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New Evidence Leaks Revealing How CIA Made

The mainstream media has always slammed Donald Trump for claiming that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and that his Hawaiian birth certificate is a forgery. Now, however, new evidence has leaked indicating that Trump was right about this all along.

Freedom Daily reported that whistleblower Dennis Montgomery just uncovered evidence indicating that the CIA and/or other government entities illegally hacked into the Hawaii Department of Health records in an effort to search for birth records on Obama. The breaches began on November 14, 2008, immediately after Obama’s first presidential victory. They continued through January 12, 2011, three months before the White House issued a computerized version of what Obama claimed was the authentic long-form version of his birth certificate from 1961.

The breaches were discovered by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his investigator Michael Zullo, formerly the commander and chief investigator of the investigative group Cold Case Posse (CCP). They teamed up with Montgomery to find that the CIA also breached the University of Hawaii’s extensive records on Hawaii history and genealogy. They discovered that the IP addresses, both from the Hawaii government offices breached and from the CIA proxy IP addresses used in the breaches.

“Montgomery also traced the IP data paths of the breached servers and discovered on a number of occasions information was sent from the breached Hawaii computers, only to be routed to a sever located in Jakarta, Indonesia,” Zullo said. “From Indonesia, the data was sent back through the server in Jakarta, routed back to government servers in the United States.  Montgomery claims the server used in Jakarta was operated by the CIA at the time the breaches were executed.”

Zullo explained that the details of Obama’s supposed birth in Hawaii have always been sketchy.

“Queens Hospital was the hospital originally named by the Obama family as the birth hospital, but when it developed that Queens did not have records of Obama’s birth, the family shifted to story to claim Obama was born at Kapiolani Hospital,” Zullo said. “Queens Hospital quickly reported publicly that Obama was not born in their hospital. The admission of Queens Hospital that no birth record existed presented a serious problem for the already belabored Obama birth narrative.”


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New Tell-All Story Reveals the Cruel, Selfish, and Downright Bizarre Behavior of Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee

It’s not hard to deduce that Lee, given her ridiculous media interviews and attention-grabbing behavior, is one of the odder elected officials working for us, but to those who have worked for her, or around her, her amusing weirdness is overshadowed by her monstrous behavior and unreasonable cruelty.
You probably know who Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee is, even if she’s not anywhere close to being your representative. You do because she makes sure you do. She’s usually the one making sure she’s within eyeshot, while sometimes wearing colorful attention grabbing outfits that the Queen of England would think are a bit much.
According to a series of interviews conducted by the Daily Caller, former staff members of Lee’s said that the congresswoman’s knack for mistreating her employees borders on the psychotic.
Trees can be racist now. What a world


California City To Remove 'Racist' Trees From Golf Course
It'll cost $169,000...

Support The Confederate Battle Flag

Eric Medlin column: Giant Confederate flags

The debate across the South about Confederate monuments has focused mainly on public sites.
GOP lawmaker calls for Mueller recusal: 'His witch hunt must end'
The Hill   John Bowden   
Robert Mueller wearing a suit and tie © Provided by The Hill 
An Arizona Republican is calling on special counsel Robert Mueller to recuse himself from the investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia in an op-ed published Wednesday.
Writing in USA Today, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) said Mueller's investigation has gone "far beyond the scope of his original charge."
"Unfortunately, taxpayer resources are being used to scrutinize anyone and anything that fits into a preconceived notion that Russia colluded with the Trump campaign to 'fix the election,'" Biggs said.
"Mueller has demonstrated he is incapable of leading a focused, unbiased review of his initial assignment," he added. "His witch hunt must end."
Biggs attacked the special counsel over agents on his team critics say are biased against President Trump. One FBI agent, Peter Strzok, made headlines this month after text messages revealed he referred to the investigation as an "insurance policy" against Trump's election. Strzok was removed from his role in the investigation.

"We should be deeply concerned with Mueller's unlimited reach and unvetted hires. The way Mueller has conducted and unilaterally expanded his investigation, the subordinates he has hired, the persistent leaks from his office, and his abuse of attorney-client privilege - would all suggest his preference for questionable tactics," Biggs wrote.

"He has repeatedly shown that he has no interest in ending his crusade. The credibility of the American justice system - and indeed, our representative republic - is at stake," he added.

Biggs, a freshman Republican lawmaker, has called for Mueller's recusal since June, which he notes in the piece.

Other Republicans have cast doubt on the integrity of Mueller's team, raising speculation over whether the president will order the firing of the special counsel.
The White House has repeatedly denied that Trump is considering firing Mueller or ending the special counsel investigation.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

US Congressman: The FBI Tried to Stop Donald Trump from Becoming President

Did the FBI try to keep Donald Trump from becoming president? This U.S. congressman certainly seems to think so!
You HAVE to see what he said about it.

Rant of the Week: Why Is It Comedians Think They’re So Intelligent?  December 23, 2017 by David Lombardo

I’m not sure which the better example of being delusional is: Ed Asner (aka Lou Grant) and Ed Weinberger (a comedy writer) co-authoring an article about the Second Amendment as if they were scholars or Salon Magazine publishing their article and pretending they are scholars. What’s going on, an LSD renaissance?
In their Salon article Sorry, NRA: The U.S. was actually founded on gun control, Asner and Weinberger follow the talking points that reflect their comedy careers – they’re written by someone else. For instance:
…Let’s consider the case made by the NRA, its Congressional hired hands, the majority of the Supreme Court, and various right wing pundits who claim the Second Amendment is not simply about state militias but guarantees the unfettered right of everyone to own, carry, trade and eventually shoot someone with a gun.
That’s about as funny as a Joyce Behar stand-up routine. What these has-been funny men are missing is that it isn’t the NRA that has the clout. It’s the millions of members who make up the NRA that have the clout.


A legitimate question and some IDIOT wants to make it "SEXIST" ???

Alex Trebek called sexist for asking retired Army Master Sergeant if being a woman made her job difficult  By Kathleen Joyce | Fox News

“Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek was slammed by social media users Tuesday after he asked a contestant if her job as an Army Master Sergeant was hard because she was a woman.
Trebek made the comment while asking the show’s three contestants basic questions about their lives to introduce the audience to the participants. Lisa Beth Davis, a retired Army Master Sergeant, took Trebek’s question in stride.

West Michigan Grandmother injured in reindeer attack

"We believe," family member says after Grandma hit by reindeer.

Randy Brooks, the writer of Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, actually saw this video, and said: "I just thought it was so well done, if I would have scripted it myself that was the way I would have wanted it."

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