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Oregon Teen Accused of Bringing Homemade Bomb to School   Sep 27, 2014,By ABC NEWS                                                                                    A 16-year-old boy is in jail after allegedly bringing a homemade bomb to his high school in St. Helens, Oregon. The student at St. Helens High School, near Portland, showed off the device he made to friends at school Friday morning, police said. Those friends then told school officials, who called police and quickly evacuated the high school.

“I was shocked. Who would bring that to school?" Kenny Collord, a friend, told ABC News affiliate KATU.
Collord said the boy told him that he made the bomb.
"I guess his intention wasn’t to scare the school," he said. "He just brought it.”
Police said the homemade bomb was “explosive and certainly dangerous.”
“It could have hurt somebody,” said Lt. Terry Moss of the St. Helens Police Department. “To what end, I don’t know. We aren’t talking about a situation where you are going to blow up the whole school but certainly someone could’ve been hurt.”
After the school was evacuated, students were bussed to a local elementary school as police and a bomb squad investigated. During a sweep, police said they found the homemade bomb in the student’s locker.
The student didn't threaten to do anything with the homemade bomb, police said.
After the all clear, students were allowed to return to class but many opted to go home.
The student, who hasn't been identified by police, faces several felony charges for possessing and manufacturing an explosive device and for disorderly conduct. He's scheduled to face a judge on Monday.
   The two week extensive manhunt for Eric Frein continues today as police searched an abandoned hotel once frequented by Frein.
   Police looked through the hard drive of a computer used by Frein and found a search history that indicates he had been planning an attack for several years, Lt. Col. George Bivens said.
Frein, 31, is charged with opening fire at the Blooming Grove barracks on Sept. 12, killing one trooper and injuring another. He has managed to elude hundreds of law enforcement officials looking for him in the thick woods around his parents' home in Canadensis, in the Pocono Mountains, taking advantage of the difficult terrain to keep them at bay. He is believed to be armed with at least one high-powered rifle.
   "I suspect he wants to have a fight with the state police, but I think that involves hiding and running since that seems to be the way he operates," Bivens said. "I expect that he'll be hiding and try to take a shot from some distance from a place of concealment, as he has done in the past."
   Underscoring the danger they face as they pursue him, Bivens said Frein had experimented with explosives, citing materials that police found and interviews with people who knew him. Trackers are proceeding through the thick woods as though they are booby-trapped, he said.
Man With Implanted Horns: I'll See You All in Hell
A man who has bumps resembling horns implanted in his forehead was found guilty of murder and other charges Friday for his role in the kidnapping and slaying of three Massachusetts men in 2011.
"I'll see you all in hell," Caius Veiovis, 34, of Pittsfield, yelled at the jury that convicted him

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Police: FBI probing past of recently fired Oklahoma man who beheaded woman
By Greg Botelho, CNN   Fri September 26, 2014   Source: CNN

  CNN) -- First came word of a woman stabbed. Then screams. Then gunshots.
But the full story of Thursday's gruesome beheading at an Oklahoma food processing plant -- especially why it happened -- is still waiting to be told.
One day later, there are tears for Colleen Hufford, the 54-year-old woman whose head was severed. There are prayers for 43-year-old Traci Johnson, who is in stable condition at a nearby hospital for treatment of "numerous wounds," according to police.
And there are questions about 30-year-old Alton Alexander Nolen, the man who authorities say attacked them both and might have gone after more people if not for a CEO/off-duty reserve sheriff's deputy who confronted and shot him twice.
Alton Alexander Nolen
They expect us to do WHAT!?

You ready for this one? If the idea of food stamps weren’t already such a terrible move by our government, we present to you… Muslims who want to make the program fit their Islamic Agenda.
Muslim activists in Minnesota demand their own section in a food bank so that illiterate families can pick up food that that isn’t… islamic enough? Even as we type this we are getting confused.
Maybe watching the video will explain a few things. Maybe seeing this will make me understand their point of view… Just maybe…

Yeah that didn’t help at all.
I think I am even more confused. Not only do they want an American program to change due to their islamic standards, they also expect $150,000 for it. Oh and keep in mind that’s only to start the food shelf up. There isn’t a plan yet, get this, on how much will sustain it.
This makes my blood boil. I wouldnt care a bit if this was a privatized system, but it isn’t. It’s a government program, that takes my taxes, and yours too. So as a law-abiding, and tax-paying citizen, you bet I’m not sitting this one out.
This WILL not happen in my country. Share this to expose what Muslims are up to in this country. This CANNOT continue.
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 Postal workers typically take the blame, and the fury, when a package is not delivered on time, but no one is blaming one postal worker in Canada for failing to make the appointed rounds.     The Canada Post employee checked "Other" on the package slip to explain why the package was not delivered Monday and then left a note, writing,      "Bear at the door." The package slip was left at the mailbox of Vancouver resident Matthew Fane, who tweeted a photo of it Wednesday.


Chicago Flight Cancellations Overwhelm Airports, Twitter Users
     Nearly 10 hours after firefighters extinguished the blaze at a Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Control Center in Aurora, Illinois, at least 1,669 flights have been canceled today in and out of the two Chicago airports, one of which is the world’s busiest.
As of 3:25 p.m. ET, there were 1,669 canceled flights that were to go in and out of O'Hare and Midway Airports today and 353 delayed flights.
The fire, thought to be started by a contract employee, started a day after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel proudly proclaimed O'Hare as the world's busiest airport for the first time since 2004, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. More than 580,000 flights departed or landed at the airport from January to August.      STORY
TSA Not Sure If It Groped Man Before Flight, Demands To Grope Him After Flight Is Over     from the he's-going-to-blow-up-the-plane-then? dept
     Via Amy Alkon, we learn of yet another bizarre moment in the world of security theater known as the TSA. It involves a young man from Orono, Minnesota, named Kahler Nygard, who for reasons no one will ever explain, happens to be on a "selectee" list for flying. It's not quite the no fly list, but it's the list where you get four S's on your boarding pass ("SSSS"), and the TSA is then supposed to give you and your bags that extra level of privacy-destroying attention, including a full gropedown. Nygard claims he got the full groping in Minnesota, but the TSA (or potentially a Spirit airlines employee) apparently believed it was overlooked -- though, they didn't "realize" this until the flight was halfway to Denver. Frantic calls were made and the TSA was eagerly waiting for Nygard when he landed in Denver, leading him to be pulled off the plane first (that's a self-recorded video where he cheerfully announces to those on board, "No, I have not committed a crime!"), at which point the TSA demands to grope him again:
Yes, after he's already flown from Minneapolis (where he claims he was groped, though the TSA claims it was missed) to Denver, the TSA wishes to grope him (and search through his bags again). Apparently, they believe that he might magically reverse time and go back in time to blow up the plane or something.
The TSA agent, Andrew Grossman, first demands Nygard's boarding pass. Nygard points out that he no longer has it (you don't need it after you board), which stumps Grossman, leading him to have to make a phone call -- where he helpfully tells whoever he's talking to at the other end that Nygard is "pretty objectionable, filming me." Nygard keeps asking why they need to search him, and the TSA has no good answer, other than saying they need to do so. Nygard asks if he's being detained, and they don't answer. He asks if it's an order or a request, and the TSA's Grossman again doesn't really answer (other than to say that he's following orders). Finally, Nygard just walks away, saying that if he's not being detained, he's leaving. The TSA claims it's calling the Denver police, who apparently did not do anything to stop Nygard, who walked out of the airport without any further problems.

I'm curious if the TSA's Blogger Bob will step up with an explanation for why a passenger should be groped post-flight.
Eric Allie

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Gohmert: Holder enabled Boston Marathon bombings  'He needed to be impeached. He's just a guy that needed to be gone'  Published: 3 hours ago   Greg Corombos
For most conservatives, there are no tears at Holder’s departure.
Read article                       


Police Officer's Shooting of Unarmed Man Caught on Camera

Dashcam video captured the moment a South Carolina state trooper shot an unarmed man during a traffic stop earlier this month.
The trooper, Sean Groubert, was arrested Wednesday and charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.
The video shows Groubert stopping Levar Jones for a seat belt violation at a convenience store in Richland County, South Carolina, on Sept. 4, according to South Carolina Department of Public Safety.
After Groubert asked for his license, Jones, 35, turned back toward his car and reached inside. Groubert then began shooting and yelling at Jones to "get out of the car."
Jones, who was unarmed, was hit in the hip with a bullet, police said. He can be heard saying "I just got my license. You said get my license."
Groubert was fired last week. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

America's real allies in the fight against the Islamic State

By William Saletan  September 24, 2014               

WASHINGTON — According to President Barack Obama and the Pentagon, five countries — Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates — joined the United States in this week's airstrikes in Syria. It's a staged family portrait: five Sunni governments united against extremism. Obama says the coalition shows that "people and governments in the Middle East are rejecting ISIL and standing up [for] peace and security."
Backstage, the reality is messier. The five official partners are mostly for show. In terms of firepower, they delivered less punch than the United States did. Qatar didn't participate directly, and it's already complaining that the bombardment is unfair and won't accomplish anything. Meanwhile, the United States is hiding or downplaying the involvement of other countries whose complicity, if acknowledged, might do more political harm than good.

Unbelievable: President Obama Invokes Ferguson (But Not Chicago) During U.N. Speech

     By   September 24, 2014

President Barack Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism, or at least not in the way the rest of us do. As political commentator Dinesh D’Souza has repeatedly said, President Obama “believes America’s exceptionally bad,” and that we cause more harm to the world than good.
I brought this up because it turns out that President Obama just used his platform at the U.N. to slam the United States for its failures. Forget about the humans rights abuses committed by nations like Nigeria, Yemen, Myanmar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea and elsewhere.
You know what, though? As someone who dishes fair and equitable criticism against the president on a daily basis, I am willing to give him a pass. Why? Because no person and no nation is absolutely perfect, and admitting such entails humility – something I perceive to be a positive.
With that said, instead of using his speech to talk about how we treat our veterans, how his administration spies on Americans and how Americans themselves continue to kill one another nonstop in Chicago, President Obama used his time to talk about the Mike Brown incident, which for the record is still being investigated.
Holder quits. Rats leaving a sinking ship.
Yep he deserves this


Source: Courtesy of New York Army National Guard
A National Guard recruiter was instructed to stop handing out promotional t-shirts at a New York high school after teachers complained at the shirts featured a soldier holding a weapon.
“A pointed gun is just not appropriate for a high school,” said Alan McCartney, the interim superintendent of the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk School District.
Last Friday, a recruiter for the New York Army National Guard was on campus handing out swag – including a shirt with the logo of a silhouetted soldier aiming a rifle. The silhouette was framed by an American flag and the words “National Guard.”
Outraged moms and dads and students lashed out on social networking and called the school district’s patriotism into question.    View Full Article

So, by forbidding the picture of a rifle,or any gun for that matter, is going to protect our kids from violence ? These are high school students for goodness sake. Do the schools really think these "bans" will do any good? You can go on the internet and see people shooting, shot and look hard enough you'll find videos of terrorists HACKING OFF HEADS, WITH A PENKNIFE ! I remember my Granddaughter being told she couldn't wear her sweatshirt [guns and roses] because of the pictue of a pistol on it, BUT she could wear it inside out. [I guess that way she wouldn't know what was on her shirt] and the moment she walked out the school door, she could turn the shirt to the right side. The day they graduate, kids can join the service and have real guns, not pictures. Thats why recruiters go to schools, TO RECRUIT

Mr. President, They Are Not Baristas – They Are MarinesTodd Starnes | Sep 24, 2014

    It was the salute seen around the world.
President Obama was caught on video saluting Marines with a coffee cup in his hand. Just call him Cappuccino-in-Chief.
The White House posted video to its Instagram account and soon unleashed a torrent of outrage. The Washington Times dubbed the moment “Semper Latte.”
I’m surprised he didn’t order the Marines to fetch him cream and sugar.
Before lunchtime – liberals had unearthed a photograph purportedly showing former President Bush saluting with a dog in his arms.
As if that somehow makes what President Obama did okay.
I do not know the context of the Bush photo – but I will say this — if in fact he saluted Marines with a dog in his hands – shame on him.
Wrong is wrong. This isn’t about politics. It’s about respect.
And President Obama’s lukewarm latte salute was a violation of protocol and common decency and a complete sign of disrespect.
Just remember, Mr. President – they are not baristas. They are Marines.

How To Destroy Your Credibility (PA State Cops)

FLASHBACK TO BOSTON BOMBING   How long before some innocent gets shot ??
2014-09-24  by Karl Denninger 
Yeah, I get it. 
Someone got the best of you.  He shot two of your guys and you can't find him.  This*****es you off (as it would anyone else if their friend or relative had been targeted.)  The difference is that "anyone else" doesn't get this sort of response -- ever -- from the police.
Nonetheless that you're*****ed off does not provide legal or moral cover to suspend the entire Constitution, including everyone's right to quiet enjoyment of their own private property, because you're incapable of dealing with one nutcase.
The search for Frein — now in its 12th full day — has resulted in frequent unannounced and indefinite roadblocks in Canadensis. Some residents have resorted to sleeping in their cars due to entire neighborhoods being cordoned off.
Troopers issued a “shelter-in-place” order last week that kept some residents from leaving their homes for more than a day, while others who weren’t already at home could not return. Residents said the directive left elderly residents unattended and pets unfed, as well as lost wages for workers who couldn’t reach their job sites.
That's outrageously unconstitutional and well beyond any sort of "hot pursuit" exemption they may try to claim.


Eric Holder to Resign as Attorney General, Official Says

Attorney General Eric Holder plans to announce Thursday that he will resign after nearly six years, a Justice Department official told NBC News.        
Holder plans to stay on the job until a successor is confirmed, the official said.

Holder, the first African American to hold the job of attorney general, is among just a handful of cabinet officials who have stayed in their posts since the beginning of Barack Obama's presidency. After his departure, just two - the Department of Agriculture's Tom Vilsack and the Department of Education's Arne Duncan - will remain from Obama's original cabinet.         
Holder became a lightning rod for criticism from congressional Republicans, who have pushed for his dismissal over the Fast and Furious gun operation, the IRS targeting scandal, and other high-profile controversies.
This is a breaking news story. Check back for updates.

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With planes on my mind...............

Stolen Plane Crashes on White House Lawn
Frank Eugene Corder died after the Cessna plane crashed two floors below the presidential bedroom.
Transcript for Stolen Plane Crashes on White House Lawn
The White House the good news as President Clinton and his family are safe from Selma Blair tonight. The better news as they were sleeping across Pennsylvania Avenue at Blair house early this morning...


calypso pass maneuver

Photos of the day - September 23, 2014

REUTERS/US Air Force/Tech. Sgt. Manuel J. Martinez        
U.S. Air Force pilots with the Thunderbirds perform the calypso pass maneuver in F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft during a practice session prior to the Gunfighter Skies air show at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, September 24, 2014.

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - America Faces Its Biggest Threat - ISIS In America?

It’s not really a big secret that people across the country are not happy with the way President Obama is running the country. Some members of the military have made their opinions known, and Judge Jeanine tells citizens just what they think of the fearless leader. The information revealed will likely make Obama furious.

Michael Brown Shooting # 262

Capt. Ron Johnson Slams Violence in Ferguson After Shrine Blaze

    Shots were fired at police officers Tuesday night during a flare-up in Ferguson, Missouri, after a shrine to police-shooting victim Michael Brown burned down. "We saw the muzzle flash come from the weapon as we stood on the edge of the road. I was there. I took cover," Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson said Wednesday as he warned that a replay of the previous night's violence would not be tolerated. "If that means that officers will respond in riot gear, they will," Johnson said. "We cannot have nights like last night."        
   Johnson — who became a symbol of calm after he was put in charge of the response to protests that sprang up after the Aug. 9 shooting of the unarmed 18-year-old — said the cause of the blaze that destroyed the shrine to Brown was still under investigation but he does not believe officers were involved. Hours after it happened, troublemakers tried to loot a beauty store and used gasoline to ignite a small fire at a restaurant, he said.
   He said that shortly after midnight, some in a crowd of protesters began shining flashlights in the eyes of officers and "began to shout threatening remarks...about shooting police, burning down the town." After police ordered the crowd to disperse, bottles and rocks were thrown and two officers were injured, Johnson said. "This behavior will not be tolerated," he added.

We should NEVER have to remove our flag because of some foreigners feelings. You don't like our flag, our customs LEAVE...THIS IS OUR COUNTRY

Right Wing News's photo.

Eric Frein, Trooper-Slay Suspect, May Have Left Soiled Diapers in Woods

Police said they have found evidence of alleged cop-killer Eric Frein's presence in the Pennsylvania woods — including soiled diapers and Serbian cigarettes. "We believe he's in that area," State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens said at a Wednesday news conference. He said officers hunting Frein have spotted the fugitive from a distance and that local residents have reported seeing a figure dressed in black and hearing gunfire. Police have pursued Frein after spotting him, but because of the rough terrain, "he has had the ability to disappear," Bivens said.        
"Some of this is a game to him," Bivens said, explaining that it appears Frein has "almost made himself visible" at times, though at a safe distance

From---Free North Carolina:........ 9-year-old black child shot to death in hail of bullets, MSM, black leaders mum#links

9-year-old black child shot to death in hail of bullets, MSM, black leaders mum 
Antonio Smith's killers 
Antonio Smith's killers
   The main, overarching tragedy in this story is that a 9-year-old boy is dead, gunned down by Chicago gang members who believed he was a lookout for a rival gang. The secondary tragedy is that the violent death of Antonio Smith, Jr., has been relegated to the back pages of the Chicago Tribune and other mainstream outlets that have carried the story of his murder.
The main reason for the silence of Al Sharpton and other race hucksters is that the four men charged with the boy’s murder — Jabari Williams, 22, Michael D. Baker, Paris Denard, and Derrick Allmon, all 19 — are black.
New York’s Daily News reports that the four thugs “were out looking to shoot rival gangsters on Aug. 20 when they encountered” the child playing in a yard near his home.

His passing will go unnoticed by the NAACP and its liberal enablers not because he was black. It’s because his killers were, too.
Antonio Smith, Jr.
Antonio Smith, Jr.

I would leave and let them do the best they can...LOCKDOWN AIRPORTS

Red Cross Team Attacked While Burying Ebola Dead

    A Red Cross team was attacked while collecting bodies believed to be infected with Ebola in southeastern Guinea, the latest in a string of assaults that are hindering efforts to control West Africa's current outbreak.        
One Red Cross worker is recovering after being wounded in in the neck in Tuesday's attack in Forecariah, according to Benoit Carpentier, a spokesman for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Family members of the dead initially set upon the six volunteers and vandalized their cars, said Mariam Barry, a resident. Eventually a crowd gathered and headed to the regional health office, where they threw rocks at the building.
The attack is the most recent in a series that have plagued teams working to bury bodies, provide information about Ebola and disinfect public places. The most shocking to date was the abduction and killing last week of a team of several health officials and journalists in Guinea who were educating people on how to avoid contracting Ebola.
New Ebola Report Predicts Huge Spike Without Action                                                                                       Ebola Burial Team Attacked in Sierra Leone Amid 3-Day Lockdown                        

Eight Killed in Attack on Ebola Team in Guinea

Obama's Coffee Salute Sparks Controversy. Media laughs, calls it the" Latte salute"




NBC News

Michael Brown
                                            259 STORIES

Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen, was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri.

QUESTION...Why haven't we seen any photos of Darren Wilsons facial injuries ?

Ferguson Tensions Flare After Michael Brown Memorial Burns        PROTESTORS "THINK" THE COPS BURNED IT

Angry protesters took to the streets late Tuesday after a memorial to Michael Brown was destroyed in a fire, renewing tensions in the St. Louis suburb wracked by protests after the unarmed black teen was shot by police in August.        
Many who gathered at the site Tuesday blamed police for the blaze. "It's the same as if somebody came and desecrated a grave," Anthony Levine of Florissant, another St. Louis suburb, told The Associated Press as he studied the charred scene and shook his head. NBC station KSDK reported that a beauty salon was later broken into on West Florissant Avenue, which had been the scene of earlier protests and unrest in the wake of Brown’s death. A crowd also gathered in the street, with some shouting slogans at police who had arrived at the scene of the burglary. A KSDK reporter on the scene said he heard shots fired. It was not immediately clear if any arrests were made.
View image on Twitter
       Antonio French         @AntonioFrench
Rocks being thrown at police. Officers rush toward the remaining protesters at W. Florissant and Canfield. Protestors retreat down Canfield.

Casey Nolen KSDK         @CaseyNolen
Protestors grow in number. Does not look like police have. Chanting while police work scene at looted biz.


.@Copwatch as we arrived I saw at least 1 person coming out of broken door of biz w arms full of what looked like merchandise.

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The Pentagon says the U.S. and partner nations have begun airstrikes in Syria against Islamic State militants, using a mix of fighter jets, bombers and Tomahawk missiles fired from ships in the region.
Top Videos

The U.S. military, along with five Arab allies, launched the first airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria late Monday. Meanwhile, the U.S. also targeted a group of 'seasoned al-Qaeda veterans' in Syria.

Watch U.S. launch strikes on Islamic State in Syria

Richard Bennett's photo.

Filmmaker: Ambush Suspect Was in My Documentary

Accused trooper shooter Eric Frein is featured in an upcoming documentary "Vietnam Appreciation Day."
Accused trooper shooter Eric Frein is featured in an upcoming documentary "Vietnam Appreciation Day." In it, Frein talks about the difficult terrain where a re-enactment took place - the same area where authorities believe he is now hiding.

STORY -->    By Kathy Matheson Tuesday, Sep 23,2014

I think he's playig with them, he knows he'll probably wind up DEAD

Police brought in a bulldozer to help them get through the rugged mountain terrain in their search for Eric Frein, the man who allegedly shot and killed a Pennsylvania State Trooper and critically injured another officer. NBC10's Doug Shimell is live in Price Township, Pa. with more on the manhunt.    
    Authorities have called Eric Frein a self-taught survivalist with a vendetta against law enforcement
   Eric Frein obsessively collected military memorabilia, dismissed his fellow war re-enactors as dilettantes, and took his hobby so seriously that he spoke French during a simulated Vietnam War-era interrogation, according to a filmmaker who interviewed the man now suspected of ambushing a Pennsylvania State Police barracks.
    Frein appears in an upcoming documentary about Vietnam re-enactors called "Vietnam Appreciation Day,'' identifying himself by name and saying that re-enactments are "about teaching the public and showing the equipment that was used, talking about the history of it all."
     In it, Frein talks about the difficult terrain where a re-enactment took place - the same area where authorities believe he is now hiding.  

This Muslim woman expected her community to change because she was offended.

Do you often want to say to people, 'You being offended is not my problem' when it comes to things like this?
    The American breakfast favorite is under attack in Vermont. After a Muslim woman complained in a community forum about a sign within her city with a picture of bacon the restaurant who posted the sign removed it out of ‘respect for diversity’ and ‘concerns for safety.’
The real reason they removed the sign, they're WOOSIES

Men are men, no matter what nationality

Before Seeking Asylum, 3 Afghan Soldiers Stopped by Strip Club, Police Say   Sep 23, 2014,By

PHOTO: Vehicles are stopped by security personal as they enter a gate on Sept. 22, 2014, to Camp Edwards, Mass., on Cape Cod.
    "They were in Mashpee, Massachusetts, at Zachary's Friday evening," said Mashpee Police Chief Rodney Collins.
    By Saturday they were at Cape Cod Mall, where law enforcement sources said they wanted to buy civilian clothing.
   After going AWOL, the three made a detour to a club called Zachary's, A strip club police say

Wouldn't have thought I would ever read this in modern news

Tribes From US, Canada Sign Bison Treaty
    Leaders of 11 tribes from Montana and Alberta signed the pact during a daylong ceremony on Montana's Blackfeet Reservation, organizers said.
It marks the first treaty among the tribes and First Nations since a series of agreements governing hunting rights in the 1800s. That was when their ancestors still roamed the border region hunting bison, also called buffalo.
    The long-term aim of Tuesday's "Buffalo Treaty" is to allow the free flow of the animals across the international border and restore the bison's central role in the food, spirituality and economies of many American Indian tribes and First Nations — a Canadian synonym for native tribes.
    Such a sweeping vision could take many years to realize, particularly in the face of potential opposition from the livestock industry. But supporters said they hope to begin immediately restoring a cultural tie with bison largely severed when the species was driven to near-extinction in the late 19th century.

Why is Fergusson Missouri still headlining news ? MAINSTREAM MEDIA !!!!!

BECAUSE ALMOST EVERY ARTICLE STILL WRITTEN CONTAINS THE PHRASE "UNARMED BLACK TEENAGER FATALLY SHOT BY WHITE POLICE OFFICER "Even though related, these are seperate incidents.... So the story goes on, and on and on. Not belittling what happened in Ferguson but these people want the police officer "drawn and quartered" before he is even charged with anything. [due process of law there I guess?]

Michael Brown Protesters Arrested Amid Attempted Highway Shutdown                                         
"unarmed black teen Michael Brown was fatally shot by a white police officer".

Missouri School Kids Chant 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot!                        "the police killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager",

Above are only  two of the many news stories about Ferguson Missouri. All contain either these words [in red] or something very similar. Would it be the same if the races were reversed ???
NO ! 20 year old UNARMED WHITE man shot and killed by BLACK police officer [I think in Utah, the same week] I saw it in the news TWICE and then SILENCE.
READ [click headline]
Did you know that Dillon Taylor, a 20-year-old white man, was shot to death by a black police ... incident in Utah. We won’t state the obvious, rather will leave you to draw your own conclusions on that one. Indeed, the …The Inquisitr · 8/28/2014