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The Best Political Ad of the Season Has Just Been Released


This just about sums up the news from the Whitehouse today/everyday

Well....I guess we know who this guy is voting for....In his OPINION!!

Chris Christie was the biggest surprise of the Republican debate   

Opinion by Christopher Tremoglie•10h Washington Examiner

Chris Christie was the biggest surprise of the Republican debate© Provided by Washington Examiner

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie built a reputation for being one of former President Donald Trump’s biggest critics. Through media appearances and on social media, Christie’s been relentless in attacking Trump.

So, it was only natural to think Christie would continue this verbal assault when on the debate stage. Instead, Christie looked like a savvy politician with an excellent vision to fix the country and beat President Joe Biden in 2024. He was impressive and arguably the biggest surprise of the Republican debate.

He displayed the traits and qualities that made him successful in New Jersey during his early years in office. He gave articulate, intelligent responses but was fearless and aggressive in a non-offensive or pompous manner. He told anecdotes from when he was a prosecutor and governor and related those experiences to how he would solve many of the issues facing the country today. Quite frankly, Christie looked like a conservative Republican who could defeat Joe Biden and take on the toxic left-wing politicians in the Democratic Party.

For example, consider Christie’s comments about handling the out-of-control violent crime plaguing the nation. He wasted no time and announced his plan.

“The problem is not gonna be solved by more money. The problem is that these prosecutors in these localities in the states are refusing to do their job and arrest violent criminals,” Christie said. “So what a President Christie would do is appoint an attorney general who would instruct each of the 93 U.S. attorneys that they are to take over the prosecution of violent crime in every one of those cities that are failing to do so. We have plenty of room in federal prisons to lock up these violent criminals and clean up what’s going on all across this country in these individual cities.”

Granted, many Republican voters, especially those who support Trump, will not want to admit how well Christie performed. One of his only misfires was when he declined to endorse Trump for president if he was the party’s nominee in 2024. To appear on the debate stage, a candidate was required to agree to pledge support to whomever the Republican nominee might be. Christie’s refusal to support Trump violates that pledge and requirement to be on the debate stage.

Nevertheless, while he was not a popular candidate heading into the debate, objectively, Christie did a fine job at the debate. He demonstrated the qualities that all voters should 
want in a candidate.

If people could look past his criticisms of Trump, or separate his opinions about the former president from his policies to better the country, voters would realize he could be a solid candidate.

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Monday, August 21, 2023

If you don't like MTG, then at least go to 10:20 and watch the last few seconds with Ted Cruz...UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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August 19th 2023

OK guys, what's our plan if they try to keep TRUMP'S name off the ballot ?????

'That is simply wrong': Ex-Trump lawyer 

flips out over move to block former 

president from ballot 

   Story by David Edwards •7h  

Law professor Alan Dershowitz expressed outrage on Monday over reports that California and other states could be moving to disqualify former President Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot.

During an appearance on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast, Dershowitz reacted to a column by his colleague, Laurence Tribe, claiming the U.S. Constitution's 14th Amendment barring insurrectionists also applies to Trump.

Tribe argued that any election officer could withhold Trump's name from the ballot because he inspired the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

"The Constitution simply doesn't permit this!" Dershowitz exclaimed. "For example, the governor of Texas could suddenly decide that Joe Biden is an insurrectionist because of his failure to control the borders. And he can disqualify Joe Biden. This will cause a constitutional crisis.


Dershowitz conceded he was not "smarter than Tribe."

"I'm just more honest," he claimed.