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If I had to guess, I'd say we can probably expect more of these acts, because they have NO scruples..!

This Congressman Caught the Deep State in the Act 

The secrets of the Deep State have been brought to light.

They tried to dig for dirt on a Republican Congressman to destroy him.

But he caught them in the act, and now the whole world sees them for what they are.

It has been previously reported that ever since January 6th, the Capitol Police have effectively turned into a Deep State intelligence agency, acting as a sort of shadow FBI.

They have opened field offices across the country, and begun secretly collecting data on members of Congress, as well as members of the general public.

According to Politico, “After the Jan. 6 insurrection, the Capitol Police’s intelligence unit quietly started scrutinizing the backgrounds of people who meet with lawmakers, according to three people familiar with the matter. POLITICO also viewed written communications describing the new approach, part of a host of changes that the department implemented after the Capitol attack. Examining the social media feeds of people who aren’t suspected of crimes, however, is a controversial move for law enforcement and intelligence officials given the civil liberties concerns it raises.”

Now, a grievous example of these types of civil liberties abuses has arisen, and it is targeted at a sitting member of Congress with the intention of blackmailing him.

Troy Nehls is a Republican Congressman from Texas. He’s serving his first term, representing part of the Houston area.

On Tuesday, Nehls posted a thread on Twitter about some shocking abuses of power he discovered by the Capitol Police, directed at him.

His thread stated: “BREAKING: The Capitol Police Intelligence Division investigated my office illegally and one of my staffers caught them in the act. On November 20th, 2021, Capitol Police entered my office without my knowledge and photographed confidential legislative products protected by the Speech and Debate clause enshrined in the Constitution, Article 1 Section 6. Two days later on Monday November 22, 2021 (Thanksgiving week), three intelligence officers attempted to enter my office while the House was in recess.”

“Upon discovering a member of my staff, special agents dressed like construction workers began to question him as to the contents of a photograph taken illegally two days earlier. Capitol Police never informed myself or senior level staff of their investigation and the reasons are clear. They had no authority to photograph my office, let alone investigate myself or members of my staff.”

“So, why is the Capitol Police Leadership maliciously investigating me in an attempt to destroy me and my character? Maybe it is because I have been a vocal critic of Speaker Pelosi, the January 6th Committee, and Capitol Police leadership about their handling of January 6th, the death of Ashli Babbitt and the subsequent SHAM investigation.”

Rep. Nehl’s story speaks for itself. Capitol Police has begun functioning as a Deep State agency on par with the FBI, CIA, and NSA.

The difference is, while the FBI and NSA target ordinary Americans, and the CIA blackmails the media, the Capitol Police seems focused on blackmailing members of Congress.

This will continue until Americans finally decide to push back against these tyrannical abuses of power.

Tucker...Tells it like it is...WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT !

 Tucker: Lawmakers are panicking over this   Fox News

'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host analyzes Canada's trucker strike and what our leaders would do if the convoy came to America. #FoxNews

Tucker: Does Biden want war?   Fox News

2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard lays out what President Biden can do in order to prevent war with Russia on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #Tucker


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Pelosi's Congress claims sovereign immunity prevents Capitol Police from sharing January 6 emails and videos  By Sophie Man Updated: February 2, 2022
Judicial Watch continues its fight for access in court

Judicial Watch is challenging an attempt by the U.S Capitol Police to block the watchdog organization's federal lawsuit to gain access to videos and emails related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.  

Congress, via the police department, is arguing that the videos and emails being sought are not matters of public record and that there is no public interest in their release. Furthermore, the body is claiming that sovereign immunity prevents citizens from suing for their release.

The suit was filed by Judicial Watch under the common law right of access after the Capitol Police refused to provide requested records in response to the group's initial request dating back to January 2021.

The initial request was for emails between the USCP executive team and the Capitol Police board pertaining to the security of the Capitol complex on the day of the riot and emails among the USCP and the FBI, Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security.

The group additionally asked for all video footage from within the Capitol from noon to 9 p.m. on the day of the riot. 

The suit was filed under the common law right of access to public records because Congress exempts itself from the Freedom of Information Act. 

"In 'the courts of this country' – including the federal courts – the common law bestows upon the public a right of access to public records and documents ... the Supreme Court was unequivocal in stating that there is a federal common law right of access 'to inspect and copy public records and documents.' ... [T]he general rule is that all three branches of government, legislative, executive, and judicial, are subject to the common law right." The right of access is a precious "common law right ... that predates the Constitution itself," writes Judicial Watch, citing Supreme Court precedent that upholds the public's right to understand what "their government is up to."

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said of the issue, "The Pelosi Congress (and its police department) is telling a federal court it is immune from all transparency under law and is trying to hide every second of its January 6 videos and countless emails. The hypocrisy is rich, as this is the same Congress that is trying to jail witnesses who, citing privileges, object to providing documents to the Pelosi rump January 6 committee."

Thursday, February 10, 2022

HISTORY LESSON,..TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT ! This was 25 Years ago, then during the Obama regime we had "Fast and Furious". thats just 2 instances. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE MAKING THE RULES THAT WE HAVE TO LIVE BY...Gives you a lot of confidence in your country doesn't it.....

Either I never saw this or I had forgotten...

Fast and Furious Scandal < link  2006 --2011 

The CIA Cocaine-Filled Plane Tht Crashed in Yucatan  Mexico  GabriellePickardview more articles  30 November 2017

In 2007 an aircraft known as Gulfstream II crashed in a jungle in Yucatan, Mexico. The plane had four tons of cocaine onboard. The Gulfstream II, tail number N987SA, was allegedly transporting CIA rendition prisons from Europe to Guantanamo Bay. On September 24th, the plane crash-landed when, it is believed, it ran out of fuel.

The (1) Daily Kos notes how there were apparently four individuals onboard the plane when it crashed. Initially only one was captured, though two more were caught by authorities later. The names of the three men and one woman that are believed to have been aboard the aircraft were not released.

CIA Planes and Drugs

The Gulfstream II was used by the CIA for several flights between the East coast of the United States and Guantanamo Bay from 2003 to 2005. According to reports, records from the Federal Aviation Association list the aircraft as being owned by Atef Hanna of Tarpon Springs Florida.

“To be honest with relation to the crew of the Gulfstream II N987SA the Mexican government is being pretty damn silent,” writes the Daily Kos.

However, at the time of the crash, the plane is believed to have been registered with Donna Blue Aircraft Inc. According to (2) Top Conspiracies, Donna Blue Aircraft was a front for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Claims have also been made that the ICE sold the plane to Drug Enforcement Agency suspected drug smugglers as part of an undercover operation prior to the crash.

An undercover agent from the ICE, Don Whittington, is currently under investigation for allegedly laundering profits from the sale of the aircraft and other likes it, which were apparently used in drug smuggling raids, from a Colorado Springs resort and spa.

Evidence of CIA’s Involvement

Other evidence of the CIA’s involvement in allowing cocaine trafficking in support of intelligence efforts can be found on the CIA’s online library.

A (3) report of Investigation Concerning Allegations of Connections Between CIA and the Contras in Cocaine Trafficking to the United States, dates to January 29, 1998.

The allegations go back to 1996 when the San Jose Mercury published a series of reports alleging that the CIA was involved with cocaine smuggling. Known as the “Dark Alliance” series, the articles claimed that cocaine was:

"…virtually unobtainable in black neighborhoods before members of the CIA’s army – the Nicaraguan Contras – started bringing it into South Central Los Angeles in the 1980s.”

Watchdog says NSA failed to follow procedures to protect Americans' privacy     BY BRAD DRESS - 02/01/22   THE HILL

The National Security Agency (NSA) failed to follow its own policies when accessing sensitive data and communications on American citizens, according to an audit made available in a Monday report to Congress.

The audit from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) criticized the NSA's use of one section of the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act (FISA), which lays out the procedures for surveillance and collection of foreign intelligence information.

Section 702 of FISA allows federal agents to surveil suspicious, non-American actors on foreign soil without the approval of a court or a warrant.

But the section also allows agents to access sensitive information and communications of U.S. citizens if there is probable cause that they are agents of a foreign power or in contact with one.

In Monday's report, the OIG said NSA failed to follow its own "procedural and policy requirements" on Section 702. The "evaluation revealed a number of concerns" related to queries for information from government databases on U.S. citizens suspected of being in contact with a foreign target. The queries can include names, email addresses or phone numbers

The OIG made 13 recommendations to the NSA based on concerns including an inconsistent use of the query model, according to the report.

An NSA spokesperson said the agency "remains fully committed to the rigorous and independent oversight provided by the NSA Inspector General’s office."

"NSA continues to employ measures to assist analysts in conducting their work compliantly with civil liberties and privacy protections," the spokesperson told The Hill in a statement. "As the OIG included in its report, the Agency has in place multiple processes to aid in ensuring query compliance.”

Congress enacted FISA in 1978 to create guidelines for the government's collection of foreign intelligence information following the Watergate scandal. In 2008, after 9/11, more amendments were made to FISA, including Section 702.

FISA came under increased scrutiny following the wiretapping of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. Agents reportedly spied on Page while investigating Trump's potential ties to the Russian government in lead-up to the 2016 election. The Justice Department’s inspector general in 2019 found multiple issues with the warrant application used to spy on Page.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, put in place to monitor the use of FISA, also found concerns with the FBI's use of querying practices and released an opinion last year detailing the agency's misuse of Section 702 as a violation of American's Fourth Amendment rights.


CNN continues to try and cancel Fox News Channel.

Now CNN has a new target.

And CNN hates the one thing Tucker Carlson changed about the GOP.

As Black Eye Politics reports:

One of the big fault lines in American politics right now is the corporate media banging the drums for war with Russia.

Just like in 2003 when the Washington Post and The New York Times helped lead America into the Iraq War, corporate press outlets demand that Joe Biden draw a tough line with Russia over the territorial integrity of Ukraine’s border.

Every weeknight at 8 p.m. Tucker Carlson pushes back on the media’s pro-war narrative questioning why it is any of America’s business to wage war with nuclear-armed Russia over Ukraine.

Republican elected officials and candidates took notice of the success of Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson’s message and echo Carlson and Trump’s America First foreign policy.

In an interview with Axios, Carlson pushed back on the corporate media lies and smears that anyone who opposes war with Russia is a stooge for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I just want to go on the record and say I could care less if they call me a pawn of Putin,” Carlson stated. “It’s too stupid. I don’t speak Russian. I’ve never been to Russia. I’m not that interested in Russia. All I care about is the fortunes of the United States because I have four children who live here.”

Carlson applauded Republican officials and candidates ignoring the neocons and D.C. establishment demanding an aggressive war footing with Russia.

“I really hope that Republican primary voters are ruthless about this,” Carlson added, saying that conservatives should vote out any Republican “who believes Ukraine’s borders are more important than our borders.”

Carlson’s opposition to war with Russia enraged CNN.

During one broadcast Carlson asked why it was considered “loyal” to side with Ukraine.

“Why is it disloyal to side with Russia but loyal to side with Ukraine? They’re both foreign countries that don’t care anything about the United States. Kind of strange,” Carlson wondered.

This upset former morning zoo radio host and current CNN entertainer Brianna Keilar.

Keilar demanded Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch fire Carlson for questioning the foreign policy establishment’s push for conflict with Russia.

“Easy answer there, one is a democracy, the other is a brutal autocracy,” Keilar replied. “The real question is why is Rupert Murdoch allowing this anti-democratic BS on the air?”

The architects of the endless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are now demanding all sorts of aggressive moves towards Russia that could escalate into nuclear war.

Biden just brought up Trump's obsession with windmills  Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large - 3h ago

"Are you getting less resistance when you start talking about wind and the windmills?" Biden asked. "I know they cause cancer. [Laughter.] Bad joke. I shouldn't kid about that. I shouldn't have kidded."

What, exactly, was Biden talking about? Well, he seemed to be referencing former President Donald Trump's obsession with windmills -- and his predecessor's false claims that they are shown to cause cancer.

The history of Trump's animosity toward windmills is long -- and deeply personal.

Back in the mid-2000s, Trump bought land in Aberdeen, Scotland, on which he planned to build a luxury golf course and resort. Shortly thereafter, he became aware of -- and opposed -- a plan to build 11 wind turbines off the Scottish coast.

"I am not thrilled," Trump said in 2006, according to the BBC. "I want to see the ocean, I do not want to see windmills."

And he didn't stop there. Not by a long shot.

"This is a very, very serious problem that we are addressing. In my opinion, it is one of the most serious problems that Scotland will have or has had," Trump told the Scottish Parliament in 2012 as he sought to keep the wind farm from being built.



When wind and solar came onto the picture, the Renewable Energy Aficionados thought this “CLEAN GREEN ENERGY” was going to get rid of the dirty fossil fuel power plants. Unfortunately, the more wind and solar that are added, the more BASELOAD energy has to be removed. Why is that unfortunate? Because when the wind stops blowing and the sun stops shining, then the Electric Utility Industry is forced to TURN ON the Natural Gas Power Plants to make up the difference.


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Report: George W. Bush Donating To Republicans Who Voted To Impeach Trump  BY RUSTY WEISS FEBRUARY 1, 2022 

George W. Bush made donations to two Republican congresswomen who voted to impeach Donald Trump over the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

The revelation comes via Politico, which reports that maximum allowable amounts were donated by Bush to Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Senator Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) re-election campaigns late last year.

The outlet reports that while Bush has donated in the past to numerous Republican candidates, the $5,800 to Cheney and $2,900 to Murkowski appear to be his “first donations of 2021” and “are significant in their symbolism.”

Cheney and Murkowski are both facing primary challengers endorsed by former President Trump after they voted in favor of a second impeachment for his alleged role in inciting. the Capitol riot

PETER MAER@petermaer
George W. Bush's Only 2021 Campaign Donations Were to Anti-Trump Republicans
Thank you to whoever wrote this.

What is the end game with the ‘rona? Anyone? 
What is the magic formula that is going to allow us to sound the “all clear?” Is it zero cases? For a while, the goal was to simply “flatten the curve,” but now that we are disconnecting utilities for gatherings in California, setting up check points in New York, and recommending goggles (what’s next?), it seems as if there is, in fact, no end game. And, truthfully, the only way that we will see numbers drop is if we cease testing and stop reporting. Keep in mind that hundreds of thousands have shown up to be tested, registered, left due to long waits, and still come up positive when they received their results. 
Is it a vaccine? It took 25 years for a chicken pox vaccine to be developed. The smallpox inoculation was discovered in 1776 and the last known natural case was in 1977. We have a flu vaccine that is only 40 to 60% effective (that’s generous- the last two years it was more like 20-25%), less than half of the US population chooses to get one, and roughly 20,000 Americans still die annually due to flu or flu complications.

Oh, you'll mandate it in order to attend school, travel to some foreign countries, etc.? We already have a growing number of vaccine researchers refusing proven, tested, well-known vaccines that have been administered for decades! Do you really believe the majority of people will flock to get a fast-tracked vaccine, whose long-term side effects and overall efficacy rates are anyone's best guess? How long are we going to cancel? Postpone? Reconsider?

Now we are advised against in-person school until second quarter? What if October's numbers are the same as August's? Then what?
Move football to spring? What if next March is worse than this March?
When do we decide quality of life outweighs risk?

We understand this virus can be deadly for SOME, but so are shellfish, peanut butter, and bee stings. We take risks every day without a second thought.
We know driving a car can be dangerous, but we don't leave it parked in the garage for months on end. We know the dangers of smoking, drinking, and eating fried foods, but we do it, none-the-less. We speed on highways, some idiots still don't buckle their seatbelts, we take medications more than “as directed,” and a good number of individuals don't think twice about unprotected sex.
Is hugging Grandma really more dangerous than rush hour on the freeway? Is going to a bar with friends more risky than four day old gas station sushi? Or operating a chainsaw?

When and how did we so quickly lose our free will?
I want a waiver that says, "I understand the risks, but I choose a life with hugs, smiles, college athletics, the state fair, concerts, and school dances."
I understand that there is a minuscule possibility I could die but, more probable, I will end up feeling like junk for a few days.
I understand I could possibly pass this virus onto someone else, but I can pass ANY virus onto someone else at any time until the end of time.

Are we busy living or busy dying?

It’s hard to tell these days.

U.S. Continues To Send Taxpayer Dollars To The Taliban In Afghanistan  BY REALCLEARWIRE FEBRUARY 9, 2022 By Adam Andrzejewski for RealClearPolicy

After a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer, one would think the U.S. would stop sending funds to the newly-installed Taliban government. But according to Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), taxpayer dollars are still flowing to the Taliban in the form of humanitarian aid.

A letter from Ernst and 14 of her Senate colleagues to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated, “We write to express significant concerns over the recent announcement from the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control’s (OFAC) on the issuance of General Licenses (GLs) authorizing the flow of U.S. taxpayer dollars through the Taliban and the Haqqani network.”

“While we agree widespread famine and denial of rights to Afghan women and girls are immediate problems to address with humanitarian aid and assistance, OFAC’s sweeping authorization risks too much U.S. taxpayer money flowing through the Taliban or the Haqqani network to fund an excessive, ill-fated, or wasteful list of services such as activities to support the rule of law by the Taliban, education exchanges in a country that now devalues education for women and girls, and endangered species research.”

It is unclear exactly how much money is flowing into Afghanistan. According to Sen. Ernst, the majority of the money is for humanitarian aid, however, money has also been sent for other purposes, like “endangered species research.”

The Biden Administration is continuing to issue General Licenses that give “broad authorizations” to non-governmental organizations, international organizations, and the U.S. government to export various materials and funding to the Taliban controlled Afghani government.

While reasonable people can debate the amount of humanitarian aid the U.S. should send abroad, giving broad authorizations to send free stuff to a terrorist state seems like a bad idea.

 This DHS Memo Is Terrifying - The Dan Bongino Show, Published February 9, 2022  Episode 1702

The latest DHS memo is an overt attack on our Rights. In this episode I address the memo, and the potential ramifications.

The "DEEP STATE"..Everyone has their own idea as to WHO IN WASHINGTON is actually running things..Like for instance, I think it's OBAMA. Why else would he decide to live in Washington DC ?

What Is America’s Needs Is an End to the Deep State
Loyd Pettegrew  Posted: Feb 09, 2022 

There are deeper problems to address than Joe since his entire dereliction of duty will be gone in three years.

We must eliminate America’s Deep State (DS). The Term “DS” was arguably first coined by Peter Dale Scott, a leftist bent on deflating the Bush II administration, in his 2007 book, The Road to 9/11. He suggests the DS is a hybrid association of elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry, effectively able to govern the United States without reference to the consent of the people through the formal political process.” The DS is deeper and more insidious than Scott’s surmise.

A 2018 Monmouth poll found that 84% of Americans of all stripes believe the DS exists and nearly 80% characterize it as “a group of unelected government and military officials secretly manipulating or directing national policy by spying on American citizens.”

Harbingers of the DS

Since the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, there has been convincing evidence based on President Trump’s file declassification showing there were two gunman involved, but the FBI wanted the public to believe there was only one shooter. Additional evidence revealed that “A wound of entry in the head, near the temple, presented to the press that day, and a wound of entry in the throat. Neither of those could have been caused by a shooter in the Texas School Book Depository.” It has been surmised that the CIA, involved with organized crime syndicates, angry over Kennedy’s role in the failed Bay of Pig’s invasion, wanted JFK gone.

Although not officially part of the DS, the MSM abets them in prosecuting conservatives and overthrowing President Trump. David Brooks of The New York Times, wrote on November 11, 2016 that Trump will “probably resign or be impeached within a year”, signifying the depths to which that coterie would go to undo his election. Recently, an interview with Mika Brzezinski and White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield confirmed it was the intention of the Biden Administration to coerce Facebook and other social media platforms to stop the spread of ‘misinformation’ (conservative news the White House doesn't like) about Covid. Project Veritas director, James O’Keefe states, “The FBI and the New York Times work in concert to defame conservative organizations and actors.” Another example was when Trump lawyer, Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan home and office were searched by the Justice Department, seizing computers and cellphones in their investigation into his dealings in Ukraine. No illegality was found, but the DOJ never reprised this with Hunter Biden and his family’s dealings with Burisma and China.

Despite our Constitution’s Second Amendment, Biden’s ATF is now investigating Americans who have legally purchased fire arms--a clear federal law violation forbidding any type of national firearm registry because the database demonstrates that such records have negligible efficacy in preventing or prosecuting crime.

The DS Uncovered

Homeland Security is emblematic of the DS, composed of entrenched administrative departments with appointed not elected leaders, to whom elected officials must genuflect to get things done. As Jeffrey A. Tucker posits, “The belief that people have the right to rule themselves and even replace a government that has gone too far, is wishful thinking…it is an administrative dictatorship.”

The DS Uncovered

Homeland Security is emblematic of the DS, composed of entrenched administrative departments with appointed not elected leaders, to whom elected officials must genuflect to get things done. As Jeffrey A. Tucker posits, “The belief that people have the right to rule themselves and even replace a government that has gone too far, is wishful thinking…it is an administrative dictatorship.”

Peter Schweizer, formerly of the Hoover Institution, revealed Congressfolk’s’ use of inside government policy information to enable family members to make millions during the Obama years. More recently he reported that America is traveling down a losing path in its battle against China because the communist regime has co-opted many American elites in Washington, Wall Street, U.S. tech sector and our government agencies. “The Biden family, while he was vice president and continuing when he became president, received some $31M from Chinese individuals who were linked to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.”

The IRS DS. Perhaps the most extensive use of the DS was President Barack Obama’s efforts to silence dissenting voices and perceived enemies with unprecedented new regulations to curtail political speech by nonprofit organizations, by having the IRS prosecute them. His efforts stymied conservative organizations like Citizen’s United and other Obama critics while wealthy donors, corporations, and special interest groups continued their outsized influence in elections and other policy matters.

One appealing solution might be to have politicians carefully audited by the IRS, before taking office, every year they remained, and for five years after they leave. Twenty years of auditing Speaker Pelosi would clearly show that her husband and she directly benefitted from information that would affect the stock market and their personal investments, particularly during the Great Recession. Sadly, the IRS is part of the DS and can’t be trusted. It didn’t audit Biden’s tax returns but did Trump’s. The Big 5 accounting firm audits would work better, providing their audits were open to public scrutiny.

The National Health DS. The SARS CoV-2 Pandemic was abetted, if not created by Dr. Anthony Fauci, through his NIAID funding of the research that would birth the high-affinity binding of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein to human ACE2. An article in Nature Medicine concluding that “Our analyses clearly show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus” was published online on March 17, 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic spread around the world. Joe Wang, former lead scientist for Sanofi Pasteur’s SARS 2002 vaccine project said recently, “Interestingly, after the publication of the paper—used by Fauci to silence all other voices—the main authors, Andersen and Garry, received an $8.9 million grant from Fauci’s NIAID on Aug. 17, 2020”—our DS in action!

The FBI and DOJ DS. We know that the CIA is the most clandestine and perhaps lawless federal agency loosely linked to the Executive branch. It was once reasonable to believe that these agencies were in the business of protecting all Americans, but RussiaGate proved they protect only Democrat interests.

James O’Keefe confirmed that Project Veritas was targeted 
by the FBI and DOJ acting on Pfizer’s complaints about him interfering with their Covid vaccination market, despite both entities’ enjoinment to uphold the Constitution’s First Amendment rights. O’Keefe concludes, “There is a lot of injustice in the Department of Justice.” Corporate America has been doing the U.S. government’s bidding for some time while protecting their business interests even if it’s antithetical to personal health beliefs. Shockingly, the DOJ is creating a new domestic terrorism unit in response to the January 6, 2021 conservative demonstration at the U.S. Capital where the only person killed was U.S. Air Force senior airman Ashli Babbitt, by a Capital police officer. Evidence suggests the F.B.I. placed agents within the demonstrators’ ranks urging more aggressive and violent behavior.

Conservative America is imperiled by the DS and its unlawful actions despite their requirement to follow the laws of this land and protect us all. With this kind of protection, conservatives are at risk. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote before his death, “The permanent lie becomes the only safe form of existence, in the same way as betrayal.”

Romney thinks he has an IN..?

 Mitt Romney says he 'exchanged texts' with his niece and RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel after RNC censure …

  • Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, is a granddaughter of George W. Romney.
  • Last week the RNC censured two Republicans for participating in the January 6 committee's investigation.

Sen. Mitt Romney, of Utah, is accusing the Republican National Committee of sending an "inappropriate message" about the legitimacy of violence on January 6, 2021, telling reporters on Monday that he had "exchanged some texts" over the issue with his niece, RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Last week, the Republican National Committee voted to censure Reps. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Michigan for agreeing to help the congressional investigation into January 6, accusing the lawmakers of taking part in a "Democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse."

Speaking at the US Capitol, Romney said the resolution condemning his fellow Republicans "could not have been a more inappropriate message."

"One, to sanction two people of character as they did. But number two, to suggest that a violent attack on the seat of democracy is legitimate political discourse is so far from accurate as to shock and make people wonder what we're thinking," Romney said.

Romney, his party's standard-bearer in the 2012 presidential election, said he had shared his concerns with McDaniel to "express my point of view," adding that he thinks "she's terrific" and "a wonderful person, and doing her very best."

Nevertheless, he said he was worried the RNC's actions could hurt Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections.

"Anything that my party does that comes across as being stupid is not going to help us," he said.

LANGUAGE WARNING.....The "Super Bowl: halftime show for 2022 will feature all RAPPERS..! I personally don't consider "RAP" as MUSIC. BUT...Here's an opinion (from a friend) about the upcoming "Halftime Show"..!

If you respect them, don't let your wife, kids or mother watch the 1/2 time show               

The NFL's Super Bowl Entertainment Choices

What is the NFL thinking? 

During CBS’s telecast of the Titans-Bengals playoff game, a commercial for Corona beer aired, starring Snoop Dogg, who, despite countless arrests for guns and drugs, has become a must-have to endorse products.

So what if he luridly degrades women as one of his stocks in trade if he can sell beer?

The night before that ad ran, NYPD officer Jason Rivera, 22, was shot dead with an assault rifle while responding to a domestic violence call in East Harlem. His partner, Wilbert Mora, 27, died from his wounds four days later.

And as I watched that Corona ad, I got to thinking about Snoop Dogg’s violently anti-police, pro-crime vile and vulgar “artistry,” mindful that Roger Goodell has anointed Snoop Dogg the headliner at this year’s Super Bowl halftime. (Confirmed)

Perhaps Goodell, also in the interest of keeping it real, would like to rap along with a “song” by Snoop and J5 Slap entitled, “Police.” Ready, Roger? It reads thusly:

“All you niggas out there,

Take your guns that you using to shoot each other

And start shooting these b—h-ass mother fucking police.

That’ll impress a mother-fucking nigga like me.”

But Snoop’s Super Bowl selection doesn’t just meet with the approval of the NFL and “It’s All About Our Fans” Goodell.

The halftime show and Snoop’s appearance is sponsored with the full, proud commercial and financial support of Pepsi, which seems eager to become the soft drink of hardcore.

Back to that charming “song”. Ready Team Pepsi? It’s Karaoke Night! Here we go:

“Dipping through the city with a Glock in a Range Rove

If you sleeping probably not with the same hoe

Rock the same clothes rich niggas do

And rock by the same code till I’m a rich nigga too

I be in the club with the stick in my shoe

You call the fucking police like a bitch nigga do.”

Five NYPD officers have been shot in the first 20 days of this year. And the fellow chosen by the NFL and approved by Goodell to star in this year’s halftime produces, records, sells and profits from “artistry” advocating streets filled with the blood of cops and threats against those who would help solve the shootings of cops and civilians.

More? We’ll give this part to NBC’s NFL pregame panelist, Jac Collinsworth. Sunday, after NBC presented a Super Bowl halftime promo narrated by Snoop Dogg, he said, “That was our friend, Snoop.”

Is that right? He’s our friend?

Come on up to the mic, Jac. Now, in the name of keepin’ it real, pick it up with this, the refrain from “our friend’s” charming ditty (with Master P), “Snitches”:

“Snitches snitches snitches

Niggas be running they mouth just like bitches …

Snitches snitches snitches

I got a slug for ya’ll mother-fucking snitches.”

Hey, Corona beer marketing department, your turn. Ready? Snoop Dogg has a video in which he sings a cover version of NWA’s “Fuck the police” while holding his crotch in a courtroom. It’s an easy one. Just repeat after Snoop:

“Fuck the po-lice! Fuck the po-lice!”

I invite — dare, challenge — everyone — Goodell, the NFLPA, NFL team owners, the executive board at Pepsi and Corona, NBC Sports, young Collinsworth — to demonstrate the courage of their convictions to join with Snoop Dogg in any of his dozens of similarly depraved enterprises presented as entertainment.

And now, just for added kicks, look up the lurid lyrics of two other Goodell-certified entertainers who will perform at this Super Bowl halftime, Eminem (“Just Don’t Give A Fuck”) and crotch-grabbing Kendrick (“Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”) Lamar.

This is what Roger Goodell thinks NFL audiences, of all ages, are worth on a Super Bowl Sunday. These acts are far beneath him as he has already admitted that he can’t repeat what Snoop Dogg raps. But he feels as if Snoop Dogg is perfect for you and yours — and professional football.

And it’s not as if previous Super Bowl halftime shows under Goodell’s classy, dignified guidance haven’t caused those who know right from wrong to ask why they’ve been dismissed as unworthy, disinvited as out of step with marching that points all of us backwards.

Why, under Goodell, have halftime shows been diving lower and lower? And why has he allowed such uncivil performers to be attached to a championship ball game?

Meanwhile, the classic “To Kill a Mockingbird,” has been removed from a Washington State school’s required reading list because it contains racial slurs.

And Goodell, the shameless $63 million per pandering phony, slaps “Stop Hate” and “End Racism” along the backs of end zones and players’ helmets, then invites Snoop Dogg to be the star of the Super Bowl.

Maybe Snoop will be granted a police escort to the stadium. For his safety, of course.

Officer Rivera was 22. Officer Mora was 27.


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

I guess Biden figures "CRACK" hasn't killed his son Hunter yet,...AMERICA, land of the ADDICT, home of the BRAIN-DEAD..!

Biden administration to fund programs that hand out crack pipes to prevent infection and promote 'racial equity' By MORGAN PHILLIPS, DAILYMAIL.COM   7 February 2022

  • The $30 million grant program will distribute funds to nonprofits and local governments to make drug use safer and 'advance racial equity' 
  • Included in the grant is money to purchase 'safe smoking kits/supplies'
  • A spokesperson for HHS said included in these kits could be pipes for users to smoke substances like crack cocaine and crystal methamphetamine
  • HHS said that the kits will serve to limit the risk of infection - typically users smoke out of glass pipes which can lead to cuts and sores that become infected
  • Handing out pipes is also intended to prompt users to smoke rather than inject themselves with some substances, like meth, as injection is far riskier
  • It is against the law to sell or distribute drug paraphernalia - including such pipes - unless authorized by state, local or federal law

President Biden's Health and Human Services department (HHS) is finalizing funding to dole out crack pipes to drug addicts as part of its 'Harm Reduction Plan.' 

The $30 million grant program, which accepted applications until Monday and will begin doling out money in May, intends to provide funds to nonprofits and local governments to make drug use safer, to advance 'racial equity.' 

Included in the grant is money to purchase 'safe smoking kits/supplies.' A spokesperson for HHS told the Washington Free Beacon that included in these kits could be pipes for users to smoke substances like crack cocaine and crystal methamphetamine, or 'any illicit substance.' 

Other harm reduction supplies that could be purchased with the grant money include testing equipment for sexually transmitted diseases, overdose reversal medication, medication lock boxes, syringes and substance test kits. 

The grant program lasts three years and includes 25 awards of up to $400,000. 

It is against the law to sell or distribute drug paraphernalia - including such pipes - unless authorized by state, local or federal law.  DID BIDEN CHANGE THE LAW..??

SO...YOU DON'T LIKE PRESIDENT TRUMP..!! He's CRASS, He sends MEAN tweets He's CONCEITED...ETC., BUT YOU CAN'T tell me you're happier with Biden as president., If you try to tell me that, you're either a COMMUNIST or a LIAR, or BOTH

 As of January 2021  

Trump Administration Accomplishments

Unprecedented Economic Boom
Before the China Virus invaded our shores, we built the world’s most prosperous economy.

Tax Relief for the Middle Class

Passed $3.2 trillion in historic tax relief and reformed the tax code.

Massive Deregulation
Ended the regulatory assault on American Businesses and Workers
Fair and Reciprocal Trade
Secured historic trade deals to defend American workers.

American Energy Independence
Unleashed America’s oil and natural gas potential.

Investing in America’s Workers and Families

Affordable and high-quality Child Care for American workers and their families.

Life-Saving Response to the China Virus
Restricted travel to the United States from infected regions of the world.

Great Healthcare For Americans
Empowered American patients by greatly expanding healthcare choice, transparency, and affordability.

Remaking the Federal Judiciary
Appointed a historic number of Federal judges who will interpret the Constitution as written.

Achieving a Secure Border
Secured the Southern Border of the United States.

Restoring American Leadership Abroad

Restored America’s leadership in the world and successfully negotiated to ensure our allies pay their fair share for our military protection.

Colossal Rebuilding of the Military

Rebuilt the military and created the Sixth Branch, the United States Space Force.

Serving and Protecting Our Veterans

Reformed the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to improve care, choice, and employee accountability.

Making Communities Safer
Signed into law landmark criminal justice reform.

Cherishing Life and Religious Liberty

Steadfastly supported the sanctity of every human life and worked tirelessly to prevent government funding of abortion.

Safeguarding the Environment
Took strong action to protect the environment and ensure clean air and clean water.

Expanding Educational Opportunity

Fought tirelessly to give every American access to the best possible education.

Combatting the Opioid Crisis
Brought unprecedented attention and support to combat the opioid crisis.