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They want thier RIGHTS.... They forget.. they;re illegals...they have NO RIGHTS in AMERICA

Watch: The Brazen Arrogance of Illegal Immigrants
This is what our country has come to. Illegal immigrants were rallying in front of the White House this morning, screaming into a bullhorn that they are illegal immigrants. Law enforcement, standing twenty feet away, could do nothing. Of course we know that law enforcement has been ordered to do nothing. Imagine the frustration of Law Enforcement Organizations? They have law breakers standing right in front of them, and there's nothing they can do about it.     VIDEO

Missing College Student Dies From Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound: Police  By David Chang 


The search for a missing college student ended in tragedy Saturday.
Police found the body of 19-year-old Jacob Marberger in Albany Township in Berks County. Marberger was found inside a green Land Rover parked in the picnic area of the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary on Hawk Mountain Road at 2:51 p.m. Officials say he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Marberger went missing early Monday after he made the two-hour drive from Washington College in Maryland, where he studied, to his parents' home in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania. He arrived after 3 a.m. Monday but was gone by 4 a.m., taking a rifle case with him. His parents said they were unsure whether a gun was inside.
His disappearance prompted alerts at both Washington College and his former school, Cheltenham High School in Wyncote, Pennsylvania, which went into lockout mode Tuesday.
Jacob's father, Dr. Jon Marberger, told NBC10 the trouble began on Oct. 7 when his son was the victim of a prank that left him hurt and humiliated by his fellow students at Washington College.
Read more: STORY
Police Department Forces Officers to Take ‘Civil Rights History’ Class Amid Protests
Fusion reports:November 20, 2015

The city of Nashville is using its own fraught history in the Civil Rights Movement as part of its training program for new police recruits.
The Associated Press reports that recruits to the Nashville police force are learning lessons in civil rights history and meeting with civil rights leaders current and former before being assigned to beats.
Nashville police think that given all the incidents that have occurred between police and citizens in the last year, across the country, civil rights trainings will lead to more “even-handed” work and help restore trust between police and the communities they serve.


 Less Than 48 Hours After Paris, Ex-CIA Chief Drops Bombshell About Obama and ISIS

From RC via CT:
Less than 48 hours after a terrorist attack in France by Islamic extremists killed at least 129 innocents in Paris, former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell excoriated President Barack Obama’s so-called strategy against the Islamic State.

   “I think it’s now crystal clear to us that our strategy — our policy vis-à-vis ISIS — is not working, and it’s time to look at something else,” he said on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

 Morell added that the Islamic State’s efforts against the West have been growing. First, the group allegedly bombed a
Russian airliner, killing all 224 on board. Then the group claimed responsibility for the Paris carnage — “the largest (terrorist attack in Western Europe) since Madrid in 2004,” when a series of train bombings left 191 Spaniards dead.
Furthermore, Morell believes that the Islamic State group “has been trying to build an attack capability in Western Europe” and  may soon attempt “to build a similar attack capability in the United States.”
   Perhaps simply drawing pink lines in the sand and daring the “JV team to cross them does not constitute much of a strategy against an organization that has proven itself to be anything but junior.
   Nor does it help that Obama wants to keep importing more Muslim refugees, including potential terrorists, into the United States. Plus, Obama still refuses to call out radical Islam by name, since in his delusional mind, terrorism is the direct result of “climate change.”
Morell was right to say that we need a new strategy against the Islamic State group. But where he missed the mark is that we also need a new leader … preferably one willing to admit the existence of radical Islam.
H/T Breitbart

 #BlackLivesMatter Students Panic When Asian Student Turns Tables On Them…Talks About Racial Harassment By Blacks

From RC via 100FU:
After watching this video, it becomes very clear that these students want nothing to do with racial harmony. This movement is about black power. It’s about treating people a certain way based solely on the color of their skin. There is nothing about this movement that attempts to bring people together. The black students have taken over the movement and kicked the Asian, White and Hispanic students who are supporting them to the curb. This divisive #BlackLivesMatter movement will go down as one of the most deceitful movements in our nations history…

Students at Claremont McKenna College in California who are demanding a racially segregated “safe space” for “marginalized identities,” silenced and embarrassed an Asian woman when she described how she had been racially harassed by an African-American man.
The exchange is damning because it illustrates how the “safe space” students don’t really care about racism, they only care about race baiting and exploiting identity politics in order to obtain power.
Response Action Network
In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, politicians in this country have turned their focus to stopping the United States from admitting any refugees from Syria: 

I don't usually put up music, but I thought this was pretty neat !!

The song was written by Vietnam Vet Jim Moore years ago. In the video below he sings it live with his daughter Alecia Beth Moore, better known as Pink. How beautiful!
 this song written to honor those who served in Vietnam!
Facebook Blocks This Guy Because Of His Unusual Name

An Australian man took to social media to prove that his name was real after Facebook reportedly blocked his page.
Phuc Dat Bich, a 23-year-old Vietnamese-Australian, posted an image of his passport on Facebook after the website blocked his page several times out of concern that his name was fake, the Daily Mail reports. Although the picture of his passport was posted on Jan. 28, it has recently gone viral and been shared more than 120,000 times.“I find it highly irritating the fact that nobody seems to believe me when I say that my full legal name is how you see it,” he wrote alongside the photo.“I’ve been accused of using a false and misleading name of which I find very offensive,” he added.
   The young man said that his name, which is pronounced “Phoo Da Bic,” prompted Facebook to block him as a result of their name policy.
   “Is it because I’m Asian? Is it?” he asked in his Facebook post. “Having my [Facebook] shut down multiple times and forced to change my name to my ‘real’ name, so just to put it out there. My name. Yours sincerely, Phuc Dat Bich.
phac dat bich - 1
According to the Daily Mail, Bich received mostly positive feedback following the post — with viewers expressing their support for his effort to clarify his name.
   “Bless him in his native language it probably has a beautiful meaning but in our society the first thing we tend to think is oh that’s offensive because all we seem to do is get offended by anything and everything … well done for being brave,” one viewer wrote.
    Others, however, suggested that he consider changing his name to avoid confusion.

Friday, November 20, 2015

FBI Confirms 6 Men from Pakistan, Afghanistan Illegally Crossed Border

UPDATE: After the publication of this article, a local NBC affiliate contacted the FBI for confirmation. The FBI confirmed that the six men were apprehended after illegally entering the United States in Arizona.

Original article:
A highly trusted federal agent working under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has confirmed to Breitbart Texas that a group composed of 5 Pakistani men and 1 man from Afghanistan was captured by U.S. Border Patrol agents after having illegally crossed the porous U.S.-Mexico border in the Tucson Sector of Arizona.
The six men were traveling in a group and were captured roughly 16 miles into the state of Arizona, specifically, near the small picturesque town of Patagonia, Arizona.

Trump Announces WHO He’ll Make Deport Illegals… Liberals Are Horrified From RC via CT:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has a solution for illegal immigrants who have crossed the border — and he called it a “deportation force.”
In an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Wednesday, Trump said that such a force is just what America needed to remove the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants now living in America.
“You’re going to have a deportation force. And you’re going to do it humanely,” he said.

“Don’t forget you have millions of people that are waiting on a line to come into this country and come in legally. I always say the wall. We’re going to build the wall and it’s going to be a real deal. There’s going to be a real wall,” said Trump.
Trump, of course, has been a proponent of building a border wall and has promised to build one should he be elected president. The Trump wall is going to “stop people and it’s going to be good,” he added.
“There’s going to be a big, beautiful, nice door. People are going to come in and they are come in legally. But we have no choice. Otherwise, we don’t have a country,” he said.
Trump went on to say that we don’t actually know how many illegal immigrants are in the country and a wall would allow us to keep track of those numbers.
“We don’t know if it’s 8 million, or if it’s 20 million. We have no idea how many people are in our country and then you see what happened with Kate in San Francisco,” the real estate mogul said.
“You see what happens with all of the things going on, all of the tremendous crime going on. It cost us 200 billion a year for illegal immigration right now … maybe 250, maybe 300. They don’t know. We are going to stop it,” he concluded.

Aside from the obvious danger of terrorist attacks, the inherent cost to taxpayers. We don't want them here and yet WE have to pay for them...

 First 10,000 Syrian Refugees Arrive In LA: Estimated Cost To Taxpayers For Family Of Four Is $257,480  From RC via 100FU:

WAKE UP AMERICA! “Muslim terrorists,” “refugees hand-selected by UN” or “foreign citizens who are unwilling to assimilate with American culture, laws and values” doesn’t appear anywhere in the quote by Emma Lazarus that is mounted on our Statue of Liberty: 

“Give me your tired, your poor,                                
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

After the Hayride broke the exclusive story on 10,000 Syrian refugees possibly resettling in Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Metairie, it has now come to light that refugees are already coming into the New Orleans area.
Catholic Charities, which receive federal grants from U.S. Department of State/Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, have apparently taken in two Syrian refugee families already and are expecting many more.
There are approximately 180 cities in the country that are eligible to accept the 10,000 Syrian refugees. Here is the full list of those cities, which includes Baton Rouge, Matairie and Lafayette:

A professor....Remember, these are the people who are "teaching" your kids.....

Colorado Professor: “Whiteness Is a Disease” IOTW Report:

In a scholarly article published in Teaching Education, Professor Cheryl Matias calls whiteness “a disease,” while suggesting new ways to teach urban students about “racism and whiteness.”

Dr. Matias is an assistant Professor at the University of Colorado at Denver. Her article, Why do you make me hate myself?: Re-Teaching Whiteness, Abuse, and Love in Urban Teacher Education, was published in Teaching Education this year.

In her article, Matias writes that teachers must address “normalized, oppressive Whiteness,” saying that a “colorblind” society cannot truly exist in the United States. “Despite silently acknowledging that race plays a role in” achievement gaps, writes Matias, “the study of race, racism, and exertions of Whiteness are rarely recognized as a substantive issue in teacher education and the teaching profession.”

Racism and whiteness are diseases that need to be addressed, she continues, writing, “We cannot even begin to address symptoms, such as the racial achievement gap, if we do not address the underlying diseases of racism and Whiteness.”

Donald Trump on 'Hannity': 'I'd Blast the Hell' Out of ISIS

Everyone is en expert on Christianity, except in this case, whoopie is an athiest....

Getty Images

Whoopi Goldberg: ‘Hitler Was a Christian’


On Tuesday, The View’s eminent historian Whoopi Goldberg, reaching into her vast bag of historical erudition, pulled out a tidbit of data that would astonish even Jesus: Adolf Hitler was a Christian.

Goldberg had joined in the screeching from other political experts on The View to slam GOP legislators for opposing an influx of Syrian refugees unless they were Christians.
Goldberg started the ball rolling: “Republican candidates like Jeb Bush and
Sen. Ted Cruz
 think America should only accept Christian Syrian refugees. Donald Trump says we should strongly consider closing the mosques. Is this really going to help root out ISIS?”

Joy Behar asked, “The irony of saying that only Christians could come is not very Christian to say that, is it?” She followed later by reminding the audience, “Timothy McVeigh was a Christian, Just sayin’.”
That set the stage for Goldberg’s dissertation: “There have been a lot of horrifying – there have been a lot of monster Christians. Hitler was a Christian.”


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Malzberg | Sharyl Attkisson: Sources Say Obama Won't Read Reports on Ter...


Katie Pavlich | Nov 19, 2015

Host of Full Measure and investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson dropped a bombshell of information today during an interview with Steve Malzberg. 
According to sources close to the White House who Attkisson has spoken to, President Obama is now flat out refusing to accept or hear about intelligence surrounding radical Islamic terror groups.
"I have talked to people who have worked in the Obama administration who firmly believe he has made up his mind, I would say closed his mind, they say, to the intelligence they try to bring him about various groups he does not consider terrorists even if they're on the U.S. list of designated terrorists," Attkisson said. "I don't know the reasoning for it I’ve only been told by those who have allegedly attempted to present him or been in the circle that has attempted to present him with certain intelligence that they said he doesn’t want it, he said he doesn't want it or he won't read it in some instances."
In the past week, President Obama has publicly berated Republicans for daring to suggest refugees from terrorism hot spots should be heavily scrutinized.

Trump: Not Only our Right, But our Duty to Carry Firearms   Justin Holcomb | Nov 19, 2015    

The definition of 'obligation' states that a person is morally or legally bound to an act or course of action and that it is a duty or commitment.
Donald Trump, in an exclusive statement to Breitbart, said that we as Americans have an obligation to carry firearms. He said that there are nearly 13 million concealed carry permit holders in the United States who are part of the 100 million gun owners who defend the Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms." Trump explains that with the current rise in terror threats, more legitimately armed Americans on the streets is one of the best deterrents.
Trump's Statement:
There are nearly 13 million concealed carry permit holders in the United States who are part of the 100 million gun owners who defend the Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms.” This fundamental liberty is held closest by those who have gone through the process of vetting required to be entrusted with the ability to defend themselves, their families and their property with concealed weapons.

The concept of concealed carry is as much intended to deter criminal activity as it is to provide direct defense of those who have those permits. Not all concealed carry permit holders “carry” all the time. Thus, the deterrent value is that those who might contemplate criminal behavior will think twice when that doubt exists.
Carrying a weapon is not always feasible or appropriate. However, given the increased tensions that are the result of continued, escalating terrorism around the world, more legitimately armed individuals on the streets is a positive outcome. Each permit holder must make the decision to carry or not carry. I will carry more often than I have in the past, and I am sure other concealed permit holders will do the same. Do we have an obligation to carry? The answer is “yes,” but we must do it in such a way as to raise serious doubts in the minds of those who might be considering violence in America. Deterring violence is far better than dealing with the aftermath of an act of terror. Less blood, more security. That is what will make America great again.

CNN  PARIS, France (CNN)
The ringleader in last week's bloody terrorist attacks in Paris was killed in a pre-dawn raid Wednesday on an apartment building north of the French capital, the Paris prosecutor's office announced Thursday.

Authorities zeroed in on a building in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis after picking up phone conversations indicating that a relative of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who authorities believe coordinated the shootings and bombings that killed 129 people, may have been there, a Belgian counterterrorism official said.

French police believed Abaaoud himself was then still in the country, though they didn't know exactly where. Some residents in Saint-Denis told CNN that they had seen Abaaoud recently in the neighborhood and at a local mosque.
It turns out Abaaoud was in that building in Saint-Denis. And after a violent firefight that included explosions and gunfire, he was dead.

In a statement released Thursday, the Paris prosecutor's office said that Abaaoud's body was found in the Saint-Denis building riddled with bullets. The office said that he was positively identified using papillary prints, which include patterns on fingers, palms and the soles of the feet.

So it's the "WHITE GUYS" fault ? Check school dropout rates country wide,by RACE. Check arrest records, by race. Of course it's the fault of "white privelege"...

Blame the White Guy 2015: University Group Hosts "White Privilege" Retreat  Todd Starnes | Nov 19, 2015

The University of Vermont recently held a retreat exclusively for Caucasian students so they could explore white privilege.
Examining White Privilege: A Retreat for Undergraduate Students Who Self-Identify as White,” was the name of the three-day conference, as first reported by the website Campus Reform.
It’s a bit wordy for a t-shirt, in my humble opinion. They should’ve just called it “Blame the   White Guy 2015.” 
The retreat was sponsored by the university’s African, Latino, Asian, Native American and Bi/Multiracial Student Center – ALANA for short.
“It’s a new retreat specifically for white students to engage in building a stronger and inclusive campus community,” ALANA stated on its website.


    A few years ago in Philadelphia, 3 men, dressed in burkas decided to rob a local supermarket, which they did. ( actually the one where my wife and I shop) They managed to get out of the store and into a shootout on the street in which a Philadelphia policeman was shot and killed.
    They were able to get firearms (long guns) into the store undetected by hiding them under their burkas. ( I should mention this particular supermarket has a BANK inside which was the target of their robbery). So I say YES, BAN THE BURKA !

Momsandguns's photo.

this Published on Oct 31, 2015

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - Obama: No Additional Boots On The Ground

See Which Group is Furiously Preparing for the End of the World  

If you’re reading this, you know that a disaster situation could hit at any time and that it’s wise to be prepared. Still, sometimes it can surprise you who seems to be waking up.
In this case, the super rich seem to be taking the hint.
You may have thought that they were untouchable in their ivory towers built with big money. I’m sure many of them feel that way, but it’s telling when the super rich start to prepare for something. They often have an inside track, insider knowledge that they’ve bought and connections that they’ve made to both build and protect their wealth. When they start preparing for SHTF, it’s time that everyone pay attention.
These super rich are building “end of the world shelters” in different areas of the world. Why?
“Their reasoning is more to be insulated from a revolution, rebellion, anarchy, or whatever, following an economic collapse.”
Are they on to something that is coming down the pike or is this just another way to waste money?

If they are prepping, shouldn’t you?

Interesting e-mail sent by a freind..(ex- Philadelphia Police Officer)


Subject: SAINT DENIS, FRANCE  (Just FYI If you wish, you may want to verify with the original source below)

It is interesting to note that this is the town where the Muslim Terrorists
were hiding until the raid today by the French Police.
In 2006 the town of 
St Denis honored the man who murdered Philadelphia Police Officer Danny 
Faulkner on December 9, 1981. The municipal government named a street for
"Cop Killer" Wesley Cook, AKA: Mumia Abu Jamal.
  Senate Resolution No. 320
condemning the municipal government of Saint Denis, France, to name a street
to honor the killer of Police Officer Danny Faulkner was introduced on June
19, 2006 by Senator Jubelirer and others.  The Resolution was adopted on
6/21/06: AYES-44, NAYS-4.  FOP Lodge 5 organized a "PROTEST AT THE FRENCH
CONSULATE" which was held on July 14, 2006.


John R. Little
Legislative Liaison
Pennsylvania State Troopers Association
3625 Vartan Way
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Joyce Pate's photo.

Obama Is Officially The Worst President In American History!'s photo.

2 Million Bikers to DC's photo.

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It's really a long article just to show how STUPID these students are. Judge from some of the "DEMANDS"

Let them bring on their "articles of impeachment"

IMPEACH: KU Student Committee Wants To Remove Student Body President For Moving Too Slowly On Racial Issues Matt Vespa | Nov 16, 2015

Shegufta Huma, vice president of the University Senate is the one speaking to the reporter........GO FIGURE !

Mizzou fever has spread to the University of Kansas, where the Student Executive Committee issued a vote of no confidence in the current student body leadership over their reported slow response concerning a host of diversity demands from the student group Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk. The committee then called for their resignations and threatened them with articles of impeachment if they did not vacate their posts. One of the demands was a director for the Office of Multicultural Affairs by December 15 for “mandatory inclusion and belonging training,” according to the Kansas City Star. The chain of events that led to the calls of impeachment began on Novemebr 11, when the KU held a town hall event on race.
The City Star described the gathering as “acrimonious at times,” where students voiced their concerns about the racial climate, specifically how minority students are allegedly ignored on campus.
The Lawrence Journal-World added that the calls for the resignations of the student body leadership are the culmination of reported years of inaction on racial issues:


MD College Panics, Shuts Down Because Student Picked Up Gun… In PA 

Implied Facepalm
Implied Facepalm

A small liberal arts college in Maryland has shut down in response to a student returning home to Pennsylvania and picking up a gun, even though the student is still believed to be in Pennsylvania, and authorities have not disclosed any sign of a threat.
A gun threat on campus early on Monday closed Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, though the school said that a student who had reportedly returned to his home in Pennsylvania to retrieve a gun was not believed to have returned to campus.
Tweets and a message on the school’s website advised sheltering in place, and faculty and staff were advised not to report to campus, with classes suspended until further notice. People were advised to wait to hear from officials, school tweets said.
College officials were notified early Monday by parents of sophomore Jacob Marberger that the student had returned home and retrieved a firearm, the college said in a statement posted on Twitter. The student was believed to still be in Pennsylvania, it said.
The parents have not been able to reach Marberger and do not know his location or where he is headed, the statement said.
“Due to an abundance of caution the college has decided to close campus for the time being and asks all students and staff on campus to shelter in place,” the statement said.
“Anyone off campus should stay away from campus until further notice.”
I understand that many academics tend to be anti-gun to the point of hysteria, and that administrators feel intense pressure to keep their students as safe as possible, but shutting down the entire campus when the student isn’t even thought to be in the state seems over-cautious Chicken Little-ism turned up to eleven.

American Troops Revolt… Issue Massive Demand to Barack Hussein Obama  By on November 16, 2015

ussoldiers From RC via CT:

American troops are stepping forward and demanding the President Barack Obama allow them to carry concealed firearms on military bases in America, in defiance of his liberal agenda.
After several terrorist attacks on U.S. military bases (or, as President Obama would say, “acts of workplace violence”), a vast majority of the U.S. military wants to be able to conceal carry on bases.
The Washington Times reported that a Rasmussen Report found that 81 percent of military service members want to conceal carry on bases in the U.S.
They understand that we are war with radical Islam. I wonder if our own government ever will.
After five servicemen were slaughtered in July in Chattanooga, a review of military gun policies was begun, but has already taken far too long.

Spare us the Sanctimony on Migrants, president  obama
 David French November 16, 2015

    Speaking today about his administration’s decision to bring tens of thousands of unvettable Syrian migrants to America, President Obama went into full moral-preening mode: President Obama said on Monday morning that the terrorist attacks in Paris that killed more than 100 people on Friday should not affect the small intake of Syrian refugees into the United States.  
    “Slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values,” he said during remarks at the G20 economic summit in Antalya, Turkey. This is pure nonsense. A person can support a compassionate response to the Syrian refugee crisis without also supporting their resettlement in Birmingham or Baton Rouge or Indianapolis. The choice isn’t America or death. In previous conflicts, Americans have helped carve out safe havens and have staffed and supplied refugee camps. Indeed, one of the most prominent of those safe havens – post-Gulf War Kurdistan — ultimately became not only a thriving enclave of sanity in a sea of violent madness but also one of our most valued regional allies. 
    The Obama administration insults our intelligence if it claims we can trust the government’s vetting process. And it insults our character if it pretends that aiding refugees abroad while defeating the enemy that drove so many of them from their homes is a “betrayal of our values.” Americans have big hearts, but we also have brains, and we can certainly discern the difference between generosity and foolishness.
Read more at:

mooshelle still seems to have the idea that she was elected to some office. WAKE UP moose..... no one wants to listen to your BABBLE !

Michelle Obama Is FURIOUS After Bill O’Reilly Slams Her On National TV   By on November 17, 2015

billo From RC via AN:

According to recent reports, Michelle Obama dared to ask the United Nations Global Education First Initiative whether “we truly value women as equals, or do we see them as merely second class citizens?”
“Are we working to become more equal, more free?” she continued.
Bill O’Reilly took him upon himself to criticize the First Lady, claiming that she should not “imply that America is not fair to women.”
Bill claims that Michelle does not understand what she is talking about, or how an “emotional difference” between men and women is constituted.
“It is true that only 15% of women hold top executive positions in the Fortune 500 companies, and that an old boy network makes it tougher for the ladies to gain power,” Bill O’Reilly continued. “That does not seem to be fair, but life is not fair.”
We’re sure that Bill is going to be criticized for this. What do you think? Do you support his statements?

Full Interview Donald Trump With Judge Jeanine On Fox Oct. 2015

NBC ? Are you sure ? Chuck Todd is usually ready to defend obama and/or kiss his ass.....

NBC: Obama Sure Was Testy When Asked About His Failing ISIS Strategy, Eh? Katie Pavlich | Nov 17, 2015  

In case you missed it yesterday, President Obama held a press conference during the G20 Summit in Turkey. Naturally, he was asked repeatedly by different reporters about the ISIS attack in Paris over the weekend and was pressed on his failing strategy to degrade and destroy the terror army. 
Lets just say those questions didn't sit well with Obama, who argued his strategy is the one that will "ultimately work." Even NBC noticed Obama's anger...toward Republicans and reporters. 
“I was struck by how defensive he was, how much he's paying attention to his political critics," NBC's Chuck Todd observed. "I was surprised by his tone, I was surprised by the defensiveness. He didn't channel what I think a lot of Americans are feeling right now, a little bit of anger, a little bit of resolve and a little bit of resiliency.”
“I go back to the tone of this press conference. Extremely defensive and almost not yet realizing that many of the reporters in that room, they're channeling the public in this case," Todd continued.
ABC's Jon Karl also noticed the President's defensive tone.

I would say....You don't like the faculty here because of their color ? Then I suggest You go to an all black college, where there is an all black faculty. I'm sorry, there are none.....

Missouri would likely be alone with 10 percent black faculty
November 17, 2015  From Associated Press  By CAROLYN THOMPSON and GEORGE M. WALSH

In this Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, photo,       University of Massachusetts Amherst student Evandro Tavares speaks to students gathered to highlight issues from racial inclusion to student debt, during a march at the Student Union on the UMass campus in Amherst, Mass. UMass administrators held a "listening session" the following day where students expressed their need to see more faculty of color in the classroom, those who are more familiar with their experiences as students of color.

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — If the University of Missouri succeeds in meeting a student demand for a faculty that's 10 percent black in two years, it will likely be alone among its peers.

No state's "flagship" public university campus had a black faculty population approaching that level, and only a handful topped even the 5 percent mark, an Associated Press analysis of 2013 federal data found.

The norm on most of the main campuses was a faculty that was between 2 percent and 4 percent black, the data showed.

Universities are well aware that staff and student bodies often don't match, administrators and experts say, and demonstrations and discussions around the country in recent days have driven home the point.


Monday, November 16, 2015

Drew Rutberg's photo.

Almost unbelievable, these two deputies look more like drug dealers instead of cops...

Inside small-town Louisiana feud that led to a 6-year-old boy’s police killing  Washington Post 
For years, people in the tiny Louisiana town of Marksville watched the feud between their mayor and local judge like some kind of daytime soap opera, with varying degrees of frustration and bemusement.
Then came the Nov. 3 shooting that killed a 6-year-old boy. Suddenly, the petty small-town bickering began looking more tragically sinister.
Why in the world, residents ask, were deputy marshals — whose main job is serving court papers for the judge — out there chasing cars and shooting up suspects? How did one of the deputies — who had been charged twice for aggravated rape and racked up a string of lawsuits accusing him of using excessive force — even get hired? And how did a speck of a town like Marksville wind up with a shadow police force on its streets?
“It’s pretty clear to me that if this feud didn’t exist, those marshals wouldn’t have been there that day,” said one former city official and resident of more than three decades who spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing a gag order in the case.

President George W. Bush's chilling warning on Iraq in 2007
Remember this? Chillingly prophetic words from then-President George W. Bush in 2007 on what might happen if U.S. troops were pulled out of Iraq too early.
Do you think he was right?


 Absolutely spectacular footage from the BBC's latest nature documentary

Absolutely spectacular footage from the BBC's latest nature documentary, ‪#‎thehunt‬. Honestly, some of these shots look almost too perfect to be real.
"Witness a polar bear sneak up on its prey using ice holes to surprise it. This is the first time ever this has been captured on film."
You can watch on iPlayer here:

White Is Beautiful

White Is Beautiful's photo.
Let’s All Laugh As Liberalism Commits Ritual Suicide On Campus
Kurt Schlichter | Nov 16, 2015     
Please don't tell the students at University of Missouri and Yale and all the other throbbing pustules of academia to stop their insanity. Instead, encourage and provoke them to turn the turmoil up to 11, a number most of these students can’t count to without taking off their Nikes. No, we want the campuses to echo with the whiny cries of the Children of the Safe Space Revolution.
And we will sit back and point and laugh as the weak-willed, spineless liberal losers of academia abase themselves before their whimpering student bodies. This is just great. As Napoleon observed, never interrupt your enemy while he's making a mistake. Now, mentioning Napoleon probably a microaggression because, in the unlikely event that the gender studies and Marxist interpretive dance majors of Yale and Missouri recognize the name, he’s a cis-het dead white male – and he was not actually differently abled despite being vertically challenged. Still, his advice has merit – just pretend for a moment that he is trans woman-identifying being of color of some sort.
Our enemies are tearing themselves apart. Let’s let them  

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Two Days After Paris Attack Obama Administration Transfers Five GITMO Detainees To The UAE  Katie Pavlich | Nov 16, 2015

Two weeks ago, White House National Security adviser Susan Rice said during an interview that officials in the Obama administration would "die trying" to close Guantanamo Bay prison, something President Obama promised to do during his 2008 presidential campaign.
Last summer we saw the exchange of Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl (someone Rice said served with "honor and distinction") for five top Taliban commanders. Now, just two days after ISIS carried out the worst terror attack in France since World War II, the Obama administration has transferred five more detainees to the United Arab Emirates.