Lets see, we can have the "westbury puppy dogs, the "welch pussy cats".....are people really offended by the "Indians" ? Oh wait, we can't have the pussy cats, that's too sexual........................
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Few things are more mind-numbing than political correctness run amok.
Via Daily Caller:
Students in the Houston Independent School District, the largest public school system in Texas and the 7th-largest in the entire country, will now suffer under a policy banning mascots a small minority of people find offensive.
The school board approved the ban by a vote of 7-0 on Thursday, reports local CBS affiliate KHOU. One board member abstained.
Affected mascots include Redskins, Indians, Warriors and Rebels.
Specifically, four schools will now have to change their longstanding names: the Westbury High School Rebels, the Welch Middle School Warriors, the Lamar High School Redskins and the Hamilton Middle School Indians.
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