Thursday, January 12, 2017

By the way, according to chuck todd, if you voted for Trump you're no longer a "deplorable" you're just plain "STUPID"

Ever since Chuck Todd took over the "Meet the press " show it has been evident he was a "stone democrat". He can't hold a candle to Tim Russert. (the previous host) If Killary had won, he would have been "orgasming" all over her and himself. I can't believe the things he said about Trump in this article and yet the 2 facer would probably love to have Trump on his show so he can try to trip him up or in any way possible he can embarrass him or the republican party. Todd is a scumbag (I won't call him a reporter) who must and will do any and everything NBC tells him to do. Todd is a big part of "fake news"......................................................

Chuck Todd Perfectly Describes One of the Most Dangerous Aspects About Donald Trump (Video)

In case you missed it, Donald Trump held his first “press conference” today as president-elect. I use the term “press conference” very loosely because this train wreck was really nothing more than Trump picking and choosing what questions he wanted to answer, pushing more of his fictional propaganda, and trying to bully journalists (in particular, CNN) when they dared to asked him tough questions he didn’t want to answer.

While there’s plenty that could be said about this mess, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd summed it up best by pointing out one of the most dangerous aspects we face as a society with the rise of “president” Donald Trump.
“I was struck big picture-wise of how normal a circus is now to us,” Todd said. “This was a circus. We’ve never seen a president-elect, a transition, like we saw today. Where the press conference gets interrupted, you have a lawyer in here, the lawyer does half legal talk, half political spin.”
“So I am struck at how normal crazy looked to us today,” he added. “I mean, this was just a crazy scene. This is the norm of Donald Trump.”
Todd also went on to say that this “press conference” was nothing more than a show for his supporters, calling Trump a master at deflection by “answering” but not really answering the questions that are asked of him.
And he’s absolutely right.
One of the issues that scared me most about “president” Trump is my fear that he’s going to make crazy the new “normal.” That childish, infant-like behavior from people who are supposed to be professional adults representing this country is going to become acceptable. That we’ll be so desensitized to outlandish behavior that something we should all be shocked and appalled by will get overlooked because of just how absurd Trump’s behavior is.
If you watched President Obama’s farewell address, that was how a president should act.
Donald Trump is an absolute embarrassment. I am utterly ashamed that over 60 million people were stupid enough to vote for this buffoon.
We’re long past honest philosophical differences between Democrats and Republicans on key political issues. We’re now at a point where it’s literally those who believe in and have a basic understanding of facts, science and adult professionalism vs. those who don’t. When I choose to engage with a Trump supporter, I don’t even bother trying to use facts to counter their bullshit — it’s absolutely pointless. What I do is try my best to make them defend the ridiculous nonsense they believe. It’s easy for them to regurgitate a talking point, or something they’ve read on a meme, but it’s much more difficult for them to actually use some sort of factually sourced information to support the lies they believe.

Does this tactic get me anywhere? To be honest, not usually. But it has at least made a few Trump supporters pause for a moment and think (maybe for the very first time) about some of the idiotic things they believe.
But this “press conference” today is exactly why I’ve said that we must fight every single day to make damn sure the outlandish circus that Donald Trump and his legions of brainwashed acolytes have thrust upon this country does not become normal. We have to do everything we can to let the rest of the world know that Trump and the fools who support him make up the minority of this country.
Watch Chuck Todd’s comments below via MSNBC by way of Raw Story:

Chuck Todd: Crazy 'is the normal of Donald Trump'

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