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For all the ladies  It's snowing here

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AND IT'S COLD.................!
Donald J. Trump says allegations Russians hacked the election are part of a "political witch hunt."



                  It's just different, okay.....???
Katie wrote earlier today how outgoing Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the Senate Armed Services Committee that Russia did not alter the results of the election through hacks, but tried to interfere by unleashing a deluge of propaganda. That’s not the same thing as messing with the vote tallies. The two targets were the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta’s email. It’s not good, but, again, hacks are just another part of the 21st century life. And the headquarters for a national party and the email account of the chairman of the Clinton campaign aren’t necessarily the most sensitive targets that have ever been breached; a point that ABC News’ Jon Karl brought up at the White House press briefing yesterday. The Left is going nuts over this story, but where were they when China infiltrated the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in 2015?

California's contemptible gun law       2 January 2017  NormanL

California's contemptible gun lawCalifornia's new gun control laws will go into effect this year, and at least one columnist in the state thinks the result will be massive civil disobedience:
After July 1, tens of millions of illegal ammunition magazines will remain in private hands. And there is not much the state can do about it.
That’s the problem with sweeping and arbitrary bans. People have a much stronger incentive to resist than to comply. That’s what happened in Connecticut and New York after the Sandy Hook school massacre in 2012. Both states passed sweeping gun control laws requiring, among other things, registration of so-called assault weapons. Millions of guns remain unregistered.
And here we are not talking about actual weapons. Magazines are simply metal boxes with a spring inside. Even if the state had a way to collect existing magazines, new ones are not difficult to make on the cheap

I carry as often as I can...unfortunately, can't carry in N.Y., N.J., DEL. or CT.....these are states I have to travel thru...Hurry up Donald, get that nationwide reciprocity law going

Do you carry? Violence against Trump supporters explodes across country  By Katie

Photo: Kelly McCarthy
Photo: Kelly McCarthy          
The FBI ran a record-smashing 27.5 million gun-related background checks in 2016, indicating that many Americans are likely getting their carry licenses. And it’s no wonder: a nationwide explosion of violent mob attacks by rabid liberals has Donald Trump supporters trading in “MAGA” for “CCW.”
The heinous kidnapping and torture of a special-needs white man by four black youths in Chicago is just the latest anti-Trump assault/hate crime to take place since the election. Here’s a rundown of some of the others:
  • Again in Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago, a group of black men assaulted a white man after a fender bender because he presumably voted for Trump.
  • High school students in Rockville, Md., just outside Washington, D.C., assaulted a fellow student for supporting Trump.
  • A black high school student in Redwood City, Calif., accused a white Trump-supporting student of hating Mexicans before viciously beating her.
  • An anti-bullying ambassador with ties to Black Lives Matter was charged with felony assault after she shoved a 74-year-old-man to the ground while protesting outside Trump Tower in New York City.
  • A man was reportedly attacked and choked on a New York subway for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.
  • Prior to the election, Trump supporters were assaulted and bloodied by protestors outside a Trump rally in San Jose, Calif.
  • A 62-year-old man wearing a Trump shirt was attacked with a crowbar in New Jersey.
This is far from a comprehensive list. Unlike the myriad hoax assaults reported by liberals, the attacks and hate crimes being carried out against Trump supporters are very, very real. It’s no wonder Americans are choosing to pack heat.
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Obama Literally Gives HIMSELF a Department of Defense Medal. Apparently, Nobody Else Worthy

President Obama loves to pat himself on the back, but he’s going to pull his shoulder out with this one
Obama awarded himself the Department of Defense Medal for “Distinguished Public Service.” It seems that the only person who thinks Obama did a good job is Obama himself, via Breitbart.
His defense secretary, Ash Carter, was the one to actually pin the award on Obama, but we know it came from Obama himself.
The outgoing president has always liked to toot his own horn, and now this is just the cherry on top. Carter tried to defend the motion like the good little whipping boy he is by saying it was a token of appreciation for Obama’s stint as the commander-in-chief.
The only appreciation I feel right now, and I’m sure many other Americans feel it too, is that U.S. presidents only serve two terms. This is something George Washington personally decided on, but the informal rule was formalized after Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected for a fourth term (via US Politics About News).
I don’t care how great a president you are—to award yourself a medal is pretty tacky, but it’s especially infuriating that Obama is being awarded this medal because he was one of the worst presidents ever.
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I hate everything about this country....EXCEPT THE "FAME, MONEY AND THE GOOD LIFE" But I don't want to give any of MY money to these other Nigga's

Rapper Explains Why She Despises America And The People Who Live Here
 November 10 2016 by Dreamer
Rapper Azealia Banks, 23, spoke frankly to Playboy Magazine about her problem with “fat white Americans,” and now, her comments have sparked controversy online.

Banks, a New York native, spoke candidly to Playboy about her dislike of America and her desire to move somewhere else.


I hate everything about this country. Like, I hate fat white Americans,” Banks said. “All the people who are crunched into the middle of America, the real fat and meat of America, are these racist conservative white people who live on their farms.

“Those little teenage girls who work at Kmart and have a racist grandma – that’s really America,” Banks continued.

The rapper goes on to talk about race and how she believes that black people deserve more credit for building America.

“Black people need reparations for building this country, and we deserve way more f****** credit and respect,” Banks frankly stated.

“It’s always about race,” Banks said in defense of her infamous Twitter rants. “'Lorde can run her mouth and talk shit about all these other b******, but y’all aren’t saying she’s angry. If I have something to say, I get pushed into the corner ...y ’all motherf*****s still owe me reparations! That’s why it’s still about race. Really, the generational effects of Jim Crow and poverty linger on. As long as I have my money, I’m getting the f*** out of here and I’m gonna leave y’all to your own devices.”

Banks’ comments have since gone viral, with many blasting her for her views.

“I am asking my husband to cancel his Playboy subscription,” one commenter wrote. “It is supposed to be an entertainment magazine not a race baiting magazine. People want to be entertained not berated and abused!”

Another article refered to her as a "musician" COME ON....she's a music intended

YOU THINK ?.........
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At first I thought this was from the Onion or similar sight where they publish sarcastic, made up articals, but no this is real

Congressional Black Caucus Introduces Bill to Work Toward Reparations


Delusional Democrats in the Congressional Black Caucus have reportedly renewed their ill-conceived efforts to force white Americans to pay for the sins of some of their ancestors.
Specifically, Michigan Rep. John Conyers and his fellow CBC members have “re-introduced legislation that would set up a commission to consider whether reparations should be paid to black Americans for slavery,” according to the Washington Examiner.
Conyers has reportedly been proposing the bill every year for at least two decades. As noted by the Examiner, the bill would also consider the prospect of the federal government issuing a formal apology for the “racial and economic discrimination against African-Americans.”

This despite the fact that slavery was outlawed over 150 years ago and not every white American’s ancestors partook in the hideous trade — or were even in the country at the time.
Moreover, according to The Root magazine, known for its usually unapologetically pro-black stance on the issues, even some free black Americans “bought and sold other black people, and did so at least since 1654, continuing to do so right through the Civil War.”
And even one of the most leftist papers in existence, The New York Times, admitted two years ago that were a reparations bill passed into law, payments would “have to come from taxpayers, who have no culpability for those past crimes and little, if any, of the benefit.”

Unless the government were to use only the funds of white taxpayers, which would be inherently racist, reparations would therefore be funded by Americans of all races, including black Americans.
The bill was to all intents and purposes economically unfeasible, historically inaccurate and a royal waste of time — one likely rooted in animosity as well as ignorance.
Over 150 years have passed since America’s darkest days, and within that time frame, the nation has become one of the most tolerant countries on Earth, as reported three years ago by The Washington Post:
As bad as slavery was — and there’s no arguing that it was a horrific national sin — the time has long since come to let the issue go. That would certainly be better than flogging a dead horse — one that ought to be long buried in this day and age.
List Of Every Evil Crime Obama Has Committed While President:|By Prissy Holly
Be sure to keep this list handy so you can lay truth bombs on all the liberals in your life!
Throughout his presidency, Barrack Hussein Obama has continued to commit treason against the United States of America. If dumping terrorists from GITMO, aiding and abetting our enemies by giving Iran billions, and his anti-Israel antics weren’t enough to make you a believer, this newly-leaked list of all Obama’s crimes wile in office will make you a believer.
It doesn’t take more than a few fully functioning brain cells to see the utter disaster this president has been. While Obama continues to pat himself on the back for his “scandal free presidency” while liberals continue to echo the same ridiculous rhetoric, unfortunately for them, a devastating list of Obama’s failures and crimes have just been put together from our friends over at Breitbart News. While some of them you’re probably familiar with, some have remained mostly hidden from the public until now.

The CIA is SCARED! Trump Just Promised the BEST Revenge After Their Attacks Against Him   By Danny Gold -

  **Donald Trump revealed that this was a LIE spread by the mainstream media**
You don’t mess with Donald Trump unless you are ready for a freaking WAR! Now the CIA is seeing what happens when you LIE to the world with Trump’s new promise for what he will do when he is President.
You see, Trump is MAD about the Russia hack lies and the fact that the CIA is more interested in politics than keeping us safe. Now he has 3 moves for them that will change the game:

He will downsize CIA HQ and Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

He will also be moving agents to foreign posts and changing the leadership.

An anonymous Trump staffer told the
Wall Street Journal,

‘The view from the Trump team is the intelligence world has become completely politicized.’

‘They all need to be slimmed down. The focus will be on restructuring the agencies and how they interact.’

This comes just hours after CIA Director John Brennan said publicly he believes Russia hacked the elections to make Donald Trump president. (H/T –
Daily Mail)
This is is all a big load of junk. Donald Trump became president because America is TIRED of lying elitists like the CIA and Obama. Hillary Clinton stood no chance.

With all the crying from the Dems. about Russia hacking our election process....I would hate to think our system is so poorly protected that another country could hack in and change anything....You mean they could actuall change the vote tally ? I would hope not. If anyone can do that....SHAME ON AMERICA for not having better security.......Bottom line, I don't think Russia did anything but the current administration has to have a scapegoat, because THEY couldn't be at fault.

Did Trump Just Get Caught Up In A Major Scandal

The media and the Democrats think they have Donald Trump trapped.
They believe he is caught up in scandal.
But the facts tell a different story.
Democrats and their allies in the media were aghast when Trump sided with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who said Russia was not the source of the hacked emails turned over to the privacy group.
Trump has repeatedly questioned the idea that the Russians were behind hacking the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.
It was anonymous sources that leaked this idea to media outlets, but so far no one has offered any proof to back these unsubstantiated claims.
Trump tweeted his skepticism about the merits of the case.



2016 gun sales smash previous record   By  Katie

Photo: Private guns. Kelly McCarthy with permission.
Photo: Private guns. Kelly McCarthy with permission.

According to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), the FBI ran 27.5 million gun-related background checks in 2016. By comparison, the previous record set in 2015 was 23.1 million.
In other words, 4.4 million more Americans bought guns in 2016. Why? Well, the Obama administration is a pretty good guess:
The FBI processed twice as many firearms checks in 2016, the last full year of President Obama’s administration, than it did in 2008, the year Obama was elected. During President Obama’s eight-year tenure, the FBI has processed 157,233,157 firearms checks—61,249,149 more than the previous ten years.
“There is no doubt that President Obama’s anti-gun rights agenda really backfired,” said Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation. “All he accomplished was to set new records for firearm sales. He fueled the opposite of what the gun prohibition lobby wanted him to achieve. And I don’t think they learned anything from it.”
While “a one-to-one correlation cannot be made between a firearm background check and a firearm sale,” NICS firearm background checks are considered an accurate metric of gun sales. The number of background checks could also indicate that more Americans are getting carry permits, as many states use FBI checks during the licensing process.
Here’s to Obama, the greatest gun salesman in history.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

“We’re Going To War!” 

When John McCain ran for President back in 2008, he was lauded as a war hero. He certainly has the scars to prove it, serving as a POW in the jungles of Vietnam, and now he can’t raise his arms over his head because he was beaten so badly.
So it’s quite a surprise that he wants to go to war again and send our youngest and brightest over to the meat grinder.
He and Senator Lindsey Graham are eager to squeeze the screws against Russia with McCain declaring Russia’s hack attacks as acts of war and demanding that America tighten sanctions against Russia.
But there’s only one thing. It hasn’t been equivocally proven that Russia hacked the US.
And Donald Trump seems to lean that way as well.
Trump actually tweeted about Putin being smart for the change of the guard between Obama and Trump.
‘Great move on delay (by V. Putin) – I always knew he was very smart!’ Trump wrote, even momentarily pinning the tweet to the top of his timeline.
Russians are playing @CNN and @NBCNews for such fools – funny to watch, they don’t have a clue! @FoxNews totally gets it!’
McCain, if you’ll recall was a Republican who hardly ever supported Donald Trump. So was Lindsey Graham. They’re making all this ballyhoo about Russian attacks in weeks following the election where Donald Trump beat out insider Hillary Clinton….
But when Clinton’s emails were released earlier in the year and some thought Russia was involved, there was barely a peep from inside the Beltway. There was hardly a mention from McCain about Hillary’s private emails being used to bypass government security.
It’s only now that Trump won that anyone is raising a finger about cyber security. It’s too bad really. Donald Trump defied the odds, beating out 16 other candidates to secure the nomination. He then fought a ground game against Hillary Clinton for months, criss-crossing the country and tapping into what Americans really wanted- Change from the Washington Establishment.
When he won, liberals said he cheated, the system was rigged, the Electoral College was a hoax, and now even mainstream Republicans are alleging that Russia hacked the vote when there’s no proof.
And it’s because Trump didn’t campaign on politically correct. He didn’t campaign on playing nice. He campaigned on Making America Great Again.
And that’s something RINOs like McCain and the liberal establishment refuse to accept. Their policies didn’t work and their long stints of power aren’t something the American public is keen on.
John McCain served his country honorably, without a doubt. But he’s been a career politician since then. He vowed that he wouldn’t support Trump. And now his attempt to make good on that promise might be dragging us towards an encounter that our country doesn’t have the stomach for-war with Russia. .

Trumps' tweets.....He said he will continue to "tweet" so that he can be sure the message that goes out is what he says and means. This is not an affront to the U.S.A., It is saying he doesn't trust the MSM or ANY of the news agencies.....Can you blame him ?

Obama Tells Americans: Trump Can’t Save You, One World Government Is Inevitable  January 4, 2017/

He finally did it! He went to UN and from the speaking stand he looked us in our eyes and told us that our freedom is over and some new world government is taking over the world and US!
He seems to think that regardless of who America’s President is, a one world government is inevitable.
WOW! This is epic treason!
According to Washington Free Beacon:
Only by submitting to a one-world-style government can the countries of the world effectively fight terror, Barack Obama warned during a speech to the United Nations General Assembly.
In what will likely be his last speech before the body, Obama told the audience that he believes global security can only be achieved with the help of international institutions like the UN.
Not only that, but that only by acquiescing our rights – our “freedom of action,” as he puts it – will we truly “enhance our security.”
Obama said “powerful nations” like the United States will have to accept constraints and give up some of their freedoms. The president acknowledged that he has been criticized by his own citizens for this belief but he remains convinced he is right. Obama also stated that while countries will have to accept some limits on their freedom, they should not give up autonomous rights like the freedom to defend themselves.

We have to put our money where our mouths are. And we can only realize the promise of this institution’s founding to replace the ravages of war with cooperation if powerful nations like my own accept constraints.
Sometimes I’m criticized in my own country for professing a belief in international norms and multilateral institutions, but I’m convinced in the long run giving up some freedom of action, not giving up our ability to protect ourselves or pursue our core interests but binding ourselves to international rules, over the long-term, enhances our security.

Make no mistake – calling for the transfer of America’s sovereign rights – in trade, diplomacy, military allocation – anything to a one-world body is beyond dangerous.
The transcript of his full remarks can be found here.
H/T: Washington Free Beacon
Massachusetts sheriff offers Trump inmate labor to build The Wall

Donald Trump seems to be moving forward with his campaign promise to build a wall. But who will build it? Massachusetts Sheriff Thomas Hodgson has an idea: get inmates to do it.
Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson detailed the offer as he was sworn in to a fourth term in office on Wednesday. He hopes Mr. Trump will take him up on the plan, which he said would pay dividends for the country and the inmates.


What would it be called if the color of the victim was BLACK and the assailants were WHITE ??

CNN's Don Lemon: Chicago Torture Case Wasn't 'Evil' Just 'Bad Home Training'  Leah Barkoukis   Posted: Jan 05, 2017

CNN's Don Lemon: Chicago Torture Case Wasn't 'Evil' Just 'Bad Home Training'
Discussing the case of four Chicago teens kidnapping and torturing a mentally handicapped man, CNN’s Don Lemon pushed back when a panelist called the act, which was aired on Facebook Live, “evil.”

“At the end of the day, you just try to wrap your head around evil,” Daily Caller columnist Matt Lewis said of the “sickening” video. “That’s what this is: it’s evil, it’s brutality, it’s man’s inhumanity to man.”

Lemon didn’t see the assault, during which assailants chanted “F*** white people” and “F*** Donald Trump,” the same way. Although he clearly denounced the attack, he wasn’t willing to call what the teens did to the man “evil.”

“I don’t think it’s evil,” he said. “I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training.”

“I have no idea who is raising these young people, because no one I know on earth who is 17-years-old or 70-years-old would ever think of treating another person like that,” he continued. “You wonder, at 18-years-old, where is your parent, where is your guardian?


'It's Not Evil' Don Lemon on Black Torture White on Facebook as CNN Panel Blame Trump for Racism  

Chicago has had a record setting 2016. With 762 homicides, and 4331 shooting victims we think this is not only a very good question, but a very VALID one...
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Self Reliance Central Header

As we all know, Washington D.C. is not a real world kind of place. Everything good gets twisted and swallowed up in bureaucracy, and everything bad metastasizes.
For decades it's been where commonsense goes to die. Hopefully, that's about to end.

Here's what Donald Trump must do to undo decades of rank DC stupidity.

Do you have any particular law or regulation you'd like to see cut up like the Gadsden flag snake?

Click here to learn more

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Trump Slams Delay in Russian Hacking 'Intelligence' Briefing

President-elect Donald Trump said the "intelligence" briefing he was to have with Obama administration officials was moved to Friday — noting "perhaps more time needed to build a case."
"Very strange!" Trump said Tuesday on Twitter:

Trump said Friday he would meet this week with intelligence officials to discuss Russian hacking after he came under fire for praising President Vladimir Putin for not retaliating after President Barack Obama expelled
35 Kremlin diplomats and closed two compounds because of hacking by Moscow.
The president-elect has long questioned U.S. intelligence information on Russian hacking and Moscow's involvement in the November election.

"It's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things," Trump said in the Friday statement. "Nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, I will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation."
Both President Obama and Democrat Hillary Clinton have scored Russia for hacking into the Democratic National Committee and other party operatives and for meddling in the election.
In addition, former CIA Director James Woolsey said Tuesday he was not sure whether Trump would make any announcement after the intelligence briefing.
"I would leave it up to his people that work on press statements and so forth to carry that information," Woolsey, who is a Trump national security adviser, told Anderson Cooper on CNN. "I don't know."
Woolsey said Monday that Trump telling reporters on New Year's Eve he was privy to information on Russian hacking others might not have showed the president-elect was "playing with" the American public.
He told Jim Sciutto on CNN that Trump was an "expert at this kind of weaving around and attracting everybody's attention."

Do these younger "polititions" even know who Barry Goldwater is/was ??

On his 108th birthday, these 10 Barry Goldwater quotes will make liberals rip out their hair     By D.E

Photo credit: Donny Ferguson, with permission
Photo credit: Donny Ferguson, with permission
Born on January 2, 1909, Barry Goldwater would come to define modern conservatism and libertarianism and restore Americans’ belief in limited government.
His victory in the 1964 Republican presidential primary, campaigning on a platform of reducing the government only to those functions specifically authorized by the Constitution, turned the Republican Party from a middle-of-the-road moderate party into a rhetorical force for limited government.
He would go down to a crushing defeat to Lyndon Johnson in the November election, but historians agree that while he lost the battle, he won the war. In the end his pioneering decision to campaign explicitly as a constitutional conservative would lead to the election of Ronald Reagan and the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress and the establishment of the Libertarian Party. The mailing lists he built and conservative activists he groomed would build and lead the Republican Party to this day.
Before there was Reagan, or Ron Paul, there was Barry Goldwater. If he were somehow alive today, he’d still be driving liberals crazy on his 108th birthday with quotes like these.
“The good Lord raised this mighty Republic to be a home for the brave and to flourish as the land of the free-not to stagnate in the swampland of collectivism, not to cringe before the bully of communism.”
– Presidential nomination acceptance speech, 1964 Republican National Convention

So it's not like the iceberg had ZERO cause in the tragedy, but it's clear the accident could have been far less deadly if it weren't for the fire.

Whoa! This is a crazy breakthrough!

The Titanic Sank Due To A Fire, Not An Iceberg Apparently

Someone better call up Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, because it sounds like there's a remake in order.
According to experts, new evidence strongly suggests it was a fire in the Titanic's hull that was the primary cause of demise. Researchers say the fire burned unnoticed for three weeks leading up to the collision.
These new claims come from a new analysis of rarely seen photographs of the Titanic. Irish journalist, Senan Molony, has spent more than 30 years studying the sinking of the great ship and has identified 30-foot-long black marks along the front right-hand side of the hull. This is presumably where the fire was.

Pence: We Want Obamacare Repeal on Trump's Desk By February 20   Katie Pavlich  Posted: Jan 04, 2017

Pence: We Want Obamacare Repeal on Trump's Desk By February 20

During a closed door meeting on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Vice-president elect Mike Pence reportedly told Republicans he wants Obamacare repealed and sent to President Trump's desk by February 20. Trump will be sworn into office on January 20, setting a fast-paced timeline to fulfill the campaign promise of making Obamacare repeal a top priority.
Since the legislation was passed in 2010, Republicans have voted dozens of times to repeal the healthcare law, only to be blocked by former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama. Republicans now have a majority in the House and Senate, but need 60 Senate votes to avoid a filibuster. 


They are not done going after Trump for not condemning David Dukes endorsment, But I haven't heard a lot said about this

Shortly after Donald Trump declined to condemn David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan during an interview on CNN's "State Of The Union" on 28 February 2016 (the Republican presidential candidate would later blame it on a faulty earpiece) a photograph purportedly showing Hillary Clinton with former Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, a former Ku Klux Klan member, was widely circulated online:

Screenshot 2016-03-02 at 12.03.25 PM

The photograph was posted by numerous web sites along with articles arguing that the news media were being hypocritical in their coverage of Trump's purported connections to a white supremacist hate group, while making no mention of Hillary Clinton. The Daily Caller also published a video of Clinton praising Byrd's service in Congress:
Despite mounting criticism for Donald Trump’s failure to disavow former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke’s support, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton once heaped praise for late Klan leader Sen. Robert Byrd.
In a video uploaded to the State Department’s official YouTube page on June 28, 2010, Clinton commemorated late Sen. Byrd by saying, “Today our country has lost a true American original, my friend and mentor Robert C. Byrd.
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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

NEW TO ME...................


Uploaded on Mar 4, 2010
Annotated 'Mein Kampf' sold 85,000 copies

An annotated edition of "Mein Kampf," has become a non-fiction best-seller in Germany. The book is Adolf Hitler's notorious manifesto. According to News

Unleashed Biden shreds Dems for calling Trump supporters racist    By D.E

Photo credit: (
Photo credit:

Vice President Joe Biden slammed his own party in an interview with The Los Angeles Times, blaming Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign loss on Democrats’ own arrogance and defending Trump supporters from accusations they’re racist.
Biden tells the Times he knew Clinton would lose in October, when he watched a Trump rally and saw how closely voters connected with the Republican nominee’s views and personality.
“Son of a gun. We may lose this election,” Biden recalled.
He then slammed his own party, telling the Times that not only are Republicans not racist, Democrats lost because they arrogantly refused to speak to middle America.
“They’re all the people I grew up with. They’re their kids. And they’re not racist. They’re not sexist. But we didn’t talk to them,” Biden said about Trump voters.
Biden continued to shred his own party, saying Democrats are out of touch because “a bit of elitism that’s crept in.”
“I believe that we were not letting an awful lot of people — high school-educated, mostly Caucasian, but also people of color — know that we understood their problems,” said Biden.
He pinned Clinton’s loss on one major problem: She didn’t seem to care.
“My dad used to have an expression. He said, ‘I don’t expect the government to solve my problems. But I expect them to understand it,” Biden said.
Biden said when watching Clinton speak “you didn’t hear a word about that husband and wife working, making 100,000 bucks a year, two kids, struggling and scared to death. They used to be our constituency.”
As for Trump, Biden tells the Times “I don’t think he understands working-class or middle-class people” but “he at least acknowledged the pain.”
Biden also slammed Bernie Sanders and his supporters, calling them unrealistic for blaming America’s problems on “the rich.”
“But I don’t think 500 billionaires caused all our problems,” said Biden.

JUST SAY NO !!! Don't we have enough racial problems in our country without having this halfbreed insist on singing a song that she KNOWS will cause emotional feelings for BLACKS in the U.S.....Keep her AGITATING ASS in England

Rebecca Ferguson Wants To Perform 'Strange Fruit' At Trump Inauguration
The Huffington Post · 9 hours ago
Singer Rebecca Ferguson has said she will agree to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration under one condition: She wants to sing “Strange Fruit"
Southern trees bear strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

Pastoral scene of the gallant south
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh
Here is fruit for the crows to pluck
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop
Here is a strange and bitter crop

Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit  Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit

This is a song written in 1937 and sung by Billie Holiday
in 1939

2017: Trump’s Reality Revolution Won - Now It Must be Implemented Seton Motley Posted: Jan 03, 2017

2017: Trump’s Reality Revolution Won - Now It Must be Implemented
Washington, D.C. has been - for decades, in bipartisan fashion - a swallowing void of anti-reality.  The federal government has at best terribly mishandled, at worst utterly destroyed everything in which it insists on involving itself. 
Despite this record of nigh perfect imperfection, the list of things in which the federal government insists on involving itself has continued to inexorably grow.  And as the Feds increased their role in…everything, the tethers to any rational justification for it get thinner and thinner, and ever more frayed.
We the People have finally had it, and have elected political newbie Donald Trump to come in and clean house.  His was the "Reality Revolution" - and it won him the White House.  Now he must implement his revolutionary reforms - to begin to undo decades of rank DC stupidity.
To wit: By the time the Feds wanted to impose Obamacare, we already had two decades-long visual aides of government medicine - Medicare and the Veterans Administration (VA).  These are two unmitigated disasters.
Medicare?: “The Medicare Actuary says that taxpayers now face a Medicare unfunded liability ranging from $27.9 to $36.8 trillion.” 
The VA?: “One year after outrage about long waiting lists for health care shook the Department of Veterans Affairs, the agency is facing a new crisis: The number of veterans on waiting lists of one month or more is now 50 percent higher than it was during the height of last year’s problems, department officials say.”

But We the People must remain vigilant.  To ensure we get that for which we voted. 

Trump’s victory gives us hope.  Trump’s administration must give us results.