Saturday, October 19, 2013

New 14-foot 'sea serpent' found in Southern Calif.


OCEANSIDE, Calif. (AP) — For the second time in less than a week, a 'sea serpent' attracted gawkers on a Southern California beach.

This time the rare, snakelike oarfish washed up Friday afternoon in Oceanside.

U-T San Diego reported ( ) that it measured nearly 14 feet long and attracted a crowd of up to 75 people.

Oceanside police contacted SeaWorld San Diego, The Scripps Research Institute and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Someone from NOAA retrieved the carcass, which was cut into sections for later study.

While it's unusual to find the deep-water fish near shore, on Sunday a snorkeler off Catalina Island found an 18-foot-long oarfish and dragged it onto the beach with the help of a dozen other people.

According to the Catalina Island Marine Institute, oarfish can grow to more than 50 feet, making them the longest bony fish in the world.

They are likely responsible for sea serpent legends throughout history.

Armed gun rights activists rally at the Alamo


SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Several hundred gun rights activists armed with rifles and shotguns rallied outside of the Alamo on Saturday in a demonstration that broke a longstanding tradition of not staging such events at the enduring symbol of Texas independence.

Organizers called the "Come and Take It San Antonio!" rally after a confrontation two months ago in which San Antonio police threatened to arrest several gun rights activists who were carrying their rifles outside of a Starbucks. They oppose a local ordinance that they say impinges on people's gun rights.

Demonstrators waved flags emblazoned with "Come and Take It" and "Don't Tread on Me" fluttered above the crowd as gun rights leaders and politicians spoke about Texas liberty and the Second Amendment.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus mingled in the crowd, which police estimated was 300 to 400 people. He chatted with rally organizers while a substantial police presence remained outside the event's perimeter.

The event was organized by several gun rights groups that advocate for the open carrying of long guns — rifles and shotguns — which is allowed under Texas law.


South Florida Woman Asked Cops to Help Her Hire Hit Man to Kill Husband: Police

Annybelkis Terrero, 38, is charged with two counts of solicitation of murder and two counts of bribery, Boynton Beach Police said.

A South Florida woman who asked police officers to help her hire a hit man to kill her husband and another man was arrested early Friday, authorities said. NBC 6's Claudia DoCampo spoke with Boynton Beach Spokeswoman Stephanie Slater about the investigation.
                                                                                                                                  A South Florida woman who asked police officers to help her hire a hit man to kill her husband and another man was arrested early Friday, authorities said.
Annybelkis Terrero, 38, is charged with two counts of solicitation of murder and two counts of bribery, Boynton Beach Police said. She was being held without bond at the Palm Beach County Jail Friday, and it was unknown whether she has an attorney.


Friday, October 18, 2013


NBC Predicts: All Americans Will Receive A Microchip Implant In 2017 Per Obamacare

via Before It’s News
Is NBC predicting RFID implanted in Americans in 2017 or are they the mouth piece for the beast?
If you take the RFID Microchip they can TRACK your every move, Control your MONEY, Control your FOOD and possible even KILL you if you don’t obey! (Read More Below)
A number of states like Virginia, have passed “stop the mark of the beast legislation” in an effort to stop this.
Remember, they do things over time to condition the population into think this is normal. Please understand, you are just a number to the government. A RFID Chip is the governments means to control you for the rest of your life.

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Krauthammer: Boehner Doesn't Have Any Power
While Boehner’s speakership is likely safe, Charles Krauthammer thinks he’s lost all credibility after failing to stop ObamaCare, which of course resulted in the first government shutdown in nearly two decades.
"He's going to hold on to his job, but I'm not sure he's going to hold on to any power because he clearly doesn't have any," Krauthammer said on Fox News Thursday. "He can't control his caucus."
Yes, Boehner put up a good fight, but was it a wise one? Krauthammer isn’t convinced it was.
"In the end Obama says nobody won, but that's like saying at Appomattox nobody won," he said. "I think it was a clear victory, unfortunately, if you were a conservative it was a great defeat."
He is convinced, however, that Republicans will not try this again. So when the January and February deadlines for funding the government and extending the debt ceiling, respectively, come around, Krauthammer doesn’t think there’s anybody who will want to say, ‘We’re going to shut down the government.’ That, he says, will take away from the Republicans a lot of their leverage.
“So they are going to go into this now weaker a second time as a result of the debacle this time,” he said.

Grenades ATF Allowed to 'Walk' Into Mexico Used to Kill Police

Katie Pavlich | Oct 18, 2013
ATF's gunwalking and grenade walking tactics have come back to haunt them...again. CBS Investigative Reporter Sharyl Attkisson has the scoop:
CBS News has learned of a shocking link between a deadly drug cartel shootout with Mexican police last week and a controversial case in the U.S. The link is one of the grenades used in the violent fight, which killed three policemen and four cartel members and was captured on video by residents in the area.

According to a Justice Department "Significant Incident Report" filed Tuesday and obtained by CBS News, evidence connects one of the grenades to Jean Baptiste Kingery, an alleged firearms trafficker U.S. officials allowed to operate for years without arresting despite significant evidence that he was moving massive amounts of grenade parts and ammunition to Mexico's ruthless drug cartels.

The gun battle took place last week in Guadalajara. Authorities say five members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel used at least nine firearms and ten hand grenades against Mexican police. If one of the grenades was supplied with the help of Kingery, as believed, it adds to the toll of lives taken with weapons trafficked by suspects U.S. officials watched but did not stop.                                     

Obama Administration to Make Anti-Muslim Speech Punishable By Law?

Bill Killian is a U.S. attorney based out of Tennessee that is trying to do whatever he can to make anti-Muslim speech illegal in the U.S.
he is claiming that some this type of speech is violating the civil rights of these citizens.
Killian told Tullahoma News “We need to educate people about Muslims and their civil rights, and as long as we’re here, they’re going to be protected,”
Killian and the local FBI will be meeting with the Muslim community in the area to discuss and inform them about their civil rights.
So far the DOJ has not determined what speech they will actually considered “illegal” and no guidelines have been set forth.

An attorney that specializes in the first amendment said ” “The government may, indeed, play a useful and entirely constitutional role in urging people not to engage in speech that amounts to religious discrimination. But it may not, under the First Amendment, prevent or punish speech even if it may be viewed as hostile to a religion.”

Thursday, October 17, 2013

DNA links mysterious Yeti to ancient polar bear



LONDON (AP) — A British scientist says he may have solved the mystery of the Abominable Snowman — the elusive ape-like creature of the Himalayas. He thinks it's a bear.

DNA analysis conducted by Oxford University genetics professor Bryan Sykes suggests the creature, also known as the Yeti, is the descendant of an ancient polar bear.

Sykes compared DNA from hair samples taken from two Himalayan animals — identified by local people as Yetis — to a database of animal genomes. He found they shared a genetic fingerprint with a polar bear jawbone found in the Norwegian Arctic that is at least 40,000 years old.

Sykes said Thursday that the tests showed the creatures were not related to modern Himalayan bears but were direct descendants of the prehistoric animal.

He said, "it may be a new species, it may be a hybrid" between polar bears and brown bears.

"The next thing is go there and find one."READ STORY


Shutdown over, Obama surveys damage and blames GOP


WASHINGTON (AP) — The government unlocked its doors Thursday after 16 days, with President Barack Obama saluting the resolution of Congress' bitter standoff but lambasting Republicans for the partial shutdown that he said had damaged the U.S. economy and America's credibility around the world.

"There are no winners here," Obama said just hours after signing a last-minute measure from Congress that was free of the Republican demands that had started the showdown. The deal allowed federal workers to return Thursday morning and headed off the threat that the nation would default on its debts, at least for this year.

"The American people are completely fed up with Washington," Obama said in stern remarks at the White House. The nation's credit rating was jeopardized, economic growth and hiring were slowed and federal workers were temporarily deprived of paychecks, Obama said, all because of "yet another self-inflicted crisis."

In hopes of averting another standoff when the just-passed measure runs out, Congress' four top budget writers met over breakfast to begin new talks on spending and borrowing issues that have bedeviled the divided government for years.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Only good thing to come out of this "government shutdown" fiasco

Debt bill denies annual pay hike for Congress

2 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress on Wednesday moved to deny itself a pay raise.

It would mark the sixth consecutive year that lawmakers will have acted to make sure they don't get the annual cost-of-living pay increase they get automatically unless they vote to freeze their pay.

The measure was attached to the compromise debt and spending measure on track to pass Congress late Wednesday.

Members of Congress make $174,000 a year and are supposed to get an annual pay raise under a 1989 law that traded an annual COLA for a ban on the much-criticized practice of taking paid honoraria for making speeches.

But Congress has voted to deny itself the raise about as many times as it's opted to take the pay hike, and with their poll numbers in the gutter currently, it's not surprising that they're doing so again.

It's not clear how much next year's pay hike would have been. A spokesman for the House's chief administrative officer did not know the figure. Social Security recipients are expected to receive a cost-of-living hike of about 1.5 percent next year.

I thought he was going back to Engand, or don't they want him back ???

Noted Constitutional scholar Piers Morgan thinks that guns are First Amendment right

Bob Owens
I guess that means he used his Second Amendment right to make an idiot out of himself. Again.
Piers Morgan still can’t basic details about the gun rights debate right, even after his protracted involvement in the controversy, as he revealed on Tuesday’s CBS This Morning. Morgan incorrectly claimed that the First Amendment – not the Second Amendment – protected the right to keep and bear arms: “I have no problem…with a family exercising their First Amendment (sic) right to defend their families with a handgun at home.”
Morgan then ate paste out of the jar for the rest of the segment, but as the audience had to go pick up her adult daughter from hot yoga, no one noticed.


Video: George W. Bush is Responsible for the Government Shutdown, or Something

Daniel Doherty | Oct 16, 2013
When MRCTV’s Dan Joseph presented DC residents with a simple yet straightforward question -- namely, who is more responsible for the current government shutdown, President Obama or former President George W. Bush? -- almost every single one of them said the latter. And their answers, as you might imagine, were totally compelling and well thought out.
That's to say, completely stupid and incoherent:

I need not remind you that George W. Bush left office five years ago. He is not involved, much less responsible for, the failed budget talks in Washington, D.C. that led to a government shutdown. Polls show Americans fault both political parties and the current occupant of the White House for the impasse. Bush, by contrast, is a retired former president and a private citizen. Yet somehow he’s still to blame? Amazing how that works!
The “Blame Bush!” rallying cry routinely employed by leftists during the 2012 election was a useful tool used to discredit Republicans and insulate the president from criticism. It worked. But President Obama is in his second term. He’s held elective office for nearly half a decade. He’s the commander-in-chief of the United States of America, and any blame for stalled budget talks, government shutdowns or whatever should rest squarely on his shoulders. Theoretically, that is.
Granted, I realize some Americans will blame Bush for every problem we face -- no matter what. He’s Democrats’ favorite fall guy, after all. But at a certain point one has to seriously wonder if these Obama flaks are shameless partisans who actually believe what they say or just hopelessly misinformed. I suspect it’s a combination of the two.

Deal reached to avoid default and open government


WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate leaders announced last-minute agreement Wednesday to avert a threatened Treasury default and reopen the government after a partial, 16-day shutdown. Congress raced to pass the measure by day's end.

The Dow Jones industrial average soared on the news that the threat of default was fading, flirting with a 200-point gain in morning trading.

"This is a time for reconciliation," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of the agreement he had forged with the GOP leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

McConnell said that with the accord, Republicans had sealed a deal to have spending in one area of the budget decline for two years in a row, adding, "we're not going back."

One prominent tea party lawmaker, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, said he would oppose the plan, but not seek to delay its passage.  FULL STORY 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Whispers: Might the House GOP Adjourn and Leave Town After Passing 'Final Offer'?
Guy Benson
There have been whispers that, should the debt plan by the House of Representatives pass, the Republicans will adjourn and leave town, forcing the Senate and President Obama to act.
[Keep Reading] -- A Study in Government Cronyism
     FULL STORY               
Anyone could have seen this coming: Those with "connections" got the well-paid work of constructing the horrendously inoperative web site:
Why did they get the work? The report [produced by Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that focuses on government transparency] hints at a likely reason: The companies were big lobbyists, with "some 17 contract winners reported spending more than $128 million on lobbying in 2011 and 2012." Granted, some experience with government work is vital for any contractor, and the federal procurement system is geared to favor those already doing government work, but Sunlight pointed out that the list tips heavily toward those with both existing contracts and political leverage.
Welcome to the world of government-run health care. In the real world, people would know that, were they to choose their cronies rather than those most capable of doing the job most efficiently, they would lose their jobs.
But this, of course, is the government -- and for Kathleen Sebelius and the rest of her underlings at HHS, all is secure. Heck, she's even exempt from the law! And HHS won't even release a list of the contractors who worked on the site -- but here is, at least, a partial list, courtesy of the Sunlight Foundation. And lots of the names look mighty familiar.
The people who are really going to suffer from the inadequacies of the system are, of course, the Americans who paid for it . . . and who will pay again if they are unable to purchase insurance by the ObamaCare deadline.

18-foot-long sea creature found off Calif. coast

news-odd-20131015-US-ODD--Giant.FishCHRISTOPHER WEBER, AP
2 hours ago

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A marine science instructor snorkeling off the Southern California coast spotted something out of a fantasy novel: the silvery carcass of an 18-foot-long, serpent-like oarfish.

Jasmine Santana of the Catalina Island Marine Institute needed more than 15 helpers to drag the giant sea creature with eyes the size of half dollars to shore on Sunday.

Staffers at the institute are calling it the discovery of a lifetime.

"We've never seen a fish this big," said Mark Waddington, senior captain of the Tole Mour, CIMI's sail training ship. "The last oarfish we saw was three feet long."

Because oarfish dive more than 3,000 feet deep, sightings of the creatures are rare and they are largely unstudied, according to CIMI.             FULL STORY 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Isn't this a violation of these servicemens civil rights ? OR DO THEY EVEN HAVE ANY CIVIL RIGHTS ? I'm sure there are some black sailors, where is sharpton and jackson ??

War On Religion Update: President Asshat Shuts Down Catholic Services On U.S. Navy Base I wonder if the muslims are prevented from praying ?

Obama Administration Shuts Down Catholic Services On US Navy Base; Locks Church Doors – Gateway PunditThe Obama Administration shut down Catholic Services at the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia. The church was also locked down.


The church at Kings Bay Naval Base before the shutdown and before the doors were locked

The Thomas More Law Center reported:
In the wake of the government shutdown, despite provisions in the Pay Our Military Act, Catholics at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia are being denied religious services. The Catholic priest who serves this community has been prohibited from even volunteering to celebrate Holy Mass without pay, and was told that if he violated that order, he could be subject to arrest. Protestant services continue to take place. Only Catholic services have been shutdown.
This is an astonishing attack on religious freedom by the federal government, and the latest affront towards the military since the beginning of the shutdown.
As a result, the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, MI, today, filed a federal lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.
The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Father Ray Leonard, a Catholic priest contracted to serve as base chaplain and Fred Naylor, one of Father Leonard’s parishioners and a retired veteran with over 22 years of service. Fr. Leonard is a civilian Catholic Pastor contracted by the Department of defense


Time for a class action suit against the federal government. Would that work ???

Senior Citizens Trapped In Yellowstone Due To Shutdown
The Yellowstone, which is among the world’s greatest natural attractions, has suffered a lot from the government shutdown. Since it has always been the government’s responsibility to protect it and enable all people to experience and enjoy the marvels of this park, recently, the government has ended up abusing its constitutional authority by trying to control it.
According to the National Park Service, due to the government shutdown, the tourists weren’t allowed to recreate in any way. The rangers are further said to have showed signs of aggressiveness towards the group. Two days later, they let the senior citizens out of the inn to the Yellowstone but still, refused them the right to use the bathrooms within the park.
The unjust treatment has triggered lots of discussions and criticism to both the government and the NPS mainly because, the maltreatment experienced by the senior citizens leaves many wondering whether the government shutdown brought to an end the belief that national parks belong to the people.

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Debunking Obama's latest lie

Sunday evening

Dear patriot,

President Obama is once again misleading people in a sad attempt to create a panic he hopes will be blamed on his opponents.

Moody’s has flatly stated our credit rating is not tied to the debt limit, and not raising it does not risk default.

“The government would continue to pay interest and principal on its debt even in the event that the debt limit is not raised, leaving its creditworthiness intact,” Moody’s Investor Services reports today.

“The debt limit restricts government expenditures to the amount of its incoming revenues; it does not prohibit the government from servicing its debt. There is no direct connection between the debt limit (actually the exhaustion of the Treasury’s extraordinary measures to raise funds) and a default,” writes Moody’s.

This is the third time this year Obama has tried to rule by creating false panic. First, it was sequestration, then it was his current shutdown; and now he’s making false claims about the debt ceiling and default.
These cheap scare tactics may work in Chicago street organizing, but it is no way to lead a nation. They certainly haven’t created prosperity. Americans want Obama end to his partisan theatrics. It’s time for Democrats to reopen the government and begin to talk with Americans about getting our debt and spending under control.

God bless,

Congressman Steve Stockman

Judge Jeanine Drops Bombshell On Obama Over Refusal To Bury Soldiers ..

Why would they care, they are getting paid !!!

Obama meeting with congressional leaders postponed

45 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says a meeting between Obama and congressional leaders has been postponed to give Senate leaders more time to resolve a standoff over the nation's debt and the partial government shutdown.

Obama was scheduled to meet Monday afternoon at the White House with the Democratic and Republican leaders in the House and Senate. A new day or time for the meeting wasn't announced.

The delay comes as all sides are expressing optimism that they are getting closer to an agreement to end the two-week partial shutdown and avert a potential default on the U.S. debt.

The last meeting between Obama and the congressional                                                                                                 leaders was Oct. 2.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

At yesterday's Values Voters summit, Ted Cruz promised attendees that he would go to the White House and hold a hard line when President Obama invited Republican leaders. He did not break that promise. Politico reports that Sen. Cruz told the President that anything less than significant reforms to Obamacare would be a non-starter when it comes to talks between Republicans and Democrats.
Cruz told Obama that any deal to reopen the government must also provide relief for those negatively affected by Obamacare. In a long gaggle with reporters, Cruz did not use the word “defund” to describe his aspirations for changes to the health care law, but said he wants “substantial” changes. “I told the president exactly the same thing I have told you here today: That we need to work together and fund the government and at the same time provide substantial relief to the millions of people who are hurting because of Obamacare, who are losing their jobs, being forced into part-time work and losing their health insurance,” Cruz said. “If the outcome doesn’t impact people who are struggling, who are hurting because of Obamacare, then I don’t think it would be a good outcome.” Asked to give a breakdown of the exchange between Cruz and Obama, White House press secretary Jay Carney simply responded: “No.”
Congress is in session this weekend, with both House and Senate Republicans working overtime to hammer out a deal to resolve the government shutdown impasse. Cruz and other prominent Republicans see this as the last opportunity for Republicans to actually extract concessions from the Obama Administration to reform Obamacare. The Obamacare exchanges went live this week - disastrously - and the law will be nearly fully implemented by January 1.

obamacare on t v

$500,000 Grant to Add Obamacare Propaganda into TV Shows            
800px-Barack_Obama_and_Bill_ClintonHollywood received a  $500,000 grant from liberal organizations across California to weave Obamacare storylines into plots of television shows.

Organizations including The California Endowment donated the funds to “help TV writers tell better stories about the new health insurance law.” The California Endowment supports the expansion of healthcare coverage to low-income Americans and illegal immigrants. Pres. Obama’s Sec. of Labor Thomas Perez spent nine years consulting for the group.

Norman Lear Center, another major donor explained that Obamacare would best be advertised in television shows because “people learn from TV.”

“Even if they know it is fiction, even if they know if writers can make stuff up, especially in the realm of medicine and public health, if a doctor says something to a patient, people tend to think that someone has checked that, that it’s true,” said Marty Kaplan, director of the Norman Lear Center.

RELATED: Obamacare Will Cause Healthcare Spending to Increase By $621,000,000,000

The fund plans to infiltrate over 100 television shows with Obamacare propaganda including, the Bold and the Beautiful.

At least a $20 whore would give you a good time and only make it hurt if you asked her to !!

“mr. obama, You Use Your Tongue Prettier Than A Twenty Dollar Whore”

Newsweek cover SC Mr. Obama, You Use Your Tongue Prettier Than A Twenty Dollar Whore
I wish I could tell you that I was shocked and surprised about the utter failure of and
I wish I could say that I was shocked that after about two years and billions of dollars, the clowns in charge of the healthcare implementation roll-out created non-functional websites that simply did not work.
But, just as everything else the Obama administration has brought us, amateurs ruled the day; and the excuses on the Sunday morning shows ranged from “it’s too successful” to “there’s plenty of time to get it right”.
If you are going to require that everybody in the United States buy themselves or make their boss buy them health insurance, at the very least, you should be able to tell people what the hell it’s going to cost them and how they can sign up.
Barack Obama, for his part, compared it to the roll-out of an iPhone. Only he’s wrong.  Nobody is forcing anybody to buy an iPhone.
It was obvious—even to our clownish President—that they weren’t ready to enforce the large employer mandate, so they unilaterally delayed that for a year.
But the individual mandate was more political.
So Obama shut down the government over not allowing a delay of that.
It’s wrongly titled the “AFFORDABLE Care Act.”

Rally at WWII Memorial Ends at White House

Sunday, Oct 13, 2013  |  Updated 1:14 PM EDTProtestors of the government shutdown began at the World War II Memorial early Saturday morning and ended at the White House gates and fence Saturday afternoon.
The group was upset with the closure of memorials in Washington due to the shutdown stalemate. The original WWII protest was organized by the Million Vet March group, but took on a more political tone.
According to NBC News, the president was in the White House at the time the protesters arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Video from cameras on the White House lawn showed people carrying barricades, presumably from the WW II memorial, to the fence. The DC Police Department said via Twitter that they were on the scene with the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Park Police.
NBC News desk assistant Brittany Marshall reported a sizable police presence moved protestors away from the White House fence. News 4's Derrick Ward said the crowd dissipated shortly thereafter with some people getting on buses to leave the area.
Members of the Million Vet March planned on gathering at the World War II Memorial on Sunday despite the memorial being closed due to the government shutdown.
According to a statement on the group’s website, they feel military personnel and veterans are “being used a political pawns in the ongoing government shutdown and budget crisis.” Organizers say they are not a political leaning group, but call the shutting down of memorials “a despicable act of cowardice.”
However, conservative political commentator Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) arrived and spoke to the people gathered at the memorial.
"This is the people's memorial," Palin said. "Our veterans should be above politics."
Ward reported some truckers who have attempted to slow beltway traffic this weekend as a protest measure made their way down to the Tidal Basin area. Police blocked off roads in an attempt to keep streets clear.