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Obama commits a felony on live TV
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In 2008 political control was imposed on REPUBLICAN candidates.......Trump has changed that

Sarah Palin: "I Was Not Allowed" To Tell The Truth About Obama In 2008 (July, 26 2013)

Published on Jul 26, 2013
Sarah Palin Destroys Obama and his "Phony Scandals" on Fox New - 7/26/2013 - Tonight Greta Van Susteren explores why the president is calling the D.C. scandals "phony." In this sneak peek clip of the special, Greta talks to Sarah Palin who exposes that in her 2008 vice presidential run, she was forbidden from talking about Obama's relationships with both Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, as well as his job experience.

"I was not allowed to talk about things like that because those 'elitists,' those who are the brainiacs in the GOP machine, running John McCain's campaign at the time said that the media would eat us alive if we brought up these things."

"What that got us, this kind of complacency and self-censoring of a campaign where we weren't allowed to tell the truth about who this candidate was -- Barack Obama -- what it got us was a list of these scandals," Palin charged.

Does the FBI finally have the goods on Clinton?
3 November 2016 Norman L
Does the FBI finally have the goods on Clinton?
Could this (link is external) be the election surprise to beat all election surprises?

Fox News Channel's Bret Baier reports the latest news about the Clinton Foundation investigation
from two sources inside the FBI...
1. The Clinton Foundation investigation is far more expansive than anybody has reported so far and has been going on for more than a year. 2. The laptops of Clinton aides Cherryl Mills and Heather Samuelson have not been destroyed, and agents are currently combing through them. The investigation has interviewed several people twice, and plans to interview some for a third time. 
3. Agents have found emails believed to have originated on Hillary Clinton's secret server on Anthony Weiner's laptop. They say the emails are not duplicates and could potentially be classified in nature. 
4. Sources within the FBI have told Baier that an indictment is "likely" in the case of pay-for-play at the Clinton Foundation, "barring some obstruction in some way" from the Justice Department. 
5. FBI sources say with 99% accuracy that Hillary Clinton's server has been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, and that information have been taken from it.
After what we've seen and heard about the Clinton Foundation, nothing is shocking any more. If the sources are accurate, and if the Justice Department doesn't thwart the FBI's investigation, then Mrs. Clinton could have a date with a judge and jury in her future.
But as we saw in the FBI's first investigation into her emails, this could also turn out to be another instance where politics forces investigators to punt.

The Justice Department's collapse
1 November 2016   NormanL

The Justice Department's collapse
Attorney General Loretta Lynch is (sort of) in the spotlight once again, this time for her
latest actions in the newly-invigorated investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. The Wall Street Journal says Lynch has presided over a "meltdown (link is external)" at the Department of Justice. The damage may be extensive. And the blame? It belongs at the top:
All of this reveals a Justice Department and FBI in turmoil, with some agents in semi-open revolt against their political leadership. This is terrible for those institutions, for confidence in government, and for Mrs. Clinton’s ability to govern if she does win next Tuesday’s election. These events mean she could enter the Oval Office under criminal investigation, with her right-hand aide Huma Abedin suspected of concealing evidence, and Congress investigating these compromised investigations. 
The Clinton penchant for deception and secrecy bears much of the blame for this mess, but then so does the President who is currently responsible for the Justice Department. 
Mr. Obama sent his own bad political message when he twice suggested in interviews, in October 2015 and April 2016, that Mrs. Clinton’s unsecured email setup did not endanger national security and that she had no ill intent. The norm is for the chief U.S. law-enforcement officer not to comment on ongoing investigations, and Mr. Obama’s prejudgment of the legal questions may have seeped down to the rank and file.
In Mr. Obama’s April 2016 absolution of Mrs. Clinton, the President said repeatedly that “I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department, or the FBI, not just in this case, but in any case.” He added that “Guaranteed. Full stop. Nobody gets treated differently when it comes to the Justice Department, because nobody is above the law.” 
If Donald Trump (link is external) wins next Tuesday, one major reason will be that the meltdown at Justice has shown how manifestly false Mr. Obama’s statements were.
Mr. Obama's Department of Justice has been a sad case from the beginning of his presidency. That it has deteriorated even further -- to the point of "semi-open revolt," tells us that the leadership team he put in place at Justice, and the policies they pursued in his administration's name, have done great damage to a critical executive branch agency, and the rule of law.
It may take years to clean up the mess they leave behind. Should Hillary Clinton win next week, the mess may become permanent.

Ha Ha! James Carville Melts Down On Msnbc: We Are Going To Lose To Trump, Oh God, We Are Done!!!   By Conservative Army -

Democrats are freaking out!
They know that Hillary is going to lose, so they are panicking and crying on Live TV!
According to American Lookout:
Wow! Democrats must be really panicked! James Carville went on MSNBC to discuss FBI Director Comey’s revelation that the FBI is investigating Hillary Clinton.
He even blamed the KGB! The KGB, of course, doesn’t exist. It was disbanded in 1991.
Carville has lost it! He even attacked the MSNBC anchor!
Watch (fireworks begin at 3:20):

From the video:
Thomas Roberts: “James, in July when Comey did the unprecedented act of holding a press conference to reveal that he wasn’t going to have charges recommended to Loretta Lynch no one then on the Left was up in arms over what James Comey had just done. Isn’t this a double standard?”
James Carville: “No, that’s not a double standard at all. When the facts change, you change your mind, right? I know that’s a hard concept for people to get some time. It is unprecedented. Look at the op-ed pieces. Look at what’s going on. I’m sitting here defending an assault of American democracy. Somebody probably said nice things about anybody at a given point. This is an unprecedented event that was done at the behest of the House Republicans. That was leaked to the press by House Republicans.
And as we know the KGB is all over this election . . . This is unbelievable eight days before an election. And it’s more unbelievable that people like you are defending this.“
Democrats know the election is slipping away. They’re panicking!
This is funny! And tragic in the same time!
They had all the help from the mass media and mega donors, and they are going to lose beside all of that advantage!
Do not mess with American people! This is the lesson from this elections!
If you agree, please share
By sharing this story, you are helping Donald J. Trump to become our new US president.

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This WASN'T supposed to get out! Look what the Chairman of Homeland Security said today. Every single Trump voter needs to see this!   by Paris Swade.|

THIS IS MASSIVE! Watch Homeland Security Chairman Make Hillary GASP With 1 Word… - Proud Patriots

You need to read this. The Department of Homeland Security just came out and said that Clinton’s actions amount to treason
Hillary used to plant fear everywhere she went. Experts claimed her to be the strongest woman in American history. Is she that grand now? I don’t think so. Hillary is left alone in the crisis of her emails, and the FBI is after her. What did you expect, Hillary? People’s love and appreciation? Never deserved it.
The Department of Homeland Security expressed their opinion. This will shock you. The chairman said something that brought joy to all of us. He said that Hillary’s actions equal a treason. Well, at least someone had the courage to speak their mind.

States seek Homeland Security's help securing elections

Let me repeat that the Chairman of Homeland Security just said that Clinton’s actions amount to treason.
This is Homeland Security Chairman Mike McCaul (R-TX) and he accused Hillary of “treason” on Thursday morning on Fox and Friends.


Oh my God....he was wearing a souvenir T-shirt from the "smokey Mountains" that had the "dreaded " picture of the confederate flag on it....

Ohio officer who shot Sam DuBose wore Confederate flag
T-shirt … USA Today · 3 hours ago

University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing was wearing a T-shirt featuring a Confederate flag under his police uniform at the time he fatally shot Sam DuBose. The shirt was part of the presentation of evidence Friday in the murder trial.

The T-shirt was submitted as evidence during the testimony of Cincinnati police crime scene investigator Jimmy Nghia Duc Pham. Pham testified investigators found a jar containing marijuana within the 1998 Honda Accord DuBose was occupying, three bags of marijuana in the Accord and a "couple" of bags in DuBose's pockets.

San Diego Catholic church says devil works through Hillary Clinton
Reuters · 14 hours ago
 U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton gets off her campaign plane in Moon, Pennsylvania, U.S. November 4, 2016.  REUTERS/Brian Snyder

A Roman Catholic church in San Diego told its parishioners the devil works through politicians like Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and warned that voting for Democrats is a "mortal sin," according to local media and the church's website.The Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in the neighborhood of Old Town made the statements in a weekly leaflet given to churchgoers, a copy of which remains on the church's website. The letter rails against abortion and constraints on tax-exempt organizations from certain political activity, and blames elected officials for allowing U.S. society to be "enslaved" to sin.
"Satan has deceived many Christians to convert to worldly values from Christian ones," the Oct. 30 bulletin reads. "The devil does this through the tactics outlined by Saul Alinsky with the outcome as Hillary Clinton has stated, 'And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed,' to draw us away from God’s teachings." (

'Clinton & ISIS funded by same money' - Assange interview w/John Pilger (Courtesy Darthmouth Films)

'Clinton & ISIS funded by same money' - Assange interview w/John Pilger (Courtesy Darthmouth Films)

Published on Nov 4, 2016
In the second excerpt from the John Pilger Special, to be exclusively broadcast by RT on Saturday, courtesy of Dartmouth Films, Julian Assange accuses Hillary Clinton of misleading Americans about the true scope of Islamic State’s support from Washington’s Middle East allies.

Let's just ask the question. Did Huma have ANY connection with the 9/11 attacks on America?
The hacktivist group known as Anonymous presents evidence in the video below that incriminates Hillary Clinton's top aide, Huma Abedin for having deep ties to the terrorists who funded the 9/11 tragedy.

Watch this video to see how closely linked she is to fundamentalist Islam, terrorists and Saudi funding.

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Biggest Election Fraud In U.S History Just Got Exposed, Details Are MASSIVE

When the subject of vote fraud is broached, the mainstream media and progressive Democrats bend over backward to insist there is no systemic or widespread voter fraud. They are so intent in their protests that many conservatives – both in the media and out – believe them.

Donald Trump believes the “system is rigged.” While he is primarily speaking of media bias and collusion—and illegal activity executed by the Democrat Party—this discovery lends further evidence to his accusation.
However, a new documentary, Fraction Magic, produced by Bev Harris and, proves voter fraud is, in fact, widespread and systematic in electronic voting. The video, available for free on YouTube, shows real time demonstrations of software that “fractionalizes” voting results, allowing people to sway the results of elections. Harris called the use of the software “the most devastating election theft mechanism yet found.”

Donald Trump believes the “system is rigged.” While he is primarily speaking of media bias and collusion—and illegal activity executed by the Democrat Party—this discovery lends further
evidence to his accusation.
Bev Harris, the founder of, is the nation’s leading vote fraud expert. She has been critical of electronic voting machines for over a decade and, in fact, since Diebold unveiled the first version of the machine.
But this new software, allegedly used in precincts all across the country, is the most powerful avenue of manipulation discovered to date. The software allows votes to be “fractured” and “rounded up or down” to sway the results for any candidate.
The GEMS central tabulator controls how votes go into an electronic voting machine and how the results come out of it. This software has a backdoor access route that allows the software contractors to access the results of any election in any jurisdiction at any time during the use of the machines and afterward.
This program fractures votes – or breaks whole votes into fractions. It only does this while the software is computing the results. This is important because those who wish to rig the election have
no idea how many people will show up to vote.

Take this simple example: say they want a 40/60 split in favor of their candidate—well, that might not be possible if an uneven number of people vote. The program wouldn’t be able to rig the election for 40/60, and it would malfunction unless it can split a vote in two. The software then allows the contractor to hide the decimal calculations so that the results the public sees presents in whole votes.
“It was put in the system in 2001, but it came into wide use in 2006,” Harris said. “It can give contract signing authority to whoever the user chooses…All political power can be converted to the hands of a few anonymous subcontractors. It runs silently, invisibly, and can produce plausible
results that really pass for the real thing.”

The GEMS master software is employed in 25 states and in 616 jurisdictions. This program has spread into other electronic vote counting software across the nation. Allegedly, it affects close to 99 percent of all electronic votes that will be cast in the 2016 general election.
Given the cozy relationship progressives and Democrats have with high-tech entities, Google and Silicon Valley, the very existence of this software is a direct threat to the sovereignty of the United States and free and fair elections.
Not only should the GEMS system be immediately discontinued, the entire electronic voting scheme should be replaced with paper ballot voting with a purple ink voter validation until a secure electronic voting platform can be devised. Given that progressives and Democrats are only concerned with winning, I don’t anticipate this will happen anytime soon.
Country Singer Ray Stevens Releases THIS New Song to Expose Obama – It’s Going Viral

Ray Stevens may not be a name you recognize, but I can assure you that you have cracked up at one or two of his songs at some point.
If you remember his Dr. Demento hits “The Streak” and “Ahab the Arab,” his latest effort “Mr. President! Mr. President!” is going to put more than a smile on your face.
Ray brings some very serious issues of this presidency into the limelight as only he can do.
He takes a shot at Obama on things such as forecloses, small business taxes, and the debt to the Chinese.
Later in the song, he hammers him on issues Trump has been addressing, such as the job market and illegal aliens.
Mr. Stevens also points to Obama’s one skill, using the teleprompter, but calls him out on the appearance of his overall work ethic, shedding some light on the parties, vacations, and golf outings Barack H. Obama is infamous for since he has taken office.
Through all of it, Ray asks the one question we all want to know, “What are you going to do?”
Yes, the song is funny, but is also sad that everything Ray says in the video is absolutely true.
Obama promised change, and I guess he delivered. He changed America from the greatest and most feared country in the world to a total disgrace and a laughingstock. He changed us alright, just not the way we wanted him to.

This Election Has Disgraced the Entire Profession of Journalism

An honest journalist holds all sides to the same standard of criticism, no matter what his or her own views.
Wake UP, America   Yesterday at 1:37pm
THE TOP 5 CONSPIRACY THEORIES PROVEN TRUE IN 2016: Historians will look back on the Presidential Election of 2016 as the, not "a", but the turning point in Amer...ican history for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which will be that, because Donald Trump ran and was attacked by such an army of haters, that the truth about so many things previously kept hidden was brought out into the open. Thank you, Donald Trump for making all this possible!
| By Now The End Begins

Presenting the Top 5 Conspiracy Theories Proven To Be True In 2016 because Donald Trump
ran for president.                             READ MORE
NBC Busted with Hillary Victory Results 6 Days Before
Election - World Politicus

These elections had the biggest chance of being rigged, and this is something also stated by Republican Donald Trump in the past couple of months. Here is some more proof that this is, in fact, true. Namely, the NBC has been noticed posting election results and declaring Hillary a winner just 6 days before election.|By A. T.



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FBI INSIDER - Huma Abedin Seeking Immunity Deal With FBI

Published on Oct  2016
Huma is now seeking an immunity deal with FBI. If she testifies against Clinton and Obama, they will give it to her.
FBI INSIDER - Huma Abedin Seeking Immunity Deal With FBI

Published on Oct  2016
Huma is now seeking an immunity deal with FBI. If she testifies against Clinton and Obama, they will give it to her.
Did the Clinton Campaign Just Accidentally Confirm WikiLeaks   Fox Nation · 9 minutes ago
After an email surfaced yesterday showing Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta urging Clinton
attorney Cheryl Mills to"dump" Hillary Clinton

's …
Megyn Kelly Grills Donna Brazile on Democrats Inciting Violence at Trump Rally 

By Katie Pavlich |
After an email surfaced yesterday showing Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta urging Clinton attorney Cheryl Mills to"dump" Hillary Clinton's emails as soon as possible, the campaign quickly went into damage control mode. The email was exposed by Wikileaks and the group has released thousands of Podesta's emails over the past three weeks.
When the leaks first started, team Clinton decided to handle the fallout by refusing to authenticate the emails, arguing they were likely doctored or fake. DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazil made this argument when she was caught in an email feeding debate questions to Hillary Clinton.

Chris Cuomo Calls Out Clinton Advisor Neera Tanden for Dodging Wikileaks Question -

 Read the full story

Just as I thought, he's trying to make up for letting her go the first time around.........

Why Comey Reopened the Hillary Investigation
 Ed Klein  Posted: Nov 02, 2016
Why Comey Reopened the Hillary Investigation
James Comey’s election-shattering decision to revive the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server was based not only on what his agents found on Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s laptop. His judgment was also influenced by mounting pressure among mutinous agents in the FBI, including many of his top deputies.
“The atmosphere at the FBI has been toxic ever since Jim announced last July that he wouldn’t recommend an indictment against Hillary,” according to a source close to the embattled FBI director, who has known Comey for nearly two decades, shares family outings with him, and accompanies him to Catholic mass every week.
“Some people, including department heads, stopped talking to Jim, and even ignored his greetings when they passed him in the hall,” said the source. “They felt that he betrayed them and brought disgrace on the bureau by letting Hillary off with a slap on the wrist.”
According to the source, Comey fretted over the problem for months and discussed it at great length with his wife, Patrice.


Clinton Lies About Lying About Her Lies    Jacob Sullum   Posted: Nov 02, 2016

Clinton Lies About Lying About Her Lies
According to a Fox News poll conducted last week, 67 percent of likely voters do not think Hillary Clinton is "honest and trustworthy." That is five percentage points more than said the same thing about Donald Trump -- an amazing accomplishment, since the blowhard billionaire can barely open his mouth without lying.
Clinton's credibility with voters may be even weaker than that poll suggests, since it was completed before FBI Director James Comey disclosed that agents had stumbled across another trove of emails that crossed the unsecured private server she improperly used as secretary of state. Whether or not the FBI finds any previously unidentified messages containing classified material, the discovery reminded everyone of Clinton's tendency to pile lie upon lie instead of coming clean about her mistakes.
"I'm not making excuses," Clinton said at a rally in Ohio on Monday. "I've said it was a mistake and I regret it."

 CNN Gets Caught in Cheating Scandal
Posted: Nov 02, 2016

Rush Limbaugh found just the right analogy for the CNN cheating scandal, where (now) former CNN
analyst Donna Brazile fed "town hall" questions to Hillary Clinton. It's the quiz-show scandal of the 1950s, where Charles Van Doren was given the questions on the NBC game show "Twenty-One" in advance and looked like a genius on national television. Van Doren later apologized to America, saying, "I have deceived my friends, and I had millions of them."

That's not the way CNN and Brazile reacted when exposed by the WikiLeaks emails. In the first incriminating email, Brazile told the Clinton team, "From time to time I get the questions in advance" and shared a question on the death penalty that Clinton would be asked on CNN's March 13 town hall.

When the cheating was uncovered, CNN claimed Brazile didn't get the question from CNN sources, but instead from TV One's Roland Martin, who had been a longtime paid CNN analyst. For his part, Martin denied sending Brazile the question. But she had it word for word. Brazile denied the very email, saying, "I never had access to questions and would never have shared them with the candidates if I did." She even deepened the deception by protesting to Fox's Megyn Kelly, saying, "As a Christian woman, I understand persecution, but I will not sit here and be persecuted."

Then, on Oct. 31, the other shoe fell, deepening the lie. WikiLeaks released another email in which Brazile promised the Clintonites more town hall questions -- "I'll send a few more." Brazile had also tipped Clinton aide John Podesta before a March 6 CNN debate in Flint, Michigan, that one local woman whose "family has lead poison ... will ask what, if anything, will Hillary do as president to help the (people) of Flint."

What was CNN to do? The networks' response was as bizarre as Brazile's was dishonest. CNN claimed it had accepted her resignation on Oct. 14 -- 17 days prior.

The "public's right to know" stops at the water's edge of journalism.

But why accept the resignation? CNN had a responsibility to fire Brazile for cheating, and it didn't. CNN staged a phony event, and it got caught. So, like good liberals, it's playing the victim card and blaming Roland Martin.

Online, a CNN spokeswoman claimed, "We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor." CNN insisted it "never gave Brazile access to any questions, prep material, attendee list, background information or meetings in advance of a town hall or debate." What about on CNN's airwaves, where it happened? Media reporters Brian Stelter and Dylan Byers -- hour-by-hour fixtures for a Trump scandal or a Fox News controversy -- disappeared. Brazile's name went unmentioned after the news broke around noon on Halloween.

On the morning of Nov. 1, it came up again on "New Day" when Republican Rep. Chris Collins raised it, saying, "Your own network, CNN, had to fire Donna Brazile on October 14th, for getting the town hall questions ahead of time, leaking them to the Clinton campaign." CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota changed the subject, asking, "But congressman, how about the connections between Donald Trump's campaign and Russia?"

CNN's fraudulent programming and its unwillingness to own up to it on television is another reason why trust in the media is at an all-time low (according to Gallup), and why a new USA Today poll reports that by nearly 10 to 1, the American people say the media want Clinton to win. CNN's reputation has been sullied by this shameful episode. It really is the Clinton News Network.


Republican candidate Donald Trump has made allegations of fraud at polls in the City of Philadelphia. So, Action News Investigative Reporter Wendy Saltzman dug through a decade's worth of election and death records to see if there was any truth to the claim.

The key to one of the most contentious presidential elections in history could be right here in the Keystone state.

Republican candidate Donald Trump has made allegations of fraud at polls in the City of Philadelphia.

So, Action News dug through a decade's worth of election and death records to see if there was any truth to the claim.

Some of what Action News investigation found was stunning.

Rita A. Pezzano, who passed a decade ago, was found listed as an active voter. Her daughter-in-law was shocked when we shared the news.

"I was about seven months pregnant when she died," said Audrey Marchiano.

"So she has been dead about 10 years now?" asked Investigative Reporter Wendy Saltzman.

"Yes," said Marchiano.

Pezzano passed in 2006. But state voting records show the South Philadelphia native still listed as an "Active Voter" who cast ballots in 2008, 2012, 2014, and the 2016 primary election.

Wendy Saltzman asked Marchiano if there was any way Pezzano could have voted in 2016.

"Not if she was dead," Marchiano replied. "So no."

Scaring up the black vote

Self Reliance Central Always Prepared Header

With early voting numbers showing soft turnout by black voters, Hillary Clinton is resorting to desperate measures to scare out the vote.

So now she's accusing Americans who support gun ownership, like you and me, of conspiring to kill Trayvon Martin.
There are 300 million weapons in the hands of private owners, and a trillion or so rounds of ammo. If there was a problem from the law-abiding she'd have known about it by now. 


Yes, let's please compare the facts about the two.

I decided to read this tripe, and should have known better. When listing killarys "scandals", it was done like an outline, with a headline and a short description unde each heading...6 total and her 6 "scandals" are a hell of a lot worse than Trumps 66, HE DIDN'T KILL ANYONE OR PUT THIS COUNTRYS SAFETY AT RISK
We get to Trumps...66 "scandals" ?? Each, individual item listed singularly, regardless whether TRUE or FALSE, whether debunked or ongoing charge. DO YOU THINK THIS "AUTHOR" MAY BE JUST A "TAD" BIASED ?? Did I really think the article would be fair ? I'm surprised it wasn't listed every time he "picked his nose" in public or walked aside to quietly "break wind". It just shows why, you can't believe any Poll or any of those "she's gonna be finished" articles I see on facebook or other social media. What do I do ?.......Wait to see what actually happens, THEN I CAN BELIEVE IT !|By Allen Clifton

There's this notion concerning the 2016 presidential election that both choices are terrible and that we’re all simply trying to choose “between the lesser of two evils.” While I know that’s a popular belief among many, the reality of that couldn’t be further from the truth. THIS GUY HAS IT RIGHT, JUST APPLIED "LESSER OF 2 EVILS TO THE WRONG PERSON...


north dakota

Anonymous Message to North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple   October 29, 2016

Anonymous warns the governor to back off or they will release documents showing the conflict of interest and then goes on to say that if one protestor on the Indian side is harmed, Anonymous will “release docs on” the individuals responsible.
Watch the video below:

“We decided to stand with the Native Americans whose land you raped, whose sacred lands you destroyed.”
“We know where you live. Everyone you know. And everything there is to know about you.”
While translating that threat—which extends to individual Guardsmen—is perilous, it has in the past involved monkey wrenching individual credit ratings, cancelling credit cards—electronic mischief ranging from embarrassing to harmful.

Will Obama Pardon Hillary?   Katie Pavlich   Nov 02, 2016

Will Obama Pardon Hillary?

Since the FBI reopened its investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's email server Friday, a number of previously pressing questions have made their way back into the fold.

Will classified information be found in the new probe? Will the deleted emails finally be discovered? Will Hillary Clinton finally be indicted?

The most important question doesn't solely include Clinton's fate, but how she'll be helped by others to avoid dragging out an FBI probe. Potential charges could be looming should she win or lose the race for the White House.

President Obama has the power to pardon Clinton on the simple prospect she could be charged with a crime or handed an indictment by the FBI. Because the FBI announced in July that they were not going to indict Clinton, there was no need for a pardon to be on the table. That has since changed.

Which brings us to the question: Will president obama pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office?

Trump: 'Dishonest' Social Media Burying FBI Email Case
Donald Trump has continued his assault on biased and "dishonest media," tweeting his disapproval over a perceived lack of coverage of the reopened FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton and her private email server.

Trump's tweet points to social media and their trending topics, and not necessarily news reporting outlets.
Mediaite noted Trump's tweet might have been related to a headline posted by Zero Hedge on Sunday morning, written by Tyler Durden, named after the character from the movie "Fight Club."
The website's headline "Social Media Blackout? FBI Emails Are Not 'Trending' On Twitter, Facebook, Buzzfeed, Or Snapchat," leads to a string of displays of trending topics on the major social media sites, asking, "does anyone else find it odd that 'FBI Emails' does not appear to be a hot topic, trending, big deal on any social media?"
© 2016 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

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"Are You Ordering Me?" Lynch & Comey Face Off Clinton Scandal Huma, Weiner Donna Brazile CNN

Streamed live 6 hours ago
LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Golden, CO 10/29/16

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Do you think because obama is "president " that he will only tell the truth ? HAH! He's been lying to us ever since he was elected, why change now ?

Obama Schedules First Campaign Stops Since WikiLeaks Linked Him To Clinton Email Scandal, FBI Probe Reopened... striking back Jack Davis October 28, 2016

After a dramatic revelation by the FBI on Friday that it would reopen its review of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails from her days as secretary of state, the Democratic Party is striking back by scheduling President Barack Obama to campaign on Clinton’s behalf.
Obama’s three-state swing begins Tuesday in Ohio, continues Wednesday in North Carolina and concludes Thursday in Florida.
All three states are considered toss-ups. Although Clinton has been leading North Carolina in most polls, Trump led in one of the five most recent polls of the state. The most recent polling from Ohio and Florida shows Trump with slim leads in those states.

Although Obama has campaigned on Clinton’s behalf before, these appearances will be the first since WikiLeaks revealed this week that Obama was aware he was getting emails from Clinton that were not through a government server.
Writer Charles Ortel, who has commented extensively on the scandals related to the Clinton Foundation, noted that Obama’s role in the Clinton email scandal has so far flown under the radar.
“I think he [Obama] was 100 percent dishonest,” Ortel said in a recent interview. “I think the bigger story here is that President Obama was communicating with Hillary Clinton in the emails that I saw using a private address of his own. It’s not simply that Hillary was sending him using her private address. He too, I think, was using a private address.”

Ortel said it strains credulity to think Obama never knew Clinton used a private server for official business.
“It is preposterous that President Obama is so busy — he is choosing to open emails [and] wouldn’t have noticed that this came from a private address as opposed to the .gov address,” he said.
Fox News’ Catherine Herridge also has said that the White House had to know what Clinton was doing just to allow the communications to take place.
“Did he receive Clinton emails on his BlackBerry? And if so, when did his team direct the White House Communications Office to accept the email and whitelist it?” she said.