There’s a case making its way through the courts that could determine the fate of the Mueller
Mueller’s supporters in the fake news media and in Washington were on pins and needles about the outcome.
And now a federal judge handed down this shocking ruling that could turn Mueller’s investigation upside-down.
The defining moment for the Russia collusion narrative was when Buzzfeed published the Christopher Steele dossier in its entirety.
By publishing the dossier unedited, Buzzfeed revealed the names of several Russians and American citizens—along with their business entities—which Steele’s sources claimed had been in league with an international conspiracy to rig the 2016 election.
But revealing those names could end up being the media’s most costly mistake.
Russian businessman Aleksej Gubarev sued Buzzfeed for defamation of character.
In the dossier, Steele had accused Gubarev and his company Webzilla of participating in hacking the emails from the Democrat National Committee.
Steele’s dossier claimed: