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President Trump Takes First Steps to Clean Up Deep State
May 24th 2019
President Trump is taking the first steps in cleaning up Deep State corruption by instructing Attorney General Barr to declassify the necessary documents relating to the fake Russia probe. The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump has directed the heads of several government agencies to cooperate with Attorney General William Barr’s investigation of the origins of the Russia probe.

In a memo sent out Thursday, Trump also authorized Barr to declassify documents related to the Russia investigation.

The memo grants Barr the authority to “declassify, downgrade, or direct the declassification or downgrading of information or intelligence” related to the Russia probe as he sees fit.

Barr has said that he is investigating whether government agencies improperly surveilled members of the Trump campaign. In testimony to Congress, Barr has asserted that the FBI and other agencies spied on the campaign by using informants and surveillance warrants.

America’s national intelligence agencies are compromised by actors who would rather see their partisan agenda imposed even if it means betraying their oath. The American Republic deserves a loyal group of civil servants who will not illegally weigh in on political matters.

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The Manufactured Constitutional Crisis
By Ben Shapiro


Over the past several weeks, Democrats have spent their time defending the absurd notion that America is in the midst of a constitutional crisis. What, pray tell, has initiated this crisis? The supposed unwillingness of Attorney General William Barr to turn over to Congress unredacted sections of the Mueller report, plus underlying grand jury materials. Barr, for his part, correctly points out that the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure bar him from revealing grand jury testimony. That rule was put in place by Congress itself. Nonetheless, Democrats, seeking to manufacture a feeling of Nixonian chaos, have claimed that the Trump administration is now seeking to block the release of a report that Barr himself released. The Mueller report is, indeed, public.

Playing politics with our institutional health is a dangerous game. Here’s the truth: Our system of checks and balances is working just fine. Our politicians proclaim that the messy friction between the legislative, executive and judicial branches demonstrates that our politics is unworkable. But that friction is a feature of the system, not a bug. As James Madison explained in Federalist No. 51: “the great security against a gradual concentration of the several powers in the same department, consists in giving to those who administer each department the necessary constitutional means and personal motives to resist encroachments of the others. … Ambition must be made to counteract ambition.”

The founders worried greatly that the supremacy of the legislature would make the executive a mere footstool, propping up legislative authority. To that end, they created a unitary executive with control over law enforcement. And they gave a check against the power of the executive to Congress, which has the ability to defund departments or impeach officials.

Democrats know this. They have the power to impeach William Barr. They're choosing not to do so, because they recognize that their complaint is itself corrupt. Democrats have the power to impeach Donald Trump. They're choosing not to do so, because they recognize that their grounds for such activity are weak in the extreme.

Instead, they participate in a cynical game in which they attack the system of checks and balances itself. That's far more dangerous than any action taken by the Trump administration to date. The same Democrats who claim today that they are deeply concerned about the system of checks and balances are proclaiming from the rooftops that they would be happy to shatter the system to facilitate their agenda. We've heard from Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., that as president, she'd simply use executive authority to set gun law. We've heard from a bevy of Democrats that they'd consider packing the Supreme Court, or abolishing the Electoral College. A few leftist commentators have even suggested abolishing the Senate, given its non-popular representation. We've heard from failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, and her Democratic allies, that her failures were the fault of election fraud; we've heard the same about Andrew Gillum in Florida.

And now Democrats say that Barr's adherence to law is somehow violative of the constitutional order. Undermining the constitutional order publicly, supposedly in order to save it, is nothing but cynical partisanship. But here's the good news: The founders designed a durable system to withstand such nonsense. It continues to work, even if Democrats would prefer it collapse.

One thought on “The Manufactured Constitutional Crisis”
James M says:   May 26, 2019 

I told my wife when Trump was running, and was to win the election, that he would piss the Democrats off because if Hillary was to win they would have the American People right where they wanted us and that’s totally under their control. But if Trump was to win they feared he would tear down everything they worked so hard for to get us under their control. Gratefully that didn’t`t happen and the American people are starting to thrive again. This Marine Veteran is very happy to have Trump in office and living up to his promises! Not since Regan has our country been proud to call ourselves Americans, and as for the ones that say they’d rather move to another country then have Trump in office all I can say is don’t let our front door hit you in the ass on your way out!!! lol

Memorial Day for the Thin Blue Line


Paul Harvey (1918-2009) was a radio broadcaster for the ABC Radio Networks. He gave the "Policeman" speech on talk radio nearly 40 years ago and it is known as one of his best speeches. Possibly because his own father was a policeman who fell in the line of duty.

Policeman - By. Paul Harvey (Tribute to our Police Officers)

Paul Harvey (1918-2009) was a radio broadcaster for the ABC Radio Networks. He gave the "Policeman" speech on talk radio nearly 40 years ago and it is known as one of his best speeches....Mr. Harvey's father inspired this speech....He was a police officer who was shot and killed while doing what police officers do every day. The text to the speech is included in the video.

Tf you've ever watched Fallons show, you will understand the rating drop. He based his monologue on BASHING the point He was no longer funny. His SNL cohort who's show follows Fallons, Seth Meyers is/was even worse

Late Night Comic Sees Ratings Plummet

The "Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon is reportedly in turmoil as ratings plummet. In response, a major staff shakeup is underway.

According to Page Six:
Amid Jimmy Fallon’s stunning loss in the ratings, Page Six hears that there’s turmoil at the top of the “Tonight Show” with one exec suddenly and mysteriously out and another tearing into boss Lorne Michaels as they struggle to fix the faltering show.

Fallon’s “Tonight Show” has been steadily falling behind newcomer Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show,” and on Wednesday it was revealed that Colbert has topped Fallon for a full season for the first time.

As Fallon’s famously fluffy show began to fall behind Colbert’s politically charged material, Fallon tried to ape Colbert by bringing in “Today” show vet Jim Bellas showrunner to inject some topical heat to the show.

But we’re told that — as the ratings continue to suffer in spite of that gambit — an anguished Bell is sniping at executive producer and NBC royalty Michaels, who heads up “Saturday Night Live” and a glut of NBC comedies.
To top it all off Fallon's longtime producer, Kate Hockmeyer left the show after returning from maternity leave.

Mexico Lays Down the Law against Migrants who Stormed Border
  • American Action News

  • Mexico's Interior Ministry said in a press release its government will deport the 500 migrants who stormed the San Ysidro border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego.

    The crowd dispersed after U.S. Border Patrol fired tear gas and a cordon of Mexican Federales corralled those still attempting to illegally cross the border. (The Daily Caller)
    “Far from helping their objectives,” the statement read, the actions of the migrants were illegal and could have caused a “serious incident.”

    Video and pictures showed hundreds of mostly male migrants rushing towards the border. Several threw projectiles at border patrol agents.

    Some climbed the first fence and were about to climb the second when they were reportedly repelled by tear gas from the U.S. side, AFP reported.

    U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen issued a statement Sunday afternoon condemning the “lawlessness” displayed and promising to prosecute “to the fullest extent of the law anyone who destroys federal property, endangers our frontline operators, or violates our nation’s sovereignty.”

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