Friday against former president Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Rudolph W. Giuliani and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), claiming they should be held liable for injuries and destruction caused by their incitement of the Jan. 6 mob assault on the Capitol.

Trump’s actions before and during the assault — in which at least 800 people broke into the Capitol, attacked police and delayed Congress’s confirmation of the presidential election results — “made clear he poses a risk of inciting future political violence,” the complaint alleged.[Read the lawsuit here]p, Donald Trump Jr.,


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Gingrich: Democrats 'sprint to radicalism' before they lose House in 2022   Mar 4, 2021 Fox News

Former House Speaker says Democrats are trying to create an 'alternate America' on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight

McEnany rips Biden's 'Neanderthal' remark: This is what Democrats do  Mar 4, 2021  Fox News

Fox News analyst Kayleigh McEnany discusses Biden, Psaki, and GOP concerns over the coronavirus bill.

Hannity: Democrats want to squash all political opposition
March 2nd 2021  Fox News

Sean Hannity breaks down Democrats' double standard on allegations against New York Gov. Cuomo. #FoxNews  #Hannity

All the senators should have to read it or listen to it being read or get NO VOTE...!!

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson forces Senate to read all 628 pages of Biden's COVID bill aloudNicholas Wu, USA TODAY 24 mins ago

WASHINGTON – Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., forced the Senate to begin reading all 628 pages of President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID bill aloud on the Senate floor Thursday, further delaying a vote on the legislation Democrats hope to make law by next week.

Johnson said his tactic was about “educating” the American public on what was in the $1.9 trillion package, which he has derided as full of provisions unrelated to COVID relief. The entire process could take at least 10 hours.

He told reporters Thursday he felt badly for the Senate clerks who are going to “have to read it,” but it was “important” to delay the process and read the bill aloud because “so often we rush these massive bills” which few lawmakers have time to read.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Johnson's move would "accomplish little more than a few sore throats for the Senate clerks who work very hard day in, day out to help the Senate function."

And Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told reporters, "I'm not sitting here for reading the bill." His Republican colleague had "every right" to request the reading, but "I don't think it particularly moves the ball forward," Graham said, citing the later amendment process as a more productive use of time to showcase Republican disagreements with the legislation. 

You tube can't take this one down...!!

Trump's EPIC Comeback Speech At CPAC
In Full

Rich Sementa Published February 28, 2021

Rumble — Donald Trump returns to CPAC with an epic speech. Watch the entire speech!

“They’re setting records. It means low taxes and eliminating job-killing regulations, Trumpism. It means strong borders but people coming into our country based on a system of merit. So they come in and they can help us as opposed to coming here and not being good for us including criminals which there are many. It means no riots in the streets. It means law enforcement.”

And this surprises people ? I thought this was the plan all along.......and WHO'S calling the shots ? My guess....OBAMA...!

Poll: Nearly 1 in 3 say Biden will quit presidency WND
By Bob Unruh Published March 4, 2021

'Voters still feel he is not physically up for the job'

President Joe Biden listen during a weekly personnel meeting Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021, in the Oval Office of the White House. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

There was much discussion during the 2020 presidential election campaign about Joe Biden's apparent cognitive decline.

The concern has continued during his White House residency. This week, after stumbling over the names of Congress members, he interrupted himself with "What am I doing here? I'm gonna lose track here."

Now a new poll finds 30% of likely voters believe he will quit the White House and not run for reelection.

Rasmussen Reports also found only 39% believe the Democratic president is setting the agenda in Washington.

If they wait much longer to investigate the election fraud, we'll be up for the 2024 election

Judge Makes Huge Discovery: 78% of Mail-In Ballots Fraudulent, Election Re-Do Ordered   by Kyle Becker3/3/2021

A Mississippi judge has discovered what is presumed to be the rarest of election regularities: Fraudulent mail-in ballots...??

“In the sixty-four-page order, Judge Jeff Weill not only calls for a new election but also finds evidence of fraud and criminal activity, in how absentee ballots were handled, how votes were counted, and the actions by some at the polling place,” CBS affiliate WCBI reported.

“In his ruling, the judge said that sixty-six of eighty-four absentee ballots cast in the June runoff were not valid and should never have been counted,” the report continued.

The voter fraud and arrest of the notary for the criminal behavior was reported by WCB
Jim Jordan rips Democrats for "raising bail money for rioters," calling "Antifa a myth"  March 3rd 2021 Forbes Breaking News

Rep. Jim Jordan argues against passing the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act
Tucker: The memory of Dr. Seuss matters more than ever
March 2 2021 Fox News

Tucker Carlson on Dr. Seuss bng 'canceled' from Read Across America.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Biden just slipped on Gun Control... This could be huge for us people!...Langley Outdoors Academy  Feb. 18th 2021

Monday, March 1, 2021

This Blood Type Is Protective Against COVID, Study Says..  TYPE "O NEG" 
Michael Martin 3 hrs ago

People with blood type O have a lower chance of being infected with or developing serious illness from COVID-19, a study says. Research published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine looked at more than 225,000 people who had been tested for COVID-19 between Jan. 15 and June 30, 2020. Scientists found that people with blood type O negative had a 2.1% chance of testing positive for coronavirus—the lowest probability among all blood groups. The highest probability was in the blood group B positive, at 4.2%. Read on—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus.

This Blood Type Resulted in "Slightly Lower Risk" of Infection TYPE "O" 

The researchers found that people with blood type O had a lower chance of severe COVID illness or death compared to people with other blood types.

Additionally, people with Rh-negative blood were found to have a lower probability of both infection and serious COVID-19 illness than people with Rh-positive blood.

"The O and Rh− blood groups may be associated with a slightly lower risk for SARS-CoV-2 infection and severe COVID-19 illness," the researchers concluded.


Gov. Kristi Noem torches Fauci during emotional CPAC speech | FULL    Fox News Feb 27, 2021

Fox News

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem uses her CPAC speech to tout her state's handling of the coronavirus and contrasted it with "blue state" governors. #FoxNews #CPAC

Watch again: Donald Trump speaks at CPAC 2021  
The Independent  Feb 28, 2021

The Independent

Former US president Donald Trump is giving a highly anticipted speech to close the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida. Mr Trump is expected to speak on the future of the Republican party.

 Judge Jeanine: Biden's gun grab  Feb 28, 2021  Fox News

'You leftists don't have a clue on how to stop gun crme. How about you start going after those who illegally possess guns' - Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Tucker: Experts scrambling to avoid humiliation for their pandemic response Feb. 26 2021  Fox News

Tucker Carlson examines failures of politicians and health experts on COVID-19. #FoxNews #Tucker

Of course he'll take as many refugees as he can....he was born in HAVANA, CUBA...!!

DHS Secretary Invites Unlimited Number of 'Asylum   
Seekers' to the U.S.  Katie Pavlich  Mar 1st 2021

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas invited an unlimited number of "asylum seekers" to the United States Monday afternoon, but urged them to wait until the Biden administration implements a new way to process them first. 

The White House to illegal immigrants: “We are not saying don’t come, we’re saying don’t come now, because we will be able to deliver a safe and orderly process to them as quickly as possible”— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) March 1, 2021

The vast majority of "asylum seekers" are illegal immigrants falsely claiming asylum. Because the Biden administration has lowered the bar for asylum, requiring migrants to utter a few correct words to apply, the system is being overwhelmed and abused. The Trump Administration cracked down on asylum abuse for this reason and implemented the "remain in Mexico policy," something the Biden administration is currently working to repeal.

Joe Biden Speaks in Houston, What Follows Should Make You Question Everything  By Bonchie | Feb 27, 2021 

Earlier today, I wrote on Joe and Jill Biden doing yet another joint interview in which the latter basically asserted herself as the president’s puppet master. Yet, that’s far from the only disturbing episode that Joe Biden has had lately.

After waiting nearly two weeks to respond, he finally left the bunker and headed down to Texas to do a photo-op in the wake of a massive winter storm. A normal president would have been there meeting with FEMA officials and surveying damage a week prior, but we obviously don’t have a normal president.

Therefore, instead of getting a public address when it mattered, we get this far too late performance that should leave you questioning everything.


"What am I doing here?"
This is a national embarrassment. Joe Biden is not mentally fit to lead our country.

If you watch the clip, he flubs Shelia Jackson Lee’s name, calling her “Shirley” after stumbling around. He then starts tripping all over himself to list the rest of the names his handlers have given him. Eventually, he devolves into asking “what am I doing here” because this is all totally normal or something.

To be clear, what is in that clip is not a stutter. A stutter does not make you say the wrong word nor does it cause you to be unable to read a list a names. It doesn’t even stop you from speaking in a manner that is otherwise understandable. What a stutter does is exactly what the word purports. It causes a stopping on and repetition of certain sounds. You never hear that effect from Biden because his issue is not a stutter, no matter how much the media try to gaslight the public into believing it is. This is a man whose mental capacity appears to be rapidly declining before our eyes. You can watch videos of Biden from just five years ago and he’s a totally different person.

There’s a reason his wife has to do joint interviews with him at an unheard-of rate. There’s a reason he wasn’t able to get down to Texas until the disaster was well over. There’s also a reason why a man who is ostensibly president hasn’t done a single press conference since taking office. Joe Biden does not appear to be well, and because of that, he isn’t showing an ability to execute even the nominal duties of his office. That’s become so painfully obvious that it’s not really funny anymore. It’s actually scary.

I have no idea how the White House plans to hide Biden’s condition for the next four years. Perhaps they won’t, and we’ll see a shift to Kamala Harris eventually, or maybe we’ll continue with Jill’s shadow-presidency. Whatever happens, it’s an indictment on Biden’s election, and those that voted for this guy need to think long and hard about the bad bargain they made.