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Judge Jeanine: I've never seen a president treated this way

Published on Jan 13, 2017
'Justice' host gives her take on national negativity towards Trump
Another ASSH**E Hollywood flake who thinks HIS opinion is worth much more than yours. If the "news media" (using the term loosely) wouldn't interview him no one would NOTICE, no one would CARE. Like the rest of Hollywood inhabitants, they think they are above us "COMMON PEOPLE". I don't go to movies, I don't want to help pad their pockets. I can live my own fantasy, FOR FREE !
Filmmaker Michael Moore tells Don Lemon that Democrats can't put the blame solely on the Clinton email probe for why they loss the White House.

Couple more of this IDIOTS rants below.......

CNN: Michael Moore Calls For Division, More Government ...
Jan 07, 2017 · CNN: Michael Moore Calls For ... Moore has gone off the rails and is calling for a more split

Michael Moore: Trump's presidency has to be opposed ...
Nov 11, 2016 · Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore said Thursday that Donald Trump's presidency must be opposed.
BIKERS FOR TRUMP Vow to Defend Trump Inauguration – Form Wall of Protection (VIDEO) 
Chris Cox, Bikers for Trump founder, joined Stewart Varney on Friday to discuss plans for next week’s Inauguration.
Bikers for Trump announced plans to protect Trump and Inaugural attendees. Cox says the bikers will “form a wall of meat” if needed.

Published on Jan 13, 2017
Chris Cox, Bikers for Trump founder, joined Stewart Varney on Friday to discuss plans for next week's Inauguration. Bikers for Trump vowed to protect Trump and Inaugural attendees and may form a wall of protection if needed.

Bikers for Trump 2016
Please help support- Bikers For Trump- at Trumps Presidential inauguration. We have the only pro- Trump permits for the inauguration. Anti Trump groups have gobbled up all other areas and are actively preparing and advertising for people to join their effort to cause chaos and mayhem. Remember the Bikers For Trump standing toe to toe against black lives matters and shoulder to shoulder with law-enforcement at the RNC in Cleveland, Ohio. We need financial help for the following .........
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Click here to support "Bikers For Trump" by Chris Cox

Trump to Hillary: Don't Complain, FBI Was 'Very Nice' to You
President-elect Donald Trump called failed Democratic rival Hillary Clinton "guilty as hell" based on the information uncovered in the FBI probe of her uses of a private email server while she served as secretary of state — and insisted the FBI was "very nice to her."
Trump's comments on Twitter Friday morning come in the wake of Thursday's announcement that the Department of Justice inspector general is launching an investigation into the department's and FBI Director James Comey's handling of the long-running probe into the matter.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Left’s Plan To Frame Trump Just Blew Up In Their Face 


Trump conducts his own sting operation to ensnare intelligence briefers – and says he caught them leaking

  • President-elect Donald Trump described a sting operation he says he conducted after becoming infuriated by a series of leaks about his own classified briefings
  • He says he decided to tell no one about a particular secret briefing, shielding even his longtime scheduling aide, Rhona Graff, to rule out the possibility leaks were coming from his staff
  • When word got out anyway, Trump concluded it was the intelligence community who was putting out information
  • He described the operation he conducted after suggesting intelligence officials leaked a fake dirty dossier of information about him

  • By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.s Political Editor For In New York

    President-elect Donald Trump, after growing suspicious that intelligence officials were leaking news about their classified briefings with him, says he conducted a sting operation to try to prove top spies were behind the leaks.
    Trump revealed the extraordinary scheme to try to entrap the senior spies in a furious press conference where he suggested the intelligence community had been behind salacious and totally unproven allegations against him.
    ‘I think it’s pretty sad when intelligence reports get leaked out to the press. First of all, it’s illegal. These are classified and certified meetings and reports,’ Trump said during a press conference at Trump Tower – his first since getting elected.
    Then he revealed the details of the stealthy sting he says he conducted on the nation’s senior spooks.
    ‘I’ll tell you what does happen. I have many meetings with intelligence. And every time I meet, people are reading about it,' Trump complained, possibly referencing reports on his classified briefings, which he has chosen not to receive daily.
    'Somebody’s leaking them out,’ Trump said, after inveighing against leaks generally.
    ‘So I said, "Maybe it’s my office. Maybe my office." Because I’ve got a lot of people Maybe it’s them?’
    ‘What I did, is I said I won’t tell anyone. I’m going to have a meeting, and I won’t tell anybody about my meeting with intelligence,’ Trump continued.
    He even shielded one of his closest aides from word of the meeting. 
    ‘Nobody knew – not even Rhona, my executive assistant for years. She didn’t know – I didn’t tell her. Nobody knew,’ Trump continued – drawing laughter from collected family members and staff.
    Having set the trap, Trump says the word leaked anyway.
    ‘The meeting was held. They left, and immediately the word got out that I had a meeting. So, I don’t want that. It’s very unfair to the country. It’s very unfair to our country what’s happening,’ he said.

    Self Reliance Central Header

    Brett Decker, formerly an editorial      writer with the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times, is a dear friend of mine. He's very politically savvy and a good judge of people. So when he went all in for Donald Trump before Trump even had a campaign, I was fascinated.

    And I wasn't the only one.

    Conservative icon, Phyllis Schlafly passed away on September 5, 2016, the day before the release of this book, The Conservative Case For Trump. In it, she addresses her fellow conservatives with a passionate plea to ignore establishment kingmakers and support controversial GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

    "The stakes are unmistakably high," Schlafly writes in the introduction. "I know that some well-meaning conservatives find Trump puzzling or even offensive, but I trust that this book-the culmination, for me, of more than seventy years of active involvement in Republican politics-might help sway them."

    If you only know Trump from what you've seen on the TV you should check this out.


    McCain.....Prime example of why we should have term limits for congress..........

    John McCain Committed A Sinister Act Of Betrayal Against Conservatives

    For a few hours, the media was buzzing about a story reporting the Russians had compromising information on Donald Trump.
    The story ended up being fake news, but the story about how it got injected into the media’s bloodstream infuriated conservatives.
    One of Trump’s most ardent critics – Senator John McCain – was the saboteur behind the media’s hatchet job.
    CNN reported the Russians had compromising information on Trump based on a political opposition research memo put together by a former British intelligence agent who first worked for Trump’s political opponents and then the Democrats.
    The document eventually made its way up the government food chain to FBI Director James Comey.
    Officials who were already set to brief President-elect Trump on the allegations of Russia meddling in the 2016 election prepared a two-page synopsis of the memo and were planning to use it during the briefing as an example of “disinformation”.
    But they never used the information contained in the memo during the briefing.

    By the way, according to chuck todd, if you voted for Trump you're no longer a "deplorable" you're just plain "STUPID"

    Ever since Chuck Todd took over the "Meet the press " show it has been evident he was a "stone democrat". He can't hold a candle to Tim Russert. (the previous host) If Killary had won, he would have been "orgasming" all over her and himself. I can't believe the things he said about Trump in this article and yet the 2 facer would probably love to have Trump on his show so he can try to trip him up or in any way possible he can embarrass him or the republican party. Todd is a scumbag (I won't call him a reporter) who must and will do any and everything NBC tells him to do. Todd is a big part of "fake news"......................................................

    Chuck Todd Perfectly Describes One of the Most Dangerous Aspects About Donald Trump (Video)

    In case you missed it, Donald Trump held his first “press conference” today as president-elect. I use the term “press conference” very loosely because this train wreck was really nothing more than Trump picking and choosing what questions he wanted to answer, pushing more of his fictional propaganda, and trying to bully journalists (in particular, CNN) when they dared to asked him tough questions he didn’t want to answer.

    While there’s plenty that could be said about this mess, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd summed it up best by pointing out one of the most dangerous aspects we face as a society with the rise of “president” Donald Trump.
    “I was struck big picture-wise of how normal a circus is now to us,” Todd said. “This was a circus. We’ve never seen a president-elect, a transition, like we saw today. Where the press conference gets interrupted, you have a lawyer in here, the lawyer does half legal talk, half political spin.”
    “So I am struck at how normal crazy looked to us today,” he added. “I mean, this was just a crazy scene. This is the norm of Donald Trump.”
    Todd also went on to say that this “press conference” was nothing more than a show for his supporters, calling Trump a master at deflection by “answering” but not really answering the questions that are asked of him.
    And he’s absolutely right.
    One of the issues that scared me most about “president” Trump is my fear that he’s going to make crazy the new “normal.” That childish, infant-like behavior from people who are supposed to be professional adults representing this country is going to become acceptable. That we’ll be so desensitized to outlandish behavior that something we should all be shocked and appalled by will get overlooked because of just how absurd Trump’s behavior is.
    If you watched President Obama’s farewell address, that was how a president should act.
    Donald Trump is an absolute embarrassment. I am utterly ashamed that over 60 million people were stupid enough to vote for this buffoon.
    We’re long past honest philosophical differences between Democrats and Republicans on key political issues. We’re now at a point where it’s literally those who believe in and have a basic understanding of facts, science and adult professionalism vs. those who don’t. When I choose to engage with a Trump supporter, I don’t even bother trying to use facts to counter their bullshit — it’s absolutely pointless. What I do is try my best to make them defend the ridiculous nonsense they believe. It’s easy for them to regurgitate a talking point, or something they’ve read on a meme, but it’s much more difficult for them to actually use some sort of factually sourced information to support the lies they believe.

    Does this tactic get me anywhere? To be honest, not usually. But it has at least made a few Trump supporters pause for a moment and think (maybe for the very first time) about some of the idiotic things they believe.
    But this “press conference” today is exactly why I’ve said that we must fight every single day to make damn sure the outlandish circus that Donald Trump and his legions of brainwashed acolytes have thrust upon this country does not become normal. We have to do everything we can to let the rest of the world know that Trump and the fools who support him make up the minority of this country.
    Watch Chuck Todd’s comments below via MSNBC by way of Raw Story:

    Chuck Todd: Crazy 'is the normal of Donald Trump'

    Wednesday, January 11, 2017

    Moscow Denies Having Compromising Information on Trump

    MOSCOW — A spokesman for President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday denied allegations that the Kremlin has collected compromising information about U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, deriding
    the claim as a "complete fabrication and utter nonsense."
    "This is an evident attempt to harm our bilateral ties," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters in Moscow. "The Kremlin does not engage in collecting compromising information."

    A U.S. official told The Associated Press on Tuesday that intelligence officials had informed Trump about an unsubstantiated report that Russia had compromising personal and financial information about him. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because the official was not allowed to publicly discuss the matter.
    After news reports were published about the briefing, Trump tweeted: "FAKE NEWS - A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!"
    Peskov dismissed the report but commented that the allegations could be used to keep American politicians from wanting to improve ties with Russia.
    "We should treat it with humor, but there is a sad side to it, too," he said. "There are people who are whipping up this frenzy, who are doing their best to keep this witch hunt going."
    Peskov described the report as part of efforts to "keep harming the relations, not allow anyone to think about whether this is in the interests of both countries, the interests of the global community and what can be done to move from a total confrontation to a more constructive approach."
    © Copyright 2017 The Associated Press.

    Obama Is Preparing This Sneak Attack On Trump

    Barack Obama is not going to go quietly into the night.
    He’s revamping his political organization for the age of Trump.
    And it could amount to the biggest sneak attack ever launched at a new administration.
    Organizing for Action is a 501(c4) that grew out of Obama’s campaign for President.
    It was set up to mobilize grassroots Democrats to support Obama’s political agenda.
    With Obama now leaving the White House, its mission is being repurposed.
    The group will now focus on candidate recruitment and activist training.
    Politico reports:
    “Already, former aides are revamping Organizing for Action, the group formed out of his old campaign structure. No longer about backing up Obama’s agenda in the White House, it will be a nexus for training activists and candidate recruitment, reshaped both by Trump’s win and some of the factors that contributed to Hillary Clinton’s loss.
    Though OFA has been mostly quiet over the last two months and made no formal announcements, its Chicago headquarters has been filling up with new hires, including several old campaign aides, who are planning to focus on the mechanics of campaigns, from running Obama-style persuasion programs, integrating data and running paid canvassing operations. Though the first goal is designing the program for what they’ll aim to make hundreds of workshops nationwide, there’s already talk moving toward endorsing candidates.”
     READ ON
    Donald Trump to CNN Reporter: You are fake news... Donald Trump Russian Video Prostitute Scandal

    Published on Jan 11, 2017
    Donald Trump to CNN Reporter: You are fake news following Russian Prostitute Scandal Donald trump fake news
    During his first press conference since July 2016, President-elect Donald Trump faces questions about his stance on Russia and concerns about possible conflicts of interest.
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    Tuesday, January 10, 2017

    The dems will stop at we'll find out who he KILLED.....and where the bodies are BURIED

    Trump 'Golden Showers' with Prostitutes Caught on Video - The Latest Hoax Spread by Liberal Media

    Published on Jan 10, 2017
    The liberal media are spreading a 4 Chan hoax about Donald Trump, claiming that Russia has video of him getting golden showers from prostitutes, and have blackmailed him with the tape, as if were a real story. The Fake News story was started by Buzzfeed, who fell for the fake "document" and the claims have been shamefully repeated on countless other media outlets around the world. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.
    CNBC: Alibaba Aims to Create 1 Million US Jobs in Next 5 Years
    Jack Ma, the billionaire founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., on
    Monday met with president-elect Donald Trump to talk about a plan to create 1 million U.S. jobs in the next five years.
    The meeting at Trump Tower in New York included a discussion on Alibaba's U.S. expansion plans, according to spokespeople for both Alibaba and Trump cited by news channel CNBC.

    Alibaba is the latest company that has pledged to create U.S. jobs since Trump was elected on a platform to make the country more hospitable to economic growth. The Republican candidate also criticized trade deals with China for being harmful to U.S. factory workers.
    Alibaba's job plans follow those by carmaker Fiat Chrysler, which last week said it will invest $1 billion in Michigan and Ohio plants, adding 2,000 workers. Ford reversed a plan to invest $1.6 billion in Mexico, while Japanese tech giant Softbank repeated its plans to create 50,000 U.S. jobs after meeting with Trump.

    Mark Wahlberg:... Hollywood Celebrities are Out of Touch and Should Shut Up About Politics

    Leftist Meryl Streep Suddenly Discovers Constitution Now That Obama is Leaving Office

    Nor did arrogant Meryl Streep urge the press, who did nothing for eight years but kiss Obama’s ring and rear end for that matter as he divided Americans up based upon skin color, income levels, men vs. women, homosexual vs. straight, rural vs. city and any other way he could dream up, care about the sycophantic Democrat Media Complex holding their Dear Leader accountable.
    However, now that Donald Trump is going to be the next president, Streep has suddenly discovered that a crucial role for the press is to hold those in power accountable.
    Worse yet, Streep thinks that mega-rich Hollywood elitists like herself, along with foreigners and the press are the new victims in society, and she made her views clear while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille award at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night.
    “All of us in this room really belong to the most vilified segments in American society right now,” Streep began, after saying that her heart was broken and she’d lost her voice. “Think about it — Hollywood, foreigners and the press. But who are we and who is Hollywood anyways?”

    Streep, who makes millions trying to be someone she isn’t and now thinks she’s a political expert, went on to do the equivalent of a ShamWow infomercial about how the progressive leftist snobs in Hollywood are just like the rest of us and also rattled off names of actors and actresses who weren’t born in America, apparently thinking that would encourage Americans into accepting more illegal immigration.

    “So, Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners,” she quipped. “And if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts which are not the arts” she sniped to loud applause from the clapping seals — all members of Hollyweird’s out of touch mutual admiration society.
    Streep then sank her fangs into President-elect Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, painting it all as a big act, then let the world know that after promoting the Obama dictatorship the past eight years, she’s suddenly discovered the U.S. Constitution and the Founding Father’s intended role for the press.
    “Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose….We need the principled press to hold power to account — to call him on the carpet for every outrage [applause] That’s why our founders enshrined the press and its freedoms in our Constitution.”
    Two of the only two non-Communists in Hollywood — Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson — had looks on their faces during Meryl Streep’s rant that said it all:
    Mel Gibson Vince Vaughn

    Of course, Streep and her snobbish Hollyweird friends have no credibility. She said nothing about Obama’s attacks against the press, him spying on FOX News reporter James Rosen and the Associated Press. She was goo-goo eyed in worship on bended knee while Obama used the IRS to go after Constitution and freedom-loving American patriots in the Tea Party movement. She was silent as Obama unconstitutionally ruled by royal edict, making up laws, changing others and refusing to enforce others — including border security laws.

    Hillary Clinton lost — for among several other reasons like being untrustworthy and unlikeable — because she ran as Obama’s third term. But she also lost because of progressive elitist snobs like leftist Meryl Streep and other Marxists in Hollyweird who should shut up and act.


    With Just Days to Go, Obama Caught Doing Something Nasty in White House

    A former Taliban captive, a Rastafarian prophet, and a bunch of drug dealers walk into the Oval Office… No, that’s not the beginning of a joke, fellow patriots.

    President Barack Obama has been presented with a list of names for clemency consideration before he finally leaves office in two weeks, including all of those characters. Obama may pull a Bill Clinton and issue pardons to an extremely high number of controversial convicts.
    The traitor Bowe Bergdahl is among the names on the Obama clemency list. The grieving loved ones of the six men who died while looking for Berghahl after he intentionally walked off his post and into the hands of the Taliban surely would object to clemency being offered to this coward.
    Edward Snowden is also on the pardon list. Liberals consider Snowden a traitor for blowing the whistle on the NSA for snooping on American citizens. Conservatives are split on whether or not Edward Snowden is a patriot or a traitor.

    Obama will probably not sign off on a pardon for anyone a single Republican or Libertarian thinks is worthy of a second chance.
    Donald Trump has deemed Edward Snowden a “terrible traitor,” Yahoo notes. Liberal activists in Snowden’s corner claim Trump will force the death penalty in his case if he is extradited from Russia back to the United States.

    That’s nothing more than another dose of the same liberal fear mongering which has been coming for urban elites and the Hollywood set since Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. Snowden killed no one, that is indisputable – the death penalty will not be on the table.
    Leonard Peltier is seeking a pardon from Obama as well. The Native American activist was convicted for the 1975 deaths of two FBI agents on the Lakota reservation in South Dakota. Peltier’s case is one fraught with speculation and possibly unethical shenanigans by federal government investigators and attorneys—he may very well deserve at least a new trial, but many of the witnesses in the case could now be dead.

    Liberals are taking up the cause of Bradey Manning during Obama’s final days in office. The former soldier now goes by the name of Chelsea Manning. She is serving a 35-year prison sentence for mishandling 700,000 sensitive military and diplomatic documents, some of which were classified, having given the documents to WikiLeaks.
    Manning supporters maintain the sentence is excessive and claim she is psychologically frail and tried to commit suicide twice. If the transgender soldier can get more than three decades in prison for sharing government documents she wasn’t supposed to, shouldn’t Hillary Clinton get at least a little time in the big house for doing the same thing?

    Obama granted 148 requests for clemency se taking office in 2009. He has offered 1,176 commutations, surpassing any other president in the history of our republic.
    Satire from the Borowitz Report
    Russia Bans Meryl Streep Movies By Andy Borowitz

    MOSCOW (The Borowitz Report)—In a sweeping act of official censorship, the Russian government has banned all Meryl Streep movies from the country, effective immediately.
    Moviegoers at Moscow’s Kinoteatr 16 movieplex were taken aback on Monday night when government agents stormed the projection booth and seized a copy of “Florence Foster Jenkins,” the 2016 Streep film that was unspooling.
    But the full force of the ban was not felt until Tuesday morning, when the Ministry of Internal Affairs ordered police to go door to door, confiscating Streep DVDs from Russian citizens.

    “I was terrified,” Vasily Dmitrovic, who lives in St. Petersburg, said. “They broke down my door. My wife was screaming. They would not leave until I handed over ‘Mamma Mia!’ ”
    In an appearance on state television, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered no reason for the ban, other than to say that Streep was “overrated.”

    Andy Borowitz is a New York Times best-selling author and a comedian who has written for The New Yorker since 1998. He writes the Borowitz Report for
    Mocking Every Hollywood Political Lecture Ever


    (video removed by user)

    Russia and the US joining forces to rid the world of evil. First target in the crosshairs…. George Soros!by  January 9, 2017

    VIDEO: Barack Hussein begs Russia to not give Trump documents relating to George Soros. Russia says, "FU."

    The Barack Hussein administration is on its hands and knees begging the very people they have been lying about for weeks, the Russian government, to please, please, please not release “historical files” they possess regarding George Soros to Donald Trump. Mortal enemy to the American Democrat Party, but friend to America, the Russian government has issued a clear “NO!” in response to Hussein’s plea.
    George Soros has been responsible for untold misery around the globe, including the American people. It’s what gets him off. Like all liberals, nothing matters more than his own personal gratification.
    Russian “Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov yesterday refused outgoing US Ambassador John Tefft’s urgent demand that the incoming Trump administration be denied Federal Security Service (FSB) historical files relating to American-Hungarian billionaire George Soros, the 19th richest person in the world worth $24.9 billion, due to Obama regime fears that President-elect Donald Trump’s plan to charge this former World War II Nazi collaborator as a being a threat to the national security of the United States would cause needless chaos to erupt within the American political environment.
    This past Friday, January 6, Minister Lavrov received a formal diplomatic notice from the Trump transition team requesting that any and all files and investigative documents in the current possession of the FSB relating to the World War II actions and activities of George Soros be provided to them.”
    Russian Anchor Trolls Hillary Clinton for Forgeting Top Secret Documents in Moscow hotel

    Published on Sep  2016
    Clinton Left Classified Data in Russian Hotel During State Secretary Trip

    US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton forgot classified documents at a hotel in Russia during a trip as secretary of state, documents released by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation show.

    The documents, released on Friday and cited by ABC News, show that when Clinton was on a trip to Russia while serving as US secretary of state, her aide brought a classified briefing book into the hotel suite. The classified documents were left behind when the aide and Clinton left the room. According to the FBI documents, the briefing book should not have been brought into the hotel suite in Russia. Most of Clinton’s emails recovered by the FBI will reportedly not be made public until after the US presidential elections in November.

    The Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit demanding that all 14,900 of Clinton’s emails uncovered by the FBI be released. In 2014, Clinton released over 55,000 emails to US State Department investigators, stating that the documents contained only work-related information. She has admitted to erasing 33,000 emails.
    The thin blue line that was painted on New Jersey streets in support of police is actually illegal, according to federal officials, but a mayor is vowing to keep the blue line, even if it means defying federal regulation.  NBC10 Philadelphia

    Mahwah's mayor says he will defy the federal standard, and keep the blue line on Franklin Turnpike outside police headquarters.

    The thin blue line that was painted on a New Jersey street last fall in support of local police is actually illegal, according to federal officials, but the town's mayor is vowing to keep the blue line, even if it means defying federal regulation. 
    The town of Mahwah had the blue line painted in front of the local police station in October at the request of a resident who wanted to show gratitude for keeping the community consistently ranked among the safest in the state.
    But in a letter dated Dec. 8, federal highway official Mark Keherli told Mahwah officials that blue paint is only to be used for specific reasons, like handicapped parking spots. 


    They Were Told Not To Mention God At Their Graduation. But They Didn’t Listen…1 day ago

    A reader sent us this recollection of an incident that occurred at a university graduation. The students were warned not to pray during the event, but found a brilliant way to work God into the ceremony. Read it below.
    graduation prayer

    Monday, January 9, 2017


    “In the minds of the Northern people slavery was associated with atrocious cruelty and continual suffering. In the eyes of the Southerners, on the other hand, it was associated with great kindness and the most affectionate relations between the planters and their bondsmen. And if the Southerners were blind, it is most difficult to explain the remarkable fact that throughout the war, although thousands of plantations and farms, together with thousands of... women and children, all of whose male relatives were in the Confederate armies, were left entirely to the care of the negroes, both life and property were perfectly secure.” G. F. R. Henderson.
    Travis [><]
    Source: Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War by G. F. R. Henderson
    Link to free e-book:…/stonewalljack…/12233-8.txt
    Photo used: Artwork of Winslow Homer

    No automatic alt text available.
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    Russian Hack Story Continues to Change with New Claim U.S. Was Tipped Off by British Intelligence   January 8, 2017

    With Friday’s endlessly hyped joint intelligence report facing skepticism over a complete lack of evidence to back up Obama regime claims, yet another change has been made to the story that is being used by Obama, Hillary and their allies to discredit the incoming Trump administration in the eyes of the American public.
    It now is being reported that British intelligence tipped off their U.S. counterparts back in 2015.
    According to the Guardian “UK intelligence gave US key tipoff about Russian hacking, report says”:
    British intelligence reportedly provided a vital tipoff to the US in 2015 about the extent of Russian hacking on the presidential election.
    The report on the UK’s involvement came after US intelligence agencies published an unclassified version of their finding that Vladimir Putin ordered a multi-pronged operation to interfere in the election in favour of Donald Trump.
    The New York Times, citing “two people familiar with the conclusions” of the report, said British intelligence was “among the first” to raise the alarm in autumn 2015 that Moscow had hacked the computer servers of the Democratic National Committee.
    The UK’s role suggests that the compromise of email exchanges among senior Democrats was spotted when voice intercepts, computer traffic or agents picked up content of the emails flowing towards Moscow.
    Over the course the campaign, British officials were as alarmed as their US counterparts over the extent of contacts between Trump advisers and Moscow and by Trump’s consistently pro-Russian stance on a range of foreign policy issues.
    While it will never be pointed out by the corrupt establishment media, the question must be asked that if it was allegedly known in 2015 then why did the DNC get caught with their pants down around their ankles once the emails were dumped and why weren’t early efforts made to contain the damage?
    It is important to remember that according to documents leaked by former government contractor Edward Snowden that the Brits regularly worked with the NSA Stasi to circumvent constitutional restrictions and in this case, to provide cover for the official conspiracy theory on why Mrs. Clinton lost the election.
    ODNI Director James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan’s report was a big nothingburger and the claims by the U.K. spooks will provide another nice talking point just in time for the Sunday morning shows where a hard sell will be made for chaining Trump and Putin at the hip and laying the groundwork for impeachment proceedings.
    Chuck Todd will joyously provide hand jobs to BOTH John McCain and Lindsey Graham on Press the Meat Meet the Press this morning.
    More fake news served up James Bond style – shaken, not stirred.

    Sunday, January 8, 2017

    It really seems as though obama is trying his best to start some conflict with Russia before he leaves office....then DUMP it in Trumps lap

    U.S. tanks roll into Germany to protect against potential Russian invasion 
    en-0108-palmerustanks-1226435-640x360.jpg© Credit: CBSNews

    NORTHERN GERMANY -- U.S. Tanks rolled into Germany this weekend.
    The deployment -- which also includes 3,500 U.S. Troops -- is to protect Eastern Europe against a potential Russian invasion.
    In the dock area of the German city of Bremerhaven all around is American military hardware just off the boat -- everything from Humvees to tanks. 
    The official name for this display of military muscle is Operation Atlantic Resolve. 
    Its purpose is to reassure America’s nervous European allies that the U.S. military will stand with them against any aggressive moves by Russia. Moves, like the 2014 invasion of Crimea, when Russian troops arrived in what had been Ukraine -- and seized it for the Kremlin. 
    “We intend to reassure all those here in Europe that we are committed to peace and security, and to send a signal to anybody else who would differ with that, that that’s not gonna work,” said Lt. General Timothy Ray, deputy commander of the U.S.’s European command.America’s response is a decision to stop the draw down of U.S. troops in Europe, and reverse it -- in the first buildup since the end of the Cold War.
    That anybody else would be Vladimir Putin, who is on record as saying its stupid and unrealistic to think that Russia would attack anyone. 
    But just in case, Operation Atlantic Resolve is big and very visible deterrent.
    Over the next week all the equipment will leave Germany and be sent to Poland, and from there, be deployed across Eastern Europe.