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WHY ??? Is every article written about Trump, DETRIMENTAL ? And everything written about Killary...POSITIVE ? Could it possible be because of a CORRUPT, BIASED, news media ? Whether it's T.V. NEWSPAPER or even the WEB. How are we supposed to get any news that we can actually trust to be TRUE...

How Paul Manafort’s Exit Affects Trump Campaign

With less than three months to go until voters cast their ballots in the presidential election, the chief strategist of Republican Donald Trump’s campaign resigned on Friday, an unusual high-level departure this late in an election year. 

Paul Manafort’s exit came just two days after Trump announced new campaign leadership, naming Stephen Bannon, head of conservative Breitbart website, as chief executive officer, and promoting Kellyanne Conway to campaign manager from adviser.

Manafort on Monday denied any wrongdoing after a New York Times report said he was designated to receive $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments from a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine. Maclen Zilber, a political consultant at Jacobson & Zilber Strategies, speculates that the Trump campaign had to oust Manafort—instead of simply demote him—after allegations regarding his role in Ukraine continued to surface in multiple media reports for several days.
“It’s unconscionable and unpresidential for a candidate to not vet someone before hiring an unregistered agent of a foreign power,” Zilber tells Newsweek.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

A man who has been photographed multiple times with Hillary Clinton on her campaign trail sparked a discussion on alternative media when he was seen carrying a strange syringe-like pen with him.

The man, who was dressed like a secret service agent, proved through his actions that he was on the campaign trail for a completely different reason.

View image on Twitter View image on Twitter

 But it’s what’s happened to this man since being outed by the media over a week ago that has had the internet suddenly talking about him again.
Twitter users pointed out that during a campaign stop in a Las Vegas union hall on Aug. 4, Hillary Clinton froze suddenly. She looked to be unsure of where she was, almost as if she were in a trance.

Once this happened, a group of men from her camp rushed over to aid her. The strange man was among the group.
He was seen patting Clinton’s back and telling her, “You’re OK — Keep talking.”
If the man were a Secret Service agent, maybe this would explain things. However, an expert in Secret Service tactics weighed in and stated that agents would never touch a candidate in the manner that this man did.

 And with the reported disdain that Clinton has for the agents working for her, she would likely not have allowed it.
But if he wan’t a Secret Service agent … who was he?
Many think they may have found the smoking gun … er, syringe … pointing to this man’s true purpose for being by Clinton’s side.
Mike Cernovich pointed out that the man was seen carrying what looks like a Diazepam auto-ejector pen, used to treat patients for seizures.
Could he be Clinton’s personal doctor? Perhaps, but when Twitter exposed this man, the most mysterious thing of all happened:
He completely disappeared from the campaign trail.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Donald Trump just told the Milwaukee area’s black community that they need more police   By Andrew Joyce

Getty Image

In the wake of recent unrest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin over the police shooting of Sylville Smith, Donald Trump is attempting to convince Wisconsin’s black community that the answer to all their problems is more law enforcement. In a speech delivered Monday night in the largely white Wisconsin town of West Bend, 40 miles outside of Milwaukee, Trump spoke about the recent violence in the nearby city.

The main victims of these riots are law-abiding African-American citizens living in these neighborhoods. It is their jobs, their homes, their schools and communities which will suffer as a result. There is no compassion in tolerating lawless conduct. Crime and violence is an attack on the poor, and will never be accepted in a Trump Administration.

Trump then went on to call for “more law enforcement” and more effective policing.


New Hampshire Governor Won't Answer Whether Hillary Is Honest Three Times in a Row   Cortney O'Brien Aug 17, 2016

It's a pretty straightforward question: Can your candidate be trusted? Yet, New Hampshire governor and current Senate candidate Maggie Hassan could not give CNN's Manu Raju a straight answer on Tuesday when he quizzed her about Hillary Clinton's honesty. In their conversation, Hassan strangel pretended to ignore his question and kept talking about Clinton's job experience.


Olympic Champion Kim Rhode Warns About The Suffocation of Shooting Sports Through Gun Control Katie Pavlich  Aug 17, 2016 12:10 PM

Olympic Champion Kim Rhode Warns About The Suffocation of Shooting Sports Through Gun Control
Olympic double trap and skeet shooter Kim Rhode, who became the first woman to medal in six different Olympic games when she took home a bronze medal in Rio last week, is warning about the devastating effects new gun control measures in her home state of California could have on the shooting sports.

In an interview with
The Blaze's Dana Loesch this week, Rhode explained how new California gun control laws make it increasingly difficult and more expensive for her to train. Further, new laws essentially criminalize coaching of newcomers to the sport and classify basic hunting rifles as "assault weapons."

"One of the big ones is the ammunition law that was just passed in California, having to do a background check each and every time.
Explorers find 2nd-oldest confirmed shipwreck in Great Lakes

This July 16, 2016, photo taken from underwater video shows the "Washington", which sank during a storm in 1803. The team of underwater explorers says it has found the second-oldest confirmed shipwreck in the Great Lakes, an American-built, Canadian owned-sloop that sank in Lake Ontario 213 years ago. The three-member western New York-based team says it discovered the wreck of the Washington earlier this summer in deep water off Oswego. (Roger L. Pawlowski via AP)

ALBANY, N.Y. — The second-oldest confirmed shipwreck in the Great Lakes, an American-built, Canadian-owned sloop that sank in Lake Ontario more than 200 years ago, has been found, a team of underwater explorers said Wednesday.

The three-member western New York-based team said it discovered the shipwreck this summer in deep water off Oswego, in central New York. Images captured by a remotely operated vehicle confirmed it is the Washington, which sank during a storm in 1803, team member Jim Kennard said.
"This one is very special. We don't get too many like this," said Kennard, who along with Roger Pawlowski and Roland "Chip" Stevens has found numerous wrecks in Lake Ontario and other waterways.
The sloop Washington was built on Lake Erie in Pennsylvania in 1798 and was used to transport people and goods between western New York, Pennsylvania and Ontario. It was placed on skids and hauled by oxen teams across the Niagara Isthmus to Lake Ontario in 1802 after being sold to Canadian merchants.
The 53-foot-long ship was carrying at least five people and a cargo of merchandise, including goods from India, when it set sail from Kingston, Ontario, for its homeport of Niagara, Ontario, on Nov. 6, 1803. The vessel was caught in a fierce storm and sank.


Sub for more: | The Obama administration pursued a policy in Libya back in 2011 that ultimately allowed guns to walk into the hands of jihadists linked to the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and al-Qaeda (AQ) in Syria, according to a former CIA officer who co-authored a report on behalf of the Citizen’s Commission on Benghazi (CCB), detailing the gun running scheme.

Clare Lopez, a former CIA officer and the primary author of CCB’s interim report, titled How America Switched Sides in the War on Terror, speaking with Breitbart News.

I'm not a fan of Alex Jones,......BUT WHAT IF THIS IS TRUE.....??

Secret Group Running U.S. Elections Discovered

Published on Aug 7, 2016
The facts we expose are incontrovertible. You are getting next level cutting edge intel. We know the Dems have engaged in massive fraud, The repubs have too, we just cover it like we see it. In front of the whole world, you saw Sanders win More than 10 states but it didn’t matter the super delegates wanted Hillary in. AP, Reuters, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC run the private organization that announces the winners.

Am I wrong, or isn't the reason the confederate flag and statues and every thing from the confederate side of the civil war, was take down ? Because it reminded blacks of slavery ? WELL....Wouldn't a memorial to "lynched black victims" DO THE SAME THING ??? Aside from being "offensive" to me...

Memorial for the Thousands of Black Lynching Victims in America Opens Next Year in Montgomery

Atlanta Black Star · 1 day ago

A rendering of the memorial to lynching victims in Montgomery, Alabama. MASS Design Group
Why not a memorial to all the innocent "white" people killed by blacks over the years, most for no reason other than "BLACK AGGRESSION"


Milwaukee cop identified in Sylville Smith's death (A BLACK COP)

Officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown, pictured in 2014, has been plagued by online threats after he was outed as the cop behind Sylville Smith's shooting death in Milwaukee.
(Milwaukee Police Department via Facebook)

Officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown, pictured in 2014, has been plagued by online threats after he was outed as the cop behind Sylville Smith's shooting death in Milwaukee.

Heaggan-Brown sports a blue and gold Brewers bucket hat in a music video posted on YouTube in June 2015 for “Monster Freestyle,” a tribute to Meek Mill’s “Monster," rapping the lyrics: “Imma start a riot like it’s Baltimore.”

Sylville Smith was shot dead by police in Milwaukee on August 13, 2016 leading to riots.


even when shooter is black, they (blacks) still target whites......who is racist ??

So, The cop who shot this "thug" has been identified as being BLACK. But in the meantime whites are pulled from their cars and beaten bloody, buildings and cars burned and destroyed, mostly in white areas and of course the all popular "black lives matter" LOOTING.

Mayor Drops Major Bombshell About Milwaukee Shooting After Bodycam Footage Is Released  By Prissy Holly

Whenever a shooting occurs, it’s always prudent to wait for the facts to come out before deciding to riot and burn down your city. As the idiots from Black Lives Matter continue to protest and call for more violence in the wake of Sylville Smith’s death, the major of Milwaukee has just dropped a major bombshell that’s made every single cop-hating agitator look completely foolish.
Mayor Tom Barrett held a recent press conference with Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn, confirming that the 23-year-old thug was clearly to blame, as he was holding a gun and refused to drop it after being confronted by an officer. As Mayor Barrett delivered the news, he called for understanding of the Smith family in the wake of the tragedy

I want our community to know that,” Mayor Barrett remarked about the bodycam footage. “A young man lost his life yesterday afternoon,” the mayor said. “And no matter what the circumstances are, his family has to be hurting.”
The police chief refused to identify the officer who shot Smith, but said it is still unclear what prompted the traffic stop.  After reviewing the footage, Flynn said the entire incident took about 25 seconds from the beginning of the traffic stop until shots were fired. Smith had attempted to flee, running a “few dozen feet” before he turned towards the officer holding a gun.

“It was in his hand. He was raising up with it,” the chief said. He said the officer had told Smith to drop the gun and he did not do so. It was unclear how many rounds the officer fired. Smith was hit in the chest and arm,” Flynn said.
Black Lives Matter demanded bodycams, and now that they have proof of what actually occurred will they stop rioting? Probably not. These domestic terrorists have proven time and time again how morally bankrupt they are, how little they regard facts. This officer was simply doing his job that night, and when he felt threatened with his life, he did what police are trained to do, and took out the threat.

I posted an article yesterday about the Gadson flag being outlawed and said to my wife "what's next, banning the American flag ? SEE BELOW.....

Town orders U.S. flags removed from fire trucks
USA TODAY Nina Schutzman

© Nina Schutzman/Poughkeepsie Journal Arlington firefighters remove an American flag from a fire truck Tuesday after direction from the board 

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. — American flags were removed from three fire trucks in New York on Tuesday sparking heated discussion on social media and disappointment from union members.
  Arlington Fire Chief Tory Gallante was directed by the Board of Fire Commissioners to remove the flags from the backs of the trucks during Monday's meeting. He declined to comment on specifics of why the decision was made but said he is “very disappointed with their direction.”
  Arlington Fire Commissioner Chairman Jim Beretta said the board majority feel the flags are a "liability during normal operations for our people and other motorists," and that the board had not been consulted before the flags were mounted.
  The flags, which were only recently mounted on the trucks at the request of the union, were removed during a ceremony at Arlington headquarters in the Town of Poughkeepsie on Tuesday.
  Union President Joseph Tarquinio said he's disappointed in the board's direction, but "if we had to take them down, they had to be taken down the right way. At the time when the country needs unity, to do something like this ... it's next to flag-burning in my mind."
  There was an open discussion about the issue at Monday's meeting "and each board member gave their opinion," Beretta said.
  Two board members "had no problem with it as long as it was safe and not in the way of operations," Beretta added. Three board members "did have a problem with it for normal operations, citing liability and distraction to other motorists."
  Tarquinio is pleased with the outpouring of support — Gallante said dozens of messages have poured in from around the nation, decrying the board's direction.
  "I think (for) a lot of people ... (the issue) crosses political lines, moral lines, religious lines," Tarquinio said. "It's the flag of this country."
  Online, reaction varied. Hundreds of people expressed outrage at the decision. Others said the display, while patriotic, violated U.S. flag code. Some said there are bigger issues to worry about and that displaying — or not displaying — an American flag does not make one person more patriotic than another.
  The board did not take an official vote on the matter Monday, but "a direction (based on majority) was given to remove the newly affixed physical flags," Beretta said. "The board has the authority to provide direction to the chief based on a board majority."
  Gallante said the firefighters union recently asked him if they could display American flags on the rear of fire trucks.
  He granted the union permission to do so, as long as the flags were maintained properly and safely secured, and "at their (the union's) cost ... the flags were placed on the vehicles," Gallante said. The flags were "checked by our mechanics to make sure" they were safely secured.
  After the flags were removed, Gallante said he hopes the outpouring of support will prompt the board to reconsider.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Gingrich on Trump's Speech: 'Most Important Foreign Policy Address Since Reagan'
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich praised Republican candidate Donald Trump's address on how he would handle the threat of the Islamic State, calling it "the most important foreign policy speech since Ronald Reagan." Adding that "it really does set the stage for a debate for the American people about what's threatening us and what we should do about it."
Speaking on Fox News' "Hannity," Gingrich said that Trump "did just a remarkable job, in my judgment, of identifying the enemy [and] describing accurately how big the problem is… I think the contrast between what… Donald Trump did and what Hillary Clinton is couldn't be clearer. This is a Grand Canyon-wide chasm of two different views."
Gingrich said that what made Trump's speech even more impressive was that the candidate has received criticism for being unable to lay out a "road map" in any specific area of foreign policy, but that after this address such a judgement would be unwarranted.
"He took what may be the most important national security threat of the next decade, he outlined what the threat is, he outlined why we have failed, he outlined how important it is and he began to lay the base for a very serious, very dramatic change," Gingrich said.
"I'm interested to see if the mainstream media can actually focus on the speech and can actually talk about the difference between the confusion of the Obama-Clinton model and the clarity of the Trump model."
The praise for Trump from Gingrich comes just a few days after the former speaker criticized the GOP candidate on Fox News' "Fox & Friends" for not expressing himself clearly to the public by using imprecise language.
Gingrich used as an example when Trump called President Barack Obama and Clinton the "most valuable players" for ISIS and said Obama was the terrorist group's "founder" without fully explaining and developing his thoughts so that everyone would understand the message.
© 2016 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

Where would I go to find if this is true ? Whether it is or not, IT WOULDN'T SURPRISE ME ONE BIT !!!

Putin Goes On LIVE TV And CONFIRMS That Obama And Hillary CREATED ISIS  August 12, 2016

Donald Trump calls Obama the ‘founder of ISIS’


But instead of listening to the political pundits, how about we go to an actual world leader on the topic.
President Putin, if you would be so kind.
Putin Explains How Obama Created ISIS
Donald Trump has been absolutely slammed by the liberal media in the last few days. He first was lambasted by the liberal lot for his comments that second amendment people could stop Hillary Clinton. The liberals then blew it way out of proportion saying that Trump was saying someone should assassinate Hillary.
They must have forgotten what Obama and Hillary said 8 years ago. Right.
Well Trump just said another “inflammatory” thing when he suggested, nay flat out said, that Obama had founded ISIS.
Breaking News - Hillary Clinton exposed by WikiLeaks email that is a definitive smoking gun.
THIS confirms everything I have been saying for weeks. One word: Guilty!

Smoking gun revealed by WikiLeaks.

DNC officials and Hillary Clinton must wake up and shiver in fear, worrying what fresh hell WikiLeaks has in store for them today. The latest round of DNC hacked emails do not directly implicate Hillary Clinton, but we all know by now the party elites have really been working for her all along!

An email from Jacquelyn Lopez of the Perkins Coie law firm to DNC officials may have just proven the pay-to-play claims levied against the Democrat Party – and by extension cast shame and corruption allegations onto Hillary Clinton.
“Can we set up a time for a very brief call to go over our process for handling donations from donors who have given us pay to play letters?” a DNC hacked email from Jackie Lopez to party officials reportedly read, according to a USA Politics Today report.
Lopez is a licensed attorney who practices international political law, according to the Free Republic.

“Want to make sure we have a robust process in place to make sure that donations that come in from those donors, in any form, get put into the operating account,” Lopez’s email to the DNC continued.
Jackie Lopez graduated from Duke University with a degree in public policy in 2011.

The lawyer now embroiled in the DNC and Hillary Clinton pay-to-play scandal got her law degree from Harvard in 2014 and was a member of the Harvard Journal on Law and Gender.
Perkins Coie was ranked #42 among the highest-grossing law firms in the United States by The American Lawyer this year, according to the firm’s website.
Given the highly successful and well-connected nature of her firm, Lopez likely had clients with some very deep pockets who were more than capable of engaging in the DNC’s alleged pay-to-play scheme.
Do you think Lopez will claim she had no criminal intent while getting caught red-handed in an email scandal – and get by with it like Hillary Clinton did?

Hillary Clinton flexes her communist bona fides in fantasizing about how great it would be to confiscate and redistribute the assets of Donald Trump following his death.

WATCH HILLARY CLINTON Go Full On Socialist…Your Hard Earned Money Isn’t Yours!    August 15, 2016

The Death Tax is the hard earned money you have to pass on to the government when you die. Wouldn’t you rather your children receive that money instead of the feds? Donald Trump thinks so but Hillary goes full on socialist describing what she would do with Trump’s money when he dies. It’s really disgusting!
Hillary: I Don't Need White Men
Hillary Clinton's campaign pointed to its success in polls among nonwhite voters and isn't worried if the Democratic nominee can't attract more support from white male voters who comprise a large part of GOP nominee Donald Trump's base.
"We're in even better shape than we were before the convention with every Obama coalition demographic. The proof is in the poll numbers," a Clinton surrogate said, according to The Hill.
An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed just 1 percent of black voters support Trump, and Clinton was in the lead among nonwhites with 69 percent to Trump's 17 percent.
Clinton was also in the lead — 47 percent to 40 percent — among white voters who have college degrees.
Trump maintains an advantage in one key category, though, The Hill reports: white working class voters who don't have college degrees (49 percent to 36 percent).
According to NPR, in the last presidential election, President Obama lost among white college-educated voters.
Political science professor Cal Jillson said Clinton must focus on the white working class, reports The Hill.
"It's important for her psychologically," Jillson said. "It's important for the Democratic Party to try and restore some of its messaging toward white middle class voters."
The Clinton campaign is not appearing to give up on those voters. Vice President Joe Biden, on the campaign trail for Clinton in Scranton, Pennsylvania, focused on working class white male voters.
"Hillary understands the hopes and aspirations of everyone in Scranton and Claymont and every Scranton and Claymont in America," Biden said, according to The Hill, referring to the town of Claymont in neighboring Delaware, where he was raised.
Joe Biden goes off script, media silent   Aug. 16, 2016
Bias Bash: Ellen Ratner on why the media has asked virtually no questions about the appropriateness of Joe Biden's comments towards Donald Trump

NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER......Of course it is, the "MEDIA" doesn't want you to know just how popular he still is

Is support for Donald Trump being underreported? 

Published on Aug 16, 2016
App makers predict Trump will win

I'm posting this in it's entirety so no one has to "go to" to read it all. When is enough going to be enough ? When are WHITE people going to fight back against this "BLACK TYRANNY" ???? Starting with the TOP black boy in the W.H.

Federal Agency Rules Displaying “Don’t Tread On Me” Flag Is Racial Harassment  

The Gadsden flag, more commonly known as the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, is a symbol of resistance to tyranny and oppression. However, according to the federal government, it is also a form of racial harassment. Even though this flag has absolutely no racial context, our wonderful government has determined that black people can be offended by it so displaying it is racist.
The Washington Post reports that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received a complaint from a black man. The complainant said that a white coworker wore a hat to work with the Gadsden flag on it. Furthermore, when the black man complained to the employer, the boss wouldn’t force the white man to remove his hat.
The EEOC investigated and here’s what they wrote in the report:
Complainant stated that he found the cap to be racially offensive to African Americans because the flag was designed by Christopher Gadsden, a “slave trader & owner of slaves.” Complainant also alleged that he complained about the cap to management; however, although management assured him [the white employee] would be told not to wear the cap, [the white employee] continued to come to work wearing the offensive cap. Additionally, Complainant alleged that on September 2, 2013, a coworker took a picture of him on the work room floor without his consent.
Shit, somebody actually took a picture of this black guy too? When will the racism stop?
Complainant maintains that the Gadsden Flag is a “historical indicator of white resentment against blacks stemming largely from the Tea Party.” He notes that the Vice President of the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters cited the Gadsden Flag as the equivalent of the Confederate Battle Flag when he successfully had it removed from a New Haven, Connecticut fire department flagpole.
The EEOC pointed out that the Gadsden flag does not have racial connotations:
After a thorough review of the record, it is clear that the Gadsden Flag originated in the Revolutionary War in a non-racial context. Moreover, it is clear that the flag and its slogan have been used to express various non-racial sentiments, such as when it is used in the modern Tea Party political movement, guns rights activism, patriotic displays, and by the military.
Now get ready to have your minds blown. This is what the EEOC concluded:
However, whatever the historic origins and meaning of the symbol, it also has since been sometimes interpreted to convey racially-tinged messages in some contexts. For example, in June 2014, assailants with connections to white supremacist groups draped the bodies of two murdered police officers with the Gadsden flag during their Las Vegas, Nevada shooting spree.
Additionally, in 2014, African-American New Haven firefighters complained about the presence of the Gadsden flag in the workplace on the basis that the symbol was racially insensitive.
Certainly, Complainant ascribes racial connotations to the symbol based on observations that it is sometimes displayed in racially-tinged situations.
A federal agency agrees that the Gadsden flag has no history in racism, but because a black guy perceived it as racist, it is a symbol of hate. If this is going to be the criteria for determining racism, we are all screwed. Black people think literally everything is racist. Okay, they don’t think hating white people is racist, but everything else qualifies.
People can’t express pride in their Southern heritage by displaying the Confederate flag because that is racist. The EEOC has now determined that displaying the Gadsden flag is racial harassment. How soon before flying the American flag is considered a hate crime?
Image may contain: text

Monday, August 15, 2016

Donald Trump will be nominee of two parties on California’s November ballot  

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump acknowledges supporters while taking the stage during a campaign rally at Erie Insurance Arena in Erie, Pa., on Friday, Aug. 12, 2016.

© Lake Fong/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/TNS

Presidential candidate Donald Trump acknowledges supporters while taking the stage during a campaign rally at Erie Insurance Arena in Erie, Pa., on Friday, Aug. 12, 2016.
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Donald Trump will be presented to California voters on Nov. 8 as the nominee of two different political parties, after leaders of the ultra-conservative American Independent Party voted to select the New York real estate developer as its standard bearer.
It will be the first time a presidential candidate is listed on the California ballot as the choice of two parties in at least 80 years, state election officials said.
“We are the demographic that Trump is appealing to,” said Markham Robinson, the secretary of the American Independent Party of California. “We are heeding the voice of our voters.”


Hillary’s Emails Now Linked DIRECTLY To Benghazi Deaths…Dems In Panic Mode!...

This is not the news Hillary Clinton wanted and it has cause Democrats to panic, as it is unclear what the future holds next for Hillary.
Charles Woods and Pat Smith are parents if Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith and they have just dropped a bomb in the lap of the Clinton camp with a new lawsuit for defamation of their sons, but it’t more than just that!

Hillarys use of an unsecured server to transmit classified documents could have contributed to the death of our men in Benghazi.

Boston Herald reports…
“During her campaign for President, Defendant Clinton has negligently, recklessly, and/or maliciously defamed Plaintiffs by either directly calling them liars, or by strongly implying that they are liars, in order to protect and enhance her public image and intimidate and emotionally harm and silence them not to speak up about the Benghazi attack on at least four separate occasions,” Larry Klayman, an attorney for the families, wrote in his complaint.
These parents have laid out the case, but they make the connection many were trying to ignore.  Already this week America has seen that the leaked classified emails may have caused the death of an American spy in Iran.  But this revelation will blow up the 2016 race for good:
The suit also suggests Clinton’s use of a private server to handle classified emails could have contributed to the deaths.
“Having used a secret private email server that we now know was used to communicate with Ambassador Christopher Stevens with confidential and classified government information, and which we also now know was likely hacked by hostile adversaries such as Iran, Russia, China and North Korea aligning with terrorist groups, it is clear that Hillary Clinton allegedly negligently and recklessly gave up the classified location of the plaintiffs’ sons, resulting in a deadly terrorist attack that took their lives,” Klayman said in a statement.

If Hillary thought she was off the hook with her email scandal, think again, cupcake. This thing just got blown wide open and these amazing families are out for justice!

Black Power? Naw …More like black ignorance!

Rioters Scream “Black Power” While Beating Up “Every White Person”; The Reason Why Will INFURIATE You

August 14, 2016
About 100 black residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, screamed “black power,” torched automobiles, set fire to a gas stations, fired shots in the air and reportedly beat up “every white person” this Saturday evening after local police officers killed an armed thug.
Here’s the lowdown on the thug’s death, courtesy Breitbart:
The officer-involved shooting occurred at around 3:30 PM and involved two MPD officers who had stopped a car near the 3200 block of N. 44th Street. The two suspects inside fled on foot with the officers giving chase. In short order one of the suspects pointed a semi-automatic pistol at the officers and was killed.
And now for the fun stuff:.................

Why the Second Amendment Vote is Crucial This November

Think it’s felt like the wolves have been at our doorstep for the past 8 years?
Imagine if Hillary gets into the White House.
Stand and fight, patriots.
Welcome to Chicken Little America, Where People Panic Over Nothing      August 15, 2016  by Bob Owens

Twice this weekend, my fellow Americans engaged in mass panic over absolutely nothing.
In Raleigh, NC, reports of an “active shooter” at the food court in Crabtree Valley Mall led to a full on panic that put 12 people in local hospital emergency rooms with injuries resulting from falls and being trampled.

The same sort of mass hysteria repeated itself at JFK International Airport in New York yesterday, where two passengers freaked out over a loud sound and called police in a panic. Hundreds of passenger-lemmings “hid” (I use that in the most sarcastic sense possible) from not-existent threats, then were ordered out of the terminal as officers rushed into the airport to discover… absolutely nothing


And they should be issued LIVE ammo.....

Gov. Walker Has Activated The National Guard For Milwaukee Riots     Matt Vespa  Aug 15, 2016
Gov. Walker Has Activated The National Guard For Milwaukee Riots
Christine has written about the awful riots occurring in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The violence erupted over the weekend after another police-involved shooting prompted many to show up at the crime scene via social media, which has spiraled out of control. A person was shot today, while an armored vehicle manned by law enforcement was ordered to fall back due to the deteriorating situations. The officer involved in the shooting is black, and now Gov. Scott Walker has activated the National Guard at the behest of Sheriff David Clarke.

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Khan was paid $25,000 & speech written by staffers; Constitution bought 2 hours before DNC speech
Via Richard

Here are some new facts coming out on Twitter that are yet to be confirmed. Thought I’d post here in case someone wants to do more research:

*– Khan was paid $25,000 by the Clinton campaign to speak at the DNC.

*– the speech was not written by Mr. Khan, but by two campaign staffers.

*– the copy of the US Constitution that Mr. Khan held up was bought only two HOURS before his speech by a female staffer, to be used solely as a prop and Khan returned the book after speaking.

*– 5 Gold Star families turned down the opportunity to speak before Khan was contacted by the Clinton campaign.

*– Khan’s immigration law firm is in debt $1.7M and owes back taxes of upward $850,000 plus penalties.

*– CNN paid Khan over $100,000 to tell his “story” and repeated interviews across networks.

*– Khan was given a bonus of $175k by the DNC for his effort in the media.

*– The IRS has since put Khan’s tax file on a “hold” status.

More with video @ Investment Watch
215 percent increase in concealed carry permits under Obama

215 percent increase in concealed carry permits under Obama

One interesting data point from the Obama years: the rapid rise in concealed carry permits . . . Americans now holding permits to pack a concealed weapon in public has soared 215 percent since 2007 to over 14.5 million, a record, according to a new report. The Crime Prevention Research Center (link is external) said that last year alone a record 1.73 million were approved in states requiring them.

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Standing Ovation: Trump’s Economic Plan  Katie Kieffer Aug 15, 2016

Standing Ovation: Trump’s Economic Plan
Yes, Donald J. Trump has an economic plan. Last week, he received standing ovations and 10-second-long applauses from ordinary Americans who heard him explain how his plan will create more jobs than Hillary Clinton’s.

“Donald Trump doesn’t have a plan! He’s all bluster and no muster,” is a common criticism of the GOP presidential nominee. But the entrepreneur proved his critics wrong when he announced his economic plan in Detroit, MI last week.

Hillary, on the other hand, is a gal without a clear economic vision.

We are going to raise taxes on the middle class!” and “We are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” are a few of Hillary’s economic “plans.” Of course, she quickly tried to retract her comments. But, make no mistake, one of Hillary’s top economic advisors is Joseph Stiglitz, a man on-record for praising the economy of Venezuela.

Trump: Media is “Disgusting and Corrupt”

August 15, 2016 By   

Trump - Media is Disgusting and Corrupt

Donald Trump’s campaign on Sunday went on a new tear against the media, blaming the “disgusting” press for a week of distractions at a time when Republicans have urged him – again – to focus on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump will get another chance to reset his campaign on Monday when he is expected to lay out his plan for defeating what running mate Mike Pence on Sunday called, “radical Islamic terrorism” with “real specifics” on how to make the United States safer.
But Trump set up that address with extensive new complaints about the latest disastrous week of coverage and reports of campaign chaos. Not to blame, Trump suggested, were his own remarks that gun rights supporters could “do something” if Hillary Clinton becomes president and appoints liberal judges, or his repeated insistence on the falsehood that President Barack “Obama founded ISIS.”

“If the disgusting and corrupt media covered me honestly and didn’t put false meaning into the words I say, I would be beating Hillary by 20 percent,” he tweeted before noon. That tweet was followed by: “My rallies are not covered properly by the media. They never discuss the real message and never show crowd size or enthusiasm.”


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Mayor Refuses To Remove BLM Banner, So Group Of VETS Hang Their Own EPIC Banner In Response!!

These are the competing signs:
Somerville, Massachusetts, Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone has been hanging a “Black Lives Matter” banner on City Hall since August of 2015, and he has refused to take it down in spite of outrage from the local police force, among others.  
A group of vets from the town decided that they weren’t going to take the mayor’s action lying down. According to the Boston Herald, they put an “All Lives Matter” sign over their American Legion Post, setting up a quiet battle with Mayor Curtatone.
“We seen what went on with City Hall. We’re not happy about it,” post Commander Dave Chamberlain said. “We’re not knocking Black Lives Matter. We’re not knocking anybody … We don’t care about your color. We don’t care about where you come from — all lives matter.
Chamberlain made it clear that his statement wasn’t a political one, but rather directly in response to the mayor’s refusal to replace the “Black Lives Matter” sign with one reading “All Lives Matter.”

“It’s something I felt I had to do,” Chamberlain said. “We don’t care about color. We don’t care about nationality. Yes, we’re sick about the police officers being shot (and) we don’t like seeing black kids getting shot by cops … We’re not political. We don’t want to be. We’ve got to make a statement. 
Everybody matters.”

“In the military we’re all green. Everybody who served their country, their color was the same,” Mark Killoren, the post’s junior vice commander, added. “When you were in a foxhole, you didn’t give a (expletive) what color they were. They’re saving your life. That sign is going to stay up on the post.”
The mayor’s sign, and the epic rejoinder
In spite of this, Mayor Curtatone wasn’t planning on backing down anytime soon.
“It is violence that tests us in every community, demanding we either come together, or break apart, and let me be clear: Communities cannot sit this conversation out,” Curtatone was quoted as saying.