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They gotta be f**king kidding. We can't even get a psychotic killer put to death, let alone HUNG

PETA Calls for Hanging of Dentist Who Shot Cecil the Lion
The outrage over Cecil the lion's death continues, and PETA has made a controversial statement.
The outrage over Cecil the lion's death continues, and PETA has made a controversial statement.
Last month, a dentist from Eden Prairie, Minnesota shot and killed a 13-year-old male lion in Zimbabwe, drawing what can only be described as international outrage after government officials confirmed that the act was illegal and involved a beloved tourist attraction named Cecil.
Almost overnight, Walter Palmer found himself one of the most sought-after men in the world. After arresting the professional hunter who guided Palmer and the landowner that facilitated the trip, Zimbabwe authorities are now calling for Palmer to be extradited. In addition, the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has been reportedly trying to contact Palmer for days and had to post on Twitter and Facebook in an attempt to draw his attention. The agency has not yet specified what kind of charges Palmer could face, but at least one group is calling for the ultimate punishment. In a recent press release, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) called for Palmer’s extradition, conviction, and hanging.
Iraq veterans are taking on Obama over the Iran deal
    By Josh Rogin
Retired Staff Sgt. Robert Bartlett
A group of Iraq war veterans is launching a million-dollar effort to oppose President Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran, trying to counter the president's argument that those who are against the deal are in favor of war.
Obama has said recently that there are only two camps: those who support the deal versus those who would prefer a bloody and costly war like the conflict in Iraq. The new ad campaign complicates that, asserting that the deal itself will lead to more war. And the voices putting forth that case do not prefer war; they are soldiers who have had enough of it.
The group, Veterans Against the Deal, was founded last month as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, and it does not disclose its donors. Its national campaign starts today, including television ads in states whose members of Congress are undecided on the Iran deal. Lawmakers will vote on it in September.
The first of the group's videos features retired Staff Sgt. Robert Bartlett, who was badly injured by an Iranian bomb while serving in Iraq in 2005.

Massive herd of elk in Montana

What's next ? Oreo cookies racist ? WAKE UP WHITE AMERICA..!

So Now the POW/MIA Flag Is Under Fireas a Symbol of ‘Racist Hate’               by David French August 11, 2015  @DavidAFrench
Another day, another argument that a flag must come down. Today’s target is a bit surprising — the POW/MIA flag that flies from government buildings, honoring the hundreds of Americans still missing and unaccounted for in Vietnam. Writing in the pages of Newsweek, a very angry Rick Perlstein is simply not having it, declaring, “That damned flag: It’s a shroud. It smothers the complexity, the reality, of what really happened in Vietnam.” In fact, he claims the entire emphasis on American missing and POW’s was nothing but a political trick designed to detract from alleged American deceptions and war crimes:


Girls Claims She Will Do ANYTHING for $50 Bucks on Snapchat

 Jessa Hinton is pretty popular on Instagram, she has 1.1M fans popping woodies to her pics. Recently it looks like she was trying to get her Snapchat followers up, so she did what most people do. Campaigning on Instagram where she already has the following, only her tactics were a little different.
Here is one of her posts that she quickly deleted, she said for $50 she would do whatever you wanted…

Look as this girl… $50 seems like a steal!

Ferguson Shooter ID’d – Tyrone Harris Shot at Police – Was a “Good Friend” of Mike Brown   By on August 11, 2015 Gateway Pundit reports:
Last night was the anniversary of Mike Brown’s shooting death in Ferguson, Missouri–
** Numerous shots fired in Ferguson!
* *Protesters and media scatter!
** Reporter mugged
** Shooter was aiming at police is in serious condition
Police returned fire!


Four officers returned fire. The shooter was using a stolen gun.
KMOV reported:
The suspect’s gun, a .9mm semi-automatic firearm, reported stolen from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, was recovered at the shooting scene, according to the St. Louis County Police Department.
The shooting happened while protesters were gathered on West Florissant Avenue, a business zone that saw rioting and looting last year after Brown’s killing. The shots sent protesters and reporters running for cover.
The chief said an estimated six shooters unleashed a “remarkable” amount of gunfire over about 45 seconds.
A few hours after the officer-involved shooting, around 2:15 a.m., officers with the Ferguson Police Department were called to the Canfield Apartments after two male victims, ages 17 and 19, were shot.

Shooting victim identified as Tyrone Harris, 18, 2015 Normandy High graduate. Dad says son was "real close" with Brown.


BlackLivesMatter Supporter Shoots 8 Black People In Head
By on August 12, 2015
Gateway Pundit reports:
David Ray Conley III, 49, was charged with multiple counts of capital murder, in the deaths of six children and two adults.
Five children and three adults were shot point blank in the head.David Ray Conley III is a black lives matter supporter.

He posted this last week.
Via GotNews:




Ray Conley III, 49, had recently moved out of the family home and came back to find the locks were changed, he told police.
So he shot them all in the head.


Japanese Artist Indicted For 'Vagina Kayak'  December 24, 2014   

Provocative Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi, who has been arrested twice this year on charges related to her design for a kayak that incorporates a 3-D model of her genitals, has been indicted on charges that she distributed "obscene" data.
The case has attracted wide attention, both for its unique circumstances and for its depiction of how Japan's pornography laws interact with cutting-edge technology and images of the female body.
"Obscenity laws ban pictures of actual genitalia, which normally are obscured in pornography," Japan Times notes today. "If convicted, Igarashi could face up to two years behind bars and a fine of [$20,755]."
Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi, seen here in July, has been indicted on obscenity charges stemming from her genital-inspired artworks. KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images        

You know, this would be funny if it weren't so ridiculous. This catering is getting old.....AGAIN...WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE

Sweden Scrambles to Produce Black Band Aids After a Blogger Complains About White Privilege
by Oliver Lane12 Aug 2015

Racist Bandaid

A complaint by a feminist, anti-racist ‘blogger’ has prompted a Swedish pharmacy chain to search out a manufacturer of ‘dark’ band-aids. A discussion on government-funded Radio Sweden precipitated the controversy, as a spokeswoman for the national Apoteket chain of pharmacies went head-to-head with Every Day Racism blog author and Left-party campaigner Paula Dahlberg.
Triggering a national discussion about whether sticking plasters are a symptom of something more sinister, Dahlberg said the beige coloured patches were symptomatic of what she called the everyday “whiteness norm” where manufacturers presumed their customers to be white by default.
She said on radio:  “Usually I try and find a clear plaster, to try and be a little more discreet, precisely because there are no plasters available close to my skin colour… its part of what is usually called the whiteness norm, that white people are normal”.
White people currently make up around 90-per-cent of the Swedish population.

I guess this is O K but when Tebow knelt and prayed, he was condemned and made fun of....what's the difference ?.....COLOR ?

James Harrison brought a new level of energy for his first practice in pads.
This Eagle Isn’t Thrilled About A Drone Flying Overhead And Takes Action

Published on Aug 8, 2015

As seen on The herald sun, abc america

**Eagle was fine - she was massive, and used talon's to 'punch' the drone out of the sky. Hung around overhead so i got a really good look. Eagle's health was my main concern also**

This is the last thing a small bird sees when a Wedge-Tailed Eagle decides that you are dinner...

Do not fly drones near birds of prey, they clearly attack seeing you as a threat or the right sized dinner. This will cost you money and potentially harm to the bird. This one was fine.. the drone needed some attention before it could fly again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I'm posting this article from "FREE NORTH CAROLINA", not to steal his posts, but to be sure MORE people get to read it

"Preserve the Union? Why?"
Comment by Anonymous on Compromise
Now at this moment in our history the question ought to be: Preserve the Union? Why?

The polarization and fragmentation is so complete that I do not see how the common/pop culture can hold this society together. I also believe this is being done by design with the full intent of totally destroying this country. The illegals from south of the border will strive to make where ever they are a "little Mexico". The Muslims will never assimilate, but will bid their time till the demographics shift the numbers in their favor and then demand that others live under their law.

I don't know if the blacks living in the inner cities can ever change their welfare entitlement culture. If there is any group that is hard core racist, it is the Blacks. Whites in this country have been so poisoned by liberalism that in general they/we are dying out and do NOT have the courage to defend the culture, civilization and their various ethnic backgrounds.

In short the American empire is falling before our eyes the same way Rome did and in our life time.

NewsBusted: GOP Candidates, Iran Nuke Deal, Border Crisis  Tue, August 11, 2015

Are some of the people getting tired of the "PROTESTERS" ? ? (Notice, the "patriots" are not all white men)

Oath Keepers Turn Up at Michael Brown Protests in Ferguson, Missouri   Aug 11 2015
Members of the Oath Keepers walk with their personal weapons on the street during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, on Tuesday. LUCAS JACKSON / Reuters

Heavily-armed members of a controversial right-wing "patriot" group added an extra dose of unease to protests in Ferguson, Missouri, early Tuesday.
The Oath Keepers organization says its members — all former military, police and first responders — pledge to "defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic."
However, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar described their presence as "both unnecessary and inflammatory."
Protesters and police confirmed that a handful of Oath Keepers with what appeared to be assault rifles, bulletproof vest and camouflage gear were seen early Tuesday on the streets of Ferguson, which was under a state of emergency following demonstrations pegged to the anniversary of Michael Brown's death. Several protesters confronted members of the group, asking why they were allowed to openly carry weapons. "I'm happy that we're able to defend ourselves," one Oath Keeper replied in footage from NBC station KSDK. "It's been our right for a long time." 

My city is getting as bad as Detroit and Chicago,,,,Phila. Pa.

With 34 homicides, July was the deadliest month of 2015 in Philly

 By Max Marin    August 6, 2015                        

A few weeks back, journalist Jim McMillan pointed out that homicides in Philadelphia were on pace with those of this time last year before July 1st.

The Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) reports 34 confirmed homicides last month, the most of any month this year, which is up 70 percent from July 2014.

July began with a bloody Independence Day weekend that saw
24 gunshot victims within a 48-hour window across the city. There was an average of roughly one gun-related homicide per day for the remainder of the month, with some days seeing two or more.

There were 150 homicides by the end of July, and the tally has gone up to 155 as of this article. Here's a demographic break down of the victims to date:With 34 homicides, July was the deadliest month of 2015 in Philly latino-3.....white latino-19.....
Breakdown of Philly's 150 homicide victims to date  (Jan-July 2015)
Note: Only 148 homicides represented. No data was provided on the 2 homicides that occurred on the evening of July 31, 2015.

Protests, demonstrations, marches....Why not call them what they are, (or what they end up being)...RIOTS... and they will continue until the WHITE people in this country STOP giving in to every little whim the blacks DEMAND. Ity's time to stop catering to the 13% ! ! !

4th night of Ferguson protests brings confrontation, arrests

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — As another protest on Ferguson's beleaguered West Florissant Avenue began to turn rowdy, Jon Belmar was among the first to confront protesters.
Wearing neither a helmet nor a shield, the St. Louis County police chief strode directly toward demonstrators, telling them to get out of the street and urging calm.
"They're not going to take the street tonight," Belmar told an Associated Press reporter standing nearby. "That's not going to happen."
One night earlier, things turned dangerously violent when shots rang out and an 18-year-old black suspect was shot by police after he allegedly fired a handgun into an unmarked police van. Police used smoke to disperse the crowd. Three officers were injured.

Chris Christie Runs from Georgia Gun Owners

Anti-gun New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had a bad morning in Atlanta last Friday! 

Moments after Christie took the stage at the "RedState Gathering", GGO staff flooded the room of more than 900 activists with flyers exposing his anti-gun record.    Soon after, reporters from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Washington Times, the Daily Caller, and many more, blasted news of the "literature drop" to millions of readers nationwide.
   Worse for Christie, after stepping off stage, I was there to greet him with this question: "When are the charges going to be dropped against Brian Fletcher?"
       Christie refused to answer the question and slid off into a private room.
   You may remember the story of Brian Fletcher, a power line worker from North Carolina called up to New Jersey in the middle of the night to respond to an emergency.
   He was found sleeping in his work truck by NJ police, told the officer he had a firearm, was arrested, paid $25,000 in bail money and is now facing five to ten years in the NJ state pen.


WHO IS GOING TO FINE THE EPA FOR THIS TOXIC WASTE SPILL ?? Who will pay for the cleanup ? This will be swept under the rug with a "OOPS... Wasn't our fault" It will be OUR fault, you know "we the people" It's only our country when something like this happens

EPA Causes Massive Waste Spill, Hurting Navajo Nation

Durango, Colorado declared a state of emergency yesterday after the EPA accidentally contaminated a local river with 3 million gallons of waste. The Animas River has turned orange, and residents living along its banks have been warned to avoid it.
The accident began Wednesday last week when EPA workers accidentally leaked a local mine, releasing concentrated minerals into a stream. The mine had been abandoned for about 10 years, and ground water had accumulated inside it. EPA workers were there to clean up the mine. Now, the mine is leaking at 500 gallons per minute. It still hasn't been contained, though workers are treating the nearby ponds where the minerals are leaking.


YEAH...Anniversary ??....Another chance to loot, burn and destroy and act like ANIMALS !!!

UPDATE: In light of the recent violence, a state of emergency has been declared by the St. Louis County Executive. The St. Louis County Police Chief will be tasked with maintaining order (via St. Louis Post-Dispatch): St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger has declared a state of emergency and turned oversight of the Ferguson situation over to County Police Chief Jon Belmar.

"Chief Belmar shall exercise all powers and duties necessary to preserve order, prevent crimes, and protect the life and property of our citizens,” Stenger said in a statement issued early Monday afternoon.

The county executive decried the gunfire that marred an otherwise peaceful weekend of protesting around the first anniversary of the 2014 shooting of African American teen Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer.

"The recent acts of violence will not be tolerated in a community that has worked so tirelessly over the last year to rebuild and become stronger," Stenger said. "The time and investment in Ferguson and Dellwood will not be destroyed by a few that wish to violate the rights of others." 

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Target Gets Rid of Gender Labels on Toys Sold in Stores      August 10, 2015

Modern American culture is slowly succumbing to the madness of progressivism, and it’s infecting every aspect of our lives you can think of, including, apparently, the toy aisle in Target stores.
Liberals have been doing their darnedest to put pressure on retailers to start removing “gender specific labels” on toys, clothing, ect. in a bid to erase the differences between boys and girls.
This, of course, is impossible due to the fact the differences between boys and girls go deeper than our “plumbing,” and is something that is ingrained in our very natures.
Well, Target has decided to appease the blabbering nutters who support this insanity and is making their toy aisles gender-neutral.
Feel free to face palm now.

2016 Campaign

Understanding Why the Clinton Email Matters

Hillary-Phone     August 10, 2015
In the world of handling America’s secrets, words – classified, secure, retroactive – have special meanings. I held a Top Secret clearance at the State Department for 24 years and was regularly trained in protecting information as part of that privilege. Here is what some of those words mean in the context of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails.
The Inspectors General for the State Department and the intelligence community issued a statement saying Clinton’s personal email system contained classified information. This information, they said, “should never have been transmitted via an unclassified personal system.” The same statement voiced concern that a thumb drive held by Clinton’s lawyer also contains this same secret data. Another report claims the U.S. intelligence community is bracing for the possibility that Clinton’s private email account contains multiple instances of classified information, with some data originating at the CIA and NSA.

Massive Obama Family Tie to Slavery Gets Exposed for America to See

The liberal mainstream media has been trying to hide this for years, but race-baiter-in-chief President Barack Hussein Obama’s own family used to own slaves.
Specifically, Obama’s great-great-great-great grandfather on his mother’s side, George Washington Overall, owned two slaves — a 15-year-old black girl and 25-year-old black man.

Obama’s great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Mary Duvall, also owned two slaves — a 60-year-old black man and 58-year-old black woman.
Furthermore, the Duvalls, who lived in the 1800s, can be traced back to Mareen Duvall, a land owner in the 1600s who owned 18 slaves.
When this revelation initially broke in 2007, an Obama campaign spokesperson tried to deflect from it by arguing that Obama also had ancestors who “fought for the Union in the Civil War.”

And you can best believe that, according to The Baltimore Sun, Obama made no mention of these slave-owning relatives in his 1995 memoir, “Dreams of My Father.”
He and his pals in the mainstream media tried for years to hide his own family’s slave-owning past while they continued hammering white Americans for their ties to slavery and vestigial racism.
That Obama’s ancestors owned slaves in all reality does not matter. What matters are his own actions in the present.
However, because of the politically charged climate in which we live — one in which liberals are pining to erase the Confederacy from our history books — it’s important that all Americans be aware of president barack hussein obama’s own past.
Cops Knock Woman Out Then Tries To Delete Video Evidence!

A New York man says Suffolk County police in Long Island tackled him to the ground and attempted to delete footage of police brutality he had recorded but mistakenly removed the wrong file. Square-banner, 20-year-old Thomas Demint claims police have continued to harass and threaten him after the incident, prompting him to go public with the footage for fear of his own safety. Demint was on his way to work on May 21, 2014 when he spied his friends family being arrested by Suffolk County police in Center Moriches after officers responded to a 911 call reporting that an adult male was attempting suicide. When police arrived, officials say, officers attempted to administer aid to the suicidal man and his family intervened. In one of the most egregious parts of video, an officer is seen slinging a woman to the ground rendering her unconscious.

Last nite on TV I heard something about blacks being angry about the number of unarmed blacks killed by Police. I don't know how accurate this info is but was best I could find...

The Counted: number of people killed by police this year reaches 500

Slo-mo gun firing

The updated findings on fatalities so far this year means that the total is on track to exceed 1,000 by the end of 2015 – and that people are being killed by officers at more than twice the rate most recently detected by the much-criticised FBI system, which recorded 461 killed in 2013.
While the number of African Americans killed by police so far in 2015 has been disproportionately high, both white and Hispanic/Latino Americans now make up proportions of those killed that are smaller than their shares of the general US public.
Among the first 500 deaths, 49.6% of people were white, 28.2% were black and 14.8% were Hispanic/Latino. According to the 2013 census, the US population is 62.6% white, 13.2% black and 17.1% Hispanic/Latino.

I'm skeptical because the % doesn't add to 500 deaths, but....I also believe people think    more BLACKS are killed because that makes HEADLINE news, when WHITES are killed....not    so   much......neither do HISPANICS.........Old Saying....The noisy wheel gets the most oil     I    don't    think the %s matter as much as the actual figures   MORE WHITES ARE BEING KILLED   

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obamas war on coal

Henry Payne

So he took his anger out on 6 innocent kids. What a man !!

Man who killed 6 kids, 2 adults had a dispute with woman victim: police

A DISPUTE INVOLVING the alleged gunman and a ‘former domestic partner’ is being cited as a possible motive in the shooting death of six children and two adults in a Houston-area home, Texas authorities say.


'This is pure evil. And it could start a race war'

 It was Rush Limbaugh who brought the shocking news from DC Whispers to everyone’s attention: that Donald Trump was meant to be “taken out” in last Thursday’s GOP debate.
“Though the Fox News promos state it is a debate of Republican candidates,” reported DC Whispers, “most of the network’s on-air personalities have admitted publicly it has turned into the Donald Trump show as the top GOP contender has become the single most referenced topic on the minds of everyone following the 2016 Race for the White House. … That reality is not sitting well with GOP power brokers who are said to have made it clear to operatives linked to a variety of candidate camps that Donald Trump cannot be allowed to appear to win tomorrow night’s debate. Some are said to have taken an even more aggressive stance by indicating Trump’s Republican rivals are to ‘take him out’ tomorrow night.”
Many people agreed the instructions from “operatives linked to a variety of candidate camps” to “take him out” had an eerie ring to it.

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Was reading "FREE NORTH CAROLINA" and read this paragraph in an article, worthy of reprint in itself. Put it under "THINGS I DIDN'T KNOW"

Historically, the Battle Flag, with its familiar Cross of St. Andrew, was a square ensign that was carried by Southern troops during the War Between the States. It was not the national flag of the Confederacy that flew over slavery, but, rather, was carried by soldiers, 90-plus per cent who did not own slaves (roughly comparable to percentages in certain regiments of the Union army with some slave holding soldiers from Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri in its ranks; indeed, General Grant’s wife, Julia Dent Grant, owned slaves).