Saturday, February 25, 2023

Tucker's warning if Ukraine war continues

  Fox News 2/23/2023

Fox News host Tucker Carlson dives deep into the propaganda campaign that began years before Russia's invasion of Ukraine on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'


I agree 100% The press can publish anything, even a pack of lies, then they print a retraction hidden in some obscure place and then go on as if they did nothing wrong

DeSantis wants to roll back press freedoms — with an eye toward overturning Supreme Court ruling            
By Matt Dixon 02/23/2023 POLITICO
Florida Republicans are seeking to weaken laws protecting journalists.

The proposal pushing to weaken state laws protecting journalists is part of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ feud with media outlets that he claims are biased against Republicans. | James Gilbert/Getty Images

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ broken relationship with the mainstream media could get even worse.

At the governor’s urging, Florida’s Republican-dominated Legislature is pushing to weaken state laws that have long protected journalists against defamation suits and frivolous lawsuits. The proposal is part DeSantis’ ongoing feud with media outlets like The New York Times, Miami Herald, CNN and The Washington Post — media companies he claims are biased against Republicans — as he prepares for a likely 2024 presidential bid.

Beyond making it easier to sue journalists, the proposal is also being positioned to spark a larger legal battle with the goal of eventually overturning New York Times v. Sullivan, the landmark 1964 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that limits public officials’ ability to sue publishers for defamation, according to state Rep. Alex Andrade, the Florida Republican sponsoring the bill.

“There is a strong argument to be made that the Supreme Court overreached,” Andrade said in an interview. “This is not the government shutting down free speech. This is a private cause of action.”

Andrade said he is working with DeSantis’ office on the bill: “I would say I am accepting their input.”

GOP needs to speak out, unafraid, like the Dems did when they controlled the house...BLAST IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS..!

The dems wanted to pack the SCOTUS 

with dem leaning judges

Biden Supreme Court commission under investigation by Jordan, Grassley, and Graham     by Kaelan Deese • Yesterday Washington Examiner

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and former Senate Judiciary chairmen Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sent letters to former leaders of President Joe Biden's Supreme Court reform commission, requesting documents and communications from the now-defunct judiciary focus group.

Biden formed the commission in April 2021 and was tasked to provide analysis for and against reforming the Supreme Court after the administration faced months of pressure by liberal lawmakers and advocates calling to consider expanding the size of the nine-member high court. The commission ultimately concluded with recommendations for ethics and greater transparency but said there was "profound disagreement" about court expansions or term limits.

Although the commission has since disbanded, "questions remain about the Commission’s work, deliberations, and true purpose,” the three Republican lawmakers wrote in the letters to Robert Bauer and Cristina Rodriguez, former co-chairpeople of Biden's commission.


Sen. Lindsey Graham, right, speaks with Sen. Chuck Grassley. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)© Provided by Washington Examiner

Thursday, February 23, 2023

'Why Would We Subsidize Non-US Citizens?': DeSantis Defends Ending Tuition Help For Undocumented   

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) defends prohibiting undocumented immigrants from getting out-of-state tuition waivers.

Sunday, February 19, 2023


• In the past week, we’ve had three more train derailments all over the country plus a truck with hazardous chemicals and a 5-acre plastic fire in Florida.
• Which made you forget about the three additional balloons that were shot down this week, after the one off the coast of South Carolina, remember that?
• It might not look like it but we are winning. Because of all of our efforts, we’ve won a battle against the tyrannical vaccine passports – but the war is not over and we have some more easy actions that you can take to win that war.

The Deep State is panicking and they are really throwing everything plus the kitchen sink at us, so we have to stay frosty, Everyone.

In a recent Tablet Magazine article by Lee Smith in which he disputes the details of Sy Hersh’s Nordstream article of last week, he wrote:

“…the ruling party’s efforts to pollute the US information ecosystem through serial propaganda operations is not just turning their base into mindless zombies but is also affecting the opposition. [That would be us. He continues,] When everything the media prints is fake news to serve an oligarchic regime, and a censorship consortium consisting of the press, Big Tech, and US spy services calls facts ‘disinformation,’ it’s hard to keep things straight in a labyrinth of lies.”

Lee Smith is doubtful that the same Joe Biden who allowed a Chinese spy balloon tour the American homeland, crossing over several sensitive sites and allowing the Chinese to complete their mission before destroying the evidence before it was safely unrecoverable over the ocean is the same guy who sucker-punched Putin in Russia’s backyard – blowing up the piggy bank of the state with the largest nuclear arsenal – and he concludes that, “Maybe the US really did sabotage Russian pipelines, but it sure didn’t happen the way Hersh describes it,” as this slick operation executed by a crew of highly capable tacticians.

Because it’s pretty obvious that’s NOT what they are. We’re talking about an administration that fired two $400,000 missiles at a $12 middle school balloon project.

The same government that declared monkeypox a National Emergency has been silent about what’s now being called America’s Chernobyl. The same people who told you that COVID was going to kill you and that the vaxx was safe are now telling you that the water and air are safe in East Palestine, Ohio.

A full two weeks after the 50-car derailment and massive explosion, followed by the dioxin-laced hydrochloric acid rain that is reportedly now killing birds 350 miles away in Kentucky, EPA Administrator, Michael Regan was the first member of the Federal Government to finally make an appearance in East Palestine. Regan had told the residents that it was safe for them to return home a full week before deeming it safe enough to go there himself with members of his department.

The eerie silence from the Biden Regime and their toadies in the Fake News media about this event has been remarkable. Even Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Wenbin seemed more concerned about the plight of the East Palestine residents than the Biden Regime that his party controls. Their silence was finally broken yesterday, when Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg finally surfaced and blamed the derailment on Trump. Because of course he did.

The Daily Mail reports that FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency told the residents that they are ineligible for their help because their homes weren’t physically destroyed – even though they may be chemically contaminated. I know from personal experience that’s not the real reason, because I lived a half a block from the World Trade Center during 9/11 and FEMA gave me $5,000 to move out of my apartment and to buy new furniture. My apartment wasn’t destroyed but it was covered in that white dust that I’m sure you’ve seen in the videos from 9/11 and there were 3 feet of that radioactive dust all over the rooftops and streets and my subway station was crushed. But as a condition of receiving the money, I had to sign a statement which precluded me from ever seeking money from the Government over the events of 9/11 again. Basically, I was paid a $5,000 settlement to go away, which might be a principal purpose of FEMA. The residents of East Palestine are being coached not to sign such a statement, so I guess FEMA has no interest in dealing with them.

We are living in a One-Party State, like China. If you’re not a Democrat, FEMA won’t help you in the middle of the United States’ worst ecological disaster of the 21st century, the FBI will call you a domestic terrorist, you’ll be pushed out of the military and you’ll be de-platformed by social media on the orders of the FBI, DHS and the State Department. We’re now living in the CCP’s America and they’re totally rubbing it in our face. This is what’s called the Revelation of the Method, which we’ll get into more in a minute.