Friday, September 26, 2014
They expect us to do WHAT!?

You ready for this one? If the idea of food stamps weren’t already such a terrible move by our government, we present to you… Muslims who want to make the program fit their Islamic Agenda.
Muslim activists in Minnesota demand their own section in a food bank so that illiterate families can pick up food that that isn’t… islamic enough? Even as we type this we are getting confused.
Maybe watching the video will explain a few things. Maybe seeing this will make me understand their point of view… Just maybe…

Yeah that didn’t help at all.
I think I am even more confused. Not only do they want an American program to change due to their islamic standards, they also expect $150,000 for it. Oh and keep in mind that’s only to start the food shelf up. There isn’t a plan yet, get this, on how much will sustain it.
This makes my blood boil. I wouldnt care a bit if this was a privatized system, but it isn’t. It’s a government program, that takes my taxes, and yours too. So as a law-abiding, and tax-paying citizen, you bet I’m not sitting this one out.
This WILL not happen in my country. Share this to expose what Muslims are up to in this country. This CANNOT continue.

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